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How To Cold Email B2B Prospects - Best Cold Email Template

To win more business in modern b sales you need to be able to book more meetings obviously to put more meetings you need to be able to generate more conversations to generate more conversations you need to master cold outreach in this video we re going to cover the cold email specifically and this is not my opinion this is feedback from over sales people and small business owners within salesman com academy and over people who have been through our sales code assessment we now have overwhelming evidence of this framework is effective in the modern b marketplace hi my name is will.


Simple so the framework is this we re going to get attention in the first line in the subject line as well we l ensure the prospect they need we re going to give the prospect proof that what we re talking about in the email itself is actually true that we can give them these benefits these features these desirable traits that we re going to promote and then we re going to give a solid call to action as well and when you take your buyer on this journey through attention need proof and call to action logically they re going to want to respond to the email so let s get.

Step 1 Get Attention

Into each one of these steps and let s break them all down in this video so the most important part of your email is to get the prospect s attention now unless you are a master absolutely killer copywriter which you re not if you re watching this video that is not you the only way to do this is with a personalized first line of your email and this has been proven now time and time again these first personalized lines of emails get way better response rates than any other thing that we ve experimented with over the past eight years of doing these emails tested them and training other sales people into small business owners to do this as well so here is an example of a customized first line personalized first line that you could leverage in your own emails so let s say that we go on linkedin we see one of our prospect accounts has just hired a bunch of sales reps and i m of course selling two large enterprise accounts that have loads of sales people. So i l comment on that you just hired new sales reps that s super exciting. But i know that onboarding them can be difficult so we re setting up here the rest of the email that we re going to dive into so that s dead simple right that s step one getting attention now the buyer is going okay. This person has emailed me directly this isn t spam this is a problem that i have how can this person possibly solve it that s where we re going to show the prospect their need and how we solve it from our own perspective so over at salesman com we guarantee that your sales team will find and close more business in the next days or your money back so there s a couple of subtle things that are going on in this line we guarantee so immediately we l put it on money where our mouth is we re also saying all your money back so we re saying we pride the service and if it doesn t work we l give you money back we re reducing all of the risk from continuing reading the email and then eventually booking a call and working with us we re giving a specific time frame of the next days so this isn t a process that s going to take five years to help with the onboarding of the new sales reps that this sales leader is probably stressing out about right now and also we help them find and close more business which is key for sales leaders because we don t want just loads of meetings booked in we actually need to drive revenue that s the key metric that all sales leaders are obviously pushed towards so now the person on the other end of this email knows that we ve contacted them very specifically so it s not spam we ve highlighted a problem that they probably have right now we ve made that hypothesis and hopefully it is correct then in the following line we ve identified how we can help them solve this problem in a specific time frame we ve reduced as much risk from our solution as possible with guarantees time frames being very specific and focused on the problem that we do solve so we re not being generalists here we ve been very specific about the one issue that we think we can help.

Step 2 Proof

Buyer with and now the buyer is thinking. Okay this all sounds good but who are you wait a minute just some random dude that has emailed me with a nice domain salesman com you might be full of full and. Just full of crap how can i trust in you that s where we move on to the next line in the email which is where we re going to give the prospect some proof that we re not talking complete an utter trash so over at sales com we ve got essentially at this point countless or almost unlimited case studies right because so many people have been through the program and had success so if i was selling to a crm provider someone in the sales tech space i might highlight the work that we ve done with salesforce so we re gonna go. Hey well we just worked with reps and increase revenue by here is a link of what john had to say john is a sales manager over at salesforce we ve got a testimonial video from john and we re going to link to that video itself this is pretty strong evidence and proof as long as the person that we re contacting is in somewhat the similar space to the case study and the proof that we ve got here that we re referencing because again if we just break this down because some of this is somewhat subtle right even though the framework is simple the content in the email can be subtle right we ve worked with reps which is more than the that they ve just hired so if we can handle reps at salesforce we can handle of your reps undoubtedly salesforce is obviously a strong brand it s a great company we re talking very specific about the numbers that we ve raised revenue by in this account and then of course we are very lucky to have lots of video testimonials and people who are very happy having worked with us so we re going to link that in the email itself and that is pretty unrefutable it s one thing for us to say hey we help this company increase. Revenue it s quite another to say we helped this company in the same or similar space to what you re in increased revenue by this percent by helping this many of its team have more success and here s a friggin video of the person who we worked with who s super happy and is continued to work with us moving forward as well that is a pretty strong bit of proof at the end of your cold email which leads us on to the final part of your cold email the final part of the free framework the call to action and this is important because you ve spent a little bit of time writing this email now a little bit of research maybe seconds a minutes worth of research you ve laid out the email you ve wrote it somewhat by hand of course you can use some automation and tools in this process as well to speed things up once you ve got the process down once you get results don t automate before you get results. But we now need to put our money where our mouth is we now need to pull something from the conversation that s been very one sided so far we do that with a call to action there s two ways you can go about doing this there are strong or direct call to actions and there are weak or less direct call to actions as well at the beginning of your sales cadence you want to use a stronger call to action this is because you re going to be capturing people here the low hanging fruit the people that you ve caught the right time they re the right person. And they ve got the pain that you re talking about acutely in that moment you don t want them to wait till email number seven linkedin message number three and call called number four before you ask for the meeting because you re doing a service you could potentially help them solve this issue right now so for the first one or two emails in your email cadence we want to do a stronger call to action and that could sound something like this does it make sense to jump on a quick call so i can explain how we did this does it make sense to jump on a quick call so i can explain how we implemented this tool how we solve this problem for this individual whatever the problem is that you solve does it make sense to jump on a call we re asking for the phone or not faffing around we want to get these people on the phone so we can communicate our value so we can get a deal done so we can solve the problems that is the point of all of this we re not emailing just to do brand awareness we re not emailing just have a quick chat with people we re trying to book a meeting to see if we can actually help them solve the problem now after that first few emails or calls that go out where you re going to use a stronger call to action it s absolutely fine now to use a weaker or less assertive call to action because all we re trying to do at this point we ve gathered perhaps five six percent of our leads that are ready to make a move immediately we now need to take a soft software approach for everyone who s perhaps not the right person but it s the right time and someone else in the organization has the problem or it s the right person but they don t quite have the acuteness of the pain that we need to get a deal done right now but they might have in three weeks six weeks especially in our example here where perhaps the new starters the people have been on boarded start in days from now so days from now when they realize that their onboarding process is going to that s when they l want to speak with us at that point we want to use a i use it a week for less assertive there s no way to describe it a less assertive call to action so would it make sense for me to share how we could implement our frameworks with your team as well something as dead as simple as that they hopefully say yes then you respond hey would it make sense you re gonna call so i can share these frameworks quicker and easier rather than sending over a massive long convoluted email with different frameworks on there so we re still gonna push the meeting we re not okay with just sending over literature we re not okay to just email them crap and hope that they respond but all we re trying to do after the first couple of emails remember bonds is get any response any bit of conversation back and forth from the prospect so that leads us to an email that looks something like this right go. Hi i just saw that you hired sales reps it s super exciting. But i know that onboarding reps can be difficult we guaranteed your sales team will find close my deals next days or your money back salesforce improved this here s a link. But it makes sense for me to share how your new reps could implement our frameworks as well. So i ve used a used a weaker call to action here in this example but that is an email that s going to get responses as long as you re emailing someone who actually has just hired sales reps and they have this pain of onboarding reps which is for most sales leadership most sales management is one of the most difficult parts of their job then we re quite liking to get some kind of response from our call to action that is it is that simple to.

Call To Action

Write a cold email that is effective in the modern b marketplace so as you can see here we just got attention with the first line we showed their need we gave proof that we can actually solve this problem and then we delivered a call to action no tricks no gimmicks we re not even leveraging ai to write all of this which is obviously the current trend you don t need any of those shenanigans. Not yet anyway. I m happy to be proven wrong in the not too distant future but to write these emails that would have took me seconds of research on linkedin perhaps a minute or two to write the email itself and then bam it s sent and it s going to get responses follow the process.


Now to wrap up this video i ve got a couple of quick tips for you to take that structure take that framework and improve it a few levels as well so the first thing to understand is that emails belong in a cadence one email to a series of prospects is not going to book enough meetings i know if you email me the first email i m probably going to read it. But i m going to delete it second email don t give a third email don t give a fourth email and a call if you can get my phone number if you can get in touch with me that perspective or if you drop me a message on linkedin sure now i know who you are i m probably going to reply one way or the other your emails belong in a cadence and make sure that you click subscribe because we re going to cover cadences in a video next week in a lot more detail as well. So that s the first thing emails belong in a cadence next up once you ve written your email i m going to reread it go back through it. Don t just send it without double checking it replace anywhere you say i or we with you remember your cold emailing some random person that you probably found the details on the internet they don t care what you do they don t care about your organization how you work the company size anything like that all they care about is themselves and rightly so because you re interrupting them you re interrupting their day you re trying to put an essentially an advertising message in front of them and influence them to spending even more of their time on a call with you so you have to focus on you what are you gonna do for them. Next i want you to delete one of the first things that we get everyone to do when they join salesman com academy is to post the emails of the god of sales cadence already post their emails in the community over there. And then i and then other people in the community run through them turn them apart and the first thing i do with every single one of these emails no one s ever escaped to this is that i just delete crap loads from them if a sentence could be made shorter and it still communicates what it needs to communicate make it shorter if you can get rid of sentences or even paragraphs you ve got to get that done delete once you ve been through and deleted as much as you possibly can then go through the lens of looking at each line and saying does the prospect give a about this if they don t care. Delete. It. I d rather you send a one line email that is sharp and concise and books meetings than a page email that educates the bar on the product or service but they don t book a meeting on the back of the next couple of obvious ones read the email out loud make sure that it sounds conversational or not weird and corporately if you re saying dear sir or madam or any schnagans like that get rid of it you ve got to imagine that almost all of your messages that you re sending are getting read when someone sat on the toilet or they re in a queue or they ve just got out of the car they re just getting in the car and they re checking their emails and they re checking it on the phone you ve got seconds to communicate with them if you communicate in a weird corporate way they re not going to read it s not going to go into their brain it needs to be conversational it needs to be almost like a text message this is why you also need to email your message to yourself whether you ve got an android phone an iphone whatever it is check that it fits on hopefully one page there s no scrolling needs to happen before the buyer can click a link reply to you and book a meeting and the final point here is you want to open a curiosity loop you don t want to explain the feature the benefit the desire the problem that gets solved with your product if this is a loop of education you want to break a chunk out of it and don t give that to the buyer i don t explain how we help our customers find and close more deals in the next days or their money back we do that via unlimited video coaching and frameworks. But i don t explain how we do it so the buyer goes oh that sounds interesting. I l have to reply to see how this works that s how you build this curiosity loop and then you cut a chunk out and that is what drives people mad that s what makes people you re almost baiting them into responding to the email because they have to know how you can help them solve this problem they ve accurately predicted made a personalized email so that they know that it s not spam and then communicated so effectively that they go sought it. I l book a meeting let s have a conversation about so that s the framework there is an example broken down and there are a few tips for you as well now definitely you need to write a solid b say sales called email so if you enjoyed this video if you did why not click the video it s on the screen right now there s tons of content on our channel for cold emailing cold calling and cadences and outbound in general so why not click the video it s on the screen right now and continue making selling simple.

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