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5 Tips for Sending Cold Outreach Emails (SO IMPORTANT FOR FREELANCERS)

One of the biggest musical acts on the planet built their entire business with this skill

Okay there is one skill that is more important more valuable than any other skill when it comes to building a long-term sustainable freelance writing business in fact this skill is so powerful that one of the biggest recording artists in the world use this to build their entire career and it's directly applicable to you as a freelance writer. So what is that skill sending personalized emails hear me out. I know this may sound boring irrelevant or not that interesting. But i promise you if you watch this video this is going to be the most useful thing you learned this week for your freelance business real quick if you're not sure who i am my name is sean ogle.

Sean who?

Of this thing here at location rebel where we teach you how to make money on the internet with your words whether that's through freelancing blogging affiliate marketing you name it i'm not gonna ask you to subscribe now but if you get some value by the end of this video maybe consider subscribing thumbs up doing all the things.

My 5 best tools for killer emails...but first, a story about that big name band.

To create killer personal emails that are going to actually get you jobs and get you work but first i want to tell you the story about a group called the chain smokers so i'm sure you've heard one of their songs before but the two guys alex and drew basically growth hacked their way towards building a successful career as musicians so here's what they did so back in the day before like spotify before apple music before you had these streaming services they could rank songs there was a blog called hype machine and essentially if you went viral on the hype machine that was essentially like going viral on spotify and getting you know your music pushed to a bunch of different people so what they would do is they would find the indie artists that were doing the best on hype machine. And then they would go and they would beg them to allow them to remix their songs and to get them to send them the stems so they had all the tools they needed to remix the songs so basically what would happen is as these indie songs would take off every time that happened they were trying to have a remix ready so when a song got popular they would have the remix ready to go. And then what they would do is they would personally email hundreds of these college kids that were essentially the people that were responsible for pushing them up the pipe machine charts and he would essentially persuade them to write about the remix to bump it up on the charts to give it a good review with his personal email skills in fact he was doing this so much that his gmail account got blocked because they thought he was a robot because he was sending so many emails and over the years they've said in numerous interviews that this is what led to their big break they got big on hype machine solely on the backs of reaching out to people via cold email to help them get their songs bumped up the charts that's pretty phenomenal if you ask me and you can use that exact same strategy in your freelance business to build relationships and get clients let's talk.

Don't be this.

About how to do that. Okay so five strategies to make your personal outreach emails better be funny be personable but don't be a character. So it's one of those things that i found because i get a lot of pitch emails to me people that think they're really good copywriters they try and be super clever and they try and make it super funny. And it sounds super over the top to the point where it sounds fake so you want to be personable if you can be funny if you can work in some personality into that email it's great but don't go so far over the top that it's clear you're just doing it in kind of a salesy way that you're not being authentic because every time i get one of those emails i just kind of say okay you're trying too hard like actually try and relate with me as a person as opposed to trying to go so over the top funny and creative that it just doesn't seem authentic so be funny be personable but don't be a caricaturer of yourself two if you follow my.

"No" isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Videos for a while you know this is one of the best tips i've got make it easy to say no in every outreach email i send i always use the four words it's totally cool if it's totally cool if you're not looking for writers right now i just wanted to reach out and introduce myself it's totally cool if this isn't a good fit i just wanted to say i admire your work and i wanted to reach out and introduce myself whatever it might be by making it easy to say no it shows that you respect them it shows that you respect their time it shows that you're a real person so by making it easier to say no you're actually making it more likely that they're going to say yes three complement.

Be sincere.

Sincerely that second part is the most important compliment sincerely i can't tell you how many templated emails i get that say i loved your blog post on how to start affiliate marketing where they will then use like the actual url so it's very clear they're like they've got a spreadsheet insert name insert blog name insert url of post you can see right through it's inauthentic so what you want to do is spend enough time researching the person you're reaching out to find a few things that you admire about them about their business about the things they are doing and then give them a sincere compliment don't just do it in a way where it's very clear that you just found their most popular blog post inserted the link and said yeah i love this post it's great people can see right through that these days find a unique way to compliment them sincerely and that's going to go a really long ways man i gotta miss doing the like on location videos i wish i.

Viva Las Vegas!

Had a light so you could see the view i'm looking at right now because it's las vegas strip it's pretty cool there's a lot of stimulation happening out there a lot of lights a lot of screens i kind of forgot how over stimulated vegas can be this place is a lot four try and figure out.

Be valuable.

How you can be most valuable to them obviously you know what you're trying to accomplish here you're trying to get freelance work you're trying to get them to pay you but first what you need to figure out is what do they want what are they looking for and again this is something you need to do sincerely i get so many templated emails like somewhere there is a course that is teaching this because i get dozens of the same email every month that's essentially like i love what you're doing i can help you with your sales in fact i put together a three email sequence that i did just for you as a free gift to help you boost your sales would you like me to send that over. No i wouldn't because i've already got 10 other people that said that exact same thing today. And i'm kind of curious to actually say yes and go down the rabbit hole and see where it goes. But i don't want to waste anyone's time i'm sick of people wasting my time so figure out what you can do to actually help them maybe you're a subject matter expert in whatever industry you're trying to become a freelance writer for so for me it's golf if i'm trying to reach out and get a guest blog or do freelance writing for a golf website i might say something like hey i've been looking at your website i think everything you're doing is great my background's actually in seo i found a few keywords that you should be able to really rank for pretty easily and i've actually reviewed those products so i would love to write a guest post just for you where i use the products i've hands-on with them and i can even include some photos that you can use as well would that be valuable to you so they're like cool. This person's gonna do the seo research they're going to write the article they're going to do the photographs and i'm going to make money off the traffic. And i'm gonna be the one that's gonna be able to make affiliate sales off that like that's a no-brainer for somebody so that's kind of a unique use case but see what you can do to really probe a little bit more to figure out how you can add value and if you can't do it in a sincere authentic way then maybe consider just leaving that part out just work on building the relationship work on getting them to respond to you. And then you can go from there. But if you do have something unique if you've got a unique ability if you feel like it's very clear how you can help them specifically.

Be strategic.

Let them know that and finally number five be strategic. Yes you've got to be personable. Yes you've got to build real relationships but also you're running a business so you need to be organized and be strategic in how you are approaching those things and so a lot of people will just use a basic spreadsheet to track the list of people they want to reach out to notes you know dates of when they've contacted them there's a tool called streak for gmail and that's what i recommend that's what i use because they've got a free version that's great and so what that's going to allow you to do. Is it's going to allow you to schedule emails so say you're only able to work on writing outreach emails on the weekend. But you know tuesday mornings are going to be a better time to reach out to people so you can schedule all of those emails to go out on tuesday at 10 a.m you can also see if someone has opened the emails so what that allows you to do is if you know they opened it at 7 12 a.m then you might accelerate your follow-up process so if you know they haven't opened it then maybe you give them a few extra days. But if you know they have opened it then maybe you say. Okay i'm gonna wait 48 hours. And then i'm gonna follow up again because i know they saw the original email it also allows you to take notes it's basically a built-in crm for your gmail and that is super powerful. So if you start using those tools to get organized and have a plan around your outreach honestly you're going to be kind of unstoppable so there you go five strategies for improving your email outreach i know i've talked about this a lot in videos lately but this is truly the most valuable thing the most useful thing for getting freelance writing jobs that people don't talk about you don't see many people talking about this kind of email outreach and this cold email approach but that is the thing that works. But i'm going to keep harping on it because it's been so valuable for me personally for the people in location rebel academy it simply works so essentially you're improving your copywriting skills. But it's kind of a subset of that where you're learning to write personalized outreach emails and if you can do that well you will never hurt for money again there you go that's it that's what i got for you.


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