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Loop Engage Plus Ear Plugs | Full Review

You've tried the rest now try the best loop engage plus is the best damn earplug i've ever had and if you stick around i will show you why thank you hello my fellow musician friends and welcome back to my channel in today's video we are going to cover fully loop engage plus it's a brand new product from loop it hasn't even come to market yet the loop was nice enough to send me a few samples for me to try early on so that i can reveal to you all of my subscribers what exactly is the product that why is it so good and what comes in the packaging we're going to go over all the specs like what's the noise reduction rate how comfortable they are what the colors are and so forth but my favorite thing about this product and it's no secret i just spit is occulation what is oculation and why was i so excited that fluid left my body. Oh that's not a bad. Wow okay off to great start today. Hello my fellow musician friends and welcome back to my channel in today's video we are going to be covering a product that has not even come to market.

Yet it's brand new from loop it's called loop engage plus it comes in this orange package and we're going to be going over all the specs and why i believe it is the best earplug of the year now those are some pretty big claims that i intend to back up in this video. But before i do that and before we go into the specifications i wanted to let you know how i got my hands on this product before it went to market now i've been doing these videos for many years and i have always been honest and tried to keep the integrity of this channel pretty high but under the new youtube guidelines they want me to specify what the this transparency is when it comes to an affiliation with a product or brand. So here's how it works i am not getting paid by loop to do this video there's no script in front of me this is my own personal and honest review of the product but here's the cool benefits for you and from me if by the end of this video you like what i have to say and you want to buy this product you can click on the affiliate link that they provide for me and i provide for you and once you click on that link it's a special link just for you that at the checkout you put in the special code and you get 15 off of the going rate whatever the sale price is and for me i get 15 commission so that's full transparency they're willing to for their own marketing purposes get out 30 15 for you 15 for me so everybody wins they make a sale you get it for discount and i make a commission so that is how it works now that is out of the way let me show you why this is my favorite product.

So i'm going to show you the packaging and go over all these specs i can't wait to talk to you about my most favorite thing about this product which is like the holy grail when it comes to earplugs for musicians and that's called oculation. But i don't want to get too much ahead of myself but that's coming later in the video let me show you what's in the package right now. Okay. So the packaging is this orange color no matter what color you get i believe all of them come in orange they sent me two samples one is pure dusk which i now have on my keychain and i love and that's the one i'm going to be showing you as i put in and out of my ears in this video the other color i got was liquid gold now i'm sure they're going to have different colors available at some point about these are the two that they sent me this is the inside of the packaging when you open it up there's a qr code to scan for more and when you do that i tried it out there's videos on how you can put properly install them in your ear the earplugs and stuff like that and there's other videos and stuff as well i'm going to show you how to do that in this video as well so as you unfold this there's this nice symmetrical looking array of ear plug and ear plug accessories so first this is your keychain clamshell right here and this is transparent if you have other loop products it actually is the other ones were not see-through this one's see-through so that's the first cool thing as you open it up you'l have your two liquid gold i hope it's in focus earplugs for you. Okay look like that in your hand that's how small they are notice the ring and that ring is for the mute options which are at the corners of the box here you got a pair of white mutes and a pair of black mutes now if you don't know what the mute option is i'm going to get into that in the video um.

But it's one of the coolest features ever for this product. So i put them to the side here so another great thing about this product is it doesn't matter what size your ear canal is you probably if you don't know what it is i mean you'l probably be able to figure out from trying these different sizes the foam and silicone tips pop off kind of easy and install with the new ones rather easy as well they range from extra small to large now typically i'm a large in other earplug products. But i think it's good to note that it was a medium with loop and i have been a medium with loop it comes pre-installed with medium foam tips on this one. So thank you loop you knew my size exactly but if i thought that i was a large here or a smaller one i get to choose if i want silicone which is at the top or foam which is at the bottom so that's pretty awesome in case you forget it says it right here on the bottom you can also pop this piece of cardboard out. And you have a more information from loop especially if this is the first time you've ever gotten loop you might want to read that so that's all that comes within the packaging. So that's about everything that comes with this packaging and this clamshell case you'l know when it's closed because you have that nice tight snap sound.

Okay. So the first question is what's the noise reduction rate of this product and for loop engage plus it's negative 16 db now that's not too typical for loop in fact their other products go all the way down to negative 32 decibels when you have the mute option in so negative 16 db is definitely on the lower side of things when it comes to earplugs especially for loop. But it turns out for this product it was one of my favorite features now you don't have to be a musician to get the full benefit of the loop product especially the loop engage plus why because if you want to have if you're out at a club or anywhere in public where it's loud noise loud noisies loud noises loud noisy environment and you wanted to have a conversation these earplugs are great because you don't you can still have a conversation and still hear what's going on just kind of brings the overall volume down. But you're not missing and anything. And you can still hear things that are they can still get the articulations of when people are talking. But my favorite thing about these earplugs besides the fact that they can be installed and uninstalled as quick as that they also have the mute option and this is fantastic for oculation which i'm going to talk about next. But here is the mute i don't know if you can see it here this little black ring comes out as simple as that now it's gone so you see the it's like a gray color this is the mute goes out you saw how quickly it comes out this is how quick it goes in boom and so they come they come with it as you saw the mute option it drops the dbs by another negative five. So if i take the mute options out. And i just wear them without them in then you have negative 16. So if you're new to loop if you've never heard of loop products well first of all welcome i've done plenty of loop videos before reviews one of which was a frequently asked question video you could find all of them here if there's something that you don't find the answer to in this video for loop in general but for those of you who already know loop and want to know what is the difference what's so special about loop engage plus well it is about all about the oculation is like the holy grail of earplugs and i'm going to tell you why in this video these are my favorite it's because of the oculation what's the difference between this and all the other products it's occulation what is oculation is basically that inner voice you hear when you have earplugs in so as i install these you see how quickly i could do this they are allowing me to still hear you if i'm in a loud environment and i need to put these in right if we're at a bar at a club and i can still hear all the words you are saying it's almost like as if you're still being articulate i could hear everything it's not like muffled that's the biggest thing with other products things are muffled sounding not these everything is very clear and if you're a singer you're gonna want these that's why i personally say that they're my favorite because i could sing without hearing my inner voice the low frequency vibration where i'm singing a note. But i don't hear how it's sounding in the room or through the monitor. Right i'm only hearing the majority of the sound is my inner voice that vibration in my head so is it still there can i still hear a bit of a low frequency vibration echoing in my head as i sing as i speak. Yes. But there is no product i've ever tried where the oculation is this good or i should say maybe it's not as bad. So i don't think you can actually get rid of oculation in general.

I think you're always going to have if you have an ear plug-in you're always going to have that inner voice going on but it's so great. It's. So it's been diminished with this product so if you know the other products and you want to know what the difference is it's this if you're a musician if you're a singer you definitely want to get this so the loop engage plus the loop experience pro they both come with the mute options but you can use the mute options in all of their products in fact many of my subscribers ask me can you do that can you can you just insert the mute option into the loop quiet or to the regular loop experience not the pro one. And i never thought of that so i tried it. And it worked. And you can definitely hear the difference so no matter what product you have putting the mute option in will reduce the noise reduction rate. Another negative five dbs so how much is this great product i have no idea at the time of this recording the price isn't available for to anyone. But i promise as soon as i do find what the price is and it's listed i will put it in the description box below for you and remember you will get 15 off of whatever that price is so just how comfortable our loop.

Well if you've seen my other videos you know that i claim that they are the most comfortable ear plugs that i've ever worn and these are no exception in fact as i put them in right now they feel somehow it's like a magic to them i swear there's like it's lighter it feels lighter than the other ones and it feels like you're not even wearing them you forget you're wearing them in just a few minutes that's how great these are and you know what i swear i never tried this. Yet. But i think probably put the mute in without taking them out of my ear i might fail on video in front of you right here uh. No i wouldn't recommend that. But i mean that's how simple it is can i take it out can i take it out i can there you go so they're really easy to use i wouldn't recommend that i mean you might it might fall on the floor and and you might lose them but just to show you who that was missy well not really i could have edited it out. Right. But you can put the mute option in it's probably better to do it while you're looking at it. And you put it in like that. Okay. So you could do it on the fly. But i wouldn't recommend it. And i get this question asked a lot when it comes to the mute option so i might as well say it here what will the noise reduction rate be if i put the mute option into the loop product well it'l be another negative five so if it's that negative 16 db this will be now negative 21 decibels is the noise reduction rate if i use it in my ear. Then okay. I'm gonna try to wrap everything up here and as i do i'm going to turn my head so you can see what they look like in my ears. So if you feel that. Well. Hey michael. I'm not a musician i'm not a singer do i really need are these really the best product for me. And i still say if you want to have a conversation and you're out at a club or any place noisy we need to have a dialogue these are great still for you don't have to be a singer to get the full benefit from them. But if you are someone else who needs something that's even more protection that drops the noise reduction rate even more loop offers three other products there's loop experience loop experience pro and loop quiet luke quiet is generally if you really want to maximize and shut the sound out i would definitely recommend trying that product again i've done videos on all of these products you can click in the description box below look for it if you want to see those but they all look like this they just come in different colors and they are all super comfortable and they look great as you can see thank you so much for watching this video i hope this video helped you make a better purchasing decision remember to click on the link below and use my personal code just for you so you can receive 15 off please leave a comment below if you like this video if it helped you in any way i read every comment and respond i enjoy fully the music community and the conversations we have and helping one another so let me know what color you get if you do decide to get loop engage plus and if it wasn't for you let me know why that was as well thank you so much everyone and i will see you next week.

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