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ГЕНИЙ НАШЕГО ВРЕМЕНИ 💥 Джонатан Андерсон меняет модный мир. Почему модный дом LOEWE так популярен?

What do you think these things and these things have in common ? Well, besides the fact that they all look quite original, they are united by something, or rather someone else, these are things from the jw underson brand and these are things from the relief brand, the creative director of which is jonathan anderson. Well, actually the creator of the brand is jay w anderson we will talk today about the success of the luiva brand, the brand is far from new, but the last two years are simply the most hype, it is tearing up everything in general at fashion weeks and this would not have happened if not for the merits of jonathan andersen, so today we will also definitely talk about him and how his career developed, we will definitely discuss the most viral and original things from the leo brand. Well, as i always repeat in my videos, if we know who is with the brand, what is its history, what meaning is put into this or that thing, then all our purchases will be much more meaningful great value hello everyone.

Olya here welcome to my channel professional people every week i release the most interesting current fashion news as well as thematic videos like today’s. So be sure to subscribe if you have n’t done so. Yet. But we let’s move on to a short excursion into history of the lee brand when i was preparing for this video, i watched a lot of interviews and listened to podcasts by jonathan anderson, and in one of them he voiced a rather interesting thing: all the major luxury fashion houses can be divided into two types. The first of them was created in the fashion language, this includes houses that were created around some designer. Well, for example, cochanel christian dior yves saint laurent, that is, it was originally a very creative person, an artist, a designer who found investors or somehow managed to create his own fashion house; the children of the house were originally a profession, that is, they basically they were about clothes and about the creation of some super fashionable cool things; another category of fashion houses was created in the language of leather. Johnson anderson means here that these were actually manufacturers of leather goods. Well, for example, louis vuitton rme gucci and the lee brand itself, which we are talking about today we are talking about fashion, there was no question there, they created bags, accessories from leather, luggage like louis vuitton, and then later, many years later, they began to create clothes, and when we consider luxury brands as they are now, we should not forget what language they use they were originally created by fashion or leather because it definitely left its own imprint on how the aesthetics of this brand is developing, so luego started with leather, this is a spanish brand created, it was actually created by the germans who moved to spain and this happened back in 1872. That is, the brand fluela is definitely one of the most ancient lehuela was famous for the highest quality of leather and its processing and the main client of the level brand was initially the spanish royal family and until the middle of the 20th century, or more precisely until 1965, lehuela was a very niche super luxury manufacturer leather goods, but in 1965 they first released a line of freoparte, that is, a line of ready-to-wear clothing, one cannot say that it was somehow successful, but it remains a niche brand and only in 1975 they create a model of a bag called amazona, the bag becomes quite popular. And so then the brand manages to enter the world fashion arena, then it is noticed by no less than the hennessy concern, this concert, in principle, is famous for unearthing these luxury fashion houses with a great history and turning them into super profitable companies in general louis vuittones is just a conglomerate of luxury and now they notice luella and buy this fashion house itself and it would seem that this concern masterfully manages to make even the most conservative of the oldest fashion houses super popular luella, they didn’t work out until 2013, the brand was one of the lowest profitable in the louis vuitton moyot hennessy concern, a huge number of designers passed through it. But no one managed to make it fashionable. Left was still just a very high-quality manufacturer of leather goods. But nothing more and there was no talk of any fashion there.

Everything changed in 2013 when jonath nandersen became the creative director and if i now needed to 30 seconds to show you how successful he made the lvo brand, then let's just look at how the share price of the lera company developed, look at what happened before 2013 and what happened to them after 2013 and still the share price continues to fly up, also jonathan anderson and where did he even come from? Let's talk about it. Jonathan anderson was born in a small town in northern ireland, the town has nothing to do with fashion at all, and i would honestly say that jonah sanderson himself doesn’t look like such a typical fashion designer either. Well, i could imagine what he’s like - the irish singer may be an actor, but certainly not a designer, and how mu even got to such a small town is also not entirely clear.

Apparently it was in his blood. The most interesting thing is that at school jonathan anderson suffered from dyslexia. That is, he was unable to learn fluently read and write, but at some point he began to work on discipline and willpower, and these are the qualities that definitely help him to this day. In 2005, he graduated from the london college of fashion. And already in 2008, he opened his own brand jw underson for the first time for three years he produced only men's collections, and already the very first collection came to the attention of fashion critics, and even a necklace because of this collection was featured on the cover of the italian wolf beauty. Well, for such a small and unknown brand, this is considered a fairly successful and bright start in 2010 anderson launches his first women's collection in 2011, his brand is sold in selfies stores, these are multi-brand luxury stores in the uk, and if you get there, it's basically a success. But jonathan doesn't stop there in 2012. Anderson makes the collaboration with the topshop stop shop incredibly popular in the uk mass market brand and the collaboration was so successful that even before its sales had finished, topshop immediately signed a contract with anderson for a new collaboration and the following year it was released, and in general since then it has been successful and collabs have become the main feature of jonathan anderson and some of which, including the most relevant ones, we will talk later in this video. Well, in general, the johnson andersen brand is developing quite successfully, but the peak happens in 2013 when anderson releases a rather scandalous men's collection. In general, andersen's collection has always been distinguished by its androgyny, this is also his feature, he always said that he is against dividing things into men's and women's, and everyone should choose what he simply likes in appearance, from the very beginning, when he began making women's collections, there was a lot of overlap between the men's and women's lines, that is, some things were almost identical in these collections, but in the 13th year he lets men out on the catwalk. Well, very feminine things there are the most gorgeous shorts, short shorts with flounces, cropped tops without a top and it was 2013, i already told better in other videos about balenciaga pro that androgenicity will become a trend and many will use it, for example, balenciaga gucci.

But this will happen only in 15 2016, just when buzzers will already be solvent and not like this, they like it in 2013, it was still a little out of the ordinary, society was not ready for this, so of course this is a collection becomes super controversial, super scandalous and the name jonathan anderson becomes even more famous and discussed than it was before. Despite the fact that andersen’s designs were controversial and many did not like them, his collection is becoming a breath of fresh air for the fashion industry and, of course, the louis vuitton. My concern onecy notices this. And they appoint him as the creative director of a simply dying brand, this was a very unexpected decision for the fashion industry because where is the super conservative brand eva and where is jonathan anderson whose men wear short shorts with frills, no one could have thought that this symbiosis would be so successful however, already the very first collection of jonathan anderson for lehuela, this men's collection spring-summer 2015 simply explodes the fashion world jonathan anderson changes everything from the logo to the very aesthetics of the collection already in 2015 andersen becomes the first and only designer in the world who simultaneously receives a british fashion award as a men's designer and as a fashion designer, the british fashion award is compare to the oscars in the fashion industry and is still the only one who received these two awards at the same time. It would seem that with jonathan anderson's new position he should not have enough time for his brand. In general, very few designers have succeeded combining your brand and working as a creative director in some other fashion house only did this in the 90s, but lagerfeld, but he was generally a crazy workaholic, marc jacobs and john gogliano, even when he worked at dior, no one else succeeded in this, but apparently the same will and discipline that anderson cultivated for himself back in school while suffering from dyslexia helped him combine these two positions; moreover, working in the left also takes his own brand jw anderson to a new level; if before that he produced mainly only clothes, then apparently anderson somehow uses his connections with liu, who produce very cool high-quality leather products and apparently he has access only to these craftsmen only to these materials. I don’t know how everything is settled there. The fact is that jw anderson is also starting to create cool leather products. Well, for example, at first it was very popular his bucket bag in different colors from different materials becomes even more popular, his syllable bag becomes even more popular. Well, the most completed at that time was the pierce bag, it could be found on absolutely all fashion bloggers and other people from the fashion industry and other very popular things from the jw brand underson include a keychain in a leather form and a penis, also in different variations, it can be purchased for every taste and color.

I’m also sure that you have seen these sabos more than once with a very voluminous purpose about three years ago. They were simply insanely popular, this is also jwson, then there was a very viral story when during the pandemic, harry styles was spotted rehearsing his offensive for the todays show wearing a patchwork cardigan, also from jw anderson, and since harry styles is very popular, it is not clear who and how this trend started, but there was still a pandemic, people had nothing to do. The point is that videos are starting to go viral in tag tok where people knit this cardigan for themselves, a huge number of tik toks on this topic appear, but even cooler is the reaction of the brand itself and jonathan anderson himself because in response to this he releases a detailed video with all the instructions on his brand’s youtube channel how can you make exactly the same cardigan? It would seem that it should probably be sold out, that everyone knits it for themselves instead of buying it, but no, he had a completely different reaction and this whole story, of course, added many points to the treasury of the popularity of this brand.

Well, from the freshest and after that we will be back again pluena this is of course a clutch video of a pigeon perhaps you have already seen it too if we talk about russian-speaking fashionistas, then alexander rogov has it and we will also soon be able to see it in the second season of spins of sex and the city because in on instagram at the very beginning, even when footage from the filming of the second season appeared, carrie bradshaw stood with this clutch and even, in my opinion, signed that it was jwson so tiktok but getting into sex in the big city is generally worth a lot, she promised to say about the collaboration it was anderson all the time is collaborating with uniqlo this year, they also have a collaboration, so you can take a closer look if his persona is interesting to you, his calabash with converse was very successful, he really made a very original model of the most popular sneakers. In general, i think these examples show you that he really manages to pay tribute to attention to your brand too, but let's go back klyueva, as i said in 2013, anderson completely changes brentlywa his popularity is starting to grow, his shares are growing, everything is super cool, he releases a couple of iconic bags, for example, a puzzle bag, which is still super popular, and she also produces a super one that is also popular among bloggers straw bag now it has already come out in a new version, they changed it a little loga. But it still remains one of the most favorite bags for the summer and catwalk shows by critics are rated very positively and it would seem much better, but after the pandemic, when naturally all fashion brands had a big decline because everyone was stuck at home anderson understands that something needs to change, he sees how much yar is developing, balenciaga continues to develop, he sees that prada is also starting to make noise because raf siemens comes to prada and also changes this brand a little and they become very discussed and in general, in one of his interviews he says that he understood that i have to make some radical changes now because otherwise it smacks of the end of my career. And i want to stay here for at least 10 more years these are his ambitions and this is it’s a rare case when a brand manages to get just some new life without changing the creative director.

Look at what the brand’s collections looked like before 2021 and what anderson created for the first show after the pandemic, the difference is simply colossal and this very spring-summer 2022 collection is blowing up the fashion industry from those since then, every lev show has done this, let's now go straight through them in order andersen brings to the left just a riot of everything and the form and very original materials and incredible attention to detail well, in general, let's look directly at the examples as the main inspiration for the spring-summer 2022 collection i have already mentioned becomes the work of a florentine impressionist artist. I hope i’m reading his name correctly. It’s like a pantorma. Now i’l show you photographs where these parallels are visible. It would seem that being inspired by some artist is such a banal move for designers. Probably when you first go to study to become a designer, you’re looking for and inspiration in some classical art, but how ander, how i did it, how indirectly he quoted the work of these artists, how modern he made models based on them, this delighted everyone, of course, when ordinary people like me were shocked and fashion critics also rarely manage to please both of them, and in the next collections anderson is already starting to simply bomb, for example, by autumn 2022. Well, first of all, look at this dress under the skirt of which it looks like there is a car; also in this collection there were a lot of looks tied to balloons and anderson just plays with them in different ways, they are woven straight from the dresses and look like they are about to burst on another dress, they are found in the bust area, also these balloons are on the sandals, these sandals also went viral in the tag of tokyo fashion bloggers there are boots that look like you’re wearing some kind of leather bag. Yes, john anderson continues to masterfully work with leather, he doesn’t forget the dna of the leo brand, but he does it at a super modern level, constantly creating some very original leather products, more spring 2023 if in the previous show everything revolved around these inflatable balls, then here the main character is the anthurium flower and there is also a dress where the entire top is made like this flower, somewhere it also appears on the bag, again there are shoes, and they are original since there is only one sandals with this flower, the other one without it was also tektoki, i remember that lenya hani had these shoes but most of all anderson brings a bridge to everyone with his pixel things, just look at these things and. Yes, this is not computer graphics this is real fabric that is, you can really wear this there’s such a visual effect that they look like they’re from minecraft, actually anderson was inspired by minecraft. Anderson explains this by the fact that now everything is in the virtual world and we all seem to be going into the virtual world. But on the contrary, i want to drag the virtual world into the real world from here, in fact, these clothes are there were pixel trousers and a pixel t- shirt, a pixel hoodie, a pixel bag, and of course all these items also received a lot of attention on tiktok. Everyone wanted to try them on to see how they would look, and you know what’s the coolest thing, let’s say balenciaga sometimes seems to be sleeping, they specially create some things. Yes, and not just the brand, everything. It seems to me that now almost all brands do this, they specially create some things that they know for sure, this is one two things and. Anderson well, at least the impression does not arise that he is not doing this on purpose. That is, it’s true that there are a huge number of very original things and each of them finds its admirers on social networks, which, of course, attracts even more attention to the brand for their display specifically in these pixels of a hoodie, even mark jacobs himself posted a photo on instagram on his 60th birthday where he and his husband flaunts in these hoodies and jonas anderson of course, reposted this to his feed.

In general, this also says something when another much older designer promotes your things like this. In the same collection there were very voluminous shoes with shells and their more attractive version is these puffy minnie mouse shoes, and these are the most trendy shoes of this summer. Well, for fashionistas, let’s say this is not for everyday life, but the point is that now these shoes are constantly on sale both in stores and at resellers because that all fashionistas are hunting for them and many other fashion brands are already starting to create something similar, but if we look at the last fashion week fall 2023, then what was interesting there was a huge number of dresses on which the design itself seemed to be printed this idea of ​​​​printing something on fabric is, of course, not new, but anderson had a trick that he again creates this visual illusion and these pictures seem to be so blurry out of sharpness and behind this again there is a deeper meaning anderson says that these dresses are a reflection of how we look at things online, that we flip through everything so quickly that we don’t even have time to look at all the details and everything here is so blurry and not in sharpness. Well, in general, he’s also a philosopher here, also in this collection there is a dress that as if you know such dolls. They seem to be not soft, but like protrusions from some kind of soft plaster, that is, it seems that they are so hard, you just fit into them like a vase, and this, by the way, fits perfectly into the popular barbie core this year there are also a lot of memes about this dress, how does it even hold up because it also looks visually it looks as if only this metal pimplet on the chest is holding it and there were a lot of memes that this dress generally looks like a clitoris here anderson did not comment in any way what is behind this. Maybe it really was an idea from the beginning. In general, i was running around a lot, in fact, i told him about his collections and you can analyze in detail what meaning he put into it, what was his inspiration, this video will then last about three hours, maybe i will do such an analysis at the next fashion week because anderson is really real an artist, he is not just a designer, he is much deeper in different ways you can probably write about what he does in the comments how you feel about it. But the fact that he will be remembered much more than many other creative directors of fashion volumes is definitely i want to end this video with a funny rice that also climbed in, who will tell us a little about the personality of jonathan anderson. As you know, at the end of the shows, as a rule, the designer must go on the catwalk, sometimes they even walk all together with their models. Sometimes they just come out for a short while. In general, anderson, he apparently doesn’t really like this attention to himself and in general, he is such a modest person and i came across this video, i want to show it to you because it is very funny i will end here. I hope this video was interesting for you, i hope that you learned something new for yourself if so then share your impressions in the comments please support me with your like this is very important for the development of my channel subscribe so as not to miss the next episodes we will see you very soon.

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