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How To Make Cooking Videos On A Phone - Start to Finish

A lot of times people think that they need a fancy camera to make great looking cooking videos well in this video series i'm going to share with you the step-by-step guide to filming and editing professional videos on your phone part one is going to cover some of the gear that you're going to want to consider investing in that can take your camera phone video from amateur to pro part two is going to cover some tips for filming i'l cover techniques camera settings as well as explain how to shoot efficiently so that way you're not spending tons of time sifting through footage when it's time to edit your videos part three is going to be ways to capture and create awesome thumbnails and part 4 we're going to go over how to edit your videos on your phone part. Five. I'l also show you how to upload your videos to youtube and maximize your reach so we have a lot of things to cover but before we get into filming i wanted to go over a few inexpensive items that you'l want to consider investing in first all of these things i'm about to recommend will only cost you a total of about 150-ish dollars but it will take your camera phone footage to the next level for sure the very first thing that i would recommend investing in is going to be audio i personally think audio quality is more important than video quality when creating content where you'l be teaching someone how to do something like prepare food your audio will immediately stand out once your video begins and having crappy sounding audio will instantly take your great looking video from professional to amateur there are a number of different styles of microphones at different price points to consider when upping your production value of your cooking videos if you want to learn more about audio for cooking videos i created a whole nother youtube video breaking down the best microphones for cooking videos and which ones i personally use and all the different ones i would recommend in this video we're going to be using the most budget friendly microphone that i could find which is the power to wise lavalier lapel microphone. I got this off amazon for around 35 bucks it does need to be plugged into your camera. But it also comes with an extension cable this will allow you to get further from your phone but still be able to attach it to your shirt the next thing i'd recommend investing in is going to be a tripod and a phone holder these two things are not a hundred percent necessary because you could always prop your phone up on some boxes or something to film yourself as well as hold your phone in your hand while you're filming while you're cooking this does get a little bit difficult and sometimes can get frustrated when you're trying to film your food while at the same time not burn it or chop it or cut it. And it's all moving around out of the place there are a number of tripods out there on the market ranging from like 15 bucks all the way to thousands of dollars i would recommend finding a tripod made out of metal or aluminum you'l want to stick with some something that has legs that are locked with clips not the screw to tighten or loosen clip locks are much quicker to adjust and you don't have to worry about your camera falling over because you forgot to tighten one of the legs all the way you'l also want to find out the max height the tripod can go up and break down since you'l be filming your self prepping or cooking food on your counter or stove something that can get up to about 50 or 60 inches would be ideal an adjustable center column is also great because you can quickly adjust the height of your phone without having to do each leg at a time you'l also want to pick up a phone holder the one that i would recommend i got on amazon and scored it for 10 bucks i love this one because it's made out of metal and it feels super solid it has the option to attach a quick release plate to it and attach it to your tripod if it has one it's also super easy to adjust your phone's orientation from vertical to horizontal as well as angles for your shots one bonus thing i'd consider but would increase the cost of your tripod is going to be finding a fluid head this isn't necessary if you plan to do mostly lock off shots but a fluid head will allow you to get smooth panning or tilting movements with your camera or phone.

I'l put a link to a couple of the options in the description below and the very last thing i would recommend investing in is going to be lights one of the best ways to create a professional looking image is to have good lighting i created a whole nother video breaking down lighting equipment and techniques. So if you want to learn more about this topic be sure to check that video out as well i'l put a link in the description below or i'l have a card pop up the free option for good lighting is to shoot near a window with lots of natural light however this may not be an option depending on where your kitchen is located and if it is you'l have to deal with the light changing when the sun pokes in and out of the clouds and you'l also have to schedule your filming in the daytime this is why i would recommend investing in a light kit you just have more control of your lighting environment an inexpensive kit that i found on amazon that had great reviews on youtube is the fove attack or fobatec fluorescent lighting kit this is a super simple light setup with everything you need to create good looking soft light for your cooking videos i'l have a link to this and a few other options in the description below if you'd like to dive deeper into how i produce my cooking videos and how you can do it with your phone make sure you check out my full in-depth cooking course i'l be sure to put a link in the description once it's ready this section of the five part video series can get pretty in-depth going over exactly how to film every second of video footage in this video tutorial i'm going to give you five tips for video production to help you capture the best looking video and audio for your cooking channel content i'l also explain how to shoot efficiently so that way you're not spending hours sifting through footage when it's time to edit your videos so tip number one is setting the stage for your video. So the first step to good looking videos is going to be setting up your camera or phone to figure out what's going to be in your frame take a second to figure out where you're planning to stand i would recommend not standing directly in front of a wall it creates a flat image and it casts your shadow on the wall behind you put some space between you and the background to give your video some depth take a second to set your phone up and point it in the direction that you plan on filming and look around your image and see what's in your frame what's in the background what's in the foreground is there a window that makes it really bright behind you is there a mess or any distractions take some time to clean up your space to your liking by removing any of the unwanted items that you have in your frame shot you can also add things in your frames like flowers or decorations as well or you can just leave it how you want it and don't change a thing at all do whatever makes you happy. And it's your video once you have your background figured out the next thing you're going to want to do is set up your lighting check out my other video that i created that breaks down the different lighting techniques once you position your lights to your liking we can move on to the next tip. So tip number two is to figure out your composition i personally try and follow the rule of thirds imagine two lines running across your frame vertically and horizontally you can stand off to one third of your frame with the two-thirds of space on the other side i normally place myself in the center of the camera frame with my eyes on the top third of the frame leaving myself with a little bit of headroom you don't want to cut the top of your head off. But you also don't want to give yourself way too much headroom you also want to try and fill your frame with the thing that you're emphasizing the most important in the shot a wide shot is fine. But it can sometimes get distracting to the viewer because they have a lot to look at if you fill the frame they know what they need to focus on the third tip is going to be selecting the right camera on your phone and your settings for this video i'l be using an iphone 1. But if you have a different phone the camera quality and settings should be pretty similar you'l just need to find out where the settings are on the phone normally the main camera on the back is the best on most phones but the selfie camera is okay to use as well the iphone front selfie camera is still pretty good because they shoot in 4k ultra hd and if you choose a selfie camera avoid looking at yourself on the screen look at the camera area it's like making eye contact with the person that's watching your video if you plan to use the selfie camera when talking to your viewers put something like a little piece of tape near that camera so that you can look at the tape because it is difficult to look at that tiny little lens i personally plan to use my main camera on the back of my phone so now that we know which camera that we're going to use now we can adjust our settings in the camera settings there are different options for recording video select 4k if your phone has that option this is the highest resolution my phone can shoot and it's the best image quality i'm going to go with 4k at 60 frames per second once your settings are selected do a test shot and record a clip first to check your framing lighting and audio i'l go back and watch that video to make sure it looks and sounds how i like it what's good everyone my mind before you begin shooting it's also a good idea to set your phone on airplane mode to avoid any notifications that can interrupt your video shoot one last important thing is to check if you have enough memory on your phone or external memory card if your phone has one before you begin filming once it's good to go we can start filming the content tip number four is to shoot your entire talking part first the first thing i like to do is shoot my entire script i'l do all of my talking that i plan to do on camera as well as read my entire script for the parts that i know will be a voiceover and be covered up with shots of me cooking if you're interested in how i structure and write my scripts i created a whole another video on this topic and i'l put a link in the description once it's up take your time and go through each of your steps if you stumble up on your words it's okay. Just pause for a second smile at the camera and pick up from the last sentence back in your script what's good everyone if we what's good everyone if this is the first time we're meeting my name is philip lemoyne and i'm actually a full-time cinematographer.

But i love to cook try to shoot your entire script in one long take if possible including your outro and call to action and the end as well this makes it easy when it comes time to edit this one long video clip is going to be the main shot of your video. And it's going to be called the a-roll. So tip number five is going to be to capture a lot of b-roll b-roll is the footage or short clips that will be placing over your a-roll it's good to get b-roll or cutaway shots of the things that you're going to be talking about in your script layering these shots over your a-roll makes for a more entertaining video for your viewer because they're not just watching you talk to the camera and they can actually see what you're talking about b-roll of the things like shots of your individual ingredients shots of you preparing these ingredients if you're explaining this process in your script shots of your cooking shots of your plating the dish and final shots of the finished one huge tip i would recommend for this step of filming your b-roll is to just shoot short 10 to 30 second clips of these steps you'd like to feature or show running long two to five minute shots of each step not only wastes a lot of memory on your camera or on your phone. But it will also take way more time to stiff to that footage just to find that short three to five seconds that you plan on using just shoot what you need if you're doing something repetitive like peeling potatoes you don't need to film yourself peeling all 10 potatoes i call it shoot to edit i also encourage you to get creative with your b-roll switching up your camera angles create a more dynamic video so now that we have all of our content shot but before we can eat you'l want to make sure to get a great thumbnail photo aside from your title one of the most important things you can do to help your videos get more views is design and eye-catching thumbnail. So a lot of people think that you need a fancy camera and photoshop skills to create awesome looking thumbnails for your youtube videos i'm going to break down how you can do this with your phone in three steps if you hang out to the end of this video i'l show you how you can use instagram to make great looking thumbnails in less than 30 seconds so step one is going to be to style and shoot your photos the first thing you'l want to do is take a little time to style the dish that you're planning on featuring consider the plate that you're going to use and if you plan to put any fresh garnish around it think about if you want to place anything else like ingredients or utensils before you take your photo one thing that i like to do is honestly just google the dish and then switch to image view and try and just copy one of the best looking images i could find really here's a few tips for taking photos of your dish you want to set up your lighting on your dish to give it a little bit of depth i like to run just one light off to the side of me at about a 45 degree angle shooting down on the dish you also don't want to shoot straight down on your dish this is a personal creative choice and you can do whatever you like. But i think shooting food at a slight angle gives your food more depth shooting straight down works for some dishes but it does make the dish look flat i like to try and show off the height of the dish whenever i can you also want to consider using portrait mode if you have it this is a great way to again add some depth to your shot and it also has the focus on the food you also want to make sure that you shoot your photos horizontal thumbnails on youtube are horizontal. And i don't think i need to say anything else about that you also want to consider positioning your food off to one third of the frame fill as much of your shot with the dishes you can you want to keep the dish off to the side so that you can add some text later without completely covering the dish with letters also take a few different photos of the dish it gives you some options to choose from when it comes time to editing and that leads us into step number two which is editing the photo take some time to select your favorite photo and then open it in your favorite photo editor here i'm going to be using snapseed i like this app because there's a few preset options that you can select to help make your photos look great edit your photo to your liking i think the thumbnails that work best are the ones that are bright colorful and contrasty once you're happy with how your photo looks the next step is to go into the tools and we're going to crop the image to a 16x9 aspect ratio i'l fiddle with the crop tool until i get it to how i like it. And then i'l hit the check mark to apply the crop step three is going to be adding text i think it's best to keep the text to a minimum if possible don't just put the title of your video this is an opportunity to add more information for your viewer to learn about the video and make them want to click keep it simple though i'd say three to five words max also try and stay away from thin fancy fonts like cursive you gotta think people are probably going to see this thumbnail on their phone. And it's going to be tiny so you want to have a nice sized image of your dish and big bold letters that are easy to read it's also helpful to put some sort of background color behind the text as well to help it stand out.

Snapseed has a bunch of text templates that you can choose from to fit your style or brand there are a couple of other apps out there that you can use to add text to your images i'l put some links to a few in the description the easiest one i think everyone knows how to use is instagram to make thumbnails with instagram all you need to do is open the app and then follow me and then start a new story import the photo of your dish and rotate it to fill your frame horizontally next just add the text that you'd like to put there's a number of different fonts and colors that you can choose from and easily edit you can even add emojis and stickers if you'd like once you're all set just save the story to your phone next we'l go into our phones gallery and we'l locate that photo we saved you can edit the photo by rotating it and then hit save and that's it quick easy thumbnails using instagram this is my fast and efficient system for video editing that will save you time and we'l be doing it all on a smartphone the first step i'm going to explain the app i'l be using and why i would recommend this app over all of the other ones that i've tried on my phone step two. I'l show you how to create a new project import your video clips as well as a quick overview of the editing app interface step 3 will be editing our main shot with us talking and reading our script this is also known as our a-roll step four. I'l show you how to layer your prepping and cooking clips also known as the b-roll on top of your a-roll step five i'l show you how to add text and any final touches and in step six we will be exporting your video so that it's ready to share on youtube so with step one the app that i'm going to be using to edit on my phone is adobe rush this works on both iphones and android devices there is also a desktop version that works with windows and mac computers there is a lot of bells and whistles to this app but honestly i don't use any of them all of my videos are just super simple straightforward cuts going from clip to clip with a voiceover and some music the number one reason i'm recommending this app over all of the editing apps that i've tried is because you have the ability to easily and i stress this word easily layer video clips on multiple tracks of the timeline if you're completely new to editing just stick with me for a little bit in this video and i'l explain this in step four there are only a few other apps that i could find that could do this. But it takes so many extra steps and all that time adds up to hours when you have to do it over and over and over and over again for every single clip in your video the app does cost ten dollars a month but here's the way i look at things you have to consider this as like a business expense and it actually technically is a write-off but even if you're not making youtube videos to create income or as a business just consider this let's just say you have a real job and about how much are you getting paid per hour let's just say it was about ten dollars an hour. But you're probably valuing your free time more than that this app is way more efficient than the others that i have tried and if you even save just one hour of time editing your videos a month this app would pay for itself it's the price of two cups of overpriced coffee if you have absolutely no budget for editing software there are a bunch of free apps out there. But they are very limited which will affect your editing time and the quality of your videos i will at least put a link to a few of the other options and apps that i've tried in the description of this video so step two is going to be creating a new project so i'm going to start by opening adobe.

Oh let me move over for this because i'm going to put a phone right here. So i'm going to start by opening the adobe rush app once it's open i'm going to select to create a new project i'm going to name this project panko crusted salmon. And then i'm going to select media to import into this project the app has some sample media if you ever wanted to just test the app out yourself i hit the back button up at the top to allow me to explore the folders on my phone locate the video clips you shot earlier from your cooking video we want to scroll down and import just our a-roll clip if you watch my video about filming earlier in this series i mentioned that we want to shoot our entire script and talking points in one long clip this is going to be the main shot for the video once it's selected i'l hit the create button and it will import the clip into our new project before we jump into editing our a-roll i want to just give you a quick tour of adobe rush i'm not going to go and show you how everything works. But i'l explain the basics and the tools we will be using to edit so here's the main screen of our project at the top this little house will take us back to the very beginning of the app where we created our project sequence one is our timeline for the edit we created within our project with adobe you have the ability to edit multiple timelines or sequences within a single project for this video we only need one sequence or timeline the little u-turn arrow is the undo button if you make an accidental edit you can undo or redo by selecting this button next to that is our explore share button that we'l be using to export our final video when we are done editing this button here allows you to submit feature requests or report bugs within the app to adobe this here is where you can see at what point in the time our playhead or the blue line that you see is within the timeline we are currently at one minute and 30 seconds of our 12 minute and 42 second video next to that is our playhead controls and down on the bottom this plus sign allows you to add more media like videos photos audio or music next to that is our project panel or folder this is where you'l be able to see all of the media that you've imported into your project next to that is a button that will change our timeline view if you select that now we can see the multiple layers that we are able to add above and below are a-roll on the left you can see that we have the ability to mute an entire layer or we can turn off the video layer and just have the audio or we can do both or we can lock this layer so that no changes can be done to it we do not need this timeline view when editing and you can toggle that off by hitting the button again next to that we have the ability to change the aspect ratio of our video there are the standard options that you can pick from we're going to stick with a 16x9 for this video next to that is our graphics and text option and i'l show you more of that in step five and this button is to add effects like transitions to your videos this button right here allows us to adjust the color of our video. And we can add any special looks or filters this button is if you want to change the speed of your video clips and this button is used to make changes to our audio if you select it you can see that you have some options to adjust some of the settings to your audio if you wanted to do that as well next to that is the transform button which allows us to manipulate the size and position of your video or text on the screen we can adjust the scale or size like this and our position like this the rest of these tools i'l show you how to use while we're editing another thing that you can do is select your clip by tapping on it and you have a couple of options to choose from one thing i like to do is expand my audio of my a-roll to help me see the waveform better when we begin editing our clip you can also pinch to zoom in or out as well as drag the clip around to get the playhead where you'd like on the video clip now that we have an overview of rush let's jump into step three of editing our a-roll to simply explain this process all i'm going to do.

Is go through my entire a-roll clip and cut out all of the pauses and mistakes that i don't want to be in the final video so let me show you how to do this in a real-time example here's the very beginning of the video and the first line of my script in this video i'l be sharing with you my favorite panko crusted salmon recipe. So i nailed that part. And i want to trim off all of the extra video before i say my first line to do this i'l scroll the playhead back. I'l pinch to zoom in a bit more on the audio wave. And then i'l hit the scissors to make a cut at the playhead i don't need all this footage before the first line. So i'l select it. And then i'l hit delete.

I'l scroll to the end of this first talking point in my script and i'l make another cut so let's check out the next line of my script what's good everyone if we what's good everyone if this is the first so i messed up. But i paused for a second. And then i started again i'm going to make another cut right at the beginning of the second line of talking then i'l select the clip where i messed up. And i'l select delete here's the two clips back to back now requested salmon recipe what's good everyone if this is the first time we're meeting my name is philip lemoyne so now i'm going to just go through my entire a-roll clip and delete all of the unwanted pauses and mess-ups until we hit the end of our script here is my a-roll all done and as you can see the video is now much shorter at 3 minutes and 36 seconds the next step is going to be adding our cutaway shots also known as our b-roll on a separate video layer above the a-roll.

So here's a section that i want to put a b-roll clip the first thing that you're going to want to do is preheat your oven to 425 degrees i'l hit the plus sign to import new media. I'l locate the video files on my phone and i'm going to scroll and select a video clip of me preheating my oven adobe rush will automatically insert our clip on the same layer as the a-roll wherever you have the playhead position all i'm going to do is select the clip and then drag it up one layer i'l then slide it over and fine tune the clip to my liking above the a-roll here's how it's going to look in sound the first thing that you're going to want to do. Is preheat your oven to 425 degrees. So i'l just repeat this process with all of the b-roll i shot until i have everything i want on the timeline on top of my a-roll after we're happy with how everything's looking we can move on to the next step which is adding our titles and graphics here's a section that i want to add some text to the ingredients for this dish are going to be two to three thick cut fillets of salmon add text i'm going to scroll along the bottom. And i'm going to hit the graphics button then add graphics there are a bunch of pre-made graphics transitions and overlays to choose from already inside the app if you hit more you'l be able to scroll down and see a long list of different styles that can be fully customized to your liking i'm just going to stick with the basic two-line title it will automatically add it to another layer in the timeline and we can simply adjust this to where we would like the title to begin and end if you touch the text you have the option to edit it while editing your text at the bottom there are all the options to customize it you can change the font the size the color and even add an outline or shadow i'm going to back out of this toolbar and scroll over to the transform button to adjust the scale and position of my new text.

so here's how the video will look with all of my titles done gonna be two to three thick cut fillets of salmon about four to six ounces each with the skin on about a half a cup of panko japanese breadcrumbs one tablespoon freshly minced parsley and one teaspoon fresh minced thyme dijon or honey mustard so at this point we can consider this video done you can also get more creative by adding music tracks animation and a video intro and an end screen if you're interested in learning more about how i did this along with how to keep all of your video files organized so that they're not all mixed up with your other photos and videos on your phone check out my youtube cooking course i'l be sure to put a link in the description once it's available so the last and final step is going to be exporting our video all we need to do is select the export share button up at the top this will show us our quality and settings press the arrow to toggle down and select the quality that you'd like to go with i'd recommend 4k if you have the option i'm going to be picking 30 frames per second now just hit export and let your phone do its thing just make sure not to exit the app while it's exporting and there it is folks we just completed an entire professionally filmed and edited cooking video all done on our phone i told you we didn't need a fancy camera to pull this off i'l put a link to the panko crusted salmon video in the description if you want to check that out so there are a couple of steps that we want to take before we start uploading our video to youtube you don't have to do everything in this exact order but you definitely want to have these things completed before your video goes live to the public to see the first thing i like to do is simply watch my entire video just to make sure that it's all good and nothing happened during exporting that might need to be fixed before uploading while i'm watching i like to make note of the timestamps for specific parts of the video that i plan to include in my description some of those key moments i look for after the intro are when i list the ingredients any major steps in the cooking process and the outro i plan to put these time stamps in the video's description because youtube adds those little chapter markers in the video's timeline which makes for a better experience for the viewers the next thing i like to do is collect any amazon affiliate links to the products that i might have mentioned in the video if you're not familiar with amazon affiliate marketing i'l put a link to some helpful videos that'l explain it in detail in the description but in a nutshell it's a paid partnership program that i have with amazon where i can create links to products and share these links online if anyone clicks this link and buys anything from amazon within 24 hours i get a commission even if they don't buy the thing that i gave them a link to go buy it doesn't cost the viewers any more money and it doesn't change the amazon buying experience affiliate marketing is a great way to make income on youtube and i plan to make an entire video breaking this down in the future the next thing you'l want to do is open up a notepad on either your phone or your computer and you're going to want to write out the description for your video i like to include the ingredients as well as the steps to prepare the recipe we also want to include our affiliate marketing links and the time stamps for the video chapter markers i also like to include all of my social media handles as well as links to all of the gear that i use to produce my youtube cooking content i also like to take this time to create a list of tags for my videos tags are a great way to help get your videos found on youtube i'l dive deeper into the specific topic in another video now that we have all of this done we can upload our video to youtube start by opening up the youtube app at the top of the screen you'l see a little camera icon when you select this will give you a couple of options at the bottom select the video icon now scroll through your videos and pick the cooking video that you exported from adobe rush the next screen will give you options to trim the video and add any filters skip this part by hitting next at the top on the next screen we can put in our title i'l put easy panko crusted salmon below that we have the option to add our description i'l switch over to my notepad on my phone and i'l locate the video description we made earlier i'l select all and hit copy now i'm just going to jump back over to youtube and i'l tap the add description button. Next. I'l paste in my description now i'l go to the previous screen below we have the option to select who and when our video can be seen i like to choose unlisted for a couple of reasons the first reason is because whenever a video goes live right after you upload it youtube hasn't fully processed it and it won't play back in its best quality i'd hate for the viewers to try and watch the video and it's all pixelated the other reason is because we still need to make a couple of changes to the video after it's uploaded and we want to do this before it's public below that we can add our location and below that we can add this video to a playlist if we have these set up already the last thing to do is hit upload and let the app do its thing it's a great idea to connect your phone to wi-fi and also plug it into a charger while it's uploading you also want to make sure that you don't exit the app while your video is uploading once your video is uploaded the next thing you want to do is open the youtube studio app locate the video in the app and at the top of the screen you'l see a little pencil tap that icon. And now we have a few more options to edit the video this pencil right here is going to allow us to change our thumbnail locate the thumbnail that you edited on your phone and select it scroll down all the way to the bottom. And you'l have the option to add your tags you can copy and paste them from your notepad as well once you're done the last thing to do is to switch your privacy from unlisted to public and hit save on your video. And finally there it is we have officially filmed edited and uploaded a professional cooking video on youtube on our phone one last final thing that i would recommend doing but requires a computer would be to add any pop-up cards and videos to the end screen of your video i like to share my videos on the reddit cooking videos page as well as the cooking groups i'm in on facebook make sure that you engage with your viewers who comment this helps with your youtube algorithm and it shows the youtube that people are watching and talking about your video have i ever mentioned that i'm making a youtube cooking course if you wanted to dive deeper into how i produce my cooking videos and how you can do it with your phone make sure you check out my full in-depth youtube cooking course i'l be sure to put a link in the description once it's ready i hope that you found value in this video in this series if you did please be sure to give it a like and also check out my facebook group youtube cooking creators i'l put a link in the description where a community of youtube cooks sharing our experience with hopes to grow our channels and make income with our cooking video videos let me know if you had any questions in the comments below i'd love to be able to share all the information and knowledge that i have to help you make better videos and grow your channel thank you so much for watching i have a ton of other videos up and in the works already to help you create better youtube cooking content along with great tasting recipe videos if you want to catch them when they drop make sure that you subscribe if you haven't done so already thank you so much again for watching aloha.

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