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Hello everyone, let’s share important news that you can’t miss today is march 28. Let’s first take a look at today’s financial headlines. Before today’s market opening, the u.s. department of commerce’s bureau of economic analysis released its third estimate of u.s. gdp in the fourth quarter of last year. The value is also a revised value. According to data released by the department of commerce, the u.s. gross domestic product, or gdp, grew at an annual rate of 3.4% in the fourth quarter of last year. This is an increase from the second revised value of 3.2%. Well, the first reaction of wall street today is that the growth rate in the united states will be so high after taking out the water factor and the inflation factor. Then, experts will quickly calculate whether there will be such a high growth or whether there is still growth after taking out the inflation factor. After deducting the factor of inflation, the annual growth rate of u.s. gdp in the fourth quarter of last year was 1.8%. So why do we need to calculate this data? Wall street is not here to monitor whether the u.s. government has released gdp. They mainly do accounting to judge whether the u.s. economy is still operating under a certain. Is it beneficial to suppress inflation due to overheating? If the economy grows too fast, it indicates that inflation will rebound. After excluding inflation, gdp growth in the fourth quarter will still be 1.8%. Today, the market generally feels that the economy has not cooled down yet. The so-called soft landing requires inflation to return to the 2% range. The economic growth rate is still high.

Another data today also supports this sentiment. The number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time fell in the week ending march 23. After adjusting for menstruation, the number was 210,000. So economists expected 212,000. So what message does this data convey? There are fewer unemployed people than expected. That means the employment situation of the job market is still there. It's still good. Most employers have retained the workers they hired. So gdp growth is so strong, which wall street doesn't want to see. The number of unemployed people is decreasing less than expected. So the main public opinion sentiment on wall street today is focused on it. I don’t really expect that the federal reserve will enter this kind of process of cutting interest rates anytime soon. I just give up and wait for the second half of the year. Lt thinks this is a good phenomenon, because if wall street is always a little unreasonable, the federal reserve will increase the rate in advance.

If interest rates are cut or the economy is stimulated to bring some false growth to the stock market and commodity futures market, the market will eventually be punished by this false growth. So if you are beaten in this capital market for a long time, you will not necessarily be beaten. We welcome all good news, because some unexpected good news can make the market rise in the short term, but once people realize this false information, it will make up for the fall. So the fall to make up for the fall is often a false rise compared to the rise. The extent of making up for the decline is even greater, so if you see wall street investors are blindly optimistic and there is good news, they will rise and no one will identify which news is watery. Isn’t that good for everyone? Isn’t it bad for wall street? It’s not wall street. It is also very afraid of this unrealistic rise in sentiment, which satisfies the current market rise but brings huge risks to the future market. So today's data? Lt feels that it is, borrowing this internet term from china, stable for the wall street masses. Sentiment, this data is of positive significance, at least it makes wall street investors calmer. Another very important news today is worth everyone's understanding. Waller, chairman of the san francisco federal reserve, went to new york today to point out the direction of the market.

In his speech in new york today, he said that from his perspective, there is no rush to lower interest rates. He said that i still need to see some data on a decline in inflation. He said that the current level of inflation is not enough for me to make up my mind to vote for an interest rate cut. Then he if this point of view was at the end of last year or the beginning of this year, it would have caused a great shock to the market, because the market expected the fed to cut interest rates in march and june. So what waller said today did not arouse any connection, because wall street has already digested this. The prospects for some federal reserve policies are because the federal reserve will not be independent from the u.s. economy. The decisions they make are the same as those on wall street who make judgments after understanding the economy. So this is the benefit of open and transparent policies. Who will do it, powell? No matter who becomes the chairman of the federal reserve or a voting member, you still have to make policy adjustments based on macroeconomic data.

So even though the good data did not drive the stock market to rise sharply, it still needs to be highly praised. How did wall street react to this phenomenon after the data was released today? It reflects that the current expectations of wall street and the federal reserve for changes in future policy interest rates are relatively consistent, so we still need to be patient. Inflation is not so easy to beat. The second important news to share with netizens is from the new york times today. I also heard that this report is quite high-quality.

For a period of time, since the terrorist attack occurred in russia last week, international public opinion has been discussing a question. Why did the russians still watch this incident after the united states issued a warning? Ah, the terrorist attack that happened is different from the previous terrorist attacks in france and europe. This terrorist attack happened with almost the whole world watching. Why did it happen? Of course, some netizens can take it for granted. This is mainly because putin does not believe in the united states. The intelligence provided or some people explained that it is a great cause, but everyone should not forget that russia is a police state. Putin is a spy. Has he really ignored the intelligence of the united states? Has he really not paid attention to the intelligence of the united states? The russian national security agencies and others what exactly did they do after the u.s. intelligence came out? What actions did they take internally? In fact, it is still very complicated. So the new york times compiled some relevant insider information about russia and helped you analyze why. What went wrong inside russia during this terrorist attack? So in this new york times article, it has seven points of view that are worth understanding. After you understand these seven points of view, you may be able to have an idea of ​​the full picture of this terrorist attack. His first point was to emphasize how russian official vladimir putin treated the terrorist attack warning publicly raised by the united states on march 8. On march 8, the u.s. state department issued a message to american expatriates in russia on its website, asking them to pay attention. Please stay safe.

Please do not go to public places in the next 48 hours. Terrorist attacks may occur. The person who named the terrorist attack is isisk. As for the branches of the islamic state and the terrorist organizations used to commit crimes, they have all been made public. So netizens know. The information is public information. Within a few days after the united states issued the warning, probably on the fourth day, putin may have seen that the terrorist attack did not happen or he was a little sure. He publicly laughed at the united states' warning. He told russian television that the united states this kind of warning is a complete rip-off. How can the united states rip you off when it warns you with good intentions? He said that this so-called warning from the united states is to intimidate and undermine our social stability. How can we still have russia under putin's direction? Why do terrorist attacks still worry the people? Putin said that the first was a blackmail from the united states and the second was to intimidate and undermine the stability of our society. However, the terrorist attacks occurred on the third day after putin said this, and led to 20 years of the deadliest terrorist attack in russia killed 143 people. Then the islamic state quickly disclosed their terrorist attack plan and some audio and video materials on the internet. So this time, the first one everyone knows is how putin responded to the warning from the united states.

The second one is the information he revealed in the new york times is very important. Do the russians really not believe in the intelligence of the united states? Or do they really think that the intelligence of the united states is to intimidate and undermine the stability of our society as putin said? Is it a rip-off? No, the new york times said it through him according to some information disclosed by the russian investigation, the russians attach great importance to the warnings of internal terrorist attacks in the united states. Their national security council attaches great importance to putin’s sister. To tell the truth, of course, it is understandable that he is doing it for propaganda or in accordance with the ccp’s approach.

It is customary to call the internal police and send them to the outside. I will respond seriously and tell the public to rest assured. So how did the russian security agencies respond to the warning from the united states? The new york times found two pieces of evidence. The first was before the united states disclosed this horrific information to the world on march 8. In just one day, march 7, russia had already communicated the need to beware of such terrorist attacks. Some official media in russia even mentioned the name of the branch of the islamic terrorist organization is-k. so you see, this information is very important. In response to this, russia has indeed received intelligence information from the united states in advance, and they are also making serious preparations. It is just that putin is unwilling to admit to the outside world that this is a very important information. The second very important information is close to the russian official.

Some telegram groups in russia still use some official internet celebrities or "zi gan wu" who often spread some information. In these official telegram channels, they also revealed the russian state two days before the terrorist attack. The security agencies also grasped that this terrorist attack was carried out by the is-k organization. Even internal tips suggested that the possibility of tajik participation in the attack increased before the attack. In fact, you should not underestimate it. Why is this report from the new york times important? Russia internally, it has actually got some clues that some people in tajikistan have joined the islamic state and may be involved in terrorist attacks. They have spread it widely internally. You see, even some russian internet celebrities on the periphery know about it, so they still take it very seriously.

And the intelligence details they have are more specific than those released by the united states. So the third new york times shared the view of why there was intelligence warning from the united states. Russia did host some targeted prevention internally. Why did this still happen? So this it’s not like the gossip that some netizens read in newspapers. Putin’s rejection of u.s. intelligence and his refusal to acknowledge it resulted in being careless and paralyzed. It’s not the case. Russia accepted u.s. intelligence very seriously and prepared for this anti-terrorism attack. But why did it fail again? According to the new york times, through interviews with relevant intelligence experts, there are three reasons. The first reason is that there is currently a deep distrust of russian security agencies within the russian security agencies and the relationship between russian security agencies and global intelligence agencies. They trust u.s. intelligence and they also don’t trust each other internally. This problem has been very prominent during the ukrainian war. If you want to better and efficiently carry out intelligence sharing and intelligence collection, you need to have a basic trust with the relevant countries. Or good coordination. At least in this regard, the intelligence sharing between russia and the united states is much worse than in previous years. So this is the first reason for mutual distrust. The second reason is that the new york times analyzed that putin is too focused on ukraine. The war of aggression and the expanding domestic political repression have distracted putin’s attention. This is not to distract putin’s attention, because putin’s attention is on fighting ukraine and engaging in domestic political repression. Therefore, the main energy of its entire security agency must also focus on putin’s concerns. Terrorist attacks by the masses are due to lack of energy, so this is also our analysis. We talk about security every day on new products. In fact, it protects its political security and actually ignores the safety of the public.

Putin’s example is very vivid. The third reason is the russian state. The security agency used to have a part of its professional force that focused exclusively on extremist islamist assassin groups and local neo-nazi groups. However, in recent years, this professional force has been continuously weakened because they have been diverted to suppress political opposition. It was diverted to attack ukraine, so its counter-terrorism force has been greatly weakened in the past few years. Therefore, these three reasons led to the fact that four terrorists were still able to succeed even though they knew they had information and russia also had some preliminary information. This is still a very strange thing. In the fourth new york times, he talked about why the islamic state k organization is eyeing russia. The main reason is that the islamic state k organization originally had great interests in syria. In recent years, they have been beaten to pieces by russia and the russian-backed assad and suffered heavy losses. So the islamic state currently believes that the russians are their biggest enemies. So how did this feud come about? The main reason for this feud is the feud they had in syria, including at the beginning of the year. The terrorist attack in iran that killed more than 100 people was also because of the enmity in syria. The fifth reason may be more understandable to chinese netizens. Some new york times reported that it interviewed russian intelligence officials in europe and said that this time the terrorists the success may be related to the recent presidential election in russia, because the security defense system is somewhat tired before and after the election. Putin attaches great importance to his re-election and puts aside other things. He must do his best to ensure the success of this election. Therefore, during the election and before the election, he is a very tightly guarded terrorist and there is no way to succeed.

After the election, there may be some lax defenses and neglect. You see, china also implements a real-name system for kitchen knives every two meetings. Even some restaurants have to wear iron chains on their kitchen knives. I am afraid that the chef will take away the knife and stab someone. Once the conference is over, it seems that the control of these knives will be loosened. Such loosening and tightening will trigger some extreme incidents. The sixth aspect of the new york times introduces why the united states should warn about this matter. Because russia is very hostile to the united states, why should the united states provide intelligence to russia? The new york times also introduced this as the cia. It complied with the warning obligation passed by the u.s. congress in 2015. Congress made a decision at that time to require intelligence agencies to provide intelligence to americans and non-american notifications are aimed at specific threats of intentional homicide, serious bodily injury and kidnapping. So with this notification from the united states, they not only notified u.s. citizens on march 8 but also notified some specific information to russian intelligence agencies before march 8. So why did the united states do this matter must be done according to the provisions of american law. Not only do you tell americans, you are not an american. You also have an obligation to tell others. As long as it involves intentional homicide, serious bodily injury, and kidnapping, even though russia is a hostile country, this is what we need to do. We analyze clearly why americans are so well-intentioned or do good deeds. The seventh information revealed in this new york times article is also very interesting.

Putin has always been disdainful of u.s. intelligence. No, in 2017 and 2019, the united states also notified russia twice of what was going to happen. Terrorist attacks: russia successfully foiled these two possible terrorist attacks in st. petersburg based on u.s. intelligence. Putin also publicly thanked the u.s. government for providing information. In 2017-19, he publicly thanked the u.s. twice for providing such information about terrorist incidents. The information that happened helped russia avoid disaster. This time, putin lost his temper. Putin's hostility to the united states has reached an extreme. So he is full of hostility to the united states. As you can imagine, the comprehensiveness of the information reported by the united states may also be there will be some discounts involuntarily, and as of today, russian officials have no intention of thanking the united states for providing such early warning information. Instead, they continue to slander the united states. So you can link the above seven aspects to see that this terrorist attack in russia is indeed true. With putin’s blind arrogance, there are obvious dereliction of duty in all aspects of command, deployment and deployment. So i think this article is worth everyone’s understanding.

The third aspect of important news to share with netizens is a report from reuters with the title it was after milai called petro a terrorist that colombia expelled argentine diplomats. Reports suggest that argentina's president called colombia's president a terrorist, murderer, and communist, sparking a diplomatic spat. Colombia ordered the expulsion of argentine diplomats to andy. The colombian ministry of foreign affairs quoted argentine president milai's slanderous remarks against colombian president petro and issued a declaration yesterday saying that in addition to offending the dignity of the democratically elected president, the argentine president's comments also worsened the trust of our country. So what about this matter? What happened was that argentine president milai said in an interview with the american tv station cnn that colombian president petro was a terrorist, murderer and communist.

However, the cnn interview had not yet been broadcast because they were planning to do it on a an important special column was broadcast, but cnn showed off this information interview clip and made a preview. In order to increase the ratings, colombians saw this preview. How can they call our president a terrorist, communist, murderer, so this news? Lt would like to make a comment on the current president of colombia, petro. He is the first left-wing person elected as president of colombia in the past few decades. Milai said that he is a terrorist and murderer. It is not an exaggeration at all. It is not an exaggeration at all. Because he is from the colombian guerrillas. These guerrillas do everything from drug trafficking, burning, killing, and looting. But in the current colombian election, he has elected such a guerrilla leader, so there is nothing you can do about it. How did colombian president petro himself respond to being scolded by milai?

His response was also very interesting. He said, milais, i think you look like hitler. You said he was a terrorist, murderer, and communist. He said milais was hitler. So this news can also help us understand the two major problems in latin america. This kind of collision between the camps is still very fierce. Milai's combativeness seems to have not diminished at all. There will be more and more news about milai in the future. As for him, he is indeed the first and the most thoughtful. Second, he has a fighting spirit. Many people have ideas and are too lazy to fight milai. He has many experiences, so this is very interesting. The fourth important news to share with netizens is an article from today's china foreign propaganda hong kong 01.

It is the most popular topic between taiwan and china recently. The cross-strait news is that ma ying-jeou will visit china for the second time, and public opinion in taiwan revealed that this time ma ying-jeou will be interviewed by xi jinping when he goes to mainland china. The taiwan affairs office of the state council of china also seemed to hint at his press conference, but there were revelations. The spokesperson said that we will make arrangements for ma ying-jeou to visit mainland china again, especially the fact that he may be interviewed by xi jinping. There is a great contrast in public opinion on both sides of the taiwan strait. Chinese public opinion cheers and supports the matter that xi jinping may interview ma ying-jeou. This is considered to be the victory of a united front is quite controversial in taiwan. Some taiwanese public opinion thinks that ma ying-jeou should go there to do whatever he wants. It is best not to betray taiwan. You can go to visit xi jinping's grave yourself. But you cannot lead taiwan and you cannot influence it. Taiwan's interests: some taiwanese public opinion believes that ma ying-jeou can ease cross-strait relations, which gives the impression that mainland china is very welcoming or well-designed for ma ying-jeou's second visit to china.

However, today's 01 article is the current standard for china's foreign affairs. Today’s article is very interesting. It’s worth taiwanese netizens to understand what the ccp internally thinks about ma ying-jeou. Ma ying-jeou’s second visit to the mainland is not as elated as some pink netizens in china. They are also somewhat conflicted about his visit to the mainland and ma ying-jeou himself. This article is very interesting. Please understand what the article describes. Ma ying-jeou will visit the mainland twice from april 1st to 11th. This has caused a lot of discussion in public opinion on both sides of the taiwan strait. Coincidentally, ma ying-jeou has visited the mainland twice. The visit to the mainland happens to be at a relatively sensitive time. In march and april last year, tsai ing-wen was transiting through the united states during the basic period. This year, taiwan vice president-elect xiao meiqin visited the united states and europe. Lai qingde himself will also be officially sworn in on may 20. At such a time when ma ying-jeou visited mainland china, he raised a question: did ma ying-jeou die peacefully or was he covering the democratic progressive party's pursuit of taiwan independence?

This is also the title of his article today. Did ma ying-jeou die peacefully or was he covering up the pursuit of taiwan independence? It is quite impactful because in my general impression, the ccp believes that ma ying-jeou is a representative of the reunification faction. Secondly, there are some complicated comments about ma ying-jeou within the ccp. First of all, he described these two views. Some people say that ma ying-jeou is peaceful death, he said this statement is not unreasonable because ma ying-jeou has never advocated taiwan independence or said that he supports taiwan independence. He agrees with the cross-strait one-china upholding the 1992 consensus and identifies himself as chinese. So these are in line with the requirements of the ccp, but in china there is also internal distrust of ma ying-jeou.

What do you think of the statement that ma ying-jeou is protecting taiwan independence? He said that this statement is also reasonable. Ma ying-jeou proposed different three-no propositions during his term, so the difference means disunity and emphasizes the identity of the taiwanese people. He pointed out that ma ying-jeou's cover for taiwan independence is also a long-term judgment. He said that ma ying-jeou and even the entire kuomintang have never said that they support cross-strait reunification since lee teng-hui, let alone promote complete reunification. The differences ma ying-jeou proposed during his term were naked rejection of reunification, so he at the end of the article, what kind of position does he want to express? He said that ma ying-jeou and the democratic progressive party's taiwan independence are not exactly the same. Ma ying-jeou is actually pursuing chinese independence. The so-called chinese independence is the independence of the republic of china, which is a more dangerous thing. So i say that ma ying-jeou and the kuomintang's current cross-strait thinking are generally the same, which is to cheat, eat, drink, cheat on the taiwan policy, and then wait for changes.

In this article, he seems to want to show two different viewpoints, and it seems that both viewpoints must be taken into account, but judging from the length and wording of the article, it is obvious that it supports the view of questioning ma ying-jeou or being wary of ma ying-jeou. So this is very interesting. This view represents a position close to the chinese official position. It also allows us to point out that the ccp is still attacking and suppressing ma ying-jeou. It uses ma ying-jeou and is wary of ma ying-jeou. So this is very interesting and worthy of taiwanese netizens to know. The fifth important news to share with netizens is that many chinese people overseas today one of the things that the media is hotly discussing is also an influential incident that recently occurred on the overseas chinese network. Because the overseas chinese network is an open public opinion environment, it is always noisy. So this recent conflict of opinions or this kind of noise and movement it’s still a bit big and worth everyone’s understanding.

Taiwanese media reported today and briefly described the matter. Cai xia, a former professor at the central party school who lives in the united states, recently pointed out on social platforms out of good intentions that the mainland is transforming xinjiang and the situation of compatriots in xinjiang is even more miserable. Then this she still called for attention to xinjiang issues and the human rights of local people in xinjiang, but she did not expect a response from yili xiati, director of the china affairs department of the world uyghur congress. She responded and said thank you cai xia for paying attention to the uyghurs, but we must respect the fact that we are not compatriots uyghurs and han chinese neither belong to the same cultural circle nor believe in the same religion. There is also a big gap in appearance. So after yilishati’s statement appeared, it caused a great response. Some people supported her. For example, japan, who is a mongolian, entered hong kong.

Yang haiying, a professor of cultural anthropology at the university, supported yi li xia. She said that we are not brothers, let alone compatriots. She said shamelessly that no one can do without you. We are happy without you and do not want to get involved with china. So yang haiying gave an interview to the media. At that time, she said that the word compatriots was a political term controlled by the ccp. She said that the ccp has been using violence against all democracies for a long time since its establishment, and it has more knives than other political parties such as the kuomintang. It is good at telling beautiful lies and using double-dealing tactics. It sounds nicer than anyone else, but what it does is worse than anyone else. Yang haiying said that in chinese history, it is often said that unless i have my own intention, i will do what i want. As long as you are not a compatriot with me, then you have second thoughts. So the ccp says to the mongolians and uyghurs. When we are compatriots, we actually just want to assimilate them and eliminate them. They have to inject their blood into their bodies. This approach is inherently racially discriminatory. Forcing you to become compatriots is racially discriminatory, but it is also supported by many netizens.

Professor cai xia has good intentions and is trying to help you and warn the ccp that it should be kinder to the uyghurs in xinjiang. But i appreciate your kindness, but i don’t want to be a compatriot with you. So some people moved to yilishati or moved in. Uighurs, there are some netizens who say that it will be okay from now on, no matter how the ccp punishes you. Of course, there are also some netizens who think that the uyghur muslims in xinjiang are engaged in terror and are a source of instability, even among many anti-communists or anti-thieves. The uyghurs in xinjiang also have no favorable impressions, so this argument has become a big discussion or quarrel. So i just want to share and analyze one aspect of this hot event. I believe everyone will have their own opinions, positions or feelings. Everyone may have different feelings about this conflict of opinions. Lt does not want to judge who is right and who is wrong in the opinions of the two people they talked about. Lt just wants to put forward a phenomenon from the perspective of the incident itself and suggest that netizens should think about us. This often happens in china's domestic social media and may not necessarily happen in overseas clouds.

For example, some people are very concerned about taiwan's democracy and even support taiwan's sovereignty. For example, they supported democracy in taiwan's general election. Join the party, but when discussing some taiwan issues on social media, you often encounter some supporters or fanatical supporters of the democratic progressive party. One day, they are chinese netizens. No matter what you say, shut up. We are taiwan. We don’t care about you. We are taiwan. Mind your own affairs, so this will make some netizens who care about taiwan's sovereignty or support the democratic progressive party feel very hurt.

I was originally supporting you. Your conscience has been eaten by a dog. Good intentions have no reward, so face this kind of situation. What will happen? There are some people who changed their stance because of the conflict with the words of some taiwanese netizens. Damn it, i don’t support taiwan’s independence, and i don’t support the democratic progressive party either. In fact, this kind of thing it still happens a lot. For example, a lot of people's comments about trump are actually because some of trump's fanatical supporters attack or violently reject other people's less loyal and absolute comments about trump. As a result, some people even opposed trump, including taiwan's han kuo-yu, who is also a fan of han kuo-yu, and you cannot be provoked. After you are provoked, you will attack in groups. Many people are because of the fierceness of han kuo-yu's fans. It has greatly affected the view of han kuo-yu. This phenomenon is everywhere, and it is becoming more and more like this in the internet age, including the chinese fan circles. I originally liked this star, but what you said is not the same as the people in these fan circles. So if you are not so loyal and absolutely treat celebrities, people in the fan circle will shoot you to death, fool and bomb you. So why is it that mt is unwilling to focus on team cai xia or ilishati? Yes, cai xia is subjective. Although we have good intentions and care about the uyghurs, we are eventually rejected or even resented by the uyghurs.

In fact, when participating in this kind of public affairs discussion, we may need to distinguish between some moderators and the essence of the discussion issues. Lt does not advocate that it is because of the remarks of these individual people. Conflict changes your judgment on an issue or the larger context, especially in this us election year. In fact, every tendency has its own reasonable performance. Lt also hopes that netizens who follow this channel will have more opinions on different positions. Some tolerance. This kind of tolerance does not mean to assimilate and unify the mind. It means tolerance. The mainland of china is divided into two sides.

If they can absorb each other, they can only absorb a little. If they cannot absorb each other, no one can take advantage of the other. There is nothing that can be done. Therefore, this incident may continue to ferment. Lt raised this question to think about this kind of issue may be an event worthy of deep reflection for our survival in the network ecology. Finally, i will share with netizens the major chinese news that the international mainstream media is most concerned about today, because this channel still hopes to provide netizens with a perspective. Looking at china's issues from the perspective of the world or world public opinion, the biggest news that the international mainstream media is paying attention to in china today is that xi jinping is going to release water. The so-called xi jinping is going to release water. Xi jinping is going to stimulate the economy. China's money printing press is working overtime again. This is very explosive. The reason why the international mainstream media is paying attention is because wall street has been pointing out the direction for xi jinping. If the chinese economy is not good, you have to print money, and you have to relax stimulus. This is because wall street does the same for the united states, because wall street is extravagant and does not talk about it. If you are just, as long as the currency injects water, asset prices will rise. Stock prices will rise, and commodity futures prices will rise. Wall street will make money. So as to whether this kind of water injection is good or bad, it has no moral obligation, so it also cuts interest rates for manufacturing in the united states.

This is a permanent topic. The same is true for china. Xi jinping has been reluctant to make large policy investments in the past two years. However, after the clean-up movement ended, various policies have been tried. China's economy is still in a sluggish state. So public opinion is counting down to when xi jinping will start deducting money. Flying flights can really stimulate the chinese economy. Look at china's stock market, which rises in one day and falls in two days. Today's very explosive information not only gives the chinese market a little stimulation, but also confirms the authenticity of this information. Then wall street i am rushing to report today. So how did this news come about? This is a report from xinhua news agency a few days ago on march 24. This report did not arouse any response in china and the international public opinion did not arouse any response. It was because it reported that xi jinping was talking about finance. This book "work statement" is published by the central literature publishing house and covers the period from november 2012 to february 2024, which is the february period that just ended. Xi jinping's speeches on finance are treated as waste paper by everyone. It's a good thing that zhao benshan used it to block the south china morning post. Today, he said that he found a breaking news from the xinhua news agency report. It is earth-shattering news. Xi jinping has decided to release the currency and stimulate the economy. This has been going smoothly for two years and is finally opening this is very shocking. How did the south china morning post report this big news today?

He said that you read this book and revealed that on october 30, 2023, at the very intensive central economic and financial work conference held last year, xi jinping gave china's financial industry points out the direction. Oh, this is very specific. This is beyond lt's imagination. Xi jinping has given such specific guidance to china's central bank, the people's bank of china, which is china's central bank. This is still very rare. It is the head of state who gives specific operational details. It’s a bit surprising that he said it so specifically and in such detail.

Xi jinping mentioned in his speech that his original words are that it is necessary to enrich the monetary policy toolbox. The people’s bank of china should gradually increase the purchase and sale of government bonds in the open market. This sentence is incredible in the entire international mainstream finance today. The media all thought this was huge news. So why did this sentence shock international public opinion? It also led to the rebound of china’s stock market today. The south china morning post analyzed that the last time the chinese central bank bought and sold national debt was in the early 2000s, and it was hu jintao. Article jiabao and the others used it for two years when they first came to power. After that, the people's bank of china stopped buying and selling treasury bonds. So how did it adjust this liquidity? Mainly through re-lending and lowering banks' deposit reserve ratios, which means cutting interest rates and raising interest rates. The gold rate is no longer used to control the buying and selling of treasury bonds. So the central bank’s buying and selling of treasury bonds, which has been suspended for nearly 20 years, is going to be resumed.

Why is this a very significant change in economic policy? Well, netizens who follow the international capital market may believe this. I have a deeper understanding that this is a nuclear bomb. Just think about it. When the united states responded to the 2008 financial crisis, it adopted a very effective policy. The 2008 financial crisis led to a general weakening of the market and a shrinking economy. The economy also continued to decline. This kind of pressure, then the chairman of the federal reserve, bernanke, proposed a set of measures to deal with it, which is quantitative easing q1. What does quantitative easing mean? It is the central bank. He gradually purchases treasury bonds according to the plan. So what does the central bank's purchase of treasury bonds mean? The central bank is going to print money and put the banknotes into the market. It puts the banknotes into the market and it recycles the government bonds. Then the liquidity of the market will be greatly increased. The currency injection will become very straightforward. This is one of bernanke's policies. A great invention, he also won the nobel prize in economics because of this. So the central bank's purchase of national bonds is the kind of q1 that netizens are very familiar with. So what about q1? Its power is no less than that of cutting interest rates. It is even like this. The power of policy consistency is greater than any interest rate cut, because this kind of quantitative easing and quantitative tightening has a relatively long cycle, and its influence on monetary policy is much greater than short-term changes in interest rate policy.

This is a nuclear bomb day policy. So after the south china morning post report, it caused some commotion in china. Today's stock market reacted, but people are still digesting whether this news is true or not. So the south china morning post also explained that xi jinping it was said in october last year that as of today, the people’s bank of china has not purchased government bonds. How to explain this phenomenon? If your news is not accurate, the south china morning post explained that from xi jinping’s direction, the central bank resumed the purchase and sale of government bonds to the real situation of the central bank.

Operating it requires a preparatory stage. So at present, this preparatory stage is almost completed. It is said that pan gongsheng will start to release water in a very short period of time. This is what the "south china morning post" made people believe. His judgment is correct. He said the first reason and the second reason are that there is currently very little room for the central bank to lower the required reserve ratio. China's economy is still in such a state that it is difficult to survive. If you want to maintain growth and maintain 5% of gdp, you must have looser policies. So the "south china morning post" said about monetary policy that xi jinping had to make the money printing press work overtime as a last resort. So ltv netizens shared two views on this major breaking news. First, the first is about the resumption of the central bank's operation in the second quarter. Ltv believes that this news is very big and important, but we still maintain a cautious observation because we can see from the quantitative easing policy of the united states and japan that once they enter this policy, they will start this qe. It is difficult for you to stop, because if you stop suddenly, it will have a huge negative impact on the market. So if you have to continue qe for a period, then if you want to exit, you need quantitative tightening, and you cannot exit immediately. It also requires a long cycle. So these habits whether ming has thought through whether the people's bank of china is ready for ltv or is relatively cautious. The judgment of this incident needs to be observed because several data recently released by the ccp are still good. For example, the profits of industrial enterprises have rebounded significantly, such as foreign trade. The data are all good, so there is good data in front of us. It will also slow down the introduction of such a qe, so ltv is taking a cautious stance on what kind of activities will happen.

The second point to share with netizens is this news. On the one hand, xinhua news agency reported that xi jinping’s remarks, especially the speech at the central financial work conference on october 30 last year, still shocked ltv because it had never been thought that xi jinping would ask the central bank to do so specifically. Even the specific meaning of the policy was determined by xi jinping. When it comes to deployment, it’s still a bit shocking. You see, if the us federal reserve wants to implement this qe, and blanc has an idea, it will have to be discussed by the whole wall street and the whole united states. And to grasp this kind of proportion, you have to go through various large-scale calculations. Chairman xi, just look at him and slap him on the head. Give me qe and buy and sell national debt. This is still very scary. So in today's political atmosphere in china, chairman xi has to do whatever he says. Ltv just said that the cautious attitude is right. When will it be launched in the near future? It is more prudent to launch it in the near future. Then president xi said that this matter must be done by pangus, so this will bring great risks. Of course, xi jinping may have his think tank when he said this. His think tank may have pro-literary experts, but such specific instructions from xi jinping are unquestionable in the chinese political field. There is no policy room for maneuver. This is still very scary. It is just like what putin said just now about putin’s terrorist attack on russia. He doesn’t care if your entire security agency pays more attention to it. It’s useless to act like xi jinping. It's useless to say that you need to be loose and let others go, no matter how cautious others are, so this is still very shocking. He gave such specific guidance for such a highly technical and professional work. No matter from which perspective, this matter is a bit unreasonable. The above is thank you for watching the content shared with netizens today.

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