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Cold Emailing New Clients - How To Follow Up - Cold Email Template


In this video you re gonna learn exactly how to dramatically increase your cold email response rates by learning how to follow up bright instrumental music. Hey what s going on everybody. It s patrick dang here now welcome to my channel where we re gonna talk about all things sales marketing and entrepreneurship before we go ahead and get started make sure to give this video a like subscribe and turn on notifications now when it comes to cold emailing a lot of people out there they re gonna send out their first cold email and be very disappointed when not many people respond to that first email but here s the thing guys the magic is in the follow up because if you are not following up with your prospects you re missing out on a big opportunity to dramatically increase your response rate so to break it down here s the strategy we re gonna use to help you get your response rates up now. Before we dive into the strategy the first thing you got to know when it comes to cold emailing and how to follow up is that you have to understand what your goal is now for most of us who are doing any type of outbound cold email our goal is simple get a meeting on the phone or in person with our potential customer that is the only goal of a cold email and that s the strategy and mindset we re gonna follow throughout this entire video now as we go ahead and dive into the strategy itself this is my cold email outreach strategy. So as you can see here these are a sequence of four different emails the first email that you re gonna have is essentially you re doing your pitch of why this person should take a meeting with you and all you re really doing is asking for a meeting. Right don t try to sell everything at once all you re doing is piquing their interest and ask for a meeting to see if they want to learn more about how you can bring value to them now for the people that don t respond you re gonna have email number two that s when you do your first follow up and usually i like to space out my follow ups between three to seven days of every email so at every single time you follow up each email have a space of three to seven days now if the person doesn t respond to the first follow up that you have you follow up again if they don t respond to that email you follow up one more time totaling a four email campaign now the problem that most people have especially if they re just starting out is that they re gonna send their first email and they might get maybe a response rate and be like. Oh this campaign doesn t work i m gonna try something new but the thing is they re missing out on a huge opportunity because every time you follow up your response rate is going to increase. So here s an example of my response rate when i was a sales rep working in silicon valley. So the first email that i could send sometimes i would get something like a response rate meaning if i sent a hundred emails five people might respond now here s the magic part because is not super great. Right. But when i follow up with these people three to seven days later i get a another response rate totaling to nine and then for the people that don t respond to my second email i send them another follow up. And i might get a response rate and finally when i do that third follow up email i might get another. So if you add all these numbers together if i do one campaign using this strategy i might get something like an response rate meaning i sent out a hundred emails people respond and then a percentage of those people will actually take a meeting and that s pretty decent. It s not the best campaign. Right. This is a realistic example but it s pretty decent so let s dive into the structure of how these emails are formatted so you know how you can do it now for email number one i would recommend using one of my cold email templates it s the pain formula and i actually created a video on this and exactly and i really broke it down step by step on how you can use the pain formula to sell your own products and services so the link is gonna be somewhere on the screen and in the description but for the sake of this video instead of talking about that first email i want to focus on the follow up emails the other three emails you re gonna use to follow up and dramatically improve your response rates.

Follow Up Emails

Okay so let s go ahead and take a look at email number two. Right. So this is gonna be the second email in the campaign which is the first follow up. So i might pitch something to sally say hey do you want to take a meeting with me or not and then sally doesn t respond so i might say. Hey sally i want to follow up to see if it still makes sense to talk about how we can help you with and then insert whatever value you provide specific for your product and service by doing and then how you deliver that value. Right. And then from there you say so if it still makes sense to talk go ahead and schedule a time to talk on my calendar here but then if you re using a tool like calendly or any type of scheduling app where people can click a time on when they can schedule a meeting with you then you would just put that link right there or if you don t have a link like that you could say hey so let me know what your calendar looks like if it still makes sense to talk however you want to do it s up to you i find that putting the link to your calendar is the easiest but essentially this is the format that you want to use in your first follow up you re not really writing an entire new sales pitch you re just kind of summarizing what you said in the first email and asking to see if it still makes sense to talk now after a few days if sally doesn t respond right three to seven days later what you want to do is you want to send this person another follow up email and you might be wondering. Okay. Well what do you write in that follow up. And i m gonna give you an example so follow up email number two i might say hey sally hope you re doing well. Now i m checking in with you to see if you re still interested in insert desired outcome the prospect might want right. What is their goal with and then put in how you would deliver that value. And then i would say hey if it still makes sense to talk let me you can schedule a time to talk on my calendar here put the link to your calendar right there. And you could also add but if none of these times work for you let me know what does. And i l do what i can to make it work so the process works like this sally s gonna get this second follow up from you. Right. She s gonna read the follow up and be like what was this guy talking about again then they re gonna scroll up to the first email that you sent them and they re gonna check okay let s see what his pitch is all about so sally s gonna scroll up to see what all the other emails you ve sent were about read your pitch again and then make the split second decision on whether they want to take a meeting with you and again your follow up is not too you re not really writing entire sales pitch again. You already did that in the first email the follow up is just to get a reminder just to get them to look at their email again and revisit that conversation now here s the thing guys people don t respond to the second follow up you send so.


And then three follow ups totaling four emails total so the third follow up you kind of get the formula here. All you re really doing is rephrasing everything that you said in email number one email number two and email number three right. Just spinning it in a different way and just changing the language but you re pretty much talking about the same exact thing and then from there at the end all you say is hey if it still makes sense to talk let me know what your calendar looks like or go ahead and schedule a time to talk on my calendar whichever works for you better and that s how you re gonna do your final follow up. And it s pretty simple. Right. That each follow up they pretty much follow the same format just paraphrasing the words and changing it up a little bit to make it sound different but really you re talking about the same exact thing and i ve literally sent thousands of these emails and it absolutely does work in all types of industries so again if you want to dramatically increase your response rate don t give up after you send your first email and don t get the results you re looking for send at least four emails total following up three times to judge whether that campaign was a success or not once you do send those four emails if the campaign didn t work then go back to your original cold email and change it up or change who you re targeting then try again but again don t give up on that first email you ve got to send at least four so with that said that is pretty much how you can dramatically increase your response rates using the power of following up if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a like subscribe if you haven t already and turn on the notification bell and if you want to take your sales game to the next level make sure you click the link in the description where i have a free in depth training on how to sell anything to anyone and if you haven t taken that training.

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