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How to stop Dog Anxiety, Aggression, Pulling on the leash! German Shepherd Training Full tutorial

Thanks so this is a dog that as you can tell he's very crazy on the leash and. So what i'm doing is i'm trying to create a post with myself to basically let him know his crazy behavior can't advance his movements out the door. Um so i'm doing the best i can to not reward him for anything under this state of mind i'm using a little bit of food to get his attention like a boy.

Hey. But as you can tell he gets very nervous in the leash it's probably a genetic thing because he's a younger dog first time handling the dog i can tell you that lack of structure obviously the handler doesn't matter we're gonna go right off the door no matter what that's a problem so he has no idea that i'm actually the one that turns everything on and off for him which is a concern for me and that's why i say it's very important guys when you're at home with your dogs to like look this dog has no intentions of taking any direction from the person that actually feeds lets him out controls everything. Good boy um. And so that's a problem that's a structure thing and that's what i what i find a lot of people are having issues with their dogs is because they don't have a good relationship this isn't really about training this is him barreling out of the crate dragging me out pumping his brakes pumping his brakes jumping up trying to slip trying to slip the collar he's nervous he's panting um. And so i have to gain control of the situation in order to tell him that things are okay because you don't want a dog like this to take the steering wheel that's like giving a neurotic 10 year old hyper on candy the steering wheel of the bus it's a really bad idea.

And so you get the anxiousness you get the pacing and what this is to me is what i'm seeing is a dog that just has no direction no structure. No leadership he's just alive he's eating he's pooping he's peeing he's drinking water. But he has no job he might be loved and he loves other people. Maybe but he doesn't like other dogs obviously for obvious reasons of him just having no structure so imagine him seeing another animal with the confidence that he has in the handler like myself and the confidence that he has in himself and that's where a lot of people have issues with german shepherds is number one thing the number one thing i personally believe is breeding but as you can tell him buddy as you can tell like he's a sweet dog but he doesn't have he's almost like in a fight or flight. So if i entered another dog right now he'd probably lose his mind because he's so insecure not only in himself but in the person that has him on the end of the leash he should be hey man what do you want to do type of dog right now. And so what i want to do is kind of try to get his attention so obviously there's a lot of videos that i do with i'm a balanced dog trainer. So i use rewards right i've been almost 100 positive with him so far i haven't really given him any aversive negative things except stopping him on the leash and not letting him go outside. But this is this is one of those situations where when i post a video when you guys see me working with the german shepherd and then you see the after thing and i use a prong collar on a dog there's a lot of people who will say use treats use a harness this is none of these things are going to work i could get his attention with the food scent but as soon as soon as the food disappears so does he um. So i do agree that i would like to train dogs 100 positively. But it's not realistic it's not fair to him to have me run around the room with food and try to get him to do things that i want him to do. And i know it's not going to be quality i really need his attention i need structure this dog needs structure more than anything i can't tell you how many dogs have been euthanized from this behavior because on an ongoers standpoint this is an out of control dog but for a professional or anybody that's familiar with dogs or german shepherds this is a dog with lack of structure he's just came into our board and training program so i'm going to do this not live. But i'm going to do this live right now which try to not do any edits and bore you guys with everything and just show you the process of exactly how to fix this behavior.

But before i do that i want to go outside and i want to see how he does outside it's going to go one way or the other he's either going to be worse or he's going to be a little bit better and have his nose to the ground so interesting do you see how he keeps coming back for me for food that's good. I like that. But i also what good so watch how hit watch how much he actually has with the food here watch his intention so there so see how he checks out really quick see checks out boom if he was really driving and pushing into me and doing all this stuff i'd be off to the races being able to. Yeah. So he doesn't care about this that much he's like so. What he's doing is. He's coming up he's sniffing the food he's licking it. Yeah great.

Okay. I'm out here. I'm out of here so for anybody out there that doesn't agree with tools i'm not this isn't the only way to do things i'm just going to show you the quickest most efficient most humane way i don't want a dog in this state of mind for more than they have to be. And it's my job to get him out of that state of mind to get his attention and to calm him down. And so i just want to be clear that the food is present and he checks out really quick as soon as the food disappears he's done right there he's not he's not in the food good. So he needs mental he doesn't need food he's not he's not a food driven dog every dog is food driven. But he's not going to work for that he keeps checking out and yeah choking himself he's really stressed i don't like any dog like that i think it's i think it's inhumane to not immediately help this dog out as soon as you possibly can as a professional dog trainer because every second and every minute that you have this leash that he's uncontrolled and insecure and nervous and reckless and hurting his trachea and getting nervous and spinning around is every minute is counting towards negativity and i don't want any of that. So i'm gonna go outside really quick and see how he does see this is a lot of nervous energy here a lot of as you can imagine you can see how this dog would be a bull a bull in a china shop um. But he has just there's no just look at this door he has no regard for me. Right he's there's no permission. Good. Okay let's go good. So remember i was saying his nose could be down which is good that means he's not crazy but he's sniffing a bunch of pee moving away from this behavior guys i want to show you what's happening right here he's getting into fight or flight which is really dangerous when you're dealing with a dog who's unfamiliar with this place which he is he wants to run if i let him go right now if he got away there's cars passing he doesn't know where he's at it could be very dangerous i need to gain control over this situation as soon as possible before so watch here see how he's trying to slip his collar if he does that he could die period. So it's important that you guys have to understand that this dog yes he's nervous. But he's nervously uncontrolled and he has no idea that i'm actually trying to help him.

And so i don't want to he's calmer now which i am really surprised by come here buddy boom checks out. So taylor why don't you turn around and get his feet right here watch guys i have food i have beef liver he checked boom. He's not interested it's not gonna work. Okay. I wish it would if i could whip out a piece of food and this dog's behavior change would be off to the races and i probably wouldn't have a job because it'd be that easy but it's not okay. So see how he's really trying to get he doesn't know where he wants to go so i'm actually going to follow him when i work with a dog any dog puppy older dog troubled dog i want them to have a relationship with me that's what that's why we have dogs we don't have dogs to have them on the end of the leash and be a pole on rollerblades that's not good boy that's not what we have dogs for we're there to have a relationship and when you're bored and trained it's exercise it's mental stimulation go back hour later pop them out do it again and just having these reps of work and play exercise and. All that stuff. And that's really what i'm looking for in any dog. But right now he's in such a fight or flight mode um. And i can't get his attention with anything i could i've tried i could try a ball um. But i doubt that's going to work. But i need his overall i need him. Okay. And i don't have him right now obviously it's very clear that this dog has.

No regard to me if i put a harness on it would be a hundred times worse if i put a slip collar on he'd be choking himself out good boy guys see that hesitation he's still unsure so i want to just put a prong collar on really quick see if that helps so this is a herm springer 2.25 with a clip which means it buckles together. So it's really easy to put on and off and right now guys this is live no editing this is this is exactly what i would do with a dog like this. And i want it may not work it may work my gut tells me it's gonna work because this dog's like what do i do what do i do what do i do who's in charge who's in charge who's in charge and the prong caller isn't intended for the prong collar isn't intended to hurt a dog if they're not spikes they're not sharp they're just fully around this dog's neck so instead before when he was choking himself out now he's not gonna do that so before he was really like my way of the highway pushy running through doors he's going to argue with me for a little bit. But then i want to take that moment and that breakthrough of him going. Oh and then that relaxation that's what i'm looking for i'm gonna work him for a little bit i don't know how long it's gonna take but i wanna see i wanna show you guys exactly how i would do this situation to try to help you guys out at home he's gonna fight me for a while good that's important that stop i just made where he lunged and he got corrected for laundry at the end of the leash that's really big he's never been corrected in his whole life.

So that's like coming in and saying hey i keep running out of gas they keep running out of gas and the automotive mechanic says well do you ever put gas in it. Well. No well then you haven't even started and so for him to lunge at the end of the leash and say i'm going that way and for nobody to ever correct that tell him that's bad come on it's a no-brainer here and that's what i'm doing with the prawn collar now guys it's been two minutes see how he's leaning against me. And he's like. Okay it's not i'm not across the bridge it's not the dog whisperer here he's not fixed. But i want you to watch his behavior and how it changes after i give him some sort of consequence for his actions of fight or flight and he gets all crazy that's very unsafe because there's a busy road right behind us. He's i'm actually giving him reprimand for his crazy behavior and you'l notice a dog that has no structure and has no idea what to do and who to do it for and all of a sudden gets this.

Hey quit the crap they go thank you. Right buddy well done minutes guys minutes it's not miracles it's life-changing stuff to help you that's like if we brought somebody back from the time before power tools and we told him to take apart this car and we introduced him to a to a power tool they're gonna go. Oh my gosh this is gonna make my life a lot easier off. Good. Okay. I'm gonna keep working him. It's real deal stuff here you just watched me take a boarding train that we received again we're not we're not out of the woods he's not fixed he's not i'm just saying now i can actually start teaching him stuff because his state of mind look at look at the difference in the state of mind with this dog before lunging jumping crying whining right. It's a beautiful thing i'm gonna keep working him. Yes good boy good job so a little bit of discipline goes a very long way with an unsure dog what i'm doing is i'm going back and forth. And i'm giving him just the tiniest little pops on his collar to say hey buddy we're gonna go this way hey buddy we're gonna go that way hey buddy. And i'm rewarding him positively.

Yes good you're doing it. You're doing it you're doing it like riding a bike for the first time and guys totally different totally different the equipment helped me sculpt this behavior to let him know that there's consequences for his actions now i can do obedience with him or other trainers can do obedience with them but the behavior of the dog has drastically changed from holy crap what am i doing what do i do here to that of course he's i did a video my last video was oh look at the dog he's stressed of course he's stressed he's never been told no in his entire life which is why he is the way that he was and so during the process he's going to be stressed a kid going to school for the first time college high school middle school elementary school they're stressed they're nervous that's a part of life we can't idea we can't have an ideology of like the dog's stressed you ruined it. No i didn't i helped him look at the look at the difference in this dog's behavior versus before it's drastic and we're again we're not out of the woods but now before remember i was telling you i can't i can't work with a dog before stress trying to lunge out the door eyes are glazed over looking straight at me that's a dog that i can put away and in half an hour get him back out and start the foundations of understanding that hey buddy it's me and you not you versus the world because that's what stresses the dog out is they think they have no backup they have they have no help they have no guidance imagine being a kid growing up with no guidance nothing do your homework here's your lunch money nothing that's this dock and in minutes the tool helped me i could have done it without the tool. But i can also walk to la versus fly what route would you rather take i'm gonna work him a little bit longer we're gonna go inside. And i hope this video helps you guys understand that these tools and these types of dogs at any moment this dog could have changed the entire plan he could have shut down he could have started getting aggressive he could start crying and whining and flopping around i would have switched gears i would have switched gears completely right. But i didn't this was a dog that went down the path that a lot of other dogs that i've worked with have and now i have a more balanced dog he's not 100 balanced he's not fixed guys i'm not trying to do hocus pocus crap here i'm just trying to let you know that there's a different way of sculpting dog's behavior with tools it's an easier more humane quicker way to get this dog in a better state of mind and if i can do it in those easy steps a shame a shame on you if you don't come here buddy let's go you.

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