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5 New Productivity Launches on Product Hunt

So i found five things on the productivity section in product hunt this week that i want to dive into i'm very excited so let's dive in hello folks my name is francesca d'alessio and welcome to keep productive we're very excited to be diving into product hunt and what happened last week on it lots of different things happening on it.


And they did pretty well on product 10 a while ago but they've released this ai function that allows you to essentially organize your team's calendar and make better use of it but do things like get inside protect certain time in blocks so that you actually focusing on their sort of personal work but the insights are quite interesting like here it can tell you how much time you're spending on meetings when you're contact switching when you're sort of fragmenting team time but the ai can also help block the time next week for the those periods of time so it's quite an interesting little setup here and they've got what they're calling an extensive api allowing you to really go a lot further interacting with tasks apps and others so it's really interesting to see this it did quite well 571 up votes including myself but morgan seemed to be growing much further for those who don't know morgan this is their page and they did a release a while ago crikey six months ago it feels much longer than that. But they're a super day when they released it and they're really going from strength to strength to say the least so this one was something that interested me it's called.

Flow Club

Flow club for communities now basically what it does it turns any slack discord a circle into a co-working space and i've seen a couple of these co-working productivity space apps and i thought they looked pretty cool. So you can see here that what you can do is basically structure the sessions and have like a pomodoro timer the focus and some tasks as well which is pretty cool. And it's all premised around this concept of being there together and doing it and during these co-working social people actually talk to each other and that's just scheduled breaks.

Focus Mate

I think it was called focus mate i wonder whether they've have posted this is another one that is of similar sort of structure. But it's really interesting to see these co-working productivity applications and you can see this one has sort of evolved since then now another release that.


Happened last week was one called rose two. And i actually reviewed rose a while ago reviewed rows one but two actually includes a lot more embedding api and improved ways to be able to add tables forms and charts. But it's great for those who are looking to express their information in something less dull or less dull than microsoft excel or google sheets and what's nice is you can collaborate with teams on it in real time which is something you can do with google sheets but definitely they got a good amount of attention from their release next up is raycast now i'm so surprised ray castillo got so low on the old ratings but for.


Me it got much higher i really think raycast is in a really good position with artificial intelligence because what it does is it allows you to use keyboard commands you can bring it up as you're doing your work but what's cool is it can actually go over the top and rephrase some stuff. And now it's using you know chat gpt over top. And i think that's really neat. And there's an api that has loads of different plugins i think there's loads of different apps like super notes many more that actually take advantage of the api which is great to use so i think raycast ai is really interesting that happened 15 days ago secondly or not last week. But we're catching up it happened in march and finally there's one that really impressed me god what a gorgeous crm it looks like it is looking very much like notion but it's a collaborative crm that allows you to manage all aspects of the business in this lovely looking it's red same when it is lovely looking. But it looks really nice. And you can see task notes emails and reports and bring them in into a crm system and what's nice they've got a bunch of templates on there customizable. And it's much more designed for i would say high level trying to visualize and report insights and things like that. But you can see here that people tend to be liking it got product of the day and second product of the week and all good sort of feedback about it especially the design aspects so really interesting releases on product hunt guys hopefully we'l be back next week to dive into a few more that are in space but my name is francesca d'alessio and i'm excited to share more about my favorite things on product 10.

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