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How I got Job Interviews through Cold Emailing ( As a Fresher )


So you have applied for a job but haven t received any answer see there are a lot of applications that these companies receive on day to day basis and it s really hard for them to screen every single one of them and get back to you so instead of waiting for companies to get back to you a better approach will be to do a cold outreach better known as cold emailing when you send cold emails to the representatives of companies you are interested in working for like let s say a recruiter or even ceos or ctos it shows your initiative to put in that extra effort to achieve your career goals so in this video we will discuss what cold emails are how you can find good companies find the email ids of recruiters tips for writing to them and how to write a cold email for a job that personally helped me and will help you get an interview.

Its not a SPAM

Now before moving forward i would like to clear one thing cold emailing is not spam unless of course if you re sending hundred emails to a person in a day that obviously is a scam but not one or two emails also you need to approach the person as an equal because there s a win for both of you right they will get a good candidate if you re a skilled individual and that will save them a lot of headache of hiring a good candidate so first things first before sending a cold.

Finding Good Companies

Email how do you even find good companies to apply to well do you know who has done this heavy work already for you yep investors so go through the portfolio of the major investors who have put their capital into good companies let s check out few of them. So i ve opened y combinator s website over here and i will provide all of these links in the description below so if you scroll down you re going to see all of the job openings in the companies that y combinator has invested in so for example let s say you re interested in software engineer front end we can go on over here and click on this and it s going to take us to this page where you can find the details about the job you can find the detail about the company you can contact the founder directly they provide the linkedin and twitter links as well so that you can do the cold outreach from over here. So. Yeah this is a pretty good way to find companies let s go and check out sequoia if you click on over here we have this job section here you can select what role you re trying to apply to so let s say i m trying to apply for software engineer skills let s say i m a web developer front end web developer. Okay we have a lot of job openings over here let s i m interested in this opening. So if i click on this it s going to take us to the page and here you can we can find more details about this company and if this works for us we can obviously go on twitter and linkedin and find their founders or ceo ctos and directly reach out to them via cold email which obviously i m gonna show you how you can write now just like this y combinator in sequoia there are a lot of such investor websites where you can go and find out these companies and apply to these companies directly you can find the list of few of these investor websites in my blog that i ve written on this topic link will be in the description down below.

Reaching out to Recruiters

That you have found the suitable company to apply to how do you even reach out to apply for job reach out to the founders or recruiters on platforms like linkedin and twitter they are the best places where you will find almost all of these founders ceos and ctos and yes it can happen that you may not get reply sometimes so why not try the good old email now you may ask but how am i gonna find the email ids of these people.

Finding Email ids of Recruiters

You find the emails of recruiters or founders of big and small companies so one of the places where you can find the email ids of recruiters for the company that you re trying to apply to is hunter io. So let s go on and search for let s say razer pay and there you go we got the email ids for a lot of them and obviously this is not revealed to us completely because we need to login to see the entire email addresses so you can go on and log in but the good thing that i like about this website is that it gives you the format for the emails of that company so let s say if i work at razer pay you can just put in my first name and last name like push dot agarwal at the company s name so this gives you the format for that particular company so you can find the name of that recruiter. And then you can make your own email address. I mean it can be wrong in some cases. But it s correct most of the time another one of such tools can be clear bit. So you can go on and check out this tool as well i m gonna provide link to both of these and some more tools in my blog as i mentioned earlier link will be in the description down below now let s get to the part you all have been.

Tips for crafting Cold Emails

Waiting for tips for crafting a cold outreach or a cold email all right pause if you re not yet following me on twitter go to twitter com push underscore eon or click the link in the description down below and hit that follow button right now i m waiting for you i m still waiting.

Tip #1 - Keep your Email SHort

Keep your email short see recruiters are busy people they may briefly read your email and immediately decide whether to respond to it or ignore it you don t need to include phrases like i hope you are doing well today or i hope this email finds you at the best it s irrelevant and at worst insincere so keep your email short now the next point.

Tip #2 - Strong Email Subject Line

Is have a strong email subject line this is the first impression the subject line is the one line of text that gets them to click open the personalized emails for cold emailing purposes the objective is soul get them to open this some of the good subject lines can be these over here.

Tip #3 - Proof of Work

Point number three sharing the proof of work record a loom video talking about yourself and the most fascinating project that you have built and drop the link in the mail this extra effort to pitch yourself will put you in a good position plus you would also come to know if the other person watches that video or not here is the video that i made when i was a fresher. Hey everyone my name is phew shakwal. And i m a full stack web developer working on technologies like react node express next js etc. I love to create stuff whether they be videos on the internet or beautiful looking websites i actually have a youtube channel with more than subscribers and views as of june where i teach full stack web development i have taught coding to a lot of students both in privately and in larger groups in my free time i like to work as a freelance voiceover artist on sites like spyware com where i ve worked with tons of national and international clients and have a highest rating possible of five stars also i was born and raised in kanpurita pradesh and i m a final year mca student at vrt velour graduating in july. Okay first of all why the hell am i moving so much and guys this is obviously not the most perfect loom video ever. You. I m sure you people can make a video far better than this. So yeah best of luck now for the rest of the proof of work a portfolio website could be helpful if you want me to make a portfolio website tutorial comment down below and let me know.

Tip #4 - Mention your Accomplishments

Fourth point will be to mention your accomplishments see you are trying to sell yourself in one paragraph to the recruiter that you are someone worth reaching out to for an interview so name any hackathons that you ve won link to your project or an app on the app store that has few thousand downloads and mention that number if you re like me and active on social media or do youtube videos you can mention that as well or if you went to an impressive college mention that too all of these points work flawlessly now.

Tip #5 - Establish a Timeline

Point number five will be to create urgency and establish a timeline let s say you already have a return internship offer with a different company or a job offer mention that it will put pressure on the recruiter to respond and might even fast track the process of getting you an interview but warning be careful not to make it seem like the company you are trying to apply to is a backup option make sure you convey the excitement for the company the next.

Tip #6 - Add Call to Action

Point is really important add a call to action be clear with what you want an email hoping to set up a meeting chat is too indirect so be bold and always include a specific ask such as this. I d like to interview for a front end developer internship for summer also give them something worth responding to make sure to leave your name and contact so that they can easily get back to you so these were all the major points that you need to take care of while crafting your own cold email.

Examples of Cold Emails

You can find a few written examples of these cold emails on my blog such as this i have included a lot of such examples on my blog now here are couple of pro tips before i end this video.

Grammatical Error

Number one grammatical errors grammatical errors put people off especially now when tools are available to take care of it so use tools like grammarly to fix your grammar also this video is not sponsored by grammarly.

A/B Testing

Number a b testing try to keep most of your email variables same except for one and experiment with that one variable after figuring out the right combination of a s and b s a perfect template can be created so let s say it can be your subject line try going from irrelevant to specific quick question versus state level hackathon winner interested in x company notice the difference with the subject line you re looking to improve the email opening rate it can be your call to action as well try different questions which may make recruiters respond to you now the third pro tip for you will be following up if you receive.

Following Up

No response within a week after you send your email then it is acceptable to send a short follow up email it is likely the person you are sending message to is too busy and may have emails backed up that they haven t responded to if after emails you don t get a response reach out to another recruiter at the same company trust me it s not a weird thing.

Important Message

To do now in the end i would say this remember that the person on the other end of the email is like you they re working they have a life and they occasionally click on emails from an unknown sender so try as if you re convincing yourself through the email and that will definitely work if you like this video give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for more such awesome videos.

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