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How To Make Money With Writesonic AI In 2024 (For Beginners)

Ai tools they are here to stay but don't be afraid of them you can use them they can speed up your process they can make your work easier and one of them is called ride sonic i'm going to tell you what it is how you can use it and how we can make money with it and of course how others are doing it. So if you do a simple google search of right sonic you just go to ride and they have multiple of these like projects and of course tools one of them is writing only but they've got like chat sonic which is like similar to chat's gpt you know. But i wouldn't recommend using chat sonic because it's not that good. Okay. I don't even like chat gpt because there's a better alternative to that maybe i'm gonna mention that later but ride sonic is good for riding so ride sonic can ride shoot blog posts scripts ebooks whatever you want to do you just have to learn how to use it but don't worry it's nothing complicated you just have to like give the prompts you know because as ai tools everyone is talking like. Okay ai is going to take away our jobs but that is not going to happen because it still needs humans. Okay it still needs like prompts it still needs instructions from us in order to function correctly but enough about that let's see what are the use cases for ride.

Sonic. Okay now they just give you like few of these for entrepreneurs for marketing teams for e-commerce stores but today i'm going to show you what is the best way. Okay the most profitable way if you like riding or if you just want to get certain side hustle. And you want to get done by ai tool. And it is this of course copywriting is a skill well actually it's an art of selling something with words. Okay. So a lot of companies they have a lot of products now they just spend a lot of money in order to find out how to sell them more okay and copywriting is there one piece of now if we just go to fiverr. And we just do a bit of our research on copywriting you will see that there's huge amount of money in there so for example just take a look at this girl. She's called zoe writes just take a look at this she will write 300 words for your website. Whatever. And she will charge 135 now you maybe don't know how much is 300 words it's like two minutes of speech you know. So two minutes of speech that's like that's crazy low amount of work for 135 dollars and that is why people appreciate that she can sell something. Okay see she can write something really good on the website and it can like help you sell more things but just take a look at this standard version. Okay. 500 words is 200 and there's a premium version 450 and that's just crazy. Okay. But you know what this girl doesn't know. Well she doesn't know how to use right sonic in order to maximize her earnings.

Okay. So we're going to cover that but before that there is even certain script writing on fiverr as well now for this you will get less money because for example you can write like scripts for youtube or something like that not a python script that's not what we're gonna write but you can write a lot of things with bright sonic and i'm going to cover some of those but first let's go to write sonic let's go to ride click on start writing for free create yourself an account you know how it goes let's not waste time and then you will be landed on your dashboard. Okay. So this is your dashboard on right and right away you can see that there's a lot of these like things. Okay first of all you have article and blogs this is our section. Okay we're gonna use articles we're going to use blog titles and paragraphs okay down there you can see that you can just go with some marketing tools some general writing this is chat sonic i don't recommend that you use it because i'm going to show you a better alternative for research but let me just show you for example if i want to go and write a simple article. Okay. So ar article writer 4.0 this is in beta this 5.0 you don't have to use it. So what do you want to do first of all you have to give it a topic. Okay. So that's the first prompt that i was telling you about you have to give it the title you have to give it you have to input the idea. So let's just do it like this artificial intelligence and weight loss let's just do it like that.

So maybe some customer wants you to i don't know write something like this something crazy you know you never know so you can just search for these keywords artificial intelligence and weight loss and first of all it will give you some information. Okay it will give you the search results and this is really good for blog posts for example you can see what people are searching for and you can see the cpm or cpc which is cost per click and this is good if you don't have like a lot of keywords you can include this to your customer package you can say that you're going to write it an seo article because a lot of people who own blog posts well they just outsource the products. Okay they just outsource the writing skill and they outsource the seo thing you know because every blog post they want to make money for example if you just go over to google and you just type in what to visit in barcelona let's say you want to go to barcelona on a trip you know. So you just go on research what can you visit and you just click on certain blog for example this one the 49 best attractions and places to visit in barcelona and you have like a bunch of text but this is what is important this is the link affiliate link for barcelona's best air b and b's then the best hotels in barcelona so you can see what's happening here this person the owner of the blog he's just making this blog in order to sell something. Okay. So he has affiliate links and whenever someone comes on his website first of all he can get a lot of traffic on his website he can run ads he can get money. But then he can just get the affiliate commission from whatever he is affiliating for. Okay. So that's why he will pay a lot of money to get really good articles for himself.

Okay. So it's not just the content of the article it is also what we have seen keywords seo all of those things they all come into play if you want to get your blog well done and that is why ride. Sonic has these like personalized keywords for your article okay. And of course we can't choose now some of these. And then you can just include them in here. And then you just go to get ideas for your blog post okay topic once again you can just rewrite it then you can just choose tone of voice this is something that you will just speak with your customer client or whether it is going to be first person second person third person and of course there is going to be call to action. And it's going to be seo optimized article. Okay. So quality type you can choose that gpt 3.5 superior gpt 4.5 but you have to pay for it. And then of course you will just generate these ideas in a second and you can see in here you get three of these so you get ideas which are related to your keywords and of course your title that you have come up with so this one looks interesting ai nutrition the future of weight loss and how it's revolutionizing the industry. So what do you have to do you have to click on it then you will get an outline for that block click on the generate outlines and of course it will cover you as far as you can tell is all a simple process. Okay just click with a button you just go and search around now you have these outlines so you have one you have two three outlines and of course you will have these generated outlines like paragraphs you know. And then of course once you just check this out you can of course choose these or you can just move them around then you just click on generate article and you've got yourself an article ready to sell or to use on your own blog post or whatever. But i told you that i'm gonna show you something else which is better than chat sonic and better than chat gpt and it is bing chat. Okay. So this is microsoft bank you have to use edge browser for this i know edge browser never done with it. But if you want to use this one and you should go and just use that edge browser that you just moved around when you installed new windows but big one is better than chat gpt and chat sonic because it is connected to the internet.

Okay. So it can search around on the internet whatever you desire i'l. Okay. And that is good for rotting it can cut down your research time. Okay. So i don't know for example someone gives you a topic about something you don't know nothing about it. But you have to do the research in order to get the job done right bank can do it online. Okay. And what it else can do you can teach the bank to run in a specific style so for example just take a look at this i'm just going to ask bank write me a simple story about dogs that is going to proceed and it's going to give me a simple story about dogs right nothing complicated. Right. So it's gonna run me a story simple story but he was a happy dog he lived with his human family in a cozy house with a big backyard. So it's a pretty generic story and that's how your articles are going to be with bing as well. But you can teach the bank to write in a specific style because he has the access to the internet and he can go on a research and you can tell him to write for example like sir certain famous writer. Okay. So he can imitate the style of a famous writer so this is actually what you can do you can tell him research the writing style of for example stephen king and then use what you learned to improve that dog story and you can see it is searching for writing style of stephen king and of course it's going to generate that. So this is a really good thing so you can just go and you can i don't know deal with a customer you can ask him a lot of questions and then you can just feed those answers to bing and of course in some cases in right sonic and you can get a perfect thing for that customer. Okay. It is just important that you ask a lot of questions from your client. So you know what he wants and of course you are there to just make his wishes come true with the help of ai tools so anyone can do this. Okay you just have to be like dedicated in your approach. Okay it will not write the blog posts like perfectly without your own instructions and of course without some of your own work so if you have passion for it if you want to make this into a great side hustle go for it is a good thing so just take that action i'l catch you.

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