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I Investigated the Murder Capital of the World…

This is jamaica the murder capital of the world that's a big old knife have you ever had to use on anyone. No it's going to take. Oh okay. I got it. I'm pocket everything the country is at a level three just below the do not travel alert the state department says jamaica's homicide rate is one of the highest in the western hemisphere those boys on thead is d fish he's not a fish your shark. Yeah are you a killer. Yeah. R jamaica consistently ranks number one or number two in murders per capita year over year but why are people killing each other so often i met up with local youtuber jamaica walk by to go to trenchtown a neighborhood famous for being the home of ree legends like bob marley and for being extremely dangerous question for you we notice a lot of flags on the walls is there like political friction out here.

Yes yeah. Things get crazy out here. Sometimes. Yeah that's the grandma inv. Sometime we just need that for stop just the crime and violence. Okay just that you see people get killed. Yeah. But it's upen everywhere right is it dangerous out here well nowhere is safe to be honest yes get dangerous at times do people shoot each other. Yeah would you believe me if i said jamaica is the murder capital of the world. Yes. Yeah. What do you mean by nowhere is safe like everywhere there is violence even overseas as well would you believe me if i said jamaica was number one or number two murder capital of the world. No do it get dangerous out here at night sometimes gs. Yeah call it that people get killed out here. Yeah man all while. Yeah why is that people love party what's your least favorite part about jamaica h crime what types of crime enos crime murder.

And then i saw this dude rolling up a spliff who claimed to know everyone out here. Hey there what have you been up to today rolling up a split. Yeah. I know over the farm the farm the farm the farm that's that farm right over there. Yeah we can't go over there come while my guide was nowhere in sight i first thought i was setting myself up to get robbed it turns out this guy was giving me a full tour of the community with unexpected hospitality all right we're visiting the garden right now a little baby young mango is this where you make the juice. Yes thank you thank you that's some nice juice. Right there you could come to the farm chill out have a good time maybe we don't want to sleep on the road you got a cowboy so. But you could sleep wow set a so even i can come in here and say hey i got nowhere to stay you still respect back ganja whoa i didn't even notice it we got the weed two little pigs while this community was seemingly fully self-sufficient i wanted to hear about the reality of some of the problems they actually faced what have you seen out here well we're seeing a lot of people dying by guns that is the most violence we are seeing right now and it is very disturbing it's not healthy for the community not healthy for visitors. Yes i heard there are swapping and animals for gun i'm not sure but that is what i how is it out here in trench. Town well trench town is full of crime and violence going it's been a long time now till my child come and get involved by crossfire he's know shoted and can't walk of spal damage. Oh your son was shot in the crossfire. Yes so he was just minding his own business and help the went to the shop coming back and the driveby start gone so the shooting h was he involved no he just random 10 old he's 10 years old. Yes. Oh is it just one of these things out here where snap of a finger everything. Changes. Someone's unlucky that's what it is he survive he's just not walking right now because the damage what's something you wish you could change that's a tragic story i'm sorry to hear i could change the crime and violence because it's a community for tourism and a lot of things a lot of talented people come from here live here brilliant children thing is just different now and it wasn't like this before as you can see is like it's a cemetery right here the entire community the whole entire place is trench toone and i would like to sing a song for my trench toone. All right let's hear it i want leave the issue on the tissue flush it in the toilet a with can't take that with say can't take that hey man get flat the baby response that come right after hearing her musical plea to end violence the village doctor pulled up to sell me a magical concoction to give me boners stiff wood no conscience is just to get boners. Yeah. Whoa so you drink this you get a boner. Yeah i have to buy the juice an sex drive. Oh of course of course make your wood get. Well. .

. we've talked to a lot of the locals we met this entire self-sufficient community we're in the ghetto but everyone's super nice how you doing leaving you smoking a spliff out here in trench with my boy i we were dancing we were role playing what is your name raven i like that name you ever seen teen titans go after here hearing about the violence this community faced jamaica walk by took me to a production studio to see what trenchtown is also famous for musical talent got brinks music let's check it out we are in a production studio in jamaica how you doing i'm good insulated acoustically optimized sound booth in here it's moments like these when i realize people are mostly the same all across the world and are generally all pursuing ways of increasing their quality of life surviving and coping through trauma and various hardships everything was done inside you charge for studio time too when people come in. Yeah smart you can find us on youtube instagram anything spoy just typ in ingenus brings. Wow so much talent out here after hearing about the good bad and ugly of trench toown i headed to spanish town sections of spanish town in st catherine remained tense after gunmen went on a deadly shooting rampage in the market district three persons two of whom are said to be affiliated with gangs in the parish were killed a city with a reputation as perhaps the most dangerous city in jamaica and often considered a noo zone to outsiders so we decided to go there to see how it earned its reputation and if it's still held true we made it to spanish town this is the quote unquote. No gozone so they say. But here we are how are you doing got any thoughts on spanish town. It's a very dangerous place is it. Yeah. For reals. Yeah. Yeah are you lying to me. I'm not lying okay in what ways is it dangerous cannot explain what do you mean it's private. It's kind of for we don't know what do you mean it's rumors.

Yeah. It's been a pleasure stay safe stay in school same to you they you think i'l survive no actually. Yes cuz i'm white. No. So you think we should actually watch our backs out here. Yeah. What would they do stab us take the camera everything i can't think of how is. Spanish st time bomb time bombb. Yep what does that mean like you never know when have you heard gunshots out here. Yeah you think we'l die today. No not today not today not today's ugly day this what you're talking about keep there's bullet holes on that thing we saw a buril truck that's the equivalent of one of the trucks in the us that carries the cash which means that someone's probably planning to steal from it right now i hear this place is dangerous is that true or no. No sometimes who's doing the craziness out here the people with the guns come on in this is where the products are made feel safe out here. Yeah man.

Yeah. Man what are your thoughts on the police i mean you see you see you see jamaica situation right come about from the independence movement from britain jamaica gain independence 1962 from britain but. With that it came with a lot of difficulties because of the constitution but my parents they didn't have the choice to make their decision what type of constitution they wanted right the constitution did not have much in it to support the development of the jamaican people and so you know i can't tell you much. But i can say for example they gave the constitution the prime minister too much power in that sense we can't have a democratic jamaica all right thank you prince that was very well put with many confirming the dangerous reputation out here others were hesitant to acknowledge its reality you white man hi there i am white how do you like spanish town spanish town good do you think tourists are afraid to come here to spanish town. No not anymore spanish all while it's the last time you've heard a gunshot long time know you're on a gunshot. Okay do you think you guys are the murder capital of the world. No you think that's a lie no that's a lie they're all right now there's nothing going on now but spanish tone is known for violent you understand.

But we can't continue to judge the past with the present every time here in spanish town we are hustling for our money not like in america where you have a million homeless people sleeping in the streets i haven't seen anyone pass out on drugs out here america. They're everywhere people just on drugs on the streets why is there none of that here we don't we don't tolerate drugs here in america you pay people to get high you pay people to stay and drugs that say oh they are depressed and you pay them to stay depressed what do you dislike about jamaica dislike what is your to dislike well it constantly goes between number one to number two as the murder capital of the world man. Yeah. What you say what man dead make man live that's this that's your struggle that's a struggle what you think why are people murdering each other the only thing you see the murder here in jamaica is because it's per capital in america you guys kill more people than what we kill here in jamaica don't ask about the murder rate you know the murder rate in america and when black people died in america you guys do not step up to the plate for us that's not true it is true there was a whole riot in the united states across every major city when george fl true when we die there nobody speak on us. I disagree we have to be honest here we're talking per capita versus just overall the united states has over a 100 times more people per capita people are killing each other more often here no that's true though that's facts that's statistics you hear what you come up with joyce floyd what about the guys that they finding in the what about the 100 women that they finding queens behind the building this a conversation. Okay thanks for chatting that actually is a great point though we've seen very little hard drugs out here if any at all what the murder stats here speak for themselves sometimes it kind of hard to wonder if the facts are true you know what i mean cuz some sometimes you wonder if people just come up with the numbers and just put it out there and as we walked through an alley we stumbled upon a group of houses that had recently burned down.

Wow this you guys home. Yeah. And when did this fire happen last we wday what is the plan to get a new home we working with the government what the government is going to do was it a power line that hit no i man was cooking right there sir if anyone wants to donate gu we take anything at all we don't anything we just grateful for you can give us if anyone reaches out and has something to offer you'l hit them back up 876 879 5046 that's your phone number. Yes that's my phone number. Well i hope for the best here thank you so much as night approached we made our way out of spanish town and through coronation market the kiding was right here. Oh wow. Right here just it's been a while i haven't seen that happen down here to be honest with you. But i remember stories my grandmother used to tell me especially one i remember one time she came home and all of the stuff was bloody and all was like ma it's not her blood they killed a guy right next to her and the guy fell in her goods jeez do you think jama is going to get safer we can only hope as the darkness cloaked our surroundings we headed to the back road to see if we could find and interview some local prostitutes we're trying to talk to a working girl to see how dangerous it is to work these streets at night it's 9:0 when you see them you'l know them they're going to be in revealing dress and stuff like that or they going to be calling and like nice boy white boy what you think it's dangerous to be a prostitute out here well to be honest with you. Yeah that cannot be safe we had made it there were working girls waving us down at every corner damn there are a lot of this is one of the hotels for the ladies get brought to have sex with the customers the john's it is called the pirate ship seafood restaurant i guess that's just a front or seafood restaurant by day prostitute brel hotel at night a little bit inconspicuous at first glance but in actuality people are getting banged in there for $15 and we eventually found a prostitute willing to be interviewed if we blurred her face and paid her the same amount she would make for a few hours of her services where are we at right now back road we're literally in a back road and are you working as a prostitute tonight.

Yes how long have you been doing that long time about 2 months or two months. Yeah. And how old are you 27 is it dangerous working out here at night cu sometime. I want go home i want some money for go home or so just come out here look some money for buy some grocery to eat i'l feed my kids do you feel like your life's ever at risk working the streets. No you feel pretty protected and safe out here. Yeah do you like work in the streets no is there anything people misunderstand about prostitutes out here. Yeah what people understand but prostitute b. Or oh you have a lot of people use those names. Yeah people use those names she's saying that remember that when time persons call them dirty words like those they have remember that she's a person and she's somebody el's daughter have any of your co-workers ever been murdered one girl and one man get killed that is about 2 months ago how much longer do you think you'l keep doing this time to get some cash. Yeah. When do you go home at night typically leave here by 10:0 1:0 why so soon feel safe for me what happens at 2 3 4 pr then get robbed here have you ever been robbed we get robbed already my phone and money right at the hotel up there three months ago well thank you so much for your time be safe. Okay. Look there she's getting her next business. Right she's on it. She's on her grind and then someone just pulled in she's about to get to work and do you think jamaica's pretty safe.

No it is. But there are certain times and there are certain things that you should never get yourself mixed up with don't be with the wrong crowd at the wrong time we're hearing mixed results of kind of dangerous sometimes it's not seems like for the most part these lers are trying to make some coin seems like you might just get unlucky sometimes and someone robs you assaults you kidnaps you she also grabbed my dick. Oh was it just walked away bam. And i was like oh was it you liked it. No i didn't one of the girl come shake my hand and said like thank you so much for this because it's a few minutes and i made her night there we go and honestly it seems a little bit more chill out here than usual i thought we'd be accosted by pimp by now seems that most of these girls are freelance freelancers. Yeah almost doing their own thing we have more sex motels right there 24/7 plus cable tv $15 experience expence you told me being gay is illegal. Here. Yeah man to man in jamaica. It's illegal so if you're caught having sex with another guy you can get jail time. But we do have a lot of gay men here just like anywhere else being gay in jamaica is illegal if you're caught in the act. Yeah. But people do catch people in the act. Yeah. So we headed downtown to interview some transgender prostitutes to learn about their experience being lgbtq plus in a country where it's illegal to change your gender or to be caught being gay are you working in the streets right now. Yes i'm in the streets. And you're a transgender. Yes i'm a transgender how long have you been transgender about 7 years now yes from 12 years old how old are you 19 i've heard it's illegal to be gay out here is that true.

Yes it's very illegal to be sometime them fight in community you can't go back home go live but sometime come home community go look for my family and. So. But you know have to be in the streets because then accept homosexual lifestyle how is it working streets are here sometime. It's pretty easy sometime it's very rough you have weat doll have fight the come kiss the things and 50 chance dangerous working out here very dangerous. Do you think you'l walk away from this type of work at some point. Yeah hopefully. One day so you have real breast and a real penis. Yes i have real penis i see the police catch you in the ey you'l go to jail then we run your home and there some of them we lock you up some we send your home and tell you don't back some we lock you up some we peer spray some we beat so you have work for mood our life is our life we live our life to the way how i we want to live our lives and we should be free and walk and people not bashing us all right i'm here with kim what are what are your pronouns i'm a she how long have you been a she about 15 years 15 years is really risky out there po abuse with man abuse with all type of people abuse was very dangerous it's very dangerous out there how old are you i'm 35 do you think jamaica is acceptant of who you are it's really risk same here but cuz same the other day kill one trans did you know that person homosexual and kill them in the house they killed them in their house for having sick gay sex they burn them. Yeah burn them it's very risky being old and being. Wow you think jamaica is a safe country no not safe for a liv not for would you believe me if i said it's the murder capital of the world i think so is it risky out here to get diseases like hiv and that sort of thing.

Yes it's a high risk high risk no it's not ir we have organization out here who come out here and help us and give us condom and give us safy thing even when we see people driving past us pretty aggressively are you scared they might hit you or try to shoot even when we drove up were you skeptical of like what are these guys to and i was actually pretty scared though because i thought you were. Oh right over there. Yeah. Well you guys were all very sweet i hope you guys stay safe and as they started to spontaneously show off their bodies to the camera out of nowhere two armed muggers came over to rob me and my cameraman and barely spared us only after recognizing jamaica walk by as he yelled bumble clut in the distance they told us to turn the cameras off and instead of robbing us they agreed to be interviewed if we brought them some cash so we're interviewing transgender prostitutes on the street and then you saw what i saw a car pass the freaking car made a uturn. So i was like all right let me let me just park the freaking van you know what i mean when i realized the guys come out of the van come out of the car i come and swing around.

I said oh real we in a trouble now and within that time these two guys came over with a knife and a taser to come rob and kill us orid kidnap like what are you doing what's going on here. And then i realized that you were trying to explain that they were going to rob and kill us. Yeah now they're all happy go lucky and interview us and tell us about them being gang bangers just like that. I'm nervous we're basically being extorted right now in real time to where we have to go get some cash or we run the risk of fabian getting murdered and killed on the streets one day for conting them so we have to get some cash right now cuz we spent all of our money interviewing prostitutes not because we pre-arranged this but because they were going to mug us ch don't hate the player i hate the game let's go get robbed bumble cl. Okay. So i'm here with who are you sir. Mr aka47 mr ak-47 mr ak-47. We're interviewing the transgender prostitutes you are going to mug me. Yeah. Did i look like easy pickings not really.

Okay do you think i would have ran no what would you have done to me if we didn't you know we'l just rob you and take away your stuff and let you go. Okay i appreciate that can i see what you would have robbed me with. Oh wa. So that's a big old knife have you ever had to use it on anyone. No so would you have walked up and said like give me everything give me everything give me everything. So i'm like i'm talking to the ladies how would you have done it just come and take and go in your pocket. Oh okay got it and go in your pocket take everything. And then you would have left me there and go but my business. Okay. So you wouldn't have stabbed me no i wouldn't stabed you. Okay you're member of local gang.

Yeah do you pimp out the gays. Yeah they have to give them money when they work they have to give it money how often do you find guys like us who are easy pickings and you want to mug them the first start were the first. Yeah. So you saw us you're like all right two white guys. Yeah they don't look that fast. Yeah. I would have st with you if i here's what i would have done would like a little you think it could have caught up to me. Oh . He's quick. Okay. You actually would have killed me. Yeah did you grow up in a rough neighborhood out here. Yeah gr up in t guard how much do you make per night sometime 100. Grand holy smoke is that a good day or a bad day well today look like it's a good day but your guys are here but you're going to let us go tonight. Right.

Yeah was there any circumstance where you kidnap us no would kidnapp you we're not kidnapp. No we're not kidnapp if i was a sexy blond haired blue-eyed girl what would you do to me kidnapp. You. Actually. Yeah how much could that go for in the market might be 100,000 100,000 so it' be like hey we kidnapped your daughter how much can we get 100,000 that's 100,000 us. Yeah. So how would that process go like you call the parents be like. Hey we have your daughter we're going to kill her unless you give us this amount of money. And then if they didn't respond within like a day or two would you like cut off a finger the money will come the money will come have you ever had to do that i think about it thank you so much for your time sir bumble clap bumble ass . Cl. And we here we have another young man how you doing okay bro thank you for not mugging me who am i here with my name is thomas. Yeah.

How do you like jamaica. Yeah. I you love it what's what's your biggest money-making scheme out here you do any contract killings. Yeah is that pretty dirty work i don't do is it pretty like violent. Yeah you risk your life out there. Yeah. Okay those boys under is day is fish he is not a fish you're. Shark. Yeah are you a killer. Yeah we rap people. Okay. What's the biggest thing you've stolen from someone like what's the biggest robbery like a phone goodbye. Thank you. Oh like thank you brother bumble cl you got to be smart where you going to walk at night we were not smart just then you look sps right now. Yeah i was because when i saw that the guy were actually coming over to you guys some stupid guy would probably drive off i didn't i had to thank you for protecting thanks for saving us blessings one after n getting mugged and kidnapped we made our way to tiv gardens the birthplace of the contract killer we met last night and arguably the most dangerous place in jamaica apparently this community got ransacked basically after the us came in here to get coke and extradited him to the us he was that villainous of a character apparently. But his sons are plugged today would you like to tell us how it is out here in jamaica nice got nice c. Safe. Okay. I'm fine i'm a b jamaica. Okay that's pretty.

And i love my country respect you respect i'm a niggga. Huh i'm a i'm a . What do you mean we niggga we . What do you mean with said. Okay. You. Right. . I oh i am what was he trying to tell me he said he's a bleeper. Yeah. I don't even want to get into this place back in the days used to be very tense the police force and the community was at war it was no joke i'm not the one who have to tell you. But it's on the news the news don't that one kind of sound weird that sounded like a gunshot. Yeah that kind of sound like a gunot and it probably was probably was all right. So we not welcome can't even see bro be no not say that so we're immediately met with a little bit of hostility they don't like the camera that's what i'm telling you have some people with would like the camera some won people don't show up here especially that aren't from here right as you can see we step in a while ago and that guy was hesitant and start b the camera. And i think for god reasons i don't know if you look online tiv gardens. It's unlikely you'l see many locals visiting the area according to fabian we have some protective cloak on us because we're white right now i'm not sure if that's real while the community was now covered with colorful murals only 14 years ago it was covered with bullet holes and blood how you doing my name is tyler we're glad to be here.

Yeah we want to learn about ti. So yeah who am i here with i here with r coko. Yeah coko. And you have a pretty legendary father as well. Yeah as in family you don't know in the past old man was more politically and community oriented you know. Okay this community has a lot of rich history you know you know in 2010 the community went through an incursion where a lot of persons lost their lives and it's really a dark time you know. And so this is you guys trying to move beyond what pass like that those are bullet. Hol. Yeah that was the time i'm telling you about a lot of persons were lost loved on over 70 people die know as said that is a part of the history where it's tack traumatic man. So you know when we come with the art for the community is actually to give the youths them especially a different outlook why do you think so many people in jamaica are killing each other ah mindset most people will say circumstances. Yeah man the island is not most mostly negative. I think d them as medias and persons who showcasing things just need to put forward the brightness that the island is offering you know just for context ko is the nephew of the infamous rug lord and gangster christopher koke who was the leader of the shower posi drug cartel the us requested that he' be extradited and on may 24th 2010 jamaica sent an 800 soldiers and 370 police officers to restore state authority and to arrest christopher kooch ultimately leading to the often disputed number of 73 civilians being killed this blood bath is simply referred to as the incursion however coko here wants to push tiv towards a brighter and less violent future got a trampoline this is badass we're planning to do the entire community like this like we said back in 2010 it was a horrible time you know so we want to create new meaning. And we want to create new thinking as say theet we have 100 artists coming from all over the world because we're going to try to transform the city once and for all you know the vibes seemed peaceful.

But i was also aware that i was being given a sort of red carpet like treatment since i have a large youtube channel and i felt like i was given a north korean likee tour and was being used to perpetuate inaccurate propaganda that this place was somehow super safe but to be fair most people i talk to seem to be happy living here despite many vaguely referring to it as violent so we're just those holes right there. Yeah man as say a dark time you know all these right here are bullets they're going to be reshaped and reformed but despite the stigma violent past and even highly violent present according to a lot of statistics the people here were once again very opposed to the idea that this place was in reality the literal murder capital of the world have you lived here your whole life. Yeah. How is it very safe right here now. Oh safe right here. Now yeah can you tell me about what it was before this time in the ' 70s it was more rougher. But now it's reasonable good. You know you remember the incursion. Yeah. Man i was right here in the. Yeah. What did you remember and see people dying we don't want to see that back again your thoughts on like the american travel advisory that says it's dangerous no well american can't say anything you know because for the murder rate is more higher than our own because is killing 20 and 40 in a shopping mall we never have that in jamaica what is your favorite part about t when i love t very much i love my community sometime it peaceful and the kids them can run up and down and play and you know can live up and down running up and down sometime i'm in america already and spend my christmas in there and i don't want to do it again i rather sit here and spin it in t is it dangerous out here that's why people say don't dangerous to me very safe see if it's coming with so far your thoughts on the statistics out there that say jamaica is like the murder capital of the world think that's overblown.

Yeah probably if someone who doesn't like live here will probably say oh it's like a lot of gunshots. But none of that how you doing man. Oh you guys are gaming are you oh playing some roblox what's going on here is this the ar so the kids come in here and pay to play some games for a little bit. Yeah like for 20 minutes how did you come up with this business idea well we look on the road. And we never really seey in the youth you know. So we make something where everybody can come and just chill i like that dude great job that young dude started the gaming center in there our community full of that those type of people listen it's safe to say that if i walked in tiv gardens with my camera and without jamaica walk by in co i would have been lucky to limp out of there without my camera but to be fair co seems to be making legit legitimate efforts to rebrand the community and to push positivity. So if someone wants to check out the art project and contribute to the gofundme where can they find you they're on instagram m project thank you for having us appreciate it thank you so clearly it's dangerous out there i get that co strend reform the community rebrand its image a little bit. But we were in the thick of it does seem like they're pushing positivity and i respect that. And i hope the best for them shout out jamaica walk by without him we would legit be dead or kidnapped right now he makes videos walking all over jamaica talking to the locals and is a genuinely good guy who is trying to better his community he's also trying to reach 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. And i'd really appreciate it if you went and subscribe to his channel below also whoever has the most viewed tik tok or youtube short using a clip from this video i'l send you $500 host whoever many times you want.

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