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TRYING 100 WAYS TO COOK EGGS! DIY EGG RECIPES BY Bon Appétit, Gordon Ramsay, 5 Minute Crafts & MORE!


- hey guys, how you doing? My name is robby. This is my craft corner and today, we're gonna be trying 100 ways to cook eggs. Let's just say this video is going to be egg-citing. All of these ways of cooking eggs are going to be egg-cellent. I'm sorry to question my egg-istence. I'm gonna start this video before i have an egg-istential crisis.


Also guys before i start, i wanna give you guys a quick disclaimer. This video is extremely long, so i actually added chapters for you guys. So if you go down to the timeline, you can see every single egg recipe that i'm about to make. And just for the sake of simplicity, i started with the most simple ways to make an egg and it slowly progresses into crazier ways to make eggs. So yeah, make sure you give this video a big old thumbs up and enjoy this video that took me basically a whole week to film.

1-Raw Egg

Number one, raw. Okay guys, i am not looking forward to this one. (glass clinks). There's our egg bangs) (egg cracks) ewe. Do i really have to? I already know i'm not gonna like this. You guys better keep this video a big old thumbs up 'cause i'm eating a fricking raw egg. I could get salmonella because of you. Anyway, don't do this at home. (bouncy music) (robby gags). No, i can't do it. I can't do it, i can't do it, i can't do it. But i feel like i must. Okay, i'l try the yolk. (robby gags).

2-Prairie Oyster

Number two, prairie oyster. So the first step to making a prairie oyster egg, just add a raw egg, some worcestershire sauce, and then a little bit of tabasco. I don't have tabasco, so i'm using tapatio. And just a little bit of salt and that's our prairie oyster egg. Ugh, what did i sign up for? I'm getting the trashcan ready. I already know i'm not gonna like this. I don't even want to. (robby squeals). Okay. (robby gags). I can't get the taste out of my mouth. That gets a zero out of 10.

3-6 Boiled:Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard

Three through six, extra soft, medium and hard boiled. Start off with a pot of water, heat it up until you get a rolling boil. One, two, three, four. Once we hit 5 minutes, we're gonna pull the first one out. And 5 minutes. 6:30, 8 minutes and 10 minutes. Okay, so extra soft, this was the one that was cooked for 5 minutes. Oh, its very tricky to deshell. It like almost instantly breaks. Its not really cooked on the inside. Oh it is a little bit. The yolk is still kinda runny. I'm gonna do my best to deshell this without completely ruining it. And this is what i would consider a soft boiled egg. So this is a soft boiled egg, this is a slightly less soft boiled egg, this i guess would be a medium boiled egg, and this is a hard boiled egg. As you can see, the longer you cook it, the less runny the yolks get. Pretty fun stuff. Okay, add some salt on all of them. Let's try the soft boiled egg first. (somber music) (robby gags). Basically a raw egg. I don't like that one. I'm gonna give it a three out of 10. Now for the 8 minute one. (robby gags). I don't like this. Again pretty freaking raw. Three out of 10 as well. Now time for the medium cooked one. I'm gonna add a little bit more salt. M,. Yeah. It's a little better. Not my favorite, but you know, it's okay. I'l give it a six out of 10. And last but not least, probably one of my favorite ways to cook eggs, hard boiled.


Number seven, poached. Pot of water, bring to a boil, water's boiling, now we have to spin it. I'm gonna use my mixatron 5000. ♪. You spin my head right round, right round, ♪ (robby vocalizing) that looks so odd. Have to keep spinning it so that is stays in one piece. Oh my gosh, it looks like a ghost egg. Ah. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, back together, get back together, oh my gosh. Yeah that looks about done. I kinda broke it open by accident, but ah, you know, it's fine. Okay, well, guess we're gonna try this. Okay, its definitely a very slimy egg. This does not look very tasty at all. It kinda barely looks cooked if i'm being honest. I'm gonna stab the yolk, you guys ready for that? You guys ready for the yolk stab? Boom, oh, what the heck? Boom. Oh yeah. (robby gags) poached egg, two out of 10, wouldn't recommend. Its just a very watery raw egg. Minimal cooking, just hmm, no thanks.

8-Sunny Side Up

Number eight, sunny side up. So add our pan, we're gonna add some butter. Oh baby. And then i have these little perfect egg holder things which i like to use. Put that in there, boopity boop. We must preserve the yolk. That's literally the most important part of sunny side up eggs. Oh no, i messed it up. Its okay, i can fix this. Now for the hard part, putting it on the plate without breaking the yolk. Carefully and just slide right off. Oh, that was perfect. Oh, take that sunny side up. Oh yes, one of the most classic eggs there have ever been, the sunny side up egg. But it's not complete without mr. salt and pepper. Oh yes, that joke's gonna get real old really fast. (robby laughs). Now the moment you guys have all been waiting for. Oh, look at that, nice and gooey. Like i said, pretty classic egg. Could use a little bit of toast or something on the side.

9-Heart Hard Boiled

Number nine, heart hard boiled. Start off with a hard boiled egg, then we put the pointy part down into some cardboard like this, get our chopstick and push it down, then we use some rubber bands to hold it in place. Real gently, eventually this will make a heart. I'm gonna put another rubber band on it just to put a little bit more pressure. Hopefully this doesn't split my egg. I think we're good, i'm gonna leave it like this for 5 minutes. I'l see you then. - one debt to society later. -. Okay its been about an hour. Let's see if this egg holds its shape. Oh no. The sides are all weird looking. I think its cause the cardboard got wet. And then it morphed to the shape of the cardboard. Ewe, i mean it kinda made a heart. Well, that's fun. Now let's cut this bad boy in half. Oh, that's fun. They kind of look like finn from "adventure time". I mean, they're heart-shaped hard boiled eggs.

10- Hard Boiled Egg Shapes

Number 10, had boiled egg shapes. Okay, so now we're gonna use these weird egg cooking pouch things. This one we got like a little, i don't know what this is, a flower? Just a random lemon, i think? A star and a heart, aw. Ah, no. I'm trying my best, okay. No, this one's just not meant to be, okay? And then we just put them inside of a pot of boiling water. Then we let it sit for like 10 minutes. 10 minutes later, i'm just gonna go ahead and put these in an ice bath just to cool them down. Hmm, hot plastic. Okay, let's see how these bad boys turned out. Bibbity boop, so i'm hoping they just kind of plop out real easy. I mean they look pretty fun inside. Come on, oh, it came out. Awe, this looks pretty cute. Come on, we got the star and of course, we can't forget about the heart. Okay, let's try 'em. So many hard boiled eggs. I wonder if this is gonna make them taste any different. Probably not, i'm gonna start with the heart. Yeah i mean it cooked it all the way through. I give this one a four out of 10. I don't know if it's really worth all the trouble just to have these kind of wonky egg shapes.

11- Spun Hard Boiled

Number 1, spun hard boiled. So i don't have one of those fancy egg spinner things, but i do have this sock that happens to match my shirt. And what i can do is take our egg, put it inside the sock and then we spin it around. I think i saw this one on tiktok once. Oh my go. Whoa! Yeah, that should be enough. I think it should be nice and mixed. Go ahead and dunk it into an ice bath. Out of the ice bath, oh that's cold, and crack it open. Time to see if there's no yolk. I feel like there's gonna be a yolk. But it's just gonna be super like mixed in. There's like weird air bubbles in it. As you can see, it's still one piece. There's a little part where it kinda looks a little bit like a lava rock or a moon rock, but besides that, it's kind of just a normal hard boiled egg and there's definitely still a yolk.

12- Frozen

Number 12, frozen. Okay so here's our egg, here's out skewer. I just gotta carefully poke this without getting yolk everywhere. I don't know how well this is gonna work. I feel like i'm gonna crack it. I'm gonna freaking crack it, i already know it. I feel like i need a drill bit or something to start this off. Ahh, it just went in. Ewe, it's already starting to crack, oh gosh. Do i really need the skewer? We got it skewed. Put this bad boy in the freezer. Yes, this is not gonna end horribly wrong at all. I'l see you when you're frozen in a couple of hours probably. In a couple of hours probably. Okay, it's the next day. Boy oh boy, does this thing... This looks pretty frozen to me. Okay, so i don't know how the heck i'm gonna open this. Maybe. (egg bangs) (robby giggles) guys, i don't know. It's kind of cracking. I don't know how well this is gonna work if i'm being honest. Let's try my trusty hammer. (egg clangs) (robby giggles) (robby gags). I was laughing and part of the shell got in my mouth. (egg bangs) what, how am i supposed to eat this? You can't even eat this. I guess i'l just try and lick it like a popsicle. Eeww, okay, i'm gonna do it. (bouncy music) (robby gags). Not good, it kinda tastes like gross water, frozen egg water. (robby gasps). Can i use this as a hammer? (egg bangs). It doesn't even work well as a hammer. Honestly guys, i'm gonna have to give this one zero out of 10.

13- Pickled Egg

Number 13, pickled. A pickled egg. Okay, so first thing's first, we gotta make hard boiled eggs. Here's our pan, go a head and boils some water. Boopity boop, awe, why that always happen? Okay, hard boiled egg is all done. Put it in some ice water. Now to make our mixture. First a cup of vinegar, cup of water, add some sugar. These pickled eggs are gonna be extra sugary. Little bit of salt and last but not least, our beets. (upbeat music) let's do this. Awe, this is actually kinda scary 'cause it literally looks like i killed someone. Beet juice is very red. I'm gonna try my best, oh god. Trying my best not to get the beet juice in there. That does not sound good. Oh my goodness, i think i might have just broke my little stove. This is probably way too many beets. Get our mason jar, put in our hard boiled egg then we get our crazy blood mixture, oh god! This is actually trying to kill me. Officer, i swear it's beet juice. I heard if you eat beets, it makes your piss red which is something that i don't really wanna find out if it's true or not. Just for good measure, i'm gonna put some of these beets in there as well. The smart thing to do would be wait for this to cool down, but instead, i'm just gonna put it right on. Oh, this is a stinky one. Now i'm gonna let this sit for a couple of days. Okay, so it's been the next day. And i'm not looking forward to this one. It's literally an egg soaked in vinegar and i am not a fan of vinegar. Oh, it's stuck on there, oh my gosh, it like sealed on. Ahh, i got it on me. That is one red egg. I wanna cut it in half to see what looks like. Ohh, that is actually pretty nice. It's pink all the way to the center but how does it taste? (teeth chomp). (robby gags). I think it's because i really don't like vinegar. So i'm giving this one out of 10.

14- Tea Egg

So first thing's first, we gotta add a bunch of random stuff. Boopity boop, huh, oh no. Down by the fire. I live life dangerously, don't i'm just putting in the water. ,i t's safe in there. Some cinnamon, black pepper corns, tell me when to stop, tell me when to stop. Why aren't you telling me to stop? Some whole cloves, little bit of anise. I don't know what the heck this is. Why'd it make it bubble? Age, it smells like black licorice. Did i already add salt? I'm adding more salt. Little bit of soy sauce. Oh yes, we can't forget the cane sugar. The perfect amount is too much. Then we're going to mix it all up. Then we get our soft boiled egg, just crack it all over. There we go, nice and cracked and then we drop into our weird mixture. I think i might need out a little bit more water. (robby laughs). There we go. Then we let it simmer on there for 30 minutes. After the tea bath, we put it inside of a mason jar, then put some of the liquid inside of the mason jar and seal it up for 24 hours. I'l see you then. -. The next day. -. Okay guys, it is the next day. Let's see how this tea egg turned out. It smells like tea, like, it doesn't smell bad. It just smells like tea. Whoa, so this is how the tea egg turned out. I'm gonna try and peel it very carefully. There we go. Oh, that looks kind of pretty, but how does it taste? (teeth chomp). Okay, i definitely like this a lot better than the pickled egg. This is super, i don't know how to describe it. I actually kind of like this.

15-17 Fried Eggs (Over Easy, Medium, Hard)

Number 15 through 17, over-easy and medium and hard. (pans clank). Okay, we're really getting advanced here, cooking three of them at the same time. Granted, they're all pretty much the same thing. So you know? Butter squeaks) already broke it. Ah, i broke it, no! What kind of master crafter am i'm gonna redo this one because this is a fail. Gonna flip our over-easy, flip are medium, over-easy, done. Over-medium, done. And over-hard, ooh. Okay, let's do first off, over-easy. (lively music) let's cut it open and watch that yolk bleed. Oh, nice and runny. That's how you want your over-easy eggs to look. Kind of runny. You know, the yolk isn't really cooked yet. The outside is still a little bit soft. (teeth chomp) i'l give over-easy, probably a six out of 10. Pretty classic way to cook eggs, but it's not my favorite. Over-medium, which is pretty much the exact same thing but the yolk is a little bit more cooked. You guys ready? Yeah, so it's still a little bit gooey, not too bad. Got a little bit more cooked parts of the egg. (teeth chomp). I forgot to season this one. It definitely tastes more like a hard boiled egg where the yolk is with a little bit of runny part. Again, probably going to have to give this one a six out of 10. Not really my favorite. It's okay, i'm not forgetting the salt this time. Now we have our over-hard egg. This shouldn't be gooey at all on the inside if i cooked it right. It's a little bit gooey. Oh well, i tried. This is more like over-medium. I think i should have cooked it a little bit more, but for the most part, this is about over-medium, over-hard kind of crossing into there. The yolk isn't very runny, it's kind of solid. Again basically the exact same thing as over-medium and over-easy. (teeth chomp). Yup, it's still egg. Blah, i'm gonna smell like egg for weeks.

18- Microwave scrambled

Number 18, microwave scrambled. Here's our bowl, crack it open, add a little bit of milk. Oh, probably way too much milk, oh my gosh. Mix, i put this in a tupperware thing that i'm hoping is microwave safe. Smack that lid on, put it in the microwave for 45 seconds. (microwave beeps). Ooh, yummy. I can't wait to try this is so gross. So it's a very runny, scrambled egg. I don't know, i mean it's kind of fluffy. A little salt, a little pepper. Maybe that'l fix it a little bit. (teeth chomp). I'm getting to the point where everything just kind of tastes the same. I mean this isn't bad. It's not the best way in my opinion to make scrambled eggs. But i would say probably give this method a five out of 10. You can definitely do better and you can definitely do worse, that's for sure.

19- Hot and Fast Scrambled

Number 19, hot and fast scrambled eggs. Here's our bowl, egg, mixatron 5,000. Mix. Yeah, that ought to do it. Add some butter, hmm, butter. Add our scrambled mixture and he said that basically just start moving it as soon as it goes on that. Honestly, this was one of my favorite way to eat eggs for a long time. Pretty simple, pretty elegant, maybe add some onions or peppers, whatever you want in there. Basically an omelet. Yeah, it all looks pretty good. Oh yes. Just a sprinkle of everything. (teeth chomp). This is probably the most classic way ever to make eggs.

20- Diner Styled Omlette

Number 20, diner style omelet. Break out our eggs. (mixatron whirs). Now to put this to the fire. Pour it in and immediately start moving it. Ooh baby, this is some good stuff. We gotta flatten it out. It looks like a lot more than one egg ooh. I'm actually pretty happy with how this turned out. Boom, we got our diner style omelet. Yeah, so it's basically a scrambled egg all in one piece. A simple elegant. (teeth chomp). I forgot how much i like omelets. Wow, i love omelets. Probably the most versatile way to cook eggs if i'm being honest. You put anything in an omelet. You can put steak, you can put mushrooms, you can put vegetables. Dude, i don't know, ice cream. You can put anything. 10 out of 10, best way to cook eggs. Number 21, french omelet. Low heat, little bit of butter, pour our egg mix. Apparently i'm supposed to do this till i get a curdy texture. That does not sound nice. Dude, it's actually working. It's starting to get curdy. Ewe, i don't know how i feel about this. Oh, it's starting to solidify and then apparently, kind of mix it up like this. Oh my gosh, what am i doing? This is a little bit more difficult than i thought. This part right here doesn't wanna cook. I'm gonna wait for this part to cook a little bit more and apparently i'm supposed to try and roll it. Come on roll. Yes, i did it. Come on, there we go, yes. And that is a french style omelet. Yeah, it looks pretty much like a basic omelet. A little bit less cooked than a normal omelet. It could be a little bit less runny, but you know. Why don't like to fully cook eggs? I don't understand. It's not bad, like this is probably one of the better raw egg recipes i've had.

22- Souffle Omelette

Number 2, souffle omelet. Get some eggs. You guys are the chosen ones. Separate the yolks with the whites. Oh gosh, oh gosh. I'l try my best with this. Oh no, i already messed up! How could i do this? I've disgraced every one. Okay, i'm gonna try this again, but this time i'm gonna try the bottle method. Ready? (robby gasps). And that's how you get just the yolk. Oh yes, perfect. Then we mix this up until it looks like a cloud. This is taking too long. I'm breaking out the mixatron whirs). Yeah, i think that should do it. Then we mix up the yolk and we just kind of fold this in. Oh my gosh, i feel like i'm not doing this correctly. Cool, yeah. Time to hit the pan. Boopity boop, hot pan. I added way too much butter. Put it in there, then we put a plate on the top just like that then i guess it's gonna kind of bake in there. Okay, it looks like it's, i can hear it starting to sizzle. Oh gosh, is that done? I'm not sure. Oh, i mean it's fluffy on the inside. Flip that in. Oh, come on, no. Get back in there, okay. Yeah,. I did it, a souffle omelet. Yummy, looks pretty nice. It's pretty fluffy. You know, this is not bad. That's without the salt and pepper. With the salt and pepper, it's pretty fluffy, it's pretty flaky, it doesn't taste like raw, which is nice.

23-25 Oven Cooked -Hard, Poached, Screambled

Number 23 through 25, ima cooked hard, poaching and scrambled. Start off with one of these cupcake tins. Unfortunately, we're not making an egg cupcakes. Start off with an uncracked egg in that one, butter up two of them, add just a little bit of water, this is for our poached and last but not least our, scrambled. Crack an egg, add the tiniest amount of milk, add a little bit of salt, you know what? Salt to the poach too. Then we're just going to beat the heck out of this one to make it a scramble then we pop in the oven for about 12 minutes. - a few minutes later. - are you guys ready for three at once? I don't think you are. Okay, here's our cup of ice water. I'm gonna let that sit in there while we try the other two. So i guess we'l actually start off with a scrambled egg. Wow, it just came right out. Huh, no! Scrambled egg looks pretty good. Looks like a little quiche. Okay, so baked scrambled egg, i'd probably give a eight out of 10. Not a bad way to cook a egg. Okay, now for the poached. Well it definitely cooked it. I think i might've added a little too much water maybe. I don't know how i feel about this. It's very watery, it feels like hard-boiled egg, but not really, kind of slimy. I don't think that i'm really a fan of poached eggs to begin with, so. (teeth chomp). That's so gross. Oven bake poached, a two out of 10. Nope, not doing it. Okay and last but not least, oven hard boiled. For the longest time, i didn't know that you could do this and it turns out that you can, but it really doesn't work very well. This was in there for like half an hour and he didn't even hard boil. Look at that, it's just falling right apart. This is not even that cooked. How could it turn out that bad? I've done this before i fully cooked it didn't turn out very well either. Cooking it for like 15 minutes, i actually let this in for five minutes longer than he said. So i left him in for 20 minutes. I'd definitely say that's a one out of 10, wouldn't recommend. Number 26, olive oil fried. Got olive oil. I feel like i was supposed to let the pan heat up first, huh? Or does it really matter? Let that olive oil heat up. Boopity boop, crack it in, then apparently we just kind of based it. I don't know if i have enough olive oil in here to do that, but i'm gonna try. Ohh. (robby yells). Oh gosh! Oh gosh, just a whirlwind of olive oil. Just keep putting olive oil on it. This is gonna be one very olive oily egg. This looks so whack, i love it. Oh, i get it,. Okay, i think you're done, you're done, you're fine, okay. Real careful,. Oh that is very oily. Carefully placed that on there. Okay, interesting consistency. The bottom is nice and fried kind of like a golden brown looks nice. Okay, let's try it. I'm excited, this is gonna be interesting 'cause it's new and i've never tried an olive oil egg before. Let's see. (drum roll). It's not bad, it's. Okay. I guess. Let's try the yolk. Ooh, that yolk. It's nice and actually like cooked, oh. Hmm, pretty good.

27- Olive Oiled Steamed

Number 27, olive oil steamed. Pan, olive oil, let it heat up, add our egg, then we add some water, just put a lid on. Let that cook for a little bit. This is dangerous, cooking eggs is dangerous i'm telling you. Oh god! Oh, okay, i think that's enough cooking with that. Oh, i got it in my eye, owe. Fine, you can come out now. Fine, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. Oh gosh, oh my goodness. Yeah, let's go try this fricking death egg. I never thought that i'd be scared for my life cooking eggs, but i guess today's the day. Cooking 100 eggs will do that to you i guess. Owe my eye, got me right in the eye guys. Okay, so this looks very similar to a sunny side up, and also the last egg we had, which was the based egg. This is gonna be, i don't think i cooked it all the way, but that's because i was scared of it. I'm gonna have to give this one a three out of 10. Not because it doesn't taste great, which it kind of doesn't.

28- Olive Egg

Number 28, olive egg. Oh my gosh. We got our food processor. Grab our egg whites. Then we get our black olives, douse them in there. Oh yeah, the perfect combination, eggs and olives. What else could you want? And then we mix it up and. Oh, they're spinning. Speed it up. Let's set this to 10. Yeah, real power. Oh, this looks delicious. It's like a perfect blend of chocolate ice cream, but it's gotta taste nothing like chocolate ice cream. Look how liquidy that is. Oh, i am ecstatic for this one. Then we grab our gross concoction and just put it right in our pan and then we return the yolks back to their family. I'm gonna be honest here guys, i don't think i used enough olives for this. I think it's supposed to be super dark black, but it's okay, that looks about right. Ooh, yummy. Yeah, so this is our olive egg. Screw "green eggs and ham", it's all about black eggs and no ham. Anyway, awe! This did not, i don't think this cooked all the way. Awe, this is pretty gross. Ah, the sad thing is i like olives. (tongue clicks). Yeah, one out of 10, zero out of 10.

29- BBQ

Number 29, barbecue. (calm music) (fire pops) (robby yells). (coal clanks). I'm really grateful for this grill. Put that down so we don't burn our egg. Guys, my barbecue came with an egg hole. Look at, it just holds it up perfectly. Okay, leave this for like 10 minutes i guess and we'l see what happens. Okay, 10 minutes is up. Ooh, a nice golden brown. Oh, ho, this looks pretty tasty. Go ahead and take our barbecued egg and put it in an ice bath. They don't say to do this, but i feel like with any kind of egg where it solidifies in the shell, you should definitely put it in some ice water. Our egg is cooled off, now we crack it. (egg bangs). Ooh, this is cracking pretty nice, actually. Not bad, i mean it's actually not that easy to peel apart. I definitely think it cooked a little uneven. What the heck is that? Oh, this is gonna be so weird, a barbecued egg? I bet it's gonna be fricking delicious though. This looks like about as much shell as i'm gonna get off. So i guess i'm gonna try it. So starting out, why is it green? What the heck, how did that happen? Did i touched something that was green? No, there's green inside the shell, that's weird. Well the skin looks pretty interesting. Ooh, it feels like chicken skin. It tastes like chicken skin. Okay, what about the outside? (teeth chomp). I mean it's not bad, it's pretty good. I would probably give this an eight out of 10, except for the fact that the shells don't really come off very easy.


Number 30, smoked. Okay, so now we're gonna smoke the egg which is pretty much the same thing as barbecuing it, but we moved the coals over a little bit. Oh my gosh, it's stuck. Oh gosh, oh, owe. And move those over. This way, it makes kind of like an indirect heat. Set our egg so that it's not right over the coals. Now we wait for like an hour. - one hour later. -. Okay, it's been about an hour. Oh, definitely not as brown as it was when we directly barbecued it just has like a bunch of these weird spots on it. I'm gonna go ahead and put it in our ice bath. Okay, now i gotta peal it. I feel like peeling this one is gonna be a bit more messy than peeling the barbecue one simply because i don't think it cooked all the way. Like it does this, look at it. (slide whistle slides). You can see there's a part where the egg just like straight up solidified on the bottom. So now it's just rolling. There's probably a big blank space up on the top right here. We'l crack that part first. (egg cracks). Oh, that's so hollow. Oh that's so weird. Look at that, what the heck? It feels like a balloon. It's like i smoked the membrane. This looks so interesting. Whoa, you can see inside of it. Ugh, what the heck? It's like hollow. We're getting towards the bottom. The bottom is a little bit tougher to peal because this is where it came in contact with the grate. This is very strange because it feels leathery. So it's really hollow, feels kind of like human skin, pretty gross. Okay, let's see how it tastes. Ooh, i can put the salt inside of it, pepper. Okay, a smoked egg. (teeth chomp). I don't like that, can we not? Ewe, it's like green on the inside. (robby groans). Dude, that's so weird. (robby moans). I guess i gotta eat this. (teeth chomp). It definitely tastes smokey and like the outside is super weird. I don't know if i would actually recommend this. I would probably give this like a three out of 10.

31- Cast-iron Campfire

Number 31, cast- iron campfire. So now we're gonna try a cast iron skillet on a campfire. Put that right on there to get the nice and hot. Already looking a little bit gross. We got all the ashes inside of it. Now that it's all heated up and covered in ash, let's crack our egg. Oh my gosh, it's so hot, ouch. Oh yes, we're getting so much ash, just the way i like it and as i thought, it almost instantly cooked. Can't really control the temperature on this. So that's kind of a major downside. The bottom is almost already cooked. So i guess we're making scrambled here. Okay, that looks like it's about done. Well, time to try it. I honestly love camping, but this is probably one of my least favorite parts. Just getting a bunch of ash in your food, you know? That's not great. These eggs did turn out pretty decent though. Add some pepper and himalayan pink salt. It's pretty much like cooking eggs on the stove, but you know, it's on a campfire. So it tastes a little bit more like campfire. Honestly, i changed my mind, probably one of the best ways to make eggs. 10 out of 10, take it or leave it.

32- Foil Pouch campefire

Number 32, foil pouch campfire. So for this one, you're gonna need a campfire, a tin foil pouch. This was pretty easy, i just kind of folded it together, crack our egg right into it, fold it back up and just grow it out of the fire. And hopefully that ought to cook it. I'm hoping it doesn't burn through the tinfoil and we flip it over a couple of times. Yeah and that's been in there for about five minutes. I'm not really sure if it's done, but we're gonna find out. I can't wait to see if this actually cooked or not. Ooh, pretty burnt, oh. Wow, it actually cooked all the way through. You guys see that? It freaking worked. How's it taste? Low key, all i can smell right now is my burnt hand hair from that barbecue, here we go. Erh, it tastes like the aluminum foil.

33- On the coals

Number 3, on the coals. Now, we're gonna try putting it directly on the coals. Okay, be real careful. No, i dropped the egg. We'l try this again. Okay, i can't wait to see what happens. You be a good egg. - 16 paranoia filled days later. - this is honestly taking too long. So i'm going to add lighter fluid. Oh, it just broke open, what? It might actually be cooking it. How the heck am i going to get that? Okay, i'm guessing that's about done. No, it broke! Oh no. I'm gonna have to say that this one doesn't work.

34- Car Englige

Number 34, in a car engine. So the first thing we gotta do is get some tinfoil. Then i have to make it into kind of like a pouch. I really don't want this to break open. So i'm actually going to double it up. I'm gonna fold it in half, boop, fold it in half again, open it up, ah there we go. Put our egg in there. Oh gosh, ooh. Yup, just a pouch full of egg. Close that up. And i'm just hoping that this does not leak everywhere. Well time to put this in our engine. But first thing we have to do is heat up the engine. (dramatic music). So i drove it around for about 20 minutes, gonna i place the egg right inside of here and hopefully this actually does something. I'm gonna leave it there for about half an hour. I'm also gonna go ahead and close the hood to make it extra hot. So it's been about half an hour, let's see how it turned out. Oh no, okay. Oh, it's definitely a little hot, but let's see if it cooked. Okay, let's open this puppy up and see if it actually cooked or not. It feels kind of like stiff, so i feel like it did. Oh come on, this is harder than i thought. Oh what the heck? It actually cooked. Whoa, wow, dude, it cooked all the way through in a half an hour, i'm impressed. I don't really wanna eat it because i feel like i'l get carbon monoxide poisoning. I don't know how that works. I'd probably get sick if i actually eat this just cause it was touching my engine and the fumes. Dude, that yolk is so hard.

35- Bake in car

Number 35, bake inside of a car. Okay, so i think i'm gonna start off with this one by just cracking an egg on this pan. Add a little bit of butter first, just so it doesn't stick in case it actually cooks. There we go, and i'm just going to put like a normal egg and i'm guessing that this might actually bake inside the shell. Okay, let's go put it in my car. Okay, i'm gonna put a thermometer in here just so we know how hot exactly it's getting. Just so we know how hot it's getting. I feel like it's gonna get at least over 110 in here. Ohh, let carefully get our egg and i am just hoping that this doesn't. Oh my gosh, i'm just hoping this egg doesn't fall. Oh gosh, don't get in my vent. Oh my gosh, okay, i will be back in let's say a couple hours and hopefully, one of these are actually cooked. So it's been about four hours and it is, oh my gosh, over 120 in here. That is actually scary. (robby gasps). No guys, what? I need oven mitts. I have this glove in here i can use. Oh my goodness. Wow, it actually cook the egg. I don't know if this one's cooked, but this one's straight up cooked through, that's amazing. Okay, so obviously i am not actually going to eat this one. Oh gosh, it's like stuck to the plate. Oh, that's so weird. But it actually like cook the yolk all the way through and it cooked the egg white as well. How crazy, this is why it's dangerous to like leave animals and children in your car. So don't do that. Now for the one that i didn't crack, the hard-boiled one. Put it in the ice bath for a little bit. It feels like it's not cooked all the way. Oh, okay. So it looks like just barely the membrane started cooking and then the rest of it is still kind of raw or no, it actually, ahh! It actually soft boiled the egg, what the heck? And the yolk is actually solid. It actually cooked it. This is amazing. I give it a zero out of 10 because i don't think it's actually edible. Moral of the story, it gets really fricking hot in your car.

36- Cooked in tomato sauce

Number 36, cooked in tomato sauce. So first things first, we need our tomato sauce. Pour a little bit of that in there. That's probably a little bit too much for one egg, but it's fine. Okay, pasta sauce is all heated up. Now we make kind of like a hole in the middle like this, almost like a volcano. No! (robby laughs). Try this again. What a beautifully cracked egg. Let's just, you know, crop it a little bit so you can't see the other one. Then we put our lid on it. Okay, you ready? Okay, should be about done now,. Oh! come on, i think the sag has stockholm syndrome. Doesn't want to leave or maybe it just knows. This is way harder than i thought. There we go. Not gonna lie, it looks a little bit funky. Let's try it. My two favorite things, runny yolk and a plain pasta sauce. Yeah, look at that runny egg, hmm. Gee, i wonder what this one's gonna taste like. (teeth chomp). Kinda taste like pizza. I'm gonna give this one a five out of 10.

37- Cloud egg

Number 37, cloud egg. So first things, first we got a separate an egg then using our mixatron 5,000, we make ourselves a meringue. (mixatron whirs). Ooh, that is nice and puffy. Kinda go ahead and scoop this up, ooh. Then we just a dollop it onto tray. Ohh, there we go and then we carefully put our yolk on. Oh, there we go, a perfect little egg. Now we pop this in the oven for half an hour. Okay, well i'l see you then. And our cloud egg is done. Ooh, this is kind of interesting. It feels almost like puffed rice pastry. It doesn't look real, like this is crazy. It's almost like a rice cracker. Like the consistency feels like a rice cracker. I'l try it without salt and pepper first. It kind of tastes like puffed rice. Ooh, look at that, our yoke is even like baked too. Oh wow, it cooked all the way through. It looks a little bit tough. That was my bad, add a little bit salt and pepper. Okay, i definitely wouldn't do this all the time, but it's an interesting way to eat an egg. I probably give it like a seven out of 10.

38- Frittata Egg

Number 38, frittata egg. First we crack three eggs. There we go, mix them up, add a little bit of milk, butter up our pan. Oh, that's way too hot. Put in our egg mix, get to the point where you can peel up the edges. This cooked so fast. I feel like that's mostly because the pan was 1,000 degrees, and then we shove it in the oven. Oh yes, a nice and hot frittata. Oh, this is pretty fancy. It's like an egg pie almost. It's very hot still. How we looking? Oh, it comes out really easy actually. Not bad, it's pretty flaky, a little bit cloudy, nice and brown on the under side. And now, all egg pretty much tastes the same if you don't add salt to it. But once you add salt, definitely this a little bit different. What a fancy way to cook eggs.

39- Cooked in broth

Number 39, cooked in broth. Your eggs, looks good. Here's our chicken broth, pour it into our broth very slowly. Oh, and then it should make kind of like a stringy, oh that looks so weird. I'm gonna call this go soup. - 12 seconds later. - it looks about done. And go ahead and ladle that into our bowl. Ooh, i have mixed feelings on this. I do love chicken noodle soup. This is just before the chicken hatch. This is very hot still. It smells kind of funky. This truly is just multiple forms of chicken in one spot. Hmmm. Ewe, no matter what, you always need salt and pepper in like everything egg. It's just the laws of nature. I mean, it's better. Like this wouldn't be my go-to soup. I'm gonna rate this four out of 10, nothing like watery eggs, am i right?

40- Popcorn egg

Number 40, popcorn egg. Grab our bowl, egg, some popcorn kernels, shaka, and then apparently just a little bit of milk. I'm just kidding, i'm actually adding a second egg. Mixatron,. Oh yes, the perfect consistency. Preheated butter pan. (mixture splashes). Oh no, popcorn didn't come out. Just gonna mix it up again in the pan just to be safe. Then we put on a top and we wait to hear some popping. It's actually starting to cook the egg. I'm starting to feel like i wasn't to cover it. The popcorn hasn't popped at all, but i don't know if it will without a top on it. But the eggs are pretty much already cooked. Did i mess up? Why won't you pop? Honestly, i don't feel comfortable eating this without popcorn kernel pop because i think i'm going to chip a tooth on my egg. I'm gonna try it again without the top on it and maybe it'l actually work. And we're not covering it this time. Okay, popcorn kernel, good luck. Oh no, the egg's starting to cook. It's happening again. - a few moments later. -. The eggs are now almost completely cooked again. And i have yet to have one popcorn kernel actually pop. So i guess i don't have to give this recipe a zero out of 10 because it doesn't actually work. Plus who the heck would wanna eat popcorn inside their eggs?

41- Fried in egg shell

Number 41, fried in egg shell. So i've never actually tried one of these weird contraptions before. I literally just ordered this off of amazon and i'm kind of excited to use it, i'm not gonna lie. So there's two different sides to it. Look like they use the bigger side for theirs. Okay, ready and. Oh no, i broke it. Okay, i'l try this again. One, two, and crack the bottom. Fourth time's the charm. Whoa, i feel like it's not supposed to be cracked on the edges like that. This time, two hand. Oh, come on, you can do it. I did it, yes. I put that in there. I'm gonna do a couple of these just to be safe. And then after that, it looks like they just took their yolk and put it right into the shell. Boopity boop, then we fry them up. I have to carefully put these on here without breaking the shells. Oh, no get back in, get back in, no! i'l try it again, i don't know how they did it. Get back here, ugh. I messed up, i think what i'm gonna do is put the pan upside down and meet the egg halfway. One, two and oh, it's already leaking out. I'm just gonna go ahead and let that cook. You got this, egg, cook. You can do it, that's pretty weird. Oh, you can feel like the raw egg inside of it's still. Okay and i'm guessing this is about cook. That's breaking open on the bottom. There we go, let's try it i guess. Okay, let's see. I'm not exactly sure. (egg bangs). Oh, it's runny on the, oh, i don't think i cooked this enough. This was not fully cooked, ewe. Okay, i guess we're trying it. (drum roll) ewe, there's no way to know if it's done. The outside looked perfectly cooked, but then you looked at the inside and it was raw. It was just completely raw. Zero out of 10, 5 minute crafts, you let me down.

42- Egg in sandwich

Number 42, egg in a sandwich. Break out our bread and apparently we need to make a sandwich before we actually make our sandwich. I'm gonna make a grilled cheese sandwich because i'm mostly, you know, spaced on buying ham or lunch meat of any kind. It's okay, a grilled cheese egg sandwich sounds delicious. Then we get our cup. This is a little kitty paw, see? Awe, it has little toe beans. Boopity boop, press that down, oh, a perfect little bread circle. And then we just place this on top of our sandwich. Now time to take it to the frying pan. Go ahead and place in our tray, crack our egg in there. And then they got like a brush thing and just started putting butter all over the sandwich. Ooh, yummy. And we just put it in the oven for an unknown amount of time. I'm gonna try 15 minutes. You know what? It didn't turn out that bad. Actually, that's some pretty good toast. I ended up cooking this for about 20 minutes. 15 minutes was not long enough. Hmmm, actually... Hmm, grilled cheese egg sandwich, no, my egg! I'm missing the yolk part, that's like the best part.

43- Ramen egg

Number 43, ramen egg. Okay, so here's our ramen. I guess i'l put this off to the side for now. Crack our egg on top. Then we add our boiling water. Oh wow, it's actually cooking it, this is crazy. Oh no, i broke the yolk! I completely broke it. I'm gonna try that again. No, i'm so bad at this. Then add our boiling water. Okay, it's kind of cooking. I feel like it's so hot, it's just gonna keep breaking the yolk, but i'm going to try and be really delicate with it. Then i add the lid. And then i guess that's how we make it cook. This does not look tasty. This looks kind of gross actually. Oh my god. I'm gonna add some of our seasoning. Oh my god, this is not good. Oh okay, well let's try it. So it did kind of keep cooking as i took it out. So that's good. It doesn't really smell that bad. Oh, let's break that yoke right on the ramen, you ready? And stab. Ohh, yes, mix it, yes! (teeth chomp). Mmmh, actually, this is pretty good. I would actually recommend this one. I definitely say this is a 10 out of 10.

44- Tiktok Biscuit

Number 4, biscuit egg. First thing we need is some biscuit dough and then you press right here. Oh god, that always gets me. Oh, they're just butter inside of it. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious. So we just smoosh that out though. Yeah, that looks pretty flat. Instead of cheddar cheese, i'm actually going to use pepper jack 'cause that's the only con cheese i have right now. Mix that in, flatten it back out. And i don't wanna wasteful, so i'm actually going to use the easter egg from earlier. Not a big fan of soft boiled eggs if i'm being honest. Oh, so pink. I like how it just has like this pink vein on it. That is so pretty. Add some bacon, these expired bacon pieces out of a jar to do just fine. Some more cheese, egg, close it up, then we throw it in the oven at 375 for 15 minutes. Okay guys, i'm ready to be amazed. So here's our egg biscuit thing. It's kinda stuck to the pan. Okay, i'm ready for the magic. I'm gonna break this open. Oh my goodness. (teeth chomp). You know, it's really not bad. This one deserves a nine out of 10.

45- Egg Benedict

Number 45, eggs benedict. First thing we're gonna want is a pot of boiling water. Then we put up bowl on top and then we have to make something called call holland eggs. And apparently we're supposed to make a custard. I've never had custard before, so i don't really know what that is. Then on a side note, we heat up some butter. Melt that down, add our melted butter, add more butter. Yeah, i guess that's done. Then we add some fresh lemon. Yeah, that looks delicious. I don't think i actually cooked this right if i'm being honest. Then we grill up some ham. Hmm, ham. Toast up our english muffins. Now we poach an egg, spin, and then we add our egg. Take this bad boy out, put it on a paper towel 'cause nobody likes a soggy egg. Then we finish off by doing your english muffin, some ham, a poached egg. Oh my gosh, oh. I'm gonna put a little bit of salt and pepper on it. And then we add this stuff. I think this is going to be my least favorite part mostly because i don't think i did this correctly. I'l just add more salt and pepper, hopefully that'l make it better. And we're all set. Oh yes, eggs benedict. I almost lost it there. I've always heard of this, but i've never actually tried it. (teeth chomp). It's very buttery, dude, this is actually pretty good.

46- Egg k-bobs

Number 46, egg kabobs. Separate some eggs. (robby yells). For this one, we're just using the yolks. Preheated pan, get our skewer, mine doesn't really fit inside of the pan. So i'm gonna have to cut it. Not going to lie, this one's a little bit scary. Time to spoon it on top of our stick. Ah, broke the yolk, no i'm a failure! Okay, let's try the coke bottle method. Okay, oh my, oh, it worked. I broke it, no! At least one survived. You know what? Let's just move this one away and try this again. Nope, stay. Oh my gosh. I did it. I have no place to hold on to them, but it's fine. (robby yells). It's fine, it's fine, it's fine, stop. Why is this so difficult? Flip these guys over. Arg, he fell off, it's okay, it's fine. These look about done. Hmm, egg kabob. They were a little bit difficult to cook, but like most things with practice, i feel like i could get a lot better. That fell right off. I mean, it's not bad. I feel i say that for everything. It's basically fried yolk. I'm gonna try and put it back on the stick. I think it would've been easier just to cook the yolk separate. And then take them off and put it on the skewer because otherwise, they don't really stick on the skewer. I give this one a four out of 10, four for effort, okay?

47- Breadcrumb fried

Number 47, breadcrumb fried. Step one, separate single egg, boopity boop. Then we go ahead and dump it in some breadcrumbs. Ah yes, just let it roll around in there and get completely covered. Yeah that looks good. And then we add it to some oil. Carefully, delicate and elegant. Oh yes, i'm gonna baste it with this oil. Hopefully that'l truly deep fried this, awe i broke it again! Time heals all wounds, so does oil apparent. Just ignore those parts, they're not even there, okay? Yeah, that looks about done. It kind of looks like fried cheese, but i know that's definitely not fried cheese. Hmm, yay. I can't wait to eat this. Huh. Yeah,. I could see it. You know what? Maybe 5 minute crafts is onto something here. You even have some room in there to add some cheese.

48- Egg crepe

Number 48, egg crepe. First things first separate couple eggs. Boopity boop, get our egg whites and just put it on there. Spread it around so it's nice and even. I think i might've done it a little uneven. I'm doing my best, okay, i'm trying. I think i'm messing up. Oh my gosh, beat up the yolk. Now we do the same thing with the yolk. Oh my gosh, don't be shy, come out yolks. Oh my god, i'm doing this so wrong. To make a good crepe, it takes a lot of practice, a lot of patience, two things that i don't have. Then apparently i make a little slit. Oh come on. You can do it. Flip it over, just keep flipping, just keep flipping. Yeah, that is our egg crepe. You know what? It's not super pretty, but it is the best i could do. It definitely reminisced is a crepe. But it's in egg form. This isn't even the eggs final form. Wow, it's like flaky like a crepe. Not bad, it's like a very flat egg. I give this like an eight out of 10. It's actually surprisingly good. If someone made this for me, i'm be impressed.

49- Egg spice sauce

Number 49, eggs spice sauce. It sounds a lot like epic sauce, get it? 'cause i'm robby epicisau, anyway, let's yeah. Hard-boiled egg, put it in there and we start squishing it. Then apparently, we're supposed to add so spice. I don't know what that means. So i'm just gonna use this hamburger seasoning. I'm hoping this makes it tastes like hamburgers. (robby yells). Yeah, that looks adequately mixed together. Then apparently we just put it on some bread. Cut this little tip off. Now we have a perfect egg dispenser. Oh, this smells disgusting. Ahh. (robby nervously giggles). I have to eat. This smells so bad. Hmm, yummy. Why i do this to myself? Eggs spice sauce sandwich. I'm hoping that this tastes like hamburger. (teeth chomp). (robby gags). It didn't taste like hamburger. I'm sure this is good for someone, but not me. I'm giving this one a one out of 10.

50- fried egg pouch

Number 50, fried egg pouch. First we get our dough. (cardboard rips). Oh, every time. Don't need that anymore. So i'm actually gonna pound it into a circle, then we make a hole in the middle and add our egg yolk. Wow, looks like a little sunny side up egg. Then we put another dough on top and use a fork to kind of push them together. And now we fry this puppy, boopity boop. And just fry that up, flip it over. Yeah, i think i might've used the wrong kind of dough for this. Well too late now. I feel like this one might actually be kind of good. Oh wait, i haven't eaten the aid part yet. I'm just eating the fried croissant, which is actually pretty delicious. Okay guys, i'm going in for the yolk.

51- Egg Noodles

Number 51, egg noodles. Okay, so we started off with some boiling water and then we get a simple egg and apparently we can just put our syringe in there and it'l come out already mixed. I don't know how the heck they did this. Oh okay, i'l just extract the yolk. Ohh, what? It's actually working. I am actually so impressed. (robby gasps). And now, we just start squeezing it and it should make instant egg noodles. I don't know how i feel about, these don't really look like a noodle. Maybe i just gotta be a little bit more consistent. M, yummy. This is just boiled egg. Okay, in theory, i should pull out noodles. Yeah, these don't look like noodles. Wow, i feel pretty disappointed. I'm not going to lie. I'm still going to try it, but i'm gonna have to say that this one doesn't work. So i'm not gonna lie, these look really runny. Like they don't look super cooked. And they definitely don't look like noodles, but you know what? I'm gonna give it a shot 'cause that's what we do here. (intense music) why do we do that here?

52- Egg dumplings

Number 52, egg dumplings. Scramble our egg. Looks good, then we need to preheat our ladle, spray a little bit of cooking spray in there and pour it right in. I feel like i need a bigger ladle. You know, i'm putting some of this back. I put way too much inside this ladle. Just keep cooking it, i guess. And then in the video i watched, they actually added some stuff inside the pouch. So i'm gonna add some pepper jack cheese. She's a spoon to flip it inside of itself. Ooh, that's actually delicious looking. Look at that. Ohh yum. Oh my gosh, i'm actually kind of excited for this one. Mostly because it's something that's more than just egg. What a delectable little pouch. Honestly, the only thing that makes this good is the pepper jack cheese. Other than that, it's just a normal egg. But i'm gonna go ahead and give it an eight out of 10 for the pepper jack cheese mostly. Pretty good, i recommend.

53- Egg pops

Number 53, egg pops. Okay guys, so this is a cake pop maker. I found this at the thrift store, that's why the sticker's still on there. All you gotta do is put your cake mixture in there and it makes a little cake pops. We're gonna use it to make egg pops. Put some sprayable butter, just crack our egg right in there. Oh no, it doesn't fit into one. We'l see what happens. It's been about 10 minutes. Oh my goodness. Wow. Actually cooked it pretty well. What the heck? Dude, this is kind of cool actually. I didn't know what would happen. I literally just had this thing laying around. Okay, looks pretty good. ♪. Egg pops, egg pops, egg pops ♪. Ohh, we got ourself an egg pop. It kind of just looks like an over-easy egg. (teeth chomp). Yeah, the yolk is kind of running, not bad. It's not going over-medium egg. Definitely easier than making an over-medium egg. So whatever i gave to you over-medium egg, one more point than that.

54- George foreman

Number 54, george foreman grill. Owe yes, the george foreman grill. This is the last thing that the intern gave me for my birthday before he left. I miss him so much. Intern, if you're out there, please come back, i miss you. I'm really tired of cleaning up after myself. These videos are really messy. You have no idea how many dishes 100 eggs makes, okay? Anyway, so we opened that up, put a little bit of sprayable butter, crack our egg right in there. Oh gosh, it just waterfalled down. What? I don't understand. Okay, i'l try this again, but holding it up with a knife. Oh my gosh. I'l close it really quick. One, two, okay. Then he said just leave it and forget it. So i guess i'l try and forget about this. Oh god, oh that is one nicely cooked egg. You just have to make sure you hold it otherwise this'l happen. Okay, time to eat this. So this one, you know, this one's okay. It's pretty reminiscent of the grilled egg, i guess. Actually it's pretty solid. It turned out, this is actually pretty decent. It cooked all the way through and that yolk is like actually hard. This one would probably be like an extra hard boiled egg. You know, a quick, easy way to make eggs.

55- Waffle iron

Number 5, waffle iron. Okay, so i actually have this really cute little heart waffle iron. I thought it would be perfect to make one egg. Put a little bit of spray butter. (egg clanks) (robby gasps). There we go, close that up. Okay, it's been a few minutes. Oh, a perfect little egg heart waffle. Wow, this is so cute actually. Wow, can i pull it out? Boom, it's just a little egg heart. Oh, that's adorable. Egg heart, egg heart, egg heart. (teeth chomp). This surprisingly does not taste like a waffle at all.

56- Blow torch

Number 56, blow torch. So i'm gonna go ahead and start off with this pan. Cover it in some tinfoil, crack our egg. Don't need that anymore. Break out our blowtorch and here we go. I feel like this is probably one of the more inconvenient ways to cook an egg. It's definitely cooking though. This egg is getting hot. Just even circles all around. Oh gosh, i just lit the tinfoil on fire. I think i have to spin the tray. Oh, it's starting to smell like burnt hair. Open the window and turn the fan on 'cause i feel like it's really bad to be in an unventilated area when doing this. Oh, that's still so runny. It's starting to like pop up. Oh my god, i just popped it. What a violent reaction from the egg. Okay, this is still very hot. I think i kind of burned it a little bit and i feel like it's not completely cooked on the inside. Well let's try the old fork test. Can even get it up off of this tinfoil now without breaking it? Oh gosh, oh my gosh. Oh, awe, i mean it's kind of cooked, but it looks like it became one with the tinfoil. Yeah,. I'm not eating that guys. Zero out of 10.

57- Deep fried

Number 57, deep fried. Okay, so i don't have a deep fryer. So what i'm gonna have to do is just use a pot with some vegetable oil. This is definitely really dangerous. So i have a fire extinguisher handy off to the side of me just in case, i'm also wearing the safety goggles so i don't get it in my eye. Then we have to wait for this to get to 350. Right now we're at 126. So i'l see you then. Okay, we're a little bit above 350. Oh my god, 360, 37, oh my. Gosh, i had it way to, 380. We break the egg into the ladle and then we just drop it in. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, okay, i gotta take cover. Oh my god, oh my god. This is so scary. Do we have the fire extinguisher ready? I'm turning this off. There's like an egg bubble. Oh my god, oh. Why, what the heck, what have i? (robby screams). Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god. I've created a monster, oh! (robby screams). My stove is possessed. Well i guess it's time to eat this weird creature thing. Okay, i'm not gonna lie, i'm kind of scared to eat this. It looks kind of delicious. (teeth chomp). It tastes like a very greasy egg. I'm still wearing my goggles 'cause i was scared that the stove was gonna explode and take me out. I definitely feel like if i had a real deep fryer, this probably would've turned out a lot better.

58- Rice cooker

Number 58, rice cooker. Here's the sitch, you made a bunch of white rice in your rice cooker the other day and now you have all this extra, oh man, it's steaming up the lens. What are you gonna do? I have an easy solution for you, just crack an egg in there, boom. Close that up and i'l see you in like 20 minutes. Okay, so now our rice is cooked. Ooh, it actually looks like it cooked all the way through. I can't wait to try this. I really love white rice actually. Like i was having white rice every morning for a little bit. That's pretty good. (teeth chomp). I have mixed feelings. I could've probably let it cook for less time and then i would've had a more runny yolk. But other than that, you know, i'm gonna have to give this one a seven out of 10.

59- Dishwasher

Number 59, dishwasher. So for this one, i kind of wanna do it two ways. One way just kind of like a normal hard boil baked egg or whatever. And the other one i'm gonna put in the bag. There we go, then we just put them inside the dishwasher. Gonna put this one kind of silverware area and the just regular egg right there. Now we wait. Okay guys, it's a few hours later. The dishwasher says that it's now clean. The dishes look pretty clean, that's good. Oh, but it looks like our bagged egg didn't cook it all. Oh no, this one also looks like it didn't really cook.

60-61 Put in tin foil box (Hard,Fried)

Number 60 and 61, put in a tinfoil box, hard and fried. So i don't have a solar oven. So i'm gonna attempt to make one using this box and some tinfoil. (bouncy music) then i'm gonna line it with tinfoil. Okay guys, it's about 110 outside. So i'm gonna do this two different ways actually. I'm just gonna put it right in there and the other, we're gonna try a sunny side up and hopefully the sun will reflect onto these eggs. Honestly, it's so hot outside, it might just cook it. So i'm going to leave this out here for a couple hours and we'l see what happens. Okay guys, it's been about an hour and this is how they look. So our sunny side up egg doesn't look like it cooked at all really, but what about our egg in a shell? Let's find out. Oh, that didn't cook at all actually.

62- Water Boiler

Number 62, water kettle. So this is another one that i was just genuinely curious about. So basically i wanted to see if i could boil an egg inside of one of these electric kettles. I'm pretty sure you can, but i'm not 100% sure. Just boil our water. So i got the water hot enough to where it just started to boil. Now i'm gonna drop my egg in very carefully. And then i'm gonna try and boil it again, but i'm gonna leave the top off. I'm gonna go ahead and let that boil for 10 minutes. It' been 10 minutes, let's see how our egg is doing. Yup, here's our egg, it's still intact. Definitely still an egg. I put it in an ice bath. Let's see if this one actually solidified. Oh, it feels like it's hard boil. Guys, it actually worked. Who knew that if you put a raw egg boiling water, it actually boils it? I would've never know. Well guys, i guess we're gonna have to say that this one, 100% works. But how does it taste? Well it looks like we're about to find out. Yeah, it tastes like a hard boiled egg. That being said, eight out of 10. Great for convenience.

63- Egg on the rocks

Number 63, on the rocks. Egg on the rocks. Simple, elegant and it's so just tastes like raw egg. (robby gags). Do i even have to say my rating? Zero out of 10.

64- Eggs on a rock

Number 64, on a rock. Now we're gonna be trying to make an egg on a rock. Here's our egg, okay, here we go. Oh, i broke the yolk again. It doesn't really look like it's cooking. Maybe i fwe got the rock a little bit hotter, it would've worked but other than that, i guess i've gotta say that this one doesn't work. Wow, what a let town.

65- Deviled Egg

Number 64, deviled eggs. So you wanna make deviled eggs, do ya? First step, get your eggs, line them all up like. So. And then you cut them in half. Once they're cut in half, we get the yolks and we put them in a bag. Then we add some relish, yellow mustard. I don't know if there's any other color of mustard. I really hope there's not, a little bit of salt and pepper. Once it's in our bag, we mash it all up. Cut the tip off, we squeeze it right. And there you have it, deviled egg. Oh yes, the classic deviled egg. I've never actually tried one of these.

66- Devil Egg (summon with satan)

Number 666, devil egg, summon with satan. (eerie music). Eggs ooh. Eggs ooh. Eggs ooh. Eggs ooh. Eggs ooh. Eggs ooh, eggs. Okay guys, today, we're gonna be making deviled eggs. Just kidding, we already did deviled eggs. I actually meant summon satan with eggs. That oughta cook it, right? (eerie music) eggs. Did it work? Did we summon satan with the egg?

67- Cook in Potato

Number 67, cook in a potato. Oh you guys, so i actually don't have a real recipe for this one. So i'm just kinda curious to see what will happen. So the first thing i'm gonna do i think is just bake the potato. (oven rack clanks). Now our potato's baked. Whoa, ha, don't worry guys. No potatoes were harmed in the making of this video. Ha, just kidding. (bouncy music). Yummy, scoop the insides out and we just crack and egg right inside. Put that on top and hen we put it back in the oven. 10 minutes later, in theory, our eggs should be cooked. Oh, that looks pretty cooked actually. And then i'm also gonna add some pepper jack cheese, salt, a little bit of pepper, go ahead and close it back up for a second just to melt the cheese, you know? Now let's try it. I don't know if you guys are ready for this. Oh, look at all that cheese. We got our yolk, we our potato. Make sure to get a little bit of everything just to really experience it. (teeth chomp). You know what, this is pretty (buzzer buzzes) good. I'm gonna have to say that this is a 10 out of 10 egg recipe. I normally don't have any bias considering i made it up myself.

68- Projector

Number 68, projector. Okay guys so for this one, we're going to be using my projector to project fire on to the egg. I'm not sure exactly what i was thinking with this one, but maybe it'l work. Okay, i'm gonna get it really close to the fire. Oh gosh, i'm really hope i don't burn myself. Oh, it's so hot, it's so hot. Oh, the things i do for youtube. Oh my god, oh, ah! (robby yells). (robby chuckles). Everything is fine. I think the egg's been in the fire long enough. Let's see if it's cooked. Oh, the projector egg is so hot, but is it cooked? (dramatic music). Oh no! This egg, the projector did cook the, what? I'm so surprised. Well guys, i guess i'm gonna say that this one doesn't work. So that automatically gives it a zero out of 10.

69- Watermelon

Number 69, watermelon. Okay guys, we're gonna be trying to cook some eggs inside the watermelon. So first things first, we're gonna cut this baby in half. That was way smoother than i thought it would be, then we go ahead and scoop out the inside. There we go and then we add our egg. And then we're gonna put it inside the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. I don't know how long exactly what to put this in because i'm making this up as i go along if you guys haven't noticed yet. Guys, did i say 20 minutes? I meant an hour and a half. Oh that's still, oh my gosh, that's still not cooked. Just kidding, not an hour and a half, two hours. I'l try back in another half an hour. Oh, what have i create? Ewe, it's so like runny. Bon appetite. (teeth chomp). At first, i was digging it and then the sweet egg got to me. I don't feel like egg is supposed to be sweet. I'm gonna try the yolk. (teeth chomp). Okay, maybe i'm just being a little too hard on it. I'm adding some salt. (teeth chomp). Yeah, that didn't make it any better.

70- Easter Egg (Dye egg)

Number 70, easter egg dye. Okay guys, we got this recipe off of google. First you boil half of a cup of water, add one tablespoon of vinegar. And then we add 10 to 20 drops of food dye one, two, three, four, five. - one eternity later. - a little bit more for good measure. I wanna make sure that this work. Mix it up a little bit and we put it in a hard-boiled egg and we leave it in for five minutes. Whoa, it's already starting to turn red. - five minutes later. -. And that's how you make an easter egg. 10 out of 10 for easter eggs. Can't go wrong with this.

71-Chocolate Scrambled

Number 71, chocolate scrambled. Here's another weird one we just made up out of nowhere. Add our egg, add our chocolate, this is disgusting, then we mix it up. I'm gonna vomit. (robby laughs). No, this looks like diarrhea. Erh, stop, am i really eating this? Stop it. Preheat our pan and add our weird mixture. I don't know if this is gonna work because chocolate becomes liquid when it gets hot and egg becomes a solid when it gets hot. So what the heck is gonna happen? I guess we're gonna find out. And i forgot that this is actually scrambled eggs, so, oh, just kidding, we're making a crepe. You never know, maybe this is going to be great. I failed so bad at folding this crepe, i'm sorry. I bet i just made some weird recipe that i didn't even know exist. Chocolate egg crepe. It actually doesn't look that bad. I feel like it's gonna taste kind of like a chocolate pancake or something. But you know, minus the reading part. I thought it was gonna be a lot worse than it actually was. And. Yeah,. It's fine. I will give it a four out of 10. I probably wouldn't eat this for every meal, but it does taste like a fancy dessert for some reason.

72-73 Easter Egg (Boiled,Scrambled)

Number 72, 73, make inside an easter egg. So i'm gonna cook two eggs inside of an easter egg. For this one, i'm gonna scramble and for this one, i'm not going to scramble it's curious to see what will happen. Scramble one egg, put that inside of our easter egg. Oh gosh, okay, now i have to try and close it. Oh, i didn't think this through. It doesn't wanna close, scrambled is done. Now we crack egg inside of egg. That is not much, oh my gosh. There we go, not scrambled is complete. Put them inside the boiling water. Like i said, i really don't know what's gonna happen with these, but i'm just genuinely curious. - eventually. -. Okay, i'm guessing that these are done. I don't really know for sure. Oh no. (robby gasps). It just broke open. So this is the one that i didn't scramble. It looks like it just kind of became a poached egg. Not too surprised, i basically boiled it in one spot. So that would make it poached. Let's see what this one turned into.

74 Chocolate candyy egg (65)Easter Egg (Dye egg)

Number 74, chocolate candy egg. So i've actually made this one for pranks before, but i've never actually tried it. -. Oh wow. - i tricked you! So we get our raw egg and we just mix it inside the chocolate. You know, it's probably time for me to start tasting my own medicine. Mix it in really good. And then we put it on a plate for it to cool down. Hey, do you guys want to see a trick? Whoa! dang, that's really stuck on there. (plate clanks). Oh no, ready to hear something satisfying? (egg clicks). I got it off without breaking it, that's good. Okay, time to see what i put people through. (robby gags). You know, it was pretty pleasant with the candied shell. But then i got to the raw bit. And i'm that speaks for itself.

75- Monster an egg

Number 75, monster an egg. So here's a method i'm kind of scared to try. I'm gonna go ahead and fill this whole monster can with eggs and then we're gonna bake it. So first things first, we gotta crack some eggs and we're gonna add some milk is filler, whisk it up. Now i have to carefully syringe this egg yolk into the monster can. We'l see how this goes. Now i'm gonna put it in the oven and hope that it doesn't explode. Okay guys, so it actually looks like it exploded in the oven. So i'm going to carefully pull it out. And i'm gonna put it in this pot of ice water. There we go,. Oh no, oh, i don't want soggy eggs. So now that our monster can is cooled down, it like imploded on itself. So now i'm going to have to try and get the egg out. My goal's to have it all slide out in one piece. I'm gonna use this can opener to try and take off the top. Okay, let's see if that worked. Oh yeah,. I mean that works. Let's see if this will just slide out. (robby groans). Yeah, i don't think that's gonna work. Can i carefully cut open the cans? Yes, i just have a brick of egg. I'm peeling it like a banana. For some reason, it wanted to come out rectangle. You know, i'm not judging you, do you. Well, i guess it's time to try our egg brick. Wow, it actually bounced. It's pretty cold now. I guess i'l just take a big old bite out of this. I can see this maybe being a little bit better if i added seasoning to it and it wasn't cold.

76-79SPEED ROUND! Hardboil in coke & Monster energy, Poach in Coke And Monster energy

Speed round, okay guys, it's time for the speed round. So for this one, we're gonna be cooking four at once using coke and monster. (lively music). So basically coke hard boiled, monster hard boiled, coke poached, monster poached. I don't know whether these are boiling or not because they already fizz. This might be a problem. Boopity boop, boopity boop. 10 minutes on these, poach it in the coke. I don't know if it's cooked or not. I can't see anything inside of there. While i'm waiting for that, i'l go ahead and start on the monster poached egg. I love the smell of hot monster in the morning. Oh, this is cooking way better than the coke one. Monster poached egg's about done. Oh, that's still so goopy on the inside. Oh gosh, all that monster. I don't think this is done, i changed my mind. Coke poached egg. Ewe, gross, okay. Monster poached egg. Oh, it's a little bit more fluffy, that's cool. Hard boiled coke and hard boiled monster. Oh man, i am not excited for this one. What should i try first? So first we're gonna try the coke poached day and it does not look very good. I would not recommend this, it does not look good. (teeth chomp). It's like you took the worst part of coca-cola and the worst part of eggs and you put them together. But you know what? Maybe the monster poached egg will be better. This one cooked a little bit more evenly actually. I actually really like monster and i kind of like eggs, so maybe i'l like this. (teeth chomp). Nope, i do not like this. Monster hard boiled egg. Oh, so that's so hot. It didn't actually cook all the way. Oh, that didn't cook at all. I don't know why that happened, but it didn't cook. I think again, it was because i couldn't tell whether the water was actually boiling or if it was just soda. Coke hard-boiled egg. Now this one actually changed color. Has like a nice caramel brown color to it. Smells kind of sweet. The coke would one actually cooked. Ah that's hot. I need an ice bath. Okay, i let it chill in ice for a little bit and now it's a little bit harder. Awe, it didn't cook very evenly at all. Like the inside is still very watery. It's like all runny. This is like an over-medium maybe, but the inside just didn't cook at all. The yolk just broke on me. Its now or never before this falls apart. I guess. (teeth chomp). Yup, it's like a very not hard boiled egg. It doesn't really taste like coke though, so that's cool.

80- Run it over with a car

Number 80, run it over with the car. This is another one where i'm not exactly sure what the point of this is, but you never know, it might just cook the egg. So here's our car, there's my girlfriend, she's driving. Gonna just put the egg right there. Okay tori de branch, we're all good. (egg cracks). Oh my, what?

81- Sunbath

Number 81, sunbathe. Oh yes, what a perfect day to sunbathe. (bouncy music). This is a life, isn't it, egg? Hey, i'm gonna take a nap. Wake me up in like 20 minutes. - 20 minutes later. -. Oh, i woke up 20 minutes later. Oh yes, perfect. No comedic twist whatsoever. Let's see if our egg is done. Okay, let's check it. (egg cracks). Awe, oh my gosh, it's completely raw. Awe, oh my gosh, awe, i still have to eat it. Awe, let's see (bouncy music) (robby gags). Well guys, i guess if you have to say that this one work.

82- Bath

Number 82, bath. So i guess we're giving the egg a bath now. I don't have any bubble bath, so i'm just using dish soap. (bouncy music). Okay, now it's time for this dirty egg to take a bath. You're a dirty egg aren't you? Honestly, this is the most extra bath i've ever seen. Like i don't think i've ever taken a bath this nice. Now that our little guy is all done with his bath, let's see if he's cooked. He's a little slippery from coming out of his bath. Is he cooked? Awe, it didn't cook it all. What a ripoff, i want to refund. So i guess there's another zero out of 10.

83- Candle

Number 83, candle. Okay, so here's our candle, light it up. And then i had no real plan for this one except to get tongs. Just kind of put the egg over it and hopefully this will cook it. I don't have too much faith in it, but it might work. It's mostly just turning the bottom side black. I think it's actually working 'cause the side that i just cooked it is heavier than the other side. Just gonna keep rotating it until it's completely black. That way i know that i've cooked every single side. Every time i move it over, it just wipes off some of the black stuff. This looks so strange. I'm gonna put it in a glass of water. Oh my gosh, it definitely looks interesting. And hopefully our egg is actually cooked. Oh... Yeah, no, it didn't really cook at all. You can kind of see on the inside, it cooked the membrane, but it didn't get all the way to the egg yolk. I guess i'm gonna have to say that this one doesn't work, zero out of 10.

84- Hot knift

Number 84, hot knife. Okay guys, so this is for 1,000 degree knife versus egg. Who will win? Crack our egg and then we heat up our knife. My theory is that it's going to instantly cook it, ready? Here we go. Whoa, it does not smell good. I can tell you that. I mean, it's kind of cooking it. Chop and cook at the same time. Well guys, i'm gonna have to give this method a zero out of 10.

85- Mini Egg

Number 85, mini egg. So the first thing we need to do is separate the yolk from the white. Mix up the yolk, looks pretty good. Medium pan. And i have to try really hard to cook little tiny egg whites. Okay, there's one. No, i messed up. I can still save this, don't worry. I'l separate the egg whites, it's okay. I have this way too hot, i messed up guys. It's okay, i'm gonna try my best to fix this. Gonna add our little egg yolks. Just kidding, i'm supposed to put the egg yolk on top of the egg. (robby nervously giggles) messed up, why do tiny things have to be so hard? That definitely didn't turn out how i thought it would. There's still a chance for these guys. Oh gosh, oh gosh. You know what, i think that one's the cutest one, okay? This is what the recipe said and this is the way i said. So i'l let you guys decide which one's better. Okay, tiny eggs. Oh yes, the perfect bite size snack. It's the perfect tiny egg. Can you guys guess what it tastes like? Turns out tiny eggs taste just like regular eggs. Good for you, tiny eggs. You're really holding your own.

86- Giant egg

Number 86, giant egg. So here's another weird one that we just kind of made up. So what i'm gonna do first is separate six eggs. Yolks over here. I need all egg whites, so this isn't gonna work. Mix up the yolks, boopity boop, pour our egg white. And then i have this little thing to help me make my yolk. And then i'm gonna put the top on to help it cook a little bit easier. Again, i have no idea what i'm doing. This is all an experiment. It's an eggsperiment, ha. Please don't unsubscribe guys, i'm really sorry, that was a terrible joke. Okay, let's see if we can remove this without messing it,. Oh nope, it still needs to say on. As you guys can see, some of the yolk already kind of spread everywhere. So i already kind of failed. I'm hoping that this will sort of bake when i put the lid on it and then it'l make a whole giant yoke. And i think we should be good. Oh no, this did not turn out very good. Can we even get this up? Oh no, it burnt to the pan. Okay, let's see if we can transfer this without breaking it.

87- Yell at it

Number 87, yell at it. So my theory is if i yell loud enough, super sonic vibrations will cook the egg. Let's try it. (robby screams) -. 3:28 a.m. (robby screams) -. Okay, i've been yell at it for about 20 minutes now. I think it's had enough. Now let's see if it's cooked. Are you guys ready for the drop test? (egg bangs).

88-91 SPEEDROUND 2! Hardboil in sunkist, cranberry juice. Poach in sunkist, cranberry juice.

Speed round number two, number 8 through 91. Okay guys, so coke and monster didn't turn out very well. So now we're going to try sunkist berry lemonade and cranberry juice. I was really wanting to boil it in something blue. (bouncy music). Bring them all to a boil. Ah, oh, don't drink the forbidden kool-aid. My hand is like sticky from the steam. (lid clanks). Hard boil, hard boil, poach blue lemonade. Turns out i'm really bad at poaching eggs. Poach cranberry juice. Blue hard-boiled. It didn't really change color at all. The cranberry hard-boiled though, that one kind of changed on the outside. The blue poach turned out super blue. The cranberry poach turned up really red. Like this looks like it could be an organ or something. It blends right into the bowl. Another interesting one. Let's start off with the blue poached. It cooked a lot more evenly than the last time i did this. (teeth chomp). That's weird, it's like a sweet egg. And this literally tastes like you put like sugar on it. Cranberry juice poached egg. This looks really weird. And i bet it's gonna taste really weird. (teeth chomp). Yeah, that definitely wasn't very good. Blue hard-boiled. I'm hoping that this actually properly hard-boiled it this time. The shell's coming off pretty nice. Okay, it smells like a normal hard-boiled egg. (teeth chomp). Oh okay, tastes like a normal hard boiled egg. I literally don't taste the blue in it at all. Cranberry hard-boiled egg. The shell's definitely not coming off as easy as the other one for some reason. Okay, good enough. (teeth chomp). Again, just like a normal hard-boiled egg, i guess the liquid that you boil your eggs in and doesn't really affect the taste that much, so that's cool.

92- Barry in sand

Number 92, burry in sand. Okay guys, so it's currently 111 out right now. So what i'm gonna do, i'm gonna put it in this hot sand. Oh my gosh, it's so hot and bury it 24 hours. I'm gonna come back in 24 hours and see if it cooked. Okay guys, it's been about 24 hours. Let's see if our egg is cooked. One and two and... Dang it, i'm never gonna have a cooked egg again.

93- Magnifying glass

Number 93, magnifying glass. Okay, so here's our egg, here's our magnifying glass. I'm not sure if this will work really, but we're gonna try. I feel like it's just going to burn the egg. Oh, it's so hot. I chose a great day for this, but it's so bright. What if i do this, will this cook it? - six and a half hours later. -. The egg's not even hot. I don't know what i was thinking with this. Let's crack it open to see if it cooked. Oh yeah, that didn't cook it all, oh man. Maybe i can cook it with the magnifying glass. - 2000 years later. -. Oh shoot, i got little tiny parts of it to actually cook just in the one, the little wrecked part that i actually got. I'm not gonna do the whole egg because this is literally gonna take hours, i'm really hot.

94- on a lightbulb

Number 94, on a light bulb. Okay, so this is actually my turtle's heat lamp. I'm hoping he doesn't mind that i'm using this for an hour. Plug that in. And then we take the egg, put it right there. Well, i'l see you in an hour. Hopefully this works. Okay guys, it's been about an hour. Turn off the light bulb. So i can grab this. Oh my gosh, it's so hot. Put it in the ice bath for like 15 minutes. Now that this is cooled down, let's see if it actually cooked. It was pretty hot, i think it might've actually cooked. Oh, no yolk is coming out. It's a little bit runny, it kind of cook. It's like half raw. The part where egg was making full contact with the light is cooked, but then it's completely raw where it's not touching it.

95- Cook on street - fried

Number 95, on the street. Okay, so like i said earlier, it's 105 degrees out. Let's see how hot the sidewalk is. The asphalt is 162 degrees. That's pretty fricking hot. Oh no, i broke the yolk. It's okay, it doesn't need to be perfect for this. Well, i'm gonna go ahead and let this sit for like a half an hour and we'l see if it actually cooks. Okay, it's been about an hour. It's actually cooked. Well, it's a little runny, but for the most part that looks like a cooked egg. Well, i guess we gotta say this one actually works.

96- Cook on hood - fried

Number 96, on the hood of a car. Okay, we're gonna try and cook an egg on my car hood. It's not 105 out right now, so it's pretty hot already. So it looks like the temperature of my hood is 211 degrees, which is really fricking hot. (car hook clanks) stay, no. Oh my gosh, you can actually see, oh, it's actually starting to cook. What? Guys, it's actually starting to cook on the hood of my car. So it keeps sliding down. So i'm gonna put it inside this perfect egg holder thing and hopefully that contains it. I feel like it's gonna take a little while for it to cook. So i'm gonna let it sit here for like half an hour. Okay, oh my god, the hood of my car's so hot. It's been about an hour. It actually cook, oh, it's solid. We have a straight up sunny side up egg. Oh my gosh. This probably completely ruined the paint of my car. Wow, i don't really wanna eat this 'cause i don't feel that it's sanitary.

97- Drone

Number 97, fly to the sun with a drone. Now we're gonna try and cook my flying it into the sun. We're going to be using my drone. Drop it inside our bag. Oh yes, egg's in a bag, tie it right on there. Get ready to try flying it into the sun. Okay, time to go. (drone whirs). You think it's hit the sun yet? I don't know if this was a good idea. Look how flappy the bag is. Yeah, i think that might be cooked. I'm gonna go ahead and bring it down now. This is one advance way of cooking eggs. Now we're going to carefully unwrap our egg. It survived, guys. This really brings back memories from the time i did the egg drop challenge with my girlfriend and john. If you guys wanna watch that video, you can click right here. Anyway, let's do the drop test to see if this bad boy cooked. Three, two, one. Oh no, awe, well guys, i guess we're gonna have to say that this one doesn't work.

98- Match

Number 98, matches. Okay, more matches, yay. I thought i was done with these after the match volcano video. If you guys wanna watch that, you can click right here. (upbeat music). So basically for this one, we're gonna get our matches, make sure the heads are pointing face up and then using a rubber band, we're gonna put them all together. Yeah, that looks pretty good. Now i just have to make this big enough to where i can put an egg on top of it. Well, this is gonna take a little while (fast lively music). And there it is. It's not very big. Took me about 20 minutes to make and i used an entire box of matches. I don't have any more, so i guess this is gonna have to do, luckily it's just big enough to fit our egg. Okay, let's go try this thing. And a boopity boop, add our egg. I genuinely don't know what's about to happen. Is it going to cook it? I don't know. Oh! Wow, it popped. That was a little bit anticlimactic. I go ahead and let it burn through all the matches and see if it fully cooked. It pretty much burned completely out. Did it actually cook? Oh, that is so very raw. Oh, cooked a little bit right there. Well guys, i'm gonna have to say that this one doesn't work. Zero out of 10, why would you cook eggs like this?

99- Light on fire with money

Number 9, light it on fire with money. So have you ever wondered if you could cook an egg on money? Well, you're about to find out. Yeah about three grand ought to do it. Make a get a nice little nest right there, give it some lighter fluid to help it burn, put our egg and a way we go. Ba, booey. Oh my gosh, that egg is cooking fast. It's a nice green color. Go ahead and let it burn completely out. Okay, let's see if this guy actually cooked. Take it out of the ice bath. There's like a little hole on the bottom and i can see it actually kind of cooked there. I'm not sure how consistent it's gonna be, but we're about to find out. And the drop test. (robby gasps). Yeah, it's still a definitely raw on the inside 'cause it's leaking out these juices. Ah, raw yolk. So it looks like you kind of cooked like the membrane part of the shell, like the closest part of the shell. But other than that, it didn't really cook it. And i would eat this one, but it looks disgusting. But it being cooked on money, i'm sure this is what success tastes like. Man, this was the most expensive egg recipe yet.

100- Fireworks

And for the grand finale, number 100, fireworks. Firework egg. We're gonna see if these fire crackers cook the egg. I hope it cooks it instantly. (dramatic music) (fire works pop). Well time to see if it cooked. It looks pretty dark. And i think by the actually cooked. Let's do the drop test. Ready? Oh no! Yeah, that definitely didn't cook it. Oh, that was a runny yolk, a bullet shell. Well guys, i guess i'm gonna have to say that this one doesn't work. Okay guys, thanks so much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure to give it a big old thumbs up. Some of this was right down there. This video took me pretty much an entire week to film and i had two people helping me the entire time. So big shout out to my girlfriend, tori, for helping me organize everything, made sure i didn't lose my mind when i was eating all these rags and also my three editors, aaron, kyle and mike. Thanks so much, guys. This has been a crazy, a quest of a video. I'm impressed with ourselves. If you guys wanna watch me try even more crazy cooking life hacks, i have a whole playlist you can watch right here. If you guys wanna watch me doing more stuff with eggs, you can click right here. And these two don't sound fun, you can always click these. Okay guys, i love you so much.

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