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Watch Me Do Live Email Outreach (Copywriting Cold Email Tutorial)

Intro Summary

In this video i l be doing some live copyrighting outreach so you can just copy my masterful strategies now there is hundreds of outreach methods and strategies out there but in this video i l just be showing you a very powerful free email sequence that i have used to land dozens of meetings into my calendar ask your favorite guru to write live copy and watch them quiver they are all nerds i am the best let s get into it you are watching a master at work so.

Finding a Prospect

Let s not waste any time let s find a prospect live and direct so this is how i would do it if i was starting out again we l pick something like how to make money affiliate marketing. Okay as we can see there s many videos here. But we will go with this gentleman over here congratulations my friend you have been chosen by the sensei so if we go to the description of this video we should find some sort of funnel or some product or some page so it looks like it s this one the mentorship apply for mentorship this page is perfect we can do a lot of damage here. So what we want to do now is we want to write the email based upon what we see on this page and what we know can be improved so i m going to pull up the document and write out the.

First Email

First email i have more clients than i can manage right now so i won t be sending this live. I l be writing it on this document so subject line we will go with something like it s time see something very simple they re going to be thinking it s time for what is this curiosity intrig now i m going to go with a very direct non nonsense approach what is name his name is wisdom his name is wisdom so we l go with hey what s up wisdom i want to save us some time. So i l be pretty direct so if we take a quick look at this page we can see it s very plain not much intrigue not much mystery. So we re going to play on that element there so we say something like your mentorship application page only has some plain text with an image this lack of intrigue is causing visitors to leave the page without even submitting their emails see what we ve done in this line we have said what he s doing already and what is the effect of what he is doing now the next line we re going to say what he could do and what will be the effect of this new action so we l do something like if you add the correct emotional triggers with appealing visuals to this page visitors will be itching to apply for this program now we want to ti in something personal let s take a look at his subscribers we can see he has subscribers so we will play on this in the next line say if you make these changes you will get so many more of your of your k subscribers to enroll in your mentorship parentheses and purchase future products that you launch okay next line to explain it better i made a quick loom video where i cover a rewrite of this wisdom m to ship page just reply back. Coolio. And i l send it over talk soon then you put your name see what we ve done with these last three lines is we ve said that we ve made a loom for him even though we haven t made any looms. So when he replies to this email that s when we create the loom and when you make the loom you have to keep it very brief keep it very outcome drift and with the last line over here we ve said just reply back. Coolio. And i l send it over so all he needs to do is reply back one word we ve made it very easy for him so this first email should do a lot of damage and if it doesn t i have a second email up my sleeve so let s say we sent that email he didn t reply.

Second Email

We need to do is send another email after hours and this is what that email would look like in this email we want to be different we want to be humorous we want to be completely unique from all the other follow ups in his inbo so we l go with something like hey wisdom you didn t reply to my email for one of two reasons number one you re not currently looking for more students in your mentorship because you re focused on more important areas of your business number two you think i am another snake oil marketer making claims that he can t back up see we re being funny here we re being funny now we want to say something like if it s the first reason then you can let me know what you re working on and i l see if i can help you with that if you think i m another snake oil salesman no worries just shoot me a message and i l make sure not to bother you anymore. But i want to be honest with you i am sure that i can add at least five figures to your bottom line always the best then you put your name see this emo is very powerful because we ve basically brought to light the options that he s thinking in his mind number one he s just not looking for more people in his mentorship or number two he thinks oh it s another spammy email from one of these snake oil salesman so you bring that to the light you add some humor it makes them inclined to reply to you more now if they haven t replied to this one either this is when you want to put the nail in the coffin you want to drive some pain in this last email. So for the last email we will do something along the lines of yes. I know i m persistent. I think the plain and boring mentorship page is the reason why not enough viewers are showing their interest in this program now i m curious to hear your thoughts on my approach now we want to give some sort of two way clause you can say we going want to give him two paths two options so we l do something like so you can either ignore this email and keep sending all those viewers to an unoptimized page that is not converting and i will vanish or you can see how my approach will take your brand into the largest affiliate marketing education no that doesn t make sense largest affiliate marketing channel on the entire market the choice is yours cheers full stop you don t even want to leave your name you want to leave it called so what we ve done in this email is we ve driven some pain by saying what is actually happening plain and boring page which is why viewers are not showing their interest in the program and we ve given a very powerful two way clause so you can either just ignore this email and keep suffering in the pain that you re suffering in of not getting enough sales and i will disappear or you can see how my approach will take your brand into the largest affiliate marketing channel on the entire market the choice is yours matrix st cheers and that is the last he hears from us. So what we can see here ladies and gentlemen in this little outreach sequence what we have done is we have told him what he s doing now and the mediocre results he s getting what he could do and the results that it would get right. And we ve said we ve made a loom video for him even though we haven t because we don t want to make a video if we re not going to get a reply so we only make the video once we get the reply this is the loom strategy. And we made it very easy for him to reply all he needs to do is send back one word now that s the first email second email we ve added a bit of humor we ve brought up the things in his subconscious to the light we ve made him smile so it increases the chances of a response and the third one we ve driven some pain and we ve given him a very powerful two way club. And then we just disappear now i have used this many times to get dozens of meetings don t just copy me word for word don t be an invalid use your own creativity use your own human imagination but this is just one of many email strategies that i have that is how it s done my friends i have got dozens.


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