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Loop Earplugs Review - Best Earplugs For Sleeping 😴

Oh back like i never left what's up buds welcome to wanna buy it now today we have some earplugs for you now these are the loop ear plugs probably one of the most popular earplugs on amazon if you look all their different colors and styles have very high ratings and very good ratings at that. So we're gonna break these down they got two different kinds of experience. And then the quiets we're going to start off with the most popular one and the one i use probably the most is the loop quiet earplugs so let's get to it. All right. Bud. So we're going to start off with a loop quiet earplugs now these are going for 25 right now i put the link down in the description below so you guys can click that i'l do it for both of them and you'l be able to see their prices and if they go on sale but you also see all their different colors all their different styles. So you guys want to check that out i'l put the link down in the description below this one the quiets have nine different color options so if whatever you want this is the more silicone base this is the one that's more focused on like sleeping you want to use them for flights any of that because the decibels that it's going to take out is i believe 25 let me see 27 on these. So it's a 27 decibels that you're going to lose noise wise so these are the ones that you really want to go to sleep with and like i said they are silicone. So if you do have to clean them off if you get earwax on there i did have everything on these before i started this just clean them off rinse them off let them you know air dry like while you're out during the day and they'l be ready to go at night time.

So. And i do like that option because unlike traditional earplugs as you see i'd be using ear plugs all the time they basically use them once and they're done they don't feel the same you could probably sneak in the second use out of there. But with these ones you just rinse them off and just keep going so instead of having to keep buying earplugs all the time like that you could just have these ones that you can rinse off and then be good to go now when you get these you will get a traveling case as well that you'l put this in this little thing right here this would be your traveling case take that on the go. But you also get a whole bunch of different tips as well to pit on the earplugs to find the perfect fit for you now one thing they say on their website is always a perfect fit they're saying basically one of these are going to work for your ear and be what you do what you need for the perfect comfort when it comes to comfort i really do like them because they are silicone one thing with the earplugs compared to these like when you put these in your ear they just kind of disappear. And i can lay on my side much easier than with the ear plugs that's one thing i noticed while testing these out as you can see they go right in there and then because i always put my hand here when i sleep for some reason or like that but even times when i do wake up it doesn't really bug me it doesn't feel like any discomfort or just feels like just something's plugging my ear comparative of regular ear plug that we use around here or we used to use a lot before we moved to the new apartment for neighbors and stuff. But you know the earplug sticks and it just feels a little bit uncomfortable when you push it and you can hear the sound of it like squishing and stuff.

And you really don't get that with these they just sit there and you can lay on them they're very comfortable when it comes to waking up and stuff i haven't these most of the time when i wake up one of them is gone or both are gone there's times where they're both still in there when i wake up in the middle of the night but so far all the times i've tested the loop earplugs i woke up in the morning. And they're still there. And i really like that you really can't feel them these are really good. Ear plugs i do give it you know two thumbs up when it comes to the comfort and sleeping with them. All right. So that. Yeah that's the loop quiet these are the ones that are more focused on sleeping because of the silicone is more comfortable like i said and focus on noise reduction and you know mostly the ones that you want to use for flights and stuff and being a higher you know decibel like negative 27 decibels that it's going to take out of sound so this is the one that you really want to focus on i think the more traditional air of plugs that we're used to these are 32. And then i had bought a new one before i got these as you can see i didn't open them because i just started using these is these are 3 so 3233 is what we're used to the traditional so this is 27 so this is the one you really want to focus on when it comes to sleeping if you want to stop from hearing snoring hearing your neighbors and apartments or just hearing people outside of your room or any of that at a dorm all that these are the ones you want to go with is the loop quiet earplugs. All right so now the other pair that we have is the loop experience plus ear plugs now these ones are more fashionable looking these are the ones that you will wear mostly on the go that's basically what they promote these as these are the on the go ones so they have different styles of these as well like i said the link will be down below so you can check these out now when it comes to the pricing we'l be looking at 45 dollars for these ones and they have like four different color options. But then they have different styles of these as well now these really don't focus on the sleeping because they have like a hard a hard plastic here it will get will get a little bit uncomfortable you kind of had another attachment that goes inside here and blocks out more sound if you want to because right now the decibels on these ones are 18 that it'l take out so this is basically like you want to limit the noise come in to your ears a little bit because it's hurting your ears or it's too sensitive or you don't want to wear your ears out but you still want to hear what's going on because from what i've seen on their website these are the ones that you want to use for if you're a musician if you're a dj if you're at like raves concerts festivals any of that these are the ones that you want to wear if you want to bring the volume down a little bit so you still want to be have that experience. But you don't want the sound fully drowned out so that's why i'm guessing why it's at negative 18 decibels that is taken out compared to the other ones that we just had and that's negative 27.

And that's like you're trying to block out a lot of the world. So that is the main focus is these to still be a part of what's going on but you know if you have that ear sensitivity you can use these ones to drown a little bit but as you can see that it still has the same style. But it just has that harder plastic right here like i said they have a whole bunch of different styles and colors and stuff. So if you want to match your fit with these and you're out and about you can do that and it says these are not going to go anywhere no matter what you do if you're dancing and having a good time at a festival they're going to stay in and you don't have to worry about that there is an accessory that you can put i think right here in the middle that will block out it'l add like five more decibels off of the sound so are onto the sound so that picture at what 23. Basically so if you need a little bit more you bought these already you could always you know just add that accessory and then it'l bring add a little bit more decibel reduction for you also for the bike riders these are really good because they have the wind reduction. So. And you'l be able to focus on just the sound of the traffic and what's going on and it reduce the sound of the wind like i said since it's 18 decibels instead of 27 like the other one you're still going to be able to hear what's going on in the outside world. But they say these are really good for wind reduction so that's for all my bike motor motorcycle people. All that stuff. It's really good for you guys to get that wind noise out of there. But as you can see with the experience they have way more ear tips on there so you can find that perfect fit for you and in the corners i don't know if you guys can see it right there and these are the mutes and you'l add the mutes into the little circle of the ear plug of the loop ear plug. And then that'l basically add five more decimals to these so you have the wire body you can add a little bit more with those. But like i said they have ones i think they're like 14 bucks for a whole bunch of different colors so if you know we want to match it with what you're going with if you're going to be wearing these a lot because you have sensitive ears whatever you need these for they have more you can add more different colors on there with the mutes. So all right buzz so there you have it that is the loop earplugs now that's the quiet and the experienced one. So whatever you need need them for if you need it for festivals concerts you're a dj musician you want to go with the experience pros art experience pluses and then if you just need something for sleep a ear sensitivity on the plane and you're just like man i want to take naps and i want to hear stuff going on you go with the quiets i really like the quiets a lot because basically my house it's a snorefest whoever goes to sleep first wins and then everyone else has to put up with it. And now i don't have to worry about it with these. So i use these and that's why oh my earplugs are gone so if you guys need ear plugs and stuff definitely check these out. I do like that they are reusable you can wash them and you can't find that perfect fit for them. And they're way more comfortable than you know those earplugs and they stay in so i like that a lot. So if you want something that's going to stay in your ear and more comfortable you don't feel it when you're laying on your side i'm a side sleeper check out the loop quiets um. But yeah bud. So there you have it i put the links down in the description below so you guys can click that and check them out if you guys like this video please leave a like a comment and subscribe my name is rodney this is wanna buy it everyone will be safe out there peace.

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