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How i book 3-5 meetings a day (web design cold calling)

No one actually shows you how to get clients yes they tell you about it they give you the tactics and the strategies but what about just sitting down and watching someone do it. I'm going to go back to my roots here and show you how i cold call using something that's called the buffoon technique what you're going to see is me asking questions is this something you even want is this something you're even interested in this is my style i like it. It's direct first thing we do is give them a good offer and then hit him with it do you want this or not this is how i used to cold call for my mom's basement back when i was sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

And i think times have changed hey sorry you broke up there for a second did you say this is bnb yes sir this is bnb. Okay. Cool. Yeah. I just i wasn't sure if you guys were open it. It said closed for some reason i didn't see a website or anything you guys are still like open and doing service calls right yes sir. B the company did change about three years ago like during co. So i know we did close down for a brief time. But yes sir we are it's under new ownership. Okay amazing. Well sounds good. I actually built you guys a beautiful website if i do say so myself if you like it you can you can keep it is that something you would you would even want to look at possibly you already have it built. Yes sir i have the homepage built i didn't build out the rest of the site i believe in giving value first. So i could show you the homepage and then if you like it we could we could maybe you know work together.

Okay that sounds like something we can do but it's going to have to be a little bit later i'm currently on a pretty massive mini escavator and in the middle of a project. But we can definitely take a look can you give me a call around like 3:0 yeah for sure man i was going to say it'd be better if we just book it in and we could jump on zoom. And i'l just show you cuz it's not live obviously i'l just i could just show you when we're on a zoom call. No that's something we can definitely do let's shoot for around give me a call around 3:30. And then we'l sit down let me get my business partner on the hor talk to him. And then we'l meet. But it's definitely something we'd be interested in cool you guys don't have any website right now. Right. No currently we do not okay than but something to help us you know we're even looking for possibly like formatting and scheduling. But we'l talk around 3:0 and we'l go from there.

Yeah for sure man i'l just show you what i already have built if want it you can you can keep it if not that's cool too so all right sounds good. I'l chat with you at three thank. You cool. Bye all right one meeting booked. Hello hey is this uh. Jr landscaping. Yeah. Okay nice cool. I wasn't sure if you guys are open it said closed for some reason you guys are open. Right i have to activate my account something happened though. Oh okay. That's interesting i actually built you guys a beautiful site if if you like it you can keep it is that something you want to look at. Yeah i'm sorry i didn't hear you well can you repeat that again sure. Yeah i just said that i built you a beautiful website if you want it you can keep it do you want to look at it can you send it to me by email. Well it's not live like it's not on it's not online. Um it's i have it here on my computer. So if you want i could just share my screen and show you on. Zoom i could do sometime later today if that works. Yeah can you send it to me uh. Well it's a zoom link so let's schedule. And then we could we could jump on zoom have you used zoom before.

Oh. So. Yeah. Okay. What did you say was down for you like why does it say that you're closed i actually like to start the website on online. Yeah. I i got so busy though like i never finish it up like the last few things to post my website. Yeah. But if you can send me that first so i can probably finish it up that'd be nice. Yeah for sure man i could help i mean if it says i could also probably help you with the the clo thing that you have going on so let's do this are you free today at like 3 p.m we could jump i could jump or 3:30 i could jump on zoom sounds good just send me the link on a text message right the zoom link. Yeah. I can text it to you. Yeah. I could send you the text i can send you the zoom link at 3:30 over text. Yeah just jump on. I'l sh my. I'l i'l share my screen with you. And then i'l just show you the full website. And then we'l just take a look at what you have going on sounds good sweet all right i'l see you. Later all right bye perf boom so if you are wondering how we're actually making these calls i'm using this app that's called go high level and the reason i'm doing this is because i'm outside the us so i purchased the phone number in whatever state that i want to call in. And then i can call it from a local number you can call inside your browser like this by putting in the number and then dialing or what i like to do is use the mobile app right here. And you just simply type that in like this. And then it will start dialing there's much fancier ways to do this as you've seen on my channel like we can automate calling one business second third. Fourth fifth until someone picks up then it stops however i want to keep this video very simple and show you the way that i used to do it back in the day before any softwares before anything i would just use my native phone and just call people number after number and i would just type it in so you could do it if you're starting from zero you have no budget just use your phone and call people now if you want to be super efficient this is the best way to do it looks very complicated but i promise you it's not all it's saying is hey trigger this if someone's busy you hit voicemail or there's no answer then just do this and all it is we're going to wait 1 minute we're going to automatically text them we're going to automatically leave them a voicemail. And then we have more fancier replies right did they reply yes. No. And so forth then we respond back again sms 2 voicemail 2 a day later and so forth so we have this fancier stuff you can do don't need it. But it certainly does help if you do want to use any of this go high level for calling or you want this fancy automations there's a free 30-day trial that you can get and just start calling people and start getting clients before your 30-day trials over there's a link in the description you can download all of this thing is we do have an automatic dialer. So you can import a spreadsheet and then just automatically call everyone but i want to make this realistic since this is how i used to do it when i was working out of my mom's basement typing in each number individually.

Hey sorry you broke up there is this delino. Yes okay amazing man cool. Yeah. I actually wasn't sure if you guys are open or not it said closed i didn't see a website or anything you guys like are still open and working. Right. Yeah. No. We're close right now because we don't open till 8:30. Oh okay man here in the office. Oh i see i was gonna say hopefully i didn't wake you up here. Did i. No we're i'm in the office at 7. But we don't. Oh i see we don't we don't open doors. Till3. Okay got it got it man. Uh. Yeah. So i actually built you a beautiful site and if i do say so myself if you like it you can keep it is that something you would even want to look at uh.

Yeah. I'm already working with someone else right now they're going to be presenting that later to me they're local. Um. So i'm work with i hear. Do they already have it live for you or. No no they're going to be sending it over to me i can check it out. Okay i need to make changes then i can make changes. Yeah i get you man. And i mean do you even want to look at what i built for you cuz i can still show you like i said it's done i just have to show you on zoom sure how much can we do a zoom meeting later. Yeah for sure man i mean i can't do right this second either let's do it later. I mean how's 1m 1m check my schedu right now cool by the way just out of curiosity.

I mean how much is this company charging you for the website the website is about like 500 bucks and then monthly to keep track of it like $80 a month so they could do any changes from it. Okay. I see i got you. Yeah. That's not bad ours is actually quite a bit cheaper ours is 150. And it's done in a day. So i don't know how long have you been waiting for it just yesterday. Oh i see cool. They're going to present it to me today as well okay amazing. All right man well sounds good. I mean like i said ours is cheaper it's 150 pretty much all done you can check out the homepage. And then you can just choose whichever one you like best you can just go with that one does that sound fair. Yeah let's do can we do about 2:30 let's do it man 2:30.

It is yeah. Perfect i wait for your call amazing all right man sounds good. It's nice to meet you my name is paul by the way see you. Later bye all right probably not the best lead in the world since he is a price shopper and he already has someone building a website but still could be worth it. I already spent the time calling him might as well just do a zoom meeting and show him one of our templates maybe he'l like it more. And i mean it is cheaper and not only that. But if he's not interested in the website i'm going to try to sell him the automations lead followup everything else so let's keep going you're wondering why i never leave voicemails it's because at the end we're going to have an automation that sends everyone voicemails and text messages and emails to follow up with them this is all automatic coming hey is this sorry you broke up there is this jeffre. Plumbing. Yes it is. Okay. Perfect. Cool. Yeah actually wasn't sure if you guys were open it just said closed. And i just i didn't see a website or anything you guys are open. Right. Yes we are okay. Amazing. So i actually built you a beautiful website if i do say so myself it's not fully done but the home page is and just wondering if if you guys would even want something like that for online.

Yes correct no thank you not right now i appreciate the offer but not right now sure no problem. Bye thank you have a good day hay. Plumbing hey sorry you broke up there is this hay. Plumbing. Hey. Yeah. Okay. Awesome. Yeah. I wasn't sure if you guys were open i said closed for some reason i didn't i didn't see a website or anything. Uh. You got you guys are open though right the store the store is closed it's been closed for a few years. Okay. So do you guys still provide services no they don't do service calls i see got it got it all. Right thank you're welcome. Hello hey is this tj pluming. Yeah. Okay. Cool. Yeah actually wasn't i wasn't sure if you guys were open or not it said closed for some reason i didn't like see a website or anything. Oh no sure my website is actually tj new york. .c. Okay interesting. Yeah. I'm not sure why i didn't see it cuzz it's going to say i actually built you a beautiful website if i do say so myself man if if you like it you can keep it is that something you want to look at right now noite myself. Yeah. I understand not right now. I mean we can do sometime perhaps later today if you'd like i can show you what i have. And then you can you can show me yours. And then if you need some help linking it i can i can also do that because i wasn't able to find it. Okay it's your phone number i can give you a call back when i get a little bit time uh. Yeah. Man let's just book in a time uh. So how is today at 400 p.m. actually promise we got a couple. Okay. I got you man when's the better time for you we can do some time today tomorrow. Whenever tomorrow probably better cool. What time probably around 9 around 9:0 a.m. Yeah. Okay gotcha. So your current website i mean you how long have you had it about two years now.

Oh wow. So i wonder why i wasn't able to find it so it hasn't been linked for two years i'm sorry what was that. Yeah. No. I was going to say like i wonder why i wasn't able to find it hasn't been linked for two years i'm not sure probably some people be getting me off of google. I don't know how i have put up to that. Yeah. Oh that's crazy. All right man. Well why don't we do this when we chat i can i can show you how to get it back on google and so at the very least like at the end of that call like you don't have to pay me anything i'l just show you how to relink it. And then i'l show you what i have. Okay. And then if it makes sense for us to work together i can also show you know some other stuff that we have with like lead followup and all that stuff like google reviews and all that.

Okay cool. All right thank you so much cool all right thanks man have a good day see tomorrow. Bye so we have four meetings that were booked here they are we have one at 3:0 p.m. another at 2:30 p.m. And then at 3:30 p.m. And then tomorrow at 9:0 a.m. They usually don't go for very long it's pretty easy when you're giving someone something that they actually need that they don't already have and again this is a low ticket website that's a copy paste website we get it done in a day and then we publish it out for a client i called for a few hours here. And i was able to book a bunch of meetings if you don't know how the website in a day works or you don't know how these services are being delivered or who would pay for this kind of stuff you can check out my channel i have a bunch of videos of me actually closing clients and what i say on zoom. Plus i show you how i find businesses that we actually call all of our website building tactics and how we're able to copy and paste it and how it all works you can check out my channel if you want to see more.

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