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Live SMMA Client Outreach Via Cold Email


In the last two weeks alone we've managed to sign eight new high-ticket clients at the affluent agency now a big part of our outreach strategy is email and today i'm gonna be outreaching live to some businesses via email for you guys and i'm even gonna show you how to automate the process so you can build a solid email outreach system for yourself now this video will be similar to the video we did last year when i was going through live dm outreach. And if you haven't seen that already then i'l put a link somewhere or in the description make sure you check that out after this video now i haven't done another cold outreach email video on this channel before so make sure you get rid of all your distractions today because this gonna be a big one.

Why Email is Important

Let's get straight into this so you're probably watching this video because you're struggling to sign up clients or your digital marketing agency or maybe you're looking to start one you just want to learn the ropes well you're in the right place because email is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to outreach new businesses when you are first starting out or if you're an existing agency as well it's an essential part of your overall outreach strategy the issue is 9 of people do email outreach most people blast out hundreds of completely unpersonalized emails and when we're in any kind of sales environment we need to put ourselves in the mind of our potential customer how would i feel how would we feel if we received an email from someone that we do not know it's completely unpersonalized trying to sell me on a service that i've never heard about or trying to get me on a meeting probably gonna delete it. Right we're all gonna ignore it or we're gonna say i'm not interested it's because we feel like a cog we feel like a number. And they've sent it to loads of other people we're not stupid so don't act like your potential clients are either the key is that we personalize every single email that we send out that we make that person feel special and make them feel like we haven't gone ahead and sent this email out to hundreds of other people we need to see something that is unique to them and i'm going to touch on that later on today another big mistake i see people make is they c or copy in their entire lead list to be lazy. Okay. And there are ways around this do not ever send an email with one person in the two and copy loads of emails in the c because everybody can see who you're emailing. And you're just gonna fail it doesn't work. And i know that because i did it myself when i worked in my first ever sales job screwing it up didn't work don't do it. But i have got a solution for you. And i'm gonna show you shortly now another thing people do is they try and sell via email our outreach email or any outreach as an agency owner should not be used to try and sell our product or our service. Okay we need to use it as an opportunity to strike interest and get that person on a booked meeting so we can prepare ourselves before that meeting and then go through a meeting strategy that has been proven to work time and time again now the final common thing i see people do is send and forget how could you be so stupid people reach out to a potential lead. And then they forget to follow up well what about if that person was busy what about if they just missed your email what about if it got lost in the mass of other people that have reached out to them well you've just burnt a lead you haven't followed them up and so the key to any successful email outreach is that you follow up with that person again and again until you either get a no or a. Yes so what i'm gonna do in this video is go through the entire process of actually finding a potential customer to reach out to getting their information sending them an email and i'l give you a structure for that email as well and then i'm even going to show you how to automate things so you can save a lot of time you can automate those follow-ups and eliminate send and forget so with that in mind let's jump onto the mac.

Finding a Potential Customer

We're going to use google today just going to show you how to use everyday tools to actually find customers for your agency so first thing we need to do is think of a niche so let's say we want to reach out to jim apparel companies i searched it on google and i've got a bunch of videos on the ideal customer on this channel i'l put a link somewhere or in the description go watch them after this one but for now we're just going to try and find one off the cuff and now i would recommend not looking on the page one on google. It's going to be a lot of big companies we've got jim shark on here. Nike. Okay jim pro power we don't wanna we don't wanna be messing around with these way. Too big companies. So we wanna head up to maybe page five sometimes page three it depends on the niche and we're gonna try and find a company what's this top of the page. Rome. Okay rowan what do you look like the waffle henley. Okay. Nice cool images nice company obviously pretty well established got a lot of content let's see if we can find their details now i always like to look for an about me page they don't have one. But i have brand. Okay. What is that so let's see if we can find anything about them. Okay can we find a business owners name no fine. So what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna go back over to google we know it's called rome. And we're gonna go rome owner. Wow. That's easy but that doesn't happen often. Okay. It's very uncommon for the owner to come straight up on google. But it's because there's a blog post what i would be looking here is for this linkedin page which we can see here they've got a wikipedia page which is great this is obviously quite a large company actually 50 employees are not as large as you would think they've got a couple of blog articles as well this is very useful. But we know this is now nate check it. So what we could do is go back onto google. And we could go nate check it email let's see if we can find his email address let's go on any of these websites easy leads what have we got easy leads it would be easy if we could just find that view. Okay it's not gonna let us see that it's gonna make us pay for that information. Interesting. Okay. So we can't find that now if we can't find information i've already opened up a tab because we use very commonly a tool called hunter actually not so much in our agency these days because we paid for lead generation but if you want to find someone's email address very easily you can use a tool called this is something that i learned in my first ever corporate sales job it's got me ahead of the crowd and enabled me to waste very little time when it came to my outreach now i'm just very silly stupidly got rid of that company name so i've gotten what they're called now. Okay. So i need the domain so we've got take that we're gonna put the domain in there. And we have nate check it. Okay. How do we how do we spell check it nate check it cool. Nice. I'm gonna search and it's going to troll the web to try and find a common pattern for these email addresses so it's found let's copy this email address. And we want to actually check that this email address is legit. Okay. It's actually nate's email so we can use tools like email from there's loads of others as well we can paste that in there we can check it's going to send like a dummy ping to the ip. And it's saying okay this email address is valid which is great so now we have nate's email address what you want to do with that is you want to go ahead.

Creating a Lead List

Lead list if you're an agency owner this is what a simple lead list could look like for you of course can use crm systems as well but or if you're just starting out you don't want to do so you can just create a spreadsheet so we've got business name contact name website niche and location we're actually going to need email address in here as well. Okay. So we're going to paste nate's email we have nate check it and the business is called roan the website is www dot the niche is gym apparel and the location is where are you based it's us. I'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure i saw at the bottom of the page. Okay. What are we working with. Yes it's the us number there so let's go back over to our lead sheet. And we're gonna go us nice. So here we have a lead list and what we would then do is we'd go ahead. And we'd generate a whole bunch of leads we'd spend a couple of hours generating as many leads as possible those are going to be the companies that we are going to reach out to that would be our hit list we're not going to waste our time doing that today.

Lead Generation

Agency. But if you have any money to invest in your company if you have the ability to buy leads lead generation is a very time consuming thing so you can use tools like to actually find people to generate these leads on your behalf so if you go over to fiverr we type in lead generation we can find people at a very cost effective rate to find and collect leads and build lists like this for us so we don't have to so we can just spend our time actually doing the outreach so if i scroll down we can see a whole bunch of people that we can choose let me even just look at want to look for someone with good reviews so let's say i would do b2b lead generation by linkedin sales navigator and crunchbase. Okay. That's fine loads of good reviews and these guys would generate 500 leads for 7 pounds that's pretty good. I mean 500 leads is gonna take you maybe a day maybe probably longer than that if you don't have the right tools for 7 pounds absolute bargain five days delivery i would recommend you getting a lead list. And then you don't have to you don't have to fanny around with doing that yourself so let's get rid of this and let's act as if we were actually going to or let's actually reach out to nate so.

Subject Line

What we would do if we were doing this manually is we would take that email address we'd go over to our email account i use gmail as my host i'm going to put that email address in and then the first thing we need to do is add a subject line now a very important thing on the subject line is that it's very personal it's very important that it's human and it's a little bit outside the box what we absolutely do not want to be doing here is if we're selling a social media marketing service say do you want facebook ads for example it's just really not going to work. And so what we want to do instead is we actually want to say something that strikes some kind of thought. So let me let me is this true nate. Okay someone ask a question now if you're expecting an extensive list of subject lines and copy and paste email scripts today unfortunately you're not gonna get it. I'm gonna teach you something way more valuable than that though i'm gonna teach you the psychology behind why we say what we say and the essential elements to every successful email so you can utilize this today do write an email off the cuff by yourself which is what i'm going to do right now and you can use those lessons in every new sales environment that you are in so let's move on from the subject line and move on to important element number one and that is a personal introduction. Okay an introduction to ourself but actually a personalization about the company. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna say hi nate. And i like to comment on either their facebook page or their website or something that i've seen so it'd actually be useful if i had their website open right now. So i can i can comment on something in fact we do so let's have a look what they've got going on here so we've got the waffle. I really i haven't actually seen gym clothing in waffle before that's something that's pretty unique to me. So i'm gonna say hi nate i came across your website earlier and was really surprised to see waffle and design being used with been your clothing i haven't seen that before i haven't seen that before we've got to say okay let's do that something personal hi it came across your website early on i was really surprised to see the waffle design being used with your within your gym clothing fitness clothing i haven't seen that before and i got to say i love it. Okay because i haven't i haven't seen that before it's a genuine comment and we want to use this and we want to say something genuine for every single person that we are speaking to something that you could only say to them when nate reads this email there's no single part of him that could possibly be possibly believe that i've copy and paste this email and send it to multiple people it is so unique and it is direct to them so we've got a personal a personal comment. And now i kind of need to have a bit of an introduction about myself. And so my name's jordan i own we're a multi platform ads agency specializing in e-commerce ad man i've typed so much today that my my typing style is not on point right now so my name is jordan. Oh. And affleck. Okay. We're gonna serve this. Okay. So here we have our personal introduction the next thing we wanna do important element number two is a pain point.

Ad Performance

Are or aren't doing at the moment something that we can actually help them out with and so for me it's going to be ads and so let's see if they actually are running ads let's go on to their website on their facebook page. Sorry i need to log into facebook right now so just let me do that. Okay. So after we're logged in we want to go down to page transparency on the left hand side it says this page is currently running ads which is cool so we're going to go to page library and just have a little look at them and just see if we can gauge whether or not they're doing a good job no ads in the united kingdom which is fine and that could be an area that we could actually scale them out and let's have a look so we're going to search and what do we got okay let's make sure it's for the right page cool for the running ads just for these shorts got quite a few ads running but they haven't been running i've only been running ads since january. Okay. So i imagine that means that these ads aren't super profitable because i haven't been running for a very long time so i'm gonna close that and go back over to my email i noticed when i was on your facebook page i noticed that you're running ads already how are they performing based on your products and products i bet you're smashing it. Okay. So what we're doing here is this is not necessarily a pain. But we are planting pain in their mind. Okay. So if this company wasn't running ads i would be like i noticed you're not running ads at the minute is there a reason why based on your website products i bet you're smashing it or you should be smashing it. So that's the pain it's like damn we're not running ads we should be they think i'd be smashing it with these guys it's like planting a seed because i do not believe that their ads are performing very well. So i'm saying how are they performing and i'm planting the seed of okay maybe not too well in which case they're going to go ahead. And they're going to respond if they're not performing very well and because i've presumed that they should be so that is the pain point. And obviously you can adapt this to whatever pains or whatever services you're providing if you're remodeling their website if you're doing email marketing make sure this is relevant to whatever service you're trying to provide okay now after planting that seed of pain we want to provide a solution to that as well. Okay we want to offer them a solution and let them know what services that we actually provide or what we can actually do so if we're an existing agency we could say something like we get with achieving on average. So no let's say 4x row ads depending on what you're actually achieving for our gym apparel clients at the moment. And i know we could do the same for the for you below is a screenshot of a recent client. Okay if you've got case studies put that case study below. Okay. I'm writing this off the cuff by the way guys like this is this is this is all completely off the cuff based on the psychology behind what we're trying to achieve it so we're offering a solution we're based on it and let's say we're not winning we're a new start agency and we don't have this based on from my initial from my initial inspect lurk i truly think that i can help you increase your ad profit ability and looking at your ads gave me some great ideas. Okay. So this is what we're planting. Okay if we're a new start agency we don't have existing testimonials we want to say something along the lines of look based on what i've seen i can help you out so from my initial look i truly think that i can help you increase your ad profitability and looking at your ads gave me some great ideas i'd love to share them with you are you available tomorrow or not tomorrow over the next few days for an informal chat. Okay. This is our call to action this is the final most important element of an email. Okay. It's all well and good selling someone getting them hooked in giving them a personal outreach planning those pain points and actually providing a solution but if we don't call to action we don't tell them what we actually want then the email isn't going to work so we're saying i'd love to share them with you i'd love to share these ideas are you available over the next few days for an informal chat. Okay. And it really is as simple as that so let's just recap we wanted a subject line which is a little bit outside the box. And there's thought provoking we then want a personalized introduction the personalization is essential. Okay. We're gonna strike some kind of a pain point based on what they're doing at the minute we're gonna offer solution to that. And we're gonna have a call to action this is the framework of any successful outreach in general not even just in through emails but also dms and cold calls as well okay use the same framework now finally we have our signature. Just a nice signature. You don't need anything fancy here now i'm gonna go ahead and actually send this email because our agency has a lot of results really i should be mentioning a case study and i should putting in rise here but we haven't got the time to go ahead and actually change all of that and we've got leads out of our ears at the minute. So i don't mind if this doesn't convert as well as it could have done if i put in our case studies so we're just going to hit send there. Okay. So now that is sent but to be honest that's not really the most efficient way of doing things in fact let's go back over to this camera for now as an agency automation tools are always going to help us refine our time and allow us.

Automation Tools

Reach out to more people and so today i actually want to show you very quickly how to automate the email outreach system and how to automate follow-ups as well for your marketing agency so what i'm going to do is we're going to go back into the computer. And i'm going to show you a tool called lem list which is the outreach tool we use for emails in our agency the affluent agency let's go. Okay. So all you need to do to access lemlist is click the link in the description or type in.

Logging In on your web browser and you can hit start for free to create a completely free account on the platform now i'm gonna go ahead and log in so you can see the back end.


When we have created an account we're gonna be taken straight through to the dashboard you can see on the right hand side here we've got a whole bunch of information and tools that we can access yours actually won't look like this you will have an onboarding setup form that'l help you actually get your email account added to lemlist and have all the necessary settings already now it's very easy to do it's going to take you under 15 minutes. So i'm not going to run through that right now i'l let lemonlist do what they are good at but what i am going to show you is how to set up a campaign on lem list because what a lend list allows us to do is actually upload a whole bunch of leads an entire lead list and it will send out all of our emails automatically for us staggering them over time it will even automatically follow up with our leads too so.

New Campaign

I'm gonna hit new campaign and let's do campaign for youtube. Okay. I'm gonna click next we're gonna go ahead. And we're gonna upload from a csv file although you can input these manually you can add your crm system or from a zapio integration. As well. Okay there's a whole bunch of ways you can do this now we need to create a csv file to actually upload into lem list so i'm going to do that right now the template you want to use is going to look something like this.

Import Template

So this is the lead list we created earlier this is what an import template would look like i'm using google sheets right now you can use you can use a spreadsheet on any windows office software you can even use numbers on a mac. So i'm going to take this information and what this sheet is going to do is going to be used to import data from one place this sheet onto them list. Okay. So we've got business name in there we've got rome. Okay. And we've got the website. And we've even got our personalization there. Okay. So to take that personalization i'm going to go over to our email we've just sent we're going to take that right there we're going to add that i'm going to paste it into here and then all we need to do is hit file. And we're going to hit download. And then we're going to download as a csv now of course what you would want to do is make sure you had a big list of leads. Okay there's no point just importing one lead. Okay. So spend time to go ahead at the start of every day when you're doing your outreach and get all of your leads in here and write all of your personalization so open up all of your website tabs. Okay write your personalizations and then have them ready to upload straight into limb list that all your emails can be sent out in one go so if we go back over to lem list we hit browse files. I'm gonna upload the csv now okay now we need to make sure the correct the correct field is aligned with our document so we've got name we've got email. Okay this is going to be first name. Okay we only want to put the first name in the document we don't want to send an email say hi nate checkerton or whatever his name was sorry nate if you're watching this video business name we're gonna do company name personalization is gonna be icebreaker website we don't actually need icebreaker website in there don't import this column. Okay we could actually have that on there if we wanted to. But it's there's not a relevant column. So no we're gonna we're gonna get rid of that for now we're gonna hit next do you want to enrich your leads.


From lem list they're gonna hit no thank you for now if you wanna know what enrichment is go read it do you wanna import leads that are already part of another campaign. No we're not going to do that. Okay. And we're going to continue. And no i'm not going to connect with a crm system do i want to use an existing schedule or create a new one i'm going to create a new one for you guys so you can see this we want to send our emails monday to friday. Okay. So we want this to be working days we're going to do this in our local time zone or the time zone of your clients and what time of the day do we actually want to send our emails now i'd recommend selecting a full day schedule. But i would change that schedule to being every 20 minutes you can replicate this right here with a custom schedule so you could do 9 a.m to 6 p.m okay if you want my completely custom schedule that we use in our agency then it's inside the athlete academy and we're going to send emails for a new email account i'd send them every 10 minutes but once you actually primed your email account and you're using it more regularly and you're not falling into spam then i would recommend you can drop that down to every two minutes if you want to select the email address you want to send this from cool.

Create Sequence

Create your sequence now we're going to be able to actually create these emails and i'l show you what this actually looks like. All right so the first thing we want to do is we want to set our step one and that's gonna be email. Okay. So we're gonna actually get an email sent over we can have a look at some inspiration on them let's have a look at their email builder. But we're not gonna do that we're just gonna send over a blank email and we're gonna write one based on what we just sent to nate. So if i go from here i'm going to take that email i'm going to copy this and i'm going to paste it over into list. Okay. But we need to get rid of this line this is really important because that's our icebreaker so what we're going to do is going to add a custom variable and add icebreaker so this is an area that will be imported from our lead list we also want to change the first name there. Okay we want to change that variable to first name and any other information that we need to change okay make sure we're only sending this list to people who are running ads that's very important we don't want to be sending this people that aren't running ads. And then we move on from there cool we're going to want to add a signature onto there kind regards jordan or if you go into your settings okay on list you can actually import your actual email signature as well. So we should be able to do that from here so we do that by clicking on signature cool. So that is email one. And what was our subject line we used is this true nate. Okay. We're gonna add the variable first name copy that make sure we're formatted. Okay there we go that is email one set up now if we want to set up automatic follow-ups all we need to do is hit add a new step what we want to do is we actually want to wait some time so we want to wait i would recommend two days with no responses to then send your follow-up one so we're gonna send blank email one and this subject line can be used as the previous step or we could change the subject line if we want to play around i'd recommend keeping this nice and simple for first follow-up something like hi first name just bumping this to the top of your inbox and then you can just put your signature in there okay nice and simple one liner for your first follow-up or just checking if you've seen this okay or have you had the chance to check this out okay keep it nice and simple first follow-up email one liner usually works pretty nicely. But i would recommend all of you following up at least five times. Okay. So you could follow up two days and you could follow up three days after that four days after that a week after that and then 14 days so over that process you're reaching out over 30 days and you're sending around five emails but don't follow up more regularly than every two to two days to be honest every two days is a little bit too much. So i would recommend doing kind of two days then doing maybe three days or four days after that doing seven days after this. And then you could do 14 days after this will be a nice baseline for you with your follow-ups. Cool i'm not going to go through all the other follow-up emails right now i'l let you write your own come up with your own put memes in there try selling put case studies in there's a whole bunch of ways you can follow up effectively. But we don't have time for it in today's video cool now i want to save this campaign right now. And a whole bunch of other features on them this by the way you can you can trigger a call you can trigger a linkedin message a linkedin invite there's a whole bunch of things you can do on this platform things that aren't within the remit of this video so go check out the software yourself. It's absolutely amazing now from this if we actually want to send this email we need to go over to review but at the moment there's a few things we need to do it's not going to let us because there are some non-configured steps so let's delete those steps we're going to make sure what else we got make sure that our schedule is actually selected so we've got this schedule here we're going to do every 10 minutes as a new start set our time zone make sure it's relevant for you guys hit save hit review and then check out this email has pulled in the right information. Okay. So we want to check through that and then once we're ready we're going to hit all or review one and it's going to say yes cool this email's good. And it's going to schedule it and get it sent out we want to make sure that this play button is actually there. Okay because if it's not it's not actually going to be running your campaign i'm going to pause this for now because i don't want to email nate because i've already emailed nate so that is very simply how you set up a campaign on lem list let me show you some of the data on the back end of our personal email outreach efforts now one thing that lemlist does very nicely is it summarizes.


Data from your email campaigns in a very efficient manner so if you go over to reports at the top we can see all of the relevant data based on a campaign so this is actually from nina who's one of our appointment setters and this is an email campaign for people who aren't running ads at the moment. And we can see at the top here a summary of how these emails are going so we've sent 1800 emails here about a 70 open rate which is great six percent of people actually clicked the link the only link in the email is actually the website in our description which quite a lot ten percent of people responded to this email ten percent of the people that we sent this email to actually responded to nina. Okay. And of course not all of them going to be positive. But we've booked a hell of a lot of meetings from this campaign we can even see a breakdown for each individual step so we've got follow-up one follow-up two pull out three you can see the response rate drops significantly as we progress but you got to imagine this is why it's so important to be following up because we've got 36 people who responded then 45 here 24 here and if we didn't send follow-ups to those people they wouldn't have responded to our business now if you want to gain access and you want to continue learning and you want to learn the exact copy and paste strategies that we use in our agency these exact sequences that are getting a 10 response rate let me go over to this camera then you need to check out the apple academy the athletic academy.

Apple Academy

Is our online training program for agency owners to complete a to z of starting and scaling an agency of your own to wildly profitable levels within that we have the complete copy and paste scripts that we use the exact emails we're sending right now including our entire schedule our follow-up system the frequency between that and of course our exact copy and paste wording that we have literally optimized and mastered over years and years of running our agency if that interests you click link in description i've enrolled into the academy or schedule a call with connor i want to touch on one final thing before we finish this video and that's to reconfirm the fact that you need to adopt a multi-platform strategy in your agency don't just rely on one thing don't just rely on email and then wonder why you're not having any success. Okay if we're trying to call five friends or we're trying to reach five friends we're gonna watch that one we're gonna email one we're gonna dm one we're gonna call the other we all respond to different mediums in different ways and so it's very important in any sales based business we follow a multi-platform strategy email dm colcall whatever your strategy is make sure it is cross-platform to ensure you get the highest success rate now finally if you haven't done already make sure you enter our ongoing competition on this youtube channel where if you drop a comment within 24 hours of a video being uploaded one person out of all the comments will be randomly selected to win a completely free coaching call with me where i'm gonna personally help you build a roadmap to your first or next ten thousand dollars online so go ahead and enter that competition if you haven't done already i hope you've enjoyed this video go ahead and implement everything you have learned and i will see you all soon cheers guys.

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