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Turn Down the Volume! Loop Earplug Review | Sensory Overload/ Anxiety/ ADHD/ Noise Sensitivity

Hi welcome to dipdot my name is amanda i'm a mostly cooking channel sometimes review channel because when i find a product that i absolutely love i just have to share it with people and i just recently bought a new product for myself and my daughters that has absolutely helped the quality of our life and that's worth sharing. Right. So this is non-sponsored i bought these myself i am just so excited about them i wanted to tell you about them. So what is it's these things called loop earbuds or ear plugs. And they're they sell three models they have the quiet the experience and the experience pro we just ended up buying the quiet and the experience what these do is they filter out background noises so the quiet is their most quiet one and it will filter up to negative 18 decibels and the experience will filter out up to negative 27 decibels for comparison's sake the standard orange ones that everyone is really familiar with filters up to 32 so when you wear these block out like my pugs really loud snoring at night. But they also filter out conversations and if you are wearing these and someone's talking to you're like what these are for like you know much more maximum ear protection these will protect your ears like a lot of times people will wear these at concerts and things like that. But they also will filter in and let you hear conversations and that's why they've been so great now the experience pro they filter from negative 18 to negative 23 because what they have is they have a little piece that they you can add in and take out to change them so i've been using the experience. So i have like a little bit of like when there's background noises it can cause me anxiety so if my kids are playing video games or there's a neighbor that is mowing their lawn sometimes that doesn't bother me. But sometimes it really does just depending on how i'm feeling that day. And i notice that when i'm at the grocery store the background music that they play at the grocery store when i'm trying to concentrate and focus on buying groceries and like comparing prices these days and you know different things like that i just can't concentrate and by the time i'm done shopping my nerves are just like that.

So i've been wearing the experience to the grocery store and by the end of the grocery store and like people you know i'm very chatty if you meet me at the grocery store and i'm going to love the local subscribers so if you ever say see me say hi i'm the kind of person who will chat in the grocery store and you can still have conversations with these and i'l leave them in when i'm at the checkout stand and you know you can converse when you're talking with someone directly you still can hear but it just kind of lowers like i can still hear the music that the store is playing especially with the experience which slowers it now the quiet will lower the that all the sounds even more my daughter really likes to wear these at taekwondo because you know it's really loud at taekwondo. And but she can still hear her instructor so now let me open these up and show you what you get so they come in these cute little boxes the experience come in black silver gold and rose gold and they have they come with several different little ear pieces for you to change out so that you can customize the size and that's really important because you want them to fit in snugly they come this cute little carrying case which i'm going to talk more about this at the end of the video and what i really like about the experience is they. They're plastic. But they kind of look like metal and when you wear them you kind of twist them in. And they kind of almost look like a piercing to me they're like kind of cool looking.

And then from front facing you don't really see them and if you've got long hair you know. But from the side you can kind of see them. And they kind of look like a little piercing when you take them out you want to twist otherwise they do create a seal and you don't want to pop your ear drums. So these are the experience they filter out a lot of sounds but not all now the quiets are a little bit different they come packaged still the same they still have all those extra ear pieces we got the black ones of these come in more color they come in a dark blue like a kind of a seafoam green a pinkish color a kind of whitish maybe cream color and then also the black these are silicone so a lot of people like to actually even sleep in with these they're a little bit softer i found they don't quite block my pugs sleeping my puck snores as loud as like. Oh my gosh seriously i've been trying to get some footage of him snoring just put in this video can't i haven't caught it yet because anytime i get him up close to him when he's snoring he stops he wakes up i caught him snoring now this isn't even as loud as he sometimes can get if i can catch it but these are really squishy the other ones are kind of a harder plastic but these are squishy so a lot a lot of people do sleep in these if you just need to muffle out some sounds these block up to negative 27 db. And they're nice and soft again when you put them in you kind of see a little loop and they do block out a lot more one thing that i find that is interesting because again these bring down the sounds they don't completely eliminate sounds you know they're not like sound proof earbuds so when the first time i warm at the grocery store i put them in and i was like oh that didn't really make much. I mean it did. But like i didn't it didn't seem super noticeable at first but then also if you kind of adjust them to make sure you get a good seal.

But then i wore them around. And then before i left the store i pulled them out. And i could just hear this like everything got so much louder. I was like. Oh they were working a lot better than i even realized so. And i've worn them now i think three different grocery strip times and at the end of my grocery trip i'm just so much more calm other times like i said video games when you know your kids are playing you can still hear them like if you've got little toddlers. And they're just like playing and you just want to kind of like knock the sound down the level down a little bit. But you still want to be able to hear them call for help or whatever i mean you can still hear people's conversations so my kids are highly sensitive to noises and these have been a lifesaver at the dinner table because they have i forgot what it's called. But there's certain people who when people are chewing there's like a phobia for it's i mean they're not afraid of it. But it's one of those terms where it's like the it just gets on their nerves it's like the major pet peeve of that chewing sound so they've been wearing their experiences at the dinner table.

And they we have normal conversation everybody's talking but the chewing sounds are not bothering them it is made dinners so much more lovely because before it's like stop chewing and stop chewing and that's not pleasant the other thing that we're looking forward to we're going to disney world in a few weeks and my kids are used to wearing big headphones but they don't want to take those to the park they don't want them to get lost so that's what actually started the search for these because i was like what can we bring to disney world that can mute down the crowd noises so if you've got highly sensitive audio kids seriously look into these they come in the earbuds go pretty small so highly recommend just make sure that they don't pull them out especially if you've got younger kids because it can damage your eardrum you want to twist them out so one more thing before we go i want to talk a little bit about the case itself. Okay. So like i said i absolutely love this product i stand behind it. I it is really been life-changing. But they can improve the case i like the size of the case it's so tiny and it's really convenient to slip into your pocket you know that kind of thing what i don't like about it is especially with the experience because they're a hard plastic if you don't get them in just right. It doesn't close i've kind of learned a little bit how to but again i have to sit there and fiddle with it and when you're trying to take them out and just quickly you know because i don't want to drive with them. So i come out of the store and i put them take them out when i'm driving if you just put them in too fast like they won't close so you have to kind of like know how to get them to line up so they close also they're a little hard to open and you have to be careful because you don't want to open it really fast and have them like fly out so i wish this case was designed with a better clasp for example these are music headphones. So it's not quite the same this case is bigger because the earbuds themselves are bigger but just to show like how i wish this case had been designed these have a magnetic clasp and so they're gonna stay shut a little bit easier and they have a little divot for each earbud to go into so you can just put them in really quickly i really wish that the experience had you know a place for them to just nestle in where you're not trying to kind of like figure out how to get them in and then a case that you know it's going to clasp like i also wish this had like a clip instead of just it's a little silicone pool but i wish it was actually a little clip so you could just like clip it to a zipper or something like that. But i actually wouldn't do that because this case does not feel secure enough so i'd be worried that it would pop open and these aren't cheap the quiets are about 20 on amazon right now the experiences are 30 and the experienced pros are listed at 34. So i don't want to lose these right i want to make sure that they stay secure in their case so i'm going to put a link down below in my description box it doesn't get a discount because this isn't a sponsored product but if you do purchase these then i will get a few pennies or whatever from amazon anyway that's all i have to say about these if you have any questions please comment down below and i will answer to the best of my ability you know i'm not a spokesman for this company i just was looking for some solutions for sensory issues that we have going on in our house and these have helped tremendously until the next video goodbye.

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