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Simple Hacks To Bath Your Dog - Professional Dog Training Tips

Does your dog's bath time always end up with you looking like this then i'm gonna give you a couple of hacks than a bath in your dog a breeze so that you look a little bit more like this than you do a soaking mess and they're so simple.

The Bath Tub

Your first time on the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button we publish new videos every monday wednesday and friday to help you spend some quality time with your four-legged family member now that the winter times here our windows are closed a little more often our dogs are inside just a little bit more and they've kind of developed that musty doggy smell so today we're gonna bathe each and every one of them. But i want to talk about the fact that we today we're going to be using this dog bathtub we actually got this from our friends at rennes pet depot if you live in canada yet you can definitely check them out we got a great deal on this. But this is a sponsored post or anything like that you can do this we get you can do these two hacks in any bathing tub like whether it's a bathtub or a shower stall or whatever you've got for your dog these hacks will apply for those.

Peanut Butter

Here comes hack number one peanut butter if you have a dog that wiggles around when you're trying to bathe them in the bathtub and you know you can't get them under control they won't sit still for any length of time just take a little bit of peanut butter and again we're doing it in our doggie bathtub you can do this in your tub at home or shower or wherever but you're going to take a little bit of peanut butter and you're just gonna put it on the end of the tub that way i get to bring mak out in a minute not only what i've got my coat here it'l have him focus on that end of the tub that will allow me to you know wash him and scrub him without him moving around too much the other great thing about using peanut butter in the tub is not all dogs like having their bath so it's really helpful to add the sort of positive association to the bathtub by you know them getting a really great treat while they're getting bathed make sure when you are getting that you're back prepared for your dog that you run the shower head ahead of time and you make sure that it's the appropriate temperature the last thing you want to do is be introducing your dog into the water it's too hot or too cold.

Shake Head

Another thing to be mindful of is when you're washing your dog's head be careful not to spray water directly down into their ears i mean we can always spray them all over their body. But and we certainly want to watch the top of their head but try not to spray water directly into the river so we just saw matt wiggle and shake water went everywhere and this is hack number two so to prevent that to prevent matt from shaking off all out water and making a mess everywhere and soaking you keep your damned on your dog's head just a little bit of pressure will prevent them from doing that shake that'l actually buy you the time to get your towel and bring it over top of them before you start to dry them so a little bit of pressure on the dog's head will prevent them from shaking water all over the place so before matt shakes i'l put my.


Hand on his head and then get out our towel and put it over him we're also gonna put the towel over his head so he's less likely to shake all of that water off it's not gonna do it what's going on good boy buddy and now keep in mind you know mack was for most his life a working dog and now he's a bit more of a house dog so this is a you know. I don't know how often he would have been bathed in the past. But he was really great using a couple of those little tips that we talked about we have sports collars on quite a few of our dogs these are waterproof and they're really resilient regardless of what the dogs are doing or what the temperature is but it's also really helpful to have a collar on your dog while you're bathing them just maybe switch your collar up for something that you don't mind getting wet because it's really important to be able to have control over your dog as you're giving them a bath maxwell's a lot better than he did.


Before but keep in mind you don't want to wash your dog too frequently dogs hacks actually have like oils in their coat from their skin then you don't want to be washing away from them so if your dog gets really dirty or they get really smelly for one reason or another that's a great reason to wash them but you don't want to be watching them too frequently so hope mac. And i helped you understand how you can make your bath time a breeze of those two simple hacks that we talked about if this is your first time on the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button we publish new videos every monday wednesday and friday to help you spend some quality time with your four-legged family member see that video on the other side of mac let's actually videos that youtube thinks you want to watch next on that note i'm ken happy training.

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