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Putin Supporting Russians in the West 🇷🇺

Z Russians in the West

Why do so many russians who live in the west still support vladimir putin for me as a russian who left russia in the year after the start of the war in ukraine because i was essentially afraid of the repressions and the crackdown of the freedom of speech that was about to come russian immigrants who live in the free democratic countries such as america or canada and the countries of the european union who still support vladimir putin and most of all support his so called spal military operation might be the most insufferable people imaginable because at the end of the day it doesn t really make sense if you really love vladimir putin and the war that he s waging against the nazi lgbt w west or whatever then why are you living in a nato country the usual time when all the putin supporters in the usest come out of the woodworks is during the election in russia for example in the election of in many western capitals vladimir putin got over of the votes well this year in the russian presidential election things turned out quite differently because instead of boycotting the election russians who live in the west and who do not support vladimir putin actually went out to vote against them the election in russia is mostly falsified that s why we are staying here to show how many people against putin huge lines sometimes going for kilometers on n actually formed outside of the russian embassies filled with russians shouting anti putin and anti war slogans and well the western living z patriots also came out of the election which created some of the most amazing human interactions between russians that i ve ever seen in my life so hello blazers it is your boy ramen your favorite neighborhood russian and in today s video guys i would like to talk about the russians who are living in the west and enjoying all the freedoms of essentially living in a democracy which is a privilege that most russians don t have but still our z support vladimir putin and you know the entire fight of the vladimir putin against the collective west despite living in the collective west. I d like to talk about why this happens if really all russians living in the west actually support putin spoiler alerts they don t and also show you some amazing clips of anti war russians arguing with z russians on the streets of europe because unfortunately this is not a conversation that is possible in modern russia so first of all i m going to give.

How Russians in the West oppose Putin

You guys some conexs you probably already know that vladimir putin has recently won yet another russian election with of the votes of course in a very honest and totally not rigged election the russian opposition actually sort of led by julia naa the widow of alexa naali the famous now deceased russian opposition leader in putin critic came up with the idea of an event called noon against putin the idea of it basically was for the people of russia who do not support putin to ga at their local poland area on the noon of march th the last day of the election and essentially vote against vladimir putin to show to the world that russians who do not support putin also exist and to also show to each other that we actually exist and there s a lot of us so obviously a lot of people in russia came out to the polls right at this exact time as part of this sort of event but also a ton of russians abroad have been also queuing up and standing in huge lines in order to vote against vladimir putin you could hear people chanting no to war and other anti putin slogans and in a lot of countries especially those countries where a lot of russians went after the start of the war in ukraine the lines were absolutely insane for example in belgrade serbia the line spread across a few kilometers and people stood on the line old day and not all the people that actually wanted to vote got a chance to vote same exact thing happened in yavan armenia actually a lot of people who live in georgia russians who live in georgia went to armenia to vote because in georgia you can t really do it i talked about this in my last video because i was literally in georgia myself at the time of the election.

Z Patriots in Spain

Talking about z patriots in the west of course a lot of these people went out to vote as well so before i talk about the psychology of a russian who supports vladimir putin but lives in the west i want to show you guys a couple of examples of these patients in the wild first of all we have this video right here from aliance to the russian embassy in barcelona spain. Look i mean here s the thing first of all it s kind of cool to see this because you got to understand in russia right currently the police and the governments the judicial system is on the side of the z patriots obviously so people don t get to scream no to war outside in the public right and people who scream z shits essentially don t get any push back because if you do push back you go to jail and here we actually have russians who are antiwar who can say no war to the z person s face. And i think that s kind of beautiful. But also i do find it hilarious that essentially when you find yourself in a situation right when you have a bunch of young bright people looking at you and screaming no war no to war and you re getting mads and you re getting defensive your first instinct essentially is to scream out war you know i do really think you got to rethink your life decisions at that point because if you re in a position where you re fighting against people who promote pacifism and you scaming at these people saying that we need to kill more ukrainians essentially once again i do think this is a point where you need to rethink your life choices because this is just not a position that i could imagine myself and up personally could not be me personally why is your response to people screaming notes to war to scream don bass da bass don bass i mean that was a rhetorical question i know why she s screaming at because she s going to go on about the eight years of endless shelling of russians by ukrainians of course in the z bass that s what all these you know z people talk about they only have one talking point me man this is embarrassing if this was like if i saw this video online that this was like my mom i would be dying on the inside jesus christ and i know this woman s children live in pain and probably don t feel the same about this. So yes they are d on the inside right now good again like people in the line to vote against vladimir putin their chance in russia will be free they want freedom for russia they want democracy your response to that is to scream that zilinski is a fascist. Okay. I guess like correlation you know what i m saying like this is essentially what happens to the average z brain that actually gets a response to their these people are usually not used to hearing opposing opinions because even outside of russia these people essentially exist in a sort of a bubble where they literally only talk to other russian immigrants who probably left russia or the soviet union around the same time and they essentially just live in a z echo chamber and guess what yes the youth of russia thinks that you are fascist this might be really sad for you but that is the truth the generation that essentially your children wouldn t really with your ideology like that.

Putin supporters in THE HAGUE

Here s another video right here actually shot in the he the netherlands. Yes this is not a joke you guys cannot be serious like what is this bro you know guys this is not exactly what i usually think of when i hear of the when i hear the phrase puts in supporters in the he you know what i m saying this is not exactly what i m thinking about i m thinking of a different mental image what i m thinking of putting supporters in the he. But yes these are also putin supporters in the he interesting guys just really interesting this is the kind of you know russians you have living in the netherlands. Well you have young people screaming at them you know russia without putin they re essentially you know. I don t know they re acting as if this is some like guys this is the netherlands the heg i ve got some more videos from the.

Putin voter hasn't been to Russia since 1998

Heg actually this one right here actually went viral where a woman who came to v for vladimir putin says that the last time she s been to russia was in before putin was even president spe isn t this like just the perfect portrait right here of the type of people that i m talking about the russians who enjoy the freedoms and all the benefits of living in a first world western country a free democratic country right we people of all genders sexualities political views whatever have equal rights and these people are so out of touch with the reality of russia that they haven t even been to russia in like years. Yes and they still go into to vote for vladimir putin because vladimir putin in their minds is like a glorious savior of russia or whatever who s like fighting against the collective west and we got to support him even though we haven t been to russia in years. And we know absolutely nothing about life in russia for the regular people but we will still go out there to vote for vladimir putin because he s the only person that will be able to get russia out of this situation that he himself put russia in yes genius i love it the last time she was in russia was before puttin never became president she s never spent a single day under putin s regime she has no idea what it s like and what people have to go through and of course she will be voting for vladimir putin maybe in fact the reason why she is because she has not lived a single day under vladimir putin here s.

More Z Russians in The Hague

Another video once again from the he in the netherlands again guys once again another case of a ptin voter who essentially has a ritual every six years to go out to the election day with a huge flag of russia and scream about you know your patriotism and going out to vote for putin especially of course during the war in ukraine. Yes it s a great look but once again there s a very telling thing in this video where this person essentially says that i m voting for our country russia because in the minds of these people vladimir putin equals russia which is obviously not the case guys i mean it s actually crazy to me that vladimir putin has so many supporters in the hake i think you should visit his supporters or something and do like a little meetup would be pretty cool.

Putin supporters in Estonia

On so yes guys this right here is a video from talon estonia. Another voter of ladimir putin here guys. Yes she lives in estonia and she s saying that if vladimir putin was to decide to rescue the russian inhabitants of estonia from you know the nazi estonian governments or whatever she would fully support it. So yes guys hey there in estonia you have people like this living in your country. I mean it s kind of funny. Isn t. It. I mean here s the thing guys even if i was living in estonia and i was z. I wouldn t be out there on camera saying all these things because you know given how pretty ruthless kakalis is regarding russians in estonia and you know the things she says about russians all the time you know i just wouldn t say stuff like this in estonia you know if i was a russi in estonia just my personal take. But you do you guys you know vote for putin and make sure to make your opinions hurt because that way you guys are easier to identify and once again if you re feeling so downtrodden. And you know bullied as a russian and estonia to the point that you want vladimir putin and his army to come rescue you why don t you just go to russia.

Why do Russians in the West support Putin?

Couple of clinical cases of russian support and person in the west and as a russian you know this is a phenomena that i was always aware of even back in the early there were videos going viral on russian internets of russians being interviewed in new york being asked essentially who they re going to vote for and a lot of these people say that they re going to vote for vladimir putin because he made our country great and we were once again proud of our country or whatever and even back in the day these videos would get ironic comments underneath them basically saying oh yeah guys if you re so patriotic and if you love putin so much why don t you come here down to russia to actually live with us and see what it s like. And yes this has been the thing for the longest time now of course there are quite a bunch of russians who live in the west but support the russian governments and vladimir putin and the main question i and a lot of you guys probably have is why does this happen and how does this make any sense the simple answer is of course russian propaganda however i want to kind of delve into this a little bit more as an immigrant myself and as a russian who s left russia two years ago i have a.

Immigrants not adapting to a new country

Couple of points why i think this happens and first of all in my opinion a lot of this has to do with just the process and the feeling of being an immigrants in another country and the fact is that a lot of people who immigrat never fully ends up sort of integrate and kind of adapting and fitting in into the society you know there s a lot of people who don t even get to learn the local language and i m obviously not just talking about russians i m talking about any kind of person who s moving to america for example. Right i m pretty sure you know those people in america who are you know elderly people who still don t really know english a lot of immigrants end up in this sort of situation especially if they re immigrants who sort of have to run from bad circumstances and never fully ended up integrated in society in one way or the other a lot of these people essentially don t really end up learning in the local culture kind of or ad abs to it they never ends up making any friends that are locals and essentially what happens is that. A lot of these russian immigrants especially if they re older than let s say they essentially ends up in a social circle full of other russian immigrants so they mostly talk with only other russian speaking immigrants right and since a.

Nostalgia & immigration troubles

Lot of these people are haven t some trouble with the immigration possibly because being an immigrant overall is not the greatest situation a person can be and it s not terrible but at the end of the day there are things that you cannot do compared to the citizen of the country that you re moving to right. And i m sure that any immigrant before becoming naturalized is going through a process of a lot of anxiety of you know losing your residency or being sort of deported possibly as something like that screwing up the immigration process somehow right and obviously immigration itself is a huge mental toll in everything many people end up in a situation where they essentially kind of hate their new country and this is actually sort of a stage that every immigrant goes through but it seems like for some people the stage of sort of hating the country that you ended up in almost kind of never ends so all you end up doing is essentially complaining about the country that you live in and thinking about how great russia was or slash is and this obviously comes with a certain feeling of nostalgia because when you know foreign society surrounded by things you don t understand you just want to go home and for a lot of russians especially if they follow russian propaganda and russian state news essentially their feeling of nostalgia and sort of you know being a part of russia turns into this super patriotic supports from abroad so essentially this is how you end up having these people who live in nato countries of the west that have you know legalized gay marriage for example. Right. And yet these people are supporting vladimir putin because he s fighting against nato the west and like the gays essentially right and guys you got to.

Patriotism vs being Z

Understand i m not knocking people for being nostalgic about their home country guess what i m nostalgic about my home country too and throughout my last two years of immigration first living in georgia now here in portugal i ve gone through all the stages of an immigrants from you know being happy to being super sad you know i ve had it all essentially right however never throughout my entire process i let you know my feelings or my anxiety sort of override my mind and sort of make me like a z patriot who lives outside of russia and once again i don t think nostalgia and patriotism to your country that even if you left it. Right i don t think it s bad because honestly guys i consider myself a patriot of russia believe it or not right it s just that the russian government has a different definition for what constitutes a russian patriots. And i really don t want to conform to that so patriotism. And you know sort of keeping your national traditions and loving the culture of the country that you came from is completely normal it s just the thing that patriotism doesn. T mean that you have to you know support a invasion of another country right last time that i checked that s not what patriotism means and once again if an immigrant has not.

Russian Main Character syndrome

Really fully realized himself in the new country hasn t really built a successful career so to say or hasn t really fully integrated into society that l comes with a certain feeling of your self esteem and your selfworth and your self image being hurt right you kind of feel like a failure so actually might imagine that for some russians who end up you know as these super vocal put in supporters in the west they re essentially getting that feeling of selfworth from sort of imagining themselves as a part of russia right as a part of the russian collective that is fighting against the terrible collective west and obviously my life here in the west didn t really work out. Right. And now russia is actually finally doing something and i as a russian of course once again guys i have to support it and this is exactly why people are screaming around right now that you know they re proud of being russian and that they re not ashamed because well they essentially don t have anything else to be proud of for the record guys i m not exactly proud or ashamed of the fact that i m russian. I just kind of don t care i am who i am. But i m pretty sure that a lot of these z russians in the west even feel like they re kind of doing something because obviously they re living in the west surrounded by olders degeneracy however they are russian and they still support vladimir putin and they re of the trojan horse in europe they re surrounded by enemies however we re russian. And we re here to you know make you know how to live. Okay. So these people essentially think they re the main character these people think that everybody around them all these europeans wants to kill them because they re russian because that s what they hear on tv and yes they re basically think that they re being heroes or something or like epic spies or some by basically going out there and waving a russian flag in the middle of the ha netherlands and in that moment the zers feels like they are the main character of the life right now. Yes i m in the middle of nazi europe. Everybody s looking at me. But i m standing proudly as a russian citizen and i m not ashamed rusi d simir all that you know i feel like that s a lot of the psychology of these z people in the west and get a job that s really all i have to say get a job guys please and another reason i think why.

Russian propaganda still works

This happens a lot also is i do think that a significant amount of russians have a certain historical trauma that happened with the fall of the soviet union a lot of russians sort of felt like their country was kind of undermined destroyed so to say right they felt like once again their self esteem kind of got hurt right their greatness got hurt so i imagine actually a lot of these people we seeing you know who are z in the west most of these people probably left after the fall of the soviet union in the early years of the s right when russia was a complete hole and obviously these people will liv in russia with a feeling of you know just complete sadness for their country and what happened to it and then these people essentially ared to europe they keep consuming russian state media they keep consuming russian propaganda which of course is telling everybody about how great russia is doing and how russia is doing so much better than the west and everybody else and essentially these people are just living in the west and watching all of this and they re like damn this putin guy is actually like on his right he s really bringing russia back to greatness right we got to support him because essentially these people just believe myths about like russia s greatness under vladimir putin and in their mind putin is like the savior of russia who s you know finally brought russia back but obviously once again they don t know anything about life in russia a lot of these people once again haven t been to russia in years and they genuinely probably can even imagine what it s like living in russia at this point they re just so completely out of touch with everything. Right. So yes they go out there to vote for vladimir putin because vladimir putin brought russia back from its sneeze and is now showing the west what s for by the way.

The irony of being Z in the West

That s just what i think happens and once again for me as a russian who s left russia recently for very certain reasons right. And for me as a person who has a lot of hate for the regime for these russians who live in the west who most of the time have had passports of these western countries for years now. Yes i do find it quite insufferable when these people support vladimir putin when young people from russia like myself and you know other people who are less fortunate who you know don t earn a lot of money essentially these people are essentially either stuck in russia because they can t leave and then essentially you know they re going insane because whatever you know everything that s happening in the country is insane or you have other russians who are having troubles with their visa and who just cannot get to you know live in these western democratic countries that s these z vnik. Le right. And i just can t really look at this as like you know the ultimate irony and like the ultimate injustice i mean i didn t even know what i just find it hilarious that these people have been voting for putin for ages living outside of russia and they have essentially contributed to our lives of russian citizens who lived in russia getting worse and now when russians who left russia quite recently who are anti u and stuff see these people out in public at the elections these z patriots have the goal to scream at them and tell them that they have no idea about what is going on sure jan sure it s definitely you the person who hasn t been to russia in years yes you are definitely the person who knows what is going on.


Once again all i want to say in this video is on behalf of all russians i want to say sorry for these people they re absolutely insufferable they suck. But they exist. And hopefully this video gave you some context why these people exist. And hopefully you guys are not going to be saying that every single russian who lives in the west and who s escaped russia is a person and support because clearly from what we can see in these videos that are coming out from the russian election of clearly there s a lot of russians who live in the west or sure i say the overwhelming majority of the russians who live in the west definitely do not support vladimir putin and we can see this by the way in the poland results as well for example in a lot of western cities like warsaw and prague the candidate davan kov got from like to of all the votes and putin also lost in the majority of european capitals so good work russians living outside of russia and please continue to film these amazing you know patients that we review today because you know they provide an amazing source of entertainment and they are also a very interesting case to study but yes guys that being said though this is going to be pretty much it for today s video i hope you guys did enjoy it if you guys did then please make sure to slap the like button on it and if you guys would like to support me additionally and that is financially then go over to the link down the description and become a youtube member it s basically like youtube s own version of patreon it s a monthy donation it s the best way to support me or if you want to do a one time donation you can use super thanks underneath this video thank you guys so much for watching this video once again and i will see you in the next one peace.

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