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3 Mistakes Beginner Developers Make

Hey guys welcome to the channel today we're talking about three things that might be killing your coding gains i know. I mean if you feel like that you're not making enough progress i think i can help you here so let's get started the first point is lack of focus or like how you handle opportunity cost so before you do anything if you want to become a developer if you want to become a software engineer you need to niche down like what you want to do at your day job. So if you have interest in web development you can do front end you can do back end if you want to do some kind of like app development you can do ios you can do android. So it's totally up to you what you want to do but the thing is i see a lot of new developers a lot of beginners one of the common mistake they do is they try to do everything for example if they want to do web development they try to do front end they try to do back end they try to do javascript python sometimes java sometimes go so they try to learn everything every framework. I mean they just couldn't decide like what they want to do or maybe they decided something that they are going to do this thing but at some moment they just change and when they change they'l switch to some different language and or they change to some different framework so make sure all your research whatever you want to do you do before you start your first line of code. I mean you can try with different language maybe you try with python maybe you try with javascript and you can play few days. But that's it if you're spending like 3 months doing python and end of 3 months you feel like. Oh i don't feel like doing this maybe i should do swift. So you just wasted your three months i mean if you have enough time maybe you're just in your first year then you'l be like. Oh i have next three years to get my first job. Right. But if you raise this against time then those three months are crucial. So i don't want you to waste those three months so what i want you to do is talk to your friends talk to your seniors talk to your teachers whatever you just talk to them and ask do your research make some notes and come down to a conclusion what you want to do and which framework or language you want to do so when you narrow it down to that answer just stay to that answer don't change it don't try new things after every couple months and now you'l be saying like what if like i start doing web development. And then i see there are more jobs in ai or ml what can i do well the thing is you can't do much because see everything has an opportunity cost attached to it for example i'm making this video right now which has some opportunity cost because i could have done something else. But i chose to do this thing i bet on this thing. And i. And i think that will give me better return so you can't get 100%. Right. I mean no one can my advice is if you decideed something just stick to it at least for some time so that you have enough data that you can say okay. That thing. I didn't like it or there are just not enough jobs after one year maybe. And then you can switch i mean i did it. I started with python i did it for like 2 years and then i found like there are fewer jobs in python than javascript then i s to javascript but that two years or one and a half year i just did python i didn't jumble around too many things.

Right so make sure you pick one language one framework and stick to it for some time so that you have enough data to make their next decision so the next thing is momentum so make sure when you start something you keep doing it i see a lot of times students what they do is they do one thing for certain time. And then they take a longer break. And then they start again. And then when they come back they feel like they don't remember everything. Right they'l forget most of the things so you don't have to make that mistake. I mean make sure when you start doing something you keep on doing it so that you don't lose your momentum because in coding you need to have some kind of mental capacity where you hold some information so that you can make some kind of decision while you coding right. So if you want to code something if you want to code in java let's say or python you need to remember that how to declare a variable or how to create a function you can't just forget that you practice one day and then for next seven days you don't do anything and then 8th day you come back and then you feel like you just can't remember anything so make sure when you start something you keep on doing it you make it an habit or you make it some kind of practice so that you don't for get those important concepts because you need to remember those concepts especially when you have an interview. Right so let's say someone give you a chance. And then you feel like oh man i have interview tomorrow. And i didn't study for like last 6 weeks. So you're not going to do well in that interview that's for sure so make sure you prepare yourself you do regular practice and only then you'l be able to crack those interviews because they are getting tougher.

Right. I mean interviews are not getting easier they're getting tougher so you need to prepare yourself so make sure you don't lose momentum and you practice daily if you can't daily make sure you make a schedule so that in a week maybe you can revise or you can go back and you can study those important concepts three or four times a week minimum otherwise you will definitely forget and when you when the interview comes up you won't be able to answer those questions so don't lose your momentum so the last point is read more code so for example you are building some projects. Right so you're following an online instructor who's like coding on their end. And then you're following it that's pretty easy. And i mean they'l ask you to create a component or they ask you to create a page. And you do that and you have an end product but in real world you won't have that teacher all the time with you. Right so you need to learn like how projects are structured and the best way to do that is to go online go github and find open source projects just see how they structure their projects this is what like i did one of i mean the most intimidating thing i found when i started learning was how do they structure the code. Why did they cod source src. I mean why i mean i just have all those dum question and i ask myself why. And then i read online go to blog post and just read just read code read how people like write code or just read what people write about code. So you need to read more you need to read more code you need to read more blog post i mean you can you can watch more youtube videos. But they are more like passive like you just sit back. And i'm talking and you're listening or you might be doing something else or and you are just not totally focused. But when you read you need to pay your full attention so this is what i want you to do so make sure you go today find some interesting open source projects and just see how they structure their code and how are like they creating utilities files or how they are like calling their functions how they are like managing state and how they are handling different variables how they passing data how they are like connecting to a database so all these things you can learn for free all you need to do is read more and give you full attention. And i think that's it from today's video just make sure like you read more code don't lose your momentum and try to do few things. But with your full attention and if you do that i think you will surely be able to get to the interviews or you'l be able to crack those interviews because this is the end goal right you need to get a job because that's why you're spending so much time and i'm hoping i'm helping you in reaching your target so that's it from today's video and i will see you next time in the next video thanks a lot for watching.

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