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I sold my AI SaaS


In i built a landing page generator using gp and stable diffusion within a few month after launching i made in revenue but for some reason i couldn t grow it. So i ended up sending the product for in this video i m going to break down how i got the ide how i built the first version of the product and got the first customers and how and why i ended up selling it in march ai is so big.

Getting ideas

And everybody is talking about ai tools chpg and all those ai services that i decide to go all in and build bu my own ai tools as well as a solo developer who s built about websites in the past years i thought it would be really cool if we could just input text and get a learing page or many websites generated for like something like a portfolio a yoga studio a software learing page.

Building an MVP

Customers would have to fill a form describing the tone of the voice they want to be using the colors they would like to choose for the landing page describe their product describe their customers and choose among one of those three packages so for they would get an entire ling page generated and they will get more variation more illustrations more images with bigger packages here s a demo of a ling page that s been generated with my first version of the product you can see here it s like a website the components are those that i built myself and they are basically empty so you would have this pressing section that i built that was empty and then when the customer would pay i would make a request to the gp api to fill in information by titles and descriptions based on the customer input it will also create not always really good images but that would be relevant to the to the headlines it would also try to match the colors of the websites based on the image and the customer would be able to update a few things here. So if they want to change the theme for instance they can go with whatever they want from the theme and if they re happy with it they can download the code html code or just share the code with their team members it was really minimal the resit were not incredible but it was working and it was pretty impressive to be able to make these with just a few inputs and so i decided to launch on.

Launching & first sales

Product tense and the product ended up being ranking third of the day which i was really happy with back then i was building in public on twitter so sharing my progress there and i already had probably followers which helped me boost the product hunt launch i also launched on hacker news didn t get much traffic but little push and nice comments surprisingly from hacker news so i was pretty satisfied with it as well within about month the product had made about which is roughly i was pretty satisfied with it.

Rebuilding from scratch

But then i realized the name of my startup was the same as a bigger soft software company so i had to rebrand the entire website and so i rebranded lending ai into mech lending i got rid of the ai wordings so that anyone who wants to make a ling page but is not familiar with artificial intelligence would still understand the product un likee before it would be simpler no form. Just people type what they want to make the site i also added this little demo on the landing page that was quite i catchy to still show that you can input a text and get a website generated also added some of potential landing page that were actually made with the product and i bumped the price a little bit from to from to per landing page the big difference lie in the user dashboard unlike before where you would get the lending page generated and not be able to do much with it now users would log in and be able to edit the entire landing page so that includes changing the headlines changing the images by using either stock photo library uploading your picture or generating ai photos adding removing buttons adding sections to the site changing the colors of the site just like before the themes also the phones as well a bunch of things that could be done here then people could preview the site and if they are happy with it they would get a link so that they will be able to share that with anyone and start to bring traffic to the landing page and convert into whatever this is they wanted i also added analytics per landing page so that people have a little clue of what s going on there the new product was more polished and i decided to launch it. So i went back to my twitter i shared this time a little video that explains how it works and i launched it on product tant i did not get the batch this time. But i think people were used to what i shipped before so these got a bit less attention. But i was getting really decent traffic after the launch people started to reshare this on ai newsletter and it got to k visitors per month. And i think within months i had made almost us doll which was quite nice i m living here in bali and it would definitely pay more than the bills although there were a.

Wrong market

Little less conversions in terms of visitor to paid customers. And i think it s because i entered the market of big landing page builders so framer word wordpress webflow would compete with i would compete with those big guys and as a solo prer with limited resources it was really hard to commit users to pay for my entire website generator when they have framer as a competitor and from that moment i knew it was time to sell because i had no idea how to get it to the next level.


In october when i decided to sell the startup i abandoned it which means i would still do customer support but i would not add any feature or i would not do any marketing meanwhile i listed the startup on aire com which is a small startup acquisition marketplace where you have a bunch of buyers that are willing to have a look at your product after listing the startup i got dozens of offer within one day i think and some of them were promising so i started to engage with the buyers and the process is always similar at least for micro startup like mine where you would have to sign an agreements on which assets will be transferred in my case it would be a domain name the code base the customer base the datab and all that and after a few days chatting with a buyer one of them decided to buy the startup and without even having any phone call the money lending in my bank account we agreed on and after the cut i got k in my bank account which seems like crazy knowing that we never got each other on the phone this is actually my third startup.


Acquisition this year i sold two other mro startup. And i wrote a little blog article about it if you want i l leave a link in the description if that helps you this is not a lifechanging amount of money but k plus k revenue that s which where i live here in valy would basically buy me two years of whatever this is i want to do so i would get two years of peacefulness retirement or two years of grinds if i want and this is exactly what i did after selling the startup i keep shipping more apps and now my small like really tiny internet businesses are making this month january us in revenue zero employee and profit. And i couldn t have done it without having the clarity and the peace of mind that those startup sell gave me last year. So i really recommend you to shop daily find a product a problem that you have that you want to solve ship a very small tiny version of the product and launch it and see where that goes cuz you might u end up getting some sales and up be able to sell it and buy a few years of retirement or.

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