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Максим Коваль. Как УСТРОЕНА крупнейшая онлайн-школа ЕГЭ? Инфокаст

Your social mission is approximately zero or tends to minus infinity people say i'm unlucky well bro because well because you're stupid plus 100% to the salary we pay school we personally so that they work in rural schools dani grew nets that will replace the school one teachers no, i don’t want to in this reality live i give it to you and you must be able to do it take no luck the boy in success left not fartanulo. Yes chocolate is not to blame incast comes out with the support of our friends marketplace puzzle by more than a million puzzle by students are already waiting for yours enjoy watching hello guys this is another episode of the incast podcast. Today my guest is maxim koval studied at the faculty of mechanics and mathematics at moscow state university and then became math tutor and starting with took the tutor and built it over many years one of the largest training schools schoolchildren for the unified state exam work with olympiad students with children starting from like seventh grade how i know. Yes, since the fourth grade and today we will figure out what it is school project how it works and how it is grew to such big cool indicators and became one of the leaders market in a very competitive niche at least i think so that eg - it's a competitive niche maybe it's not so today you will talk about this in more detail tell max. Hello i'm glad to see you see. Thank you for coming and tell me please what are you doing now represents shkolkovo because and when they say that well, we work there with schoolchildren we have a niche there, the unified state exam, everything imagine what kind of teacher you have there's a group of schoolchildren there, he's been with them for a year getting ready any of them cheers there on 100 points passed what is it? Now it’s school time i think it’s bigger thing than what i described well, yes, that is this is not only a niche of the unified state examination, are you right? Said that this is olympiads and students including well if in short, yes, well, this means a merger a certain number of teachers association of teachers well, that is there are different teachers who everyone is doing their own thing to put it briefly in terms of structure, it’s conditional. Yes i am the project manager that's it heads of departments i don’t know about the unified state exam there in russian there is the unified state exam in physics olympic directions in general, by the way, lives its own separate life by the way, about there is definitely a lot of competition.

Big. Yes. Well really if we talk more or less about quality products are not very good big. In general about this let's talk about the methodology for sure will be dadada. This is such a competitive pogue also here. And if we talk about the olympics the market is in general overall, in my opinion, plus or minus is discharged that is, we excelled in mathematics there very strong, that is, olympic our direction is generally its own a separate life because there is cool leader that's how it happened that there is a man dmitry alekseevich belov who just takes and tears this direction is from fourth graders to level of the international olympiad it makes almost no difference. Well, it’s clear that international olympiad preparation is not in demand because there the guys already understand how to prepare well, there are up to all russia lists olympics and so on and by the way in the olympic direction here in the olympic direction there are such moments that others don't have directions there are such keys interesting and there are aspects that can be implemented only there and work. Yeah. And here's the synergy from the big my unified state exam course and my neighbor's in the form major course in olympiad mathematics. She's fantastic. Yeah guys i have for you have a very cool offer from friends podcast puzzle brain puzzle brain created and launched the first and successful marketplace courses what does this mean for specifically you if you have an online school if you expert if you have any products or you want to enter the market online education take your trip you post it on the brain's marketplace. Free. And you get free leads in your funnel. And you can also do it there revenue, that is, people can buy there your trif. And you get revenue and a puzzle brain takes commission only from actual sales before that is all absolutely free now very much many cool market leaders online education is taking advantage of this and posted on the puzzle brain marketplace and receives free leads and revenue simply because they are already there so what are we waiting for, fill out the form link in description or go and scan the qr code that is there, well, if i can i can tell you in detail what exactly come on of course, well, that is, it’s clear that guys taking part in the olympiads on average stronger in level. Yes. And a lot which he really needs. And you really need a large product line and you. Well, i would said that we are trying to expand it and we will expand. But in some moments where we understand that we are reasonable doge. It will turn out to be what i am now spoke about the connection between the olympiad course. Egsh then it is reasonable. Yes that is they should live in a reasonable community. This is it cool. It's cool. And it's clear that in reverse side then also happens that.

The guys trained at the olympics course. Well, it’s clear that not everyone will olympic medalists and not everyone will receive a bvi - this is without entrance tests. Well there is preferential admission there 100 points for e conditionally not everything, well, it’s just not like that there is a question whether they wasted time in vain. Yes, of course not, but they are don't keep your head pretty cool it worked out. Well, they didn’t become prisms there the boy was lucky to succeed, he was not lucky.

Yes, it’s not chocolate’s fault, that’s clear. Naturally, that is, they are already like that reasonable. And they have 3 months left there their wave of olympics is over 3 months left of course we tell them so that they can study at the gsm course we give an ultra discount there at 40 to 50%. Not i remember exactly how much, 40 or 50 big so that they can spend these 3 months project your knowledge onto specifics unified state exam and dogo and successfully pass well, my statistics guys who prepared for the olympiad course like this really high quality and not steel winners of some olympiad click the unified state examination this is how they then prepare it in general izi. I was still a tutor i worked i remember i have two guys they are such olympiad athletes. In general, in general were both became some kind there or the second someone's third place is already gave them what necessary and we were involved in the olympiads until the end of march, that is, i think there or until middle of the general 2 from to month we prepared for nuno 98 another 9 is not enough besides there is such a story they pretty reasonable from a point of view sight as if perceiving the material somehow, that is, they are already quite smart that is, you understand that the mind is not knowledge of the subject is very often we talk about we are saying that you need to learn to study, that is, they came honestly they say maxim, the olympics have come on what should we do i say well first, we'l figure out the math. What's wrong with your russian? Tongue and what am i saying? Well, i mean, well you will still be based on the amount of points let's say you have 100 points for unified state examination in mathematics, that's how you're a winner olympics with russian what will you do everything goes for a consultation, writes a trial it turns out 70 points i say you understand what needs to be done and it starts do everything in 3 months 98 points in russian simply because he correct, they said what is needed do it like this and this is how it should be. Okay i will i'm prepared to do this,. Yeah that's why this synergy is very good and it is example just let's generalize this is an example what is needed everywhere in such moments no one is looking for these connections i would say that means businessmen probably said so you are always looking for an opportunity. Well if so if nothing happens terrible thing is the most important thing to achieve the result is not in the olympics but in the eg not in eg but in the olympics but everyone who he came to get what he is ready for perceive to the maximum you understand what history because it's not even the result eg is a key result there for student his key result to enter where he wants no utilities the result is certainly for receipts ba ball or there is a winner some kind of olympics yes, but we want to give he is the maximum of what he is ready to take always when we talk about the process learning, you know, it's two-way thing.

Yes that is i give it to you. And you should be able to take it like this luck. Yes people say i'm unlucky well bro because well because you're stupid. Well, because there is luck, that’s it right there in front of you and you're such some kind of . It's luck you just don't understand that it's luck, but you have to be prepared for it. In general it's like a drowning man who asked god to help save him ko. Yes, there is a slightly different philosophy. Yes what kind of man is this from the series? God bless him says well, who is this? Sent that is, yes that is, from the person there was a different idea of ​​how this there must be help, yes, but luck too need to notice i'm lucky. So i think that i'm lucky a lot a lot a lot once. Well, this is how to say what it is just such luck. Well, i guess i'm i was ready for this. Well, here it is exactly here the same is good, that is, the student should take yes be able to take what he wants they give yes.

And it’s very important now see more one nuance come on communications with people built i wonder how it turned out i wouldn't do. That said yes and no turned out to be fluid or something. No look someone is leaving someone is coming. Yes definitely in key positions no big turnover no that is old the team works but on the main subjects type a on the most important subjects. Yes. But it turns out that the largest subjects are mathematics and russian language mathematics is generally the greatest question: what have i succeeded in if half do you bring in revenue. Yes no by the way yes good question ne. No it didn't work out it turns out it didn't work out stop and every item you have is profitable. Yes of course. Oh well then it didn’t work out it’s clear what you understand here you can say what well then you're an idiot and here you have half of the company's revenue is yours math yes make such revenue then say that he is coming. Yes da. No i see, where else is the other half? Well as if there is a shitload of russian there too big no information that is, if half big then we do another half. Yes ok we will turn this half so that other items are not given half of it, i don’t know, maybe it’s me. I'm confusing the numbers there a little, maybe not 50 maybe there is mathematics 45 the rest there are 5 but you understand it’s clear that the share there should be more other items but question like am i in this or just me i'm doing my course so hard.

And i'm immersed into him that's why he grows like this. But he has increased since last year by a factor three times and last year before that it grew by a factor of 2 with kopecks it was also cool. And it increased by a factor t on average the height turned out to be d if ur by school d with something the cruelty of your obx it's him, that's why, well,. Okay. He's the biggest. Well, in general, you understand about what am i saying worked or not it turned out. No. Well, here it’s more cunning it might actually be the same very good because i'm here like entrepreneur reasoning, here you are very charismatic people there with you cold traffic is conditionally the first point touching a schoolgirl if she's with you. Then she is very good and clear are converted to the base if it falls into base. Well, the unified state exam is not only about mathematics passes accordingly almost everyone of you gets leads from teachers well burning into your funnel into your products from you and here the question is by the way how much mathematics feeds the rest a lot directions strongly. And i think that from that the last thing i watched there is such a thing our bundles are when a person buys both together and two objects there are three well, it seems that more than half sales of other items that are in basically give up with math comes from bundle with mathematics. Well i see, this is a problem on the one hand on the other hand it's cool. It's the other way around. Well, you have lokomotiv. You have the locomotive that pulls everything, yes it is cool, that suits me, that's another matter what will we do if tomorrow.

I well here we go talked this listen this can be said about almost every online school in general, there are a lot of online schools now which even the unified state exam. Yes look at everyone egsh schools 100% in many cases there is some kind of main locomotive teacher. Yes, somewhere it’s russian there is something else somewhere. But it is there is there is this addiction is me. Anyway i'l say so that it is possible to build such a system and it is partly built in which, well look there are schools where teacher well, partly it's simple talking head, yes, that is, he too there is either a percentage or some kind of salary everything is clear, he doesn’t answer globally that is, well, he answers but much easier it's much easier to remove it and put it on a little bit of another beforehand pump up make him a doctor in general and in general i don’t care.

And you’re a . Schoolboy uber to be honest, this is how the question would arise like yeah where did i go, here i am i'm going to go nowhere ustra in short that there are other models but i'm happy with the model where there is a common one shkolkovo brand we are strengthening it famous personal brands teachers in particular. My. And then it lives in good synergy,. Oh well is there anyone who can find out about the brand? Schoolboy because of me and then talk shkolkovo a man comes to shkolkovo and eats loyalty and he takes even those items maybe about which to teach he. Yet i haven't heard because they haven't yet so popular. Well yes. The product. The locomotive gets acquainted through him and so it works very well here somehow like that in a sense we talked about what we talked about teachers in a sense finance i answer this time further all sorts of decisions such a gambit to take risks 203 i won’t risk millions of rubles me too because how to pay i will also have a strategic direction also on those too large on me partnership for you.

Yes. Yeah. Yes. Anya. No wait that's not quite true. No i just kidding, i understand what they teach and here too not democrats. It's clear case. Well, maybe trp someone is for democracy b in general, no, we have strict totalitarianism in some way . I mean, we're talking about it so that in general it's okay to get some hate for all this is a very topic. Fine it was polarity definitely not democracy. Yes. Well, that's how this totalitarianism works i definitely i'm discussing that is, let's say i have idea. We'l have to talk about it later what is there, let’s say it right away association of teachers and that's for sure consolidation of the it department; separate topic because alexander kozhevnikov who runs everything there yes manager tell me about it’s right separate big fat piece in which we really admired yes tell me dawa.

We're coming back. That's it let's say i have some idea. I want to do something, i'l definitely call some people there yes, from the team you’l ask i’l say yes, that means it’s often simple check for a . Well, suddenly i'm straight completely missed something obvious why this is bad. So i'm doing this check it means if i can answer these questions to deal with objections that is minimal check passed the keyword after me stress test dadada hypothesis key the word is mine, that is, i say everything then we do it if it’s controversial there,. Conditionally well there a person expresses the opinion that it is bad because there are some risks and they really could be mine the task is still to weigh these key risks or not well, here i already accept the key decision is because in fact very often we ourselves we come up with a lot of risks that they are in there may be theories, they don't appear i’l give you a simple example, i mean it right that this is probably one of the key i understand the ideas by which i now live about six months ago just a cool cheat in what's the idea we're going to do something. Yes and we understand something and begin to calculate should we do such an action and we understand for example, that due to our capacity we do not export and the promotion is cool, so we somehow thought and they figured that there would be a lot of problems and we abandon this idea example i don’t remember what exactly launched something like some kind intensive or course where it will be free checking samples or something else checking an entire probe is a resource for expert business process. Like yes then there is a great resource on experts. They and they have very large volumes checks they are already shocked by the question they there is a small gap left, we will take it out or not we'l take it out and it seems like we're not taking it out . Like this is simply impossible to run because in no department they can handle it. Yes ok i think and what not to do. I say let's do it in math i just take it upon myself, here i am mine direction.

And we just do it. And it turns out that it connects very a large number of people but to check they rent out exactly this option, it’s clear that there are also webinars and so on and so forth similar, that is, there is benefit without it checks. And the check is small a small percentage and calmly we are in this let's fit the gap and close this thing that is, the proposal itself looks like more delicious and there is this option for those who need it. Yes, but there is no problem. A according to calculations it seems that it seemed that this will be an insurmountable problem problems then no numbers can sometimes lie that is, try to test it, that is, yes we need to test and see a will there really be such a problem?

Aha to it's the same thing we did when key thing when we moved from vk chats communication to your chats on platform now everything is on the platform there and your own conference call. Yes, your own directly they did it, that is, their own zoom conferences about silence separately directly accordingly the chat was let's say 20 person vk. Yes, and there children ask questions curators answer well, there are several curators sit to keep up with everything and so on further what are the advantages of this means why what are the advantages of having it public? Other guys could see the answers to questions from other guys are also their own they don’t ask questions because well because questions are not repeated. Yes. Well, for example plus it’s all as if publicly visible as answered and so on that is, everything is open in general, online education has the advantage of niche and low check there and cost client and so on due to what you profitable, like, well, let's do it like this sides like very low checks there people can, as i understand it, you have there it costs 5,100 rubles there, for example, yes it does there is a month there mathematics. But there you have discounts are constantly being drawn kato your bundles have an average purchase price there maybe the average check or how much student for ltv brings you money it there are several tens of thousands of rubles. Well in a year it’s unlikely that he’l give you a hundred in a year it’s unlikely that he brings you 10,000 a month i don’t remember what the prices were there now.

Well that's when he buys pre-sale here for example, sales for next year will begin it's march 12th. Oh well, or it's already started depending on when it will be well here it is in march the price will be generally, well, there’s something there like if you buy two or three more items there is an additional discount on the bundle. Well, it will be in month one item goes up to 3.000 i think even 2800 and something like that. I just about the fact that. Yes. And now maybe somewhere around 4500 45. Yes. Well that's why it's not quite low price tag you know what the number is i will tell you the profitability of your business you're in average weather right now month i understand it may vary for me. I think it varies vary from 4 to . 60% holy . That is, how so 40%. Well maybe it even drops to 35 sometimes depends on the marketing budget we must clearly understand yes, that is, it is possible to month to pour in 10 million precisely for marketing budget la a without taking into account work employees, can you pour in twenty a you can understand that there is no need to pour in now spending 5 million there is reasonable, something like that ok now it's going to be nerdy questions from the online education market but you invest money weather i don’t. I thought that i was dependent on various things month ska advertising budget e you invest, you think it turns out right up to the purchase, that is, the cost shopping you think it’s no longer i think it’s do you have guys from the marketing department? Who do this and so on they. And then there is an understanding like this: holy , what is the profitability with this? Staff with it with large type. Well, they say that yes, 30% nishtyak,. Well, in your volumes yes in your volumes. Yes and here i have a question, do you even understand that in fact she is as i understand it a large number of other schools have it higher. Yes cannot due to due to low spending in it because they don't have a damn thing there they do no, it seems to me that it’s the other way around below but here my hypothesis is that what, then let’s ask the question: how much? Lude comes to the recommendations of those who have a lot of you studied understand what you are like tracked come what is it like sold our product to another person then that this is because of the quality of the product and not because we spend money on advertising there we invested look, this is necessary look at some marketing again currently employed in online education quite difficult. Yes because cross-platform yes, that's all these are the exact numbers, how much for example under the loyalty program when we recommend you can look at yours of course there is a partnership with da students and there, well, in a very large quantity sites with promotional codes there are these promo codes it really works and some decent piece there brings me i don't know how much percentage is needed request yay there they analyze it for me maybe be some question at some point how does it work i'l call and ask and get it i'l sit and think about the numbers brush strokes on a large scale and go further.

Do you do this by sem or seo? Who is this? You have some kind of employee completely responsible for marketing all the whole it department this is all this is all it department there and marketing of course it this is all it is led by alexander kozhevnikov is a very tough type. Well, yes that's what i feel, that's the question i'm asking nerds like that, this is just what he needs and ask will not i that is they it’s clear what different metrics look at and before purchases exactly how much it costs us there is, but the analysis is quite complex now it's real as far as i understand now not it works here. Well maybe it works somewhere it doesn't work for us right now 100% correlation doesn't work put some money in and get some money back from them per month.

Well, like, per month that’s what months of work with the database postponed for several months of sale. Yes catches up the target then catches up with what’s there in general it can sometimes be traced chains the man came from an advertisement subscribed to the cart then came with advertising in vk. Yes, i was warming myself and saw a cart subscribed to the cart warmed myself in the cart came and looked at some web uh, i was glad about the web, then i caught up with him retargeting you are in your personal account you have some course there is a button i will serve click and sign up for the nearest one teacher how to choose a cool time it's cool click come on it right on platform and talk about it the point is, there is no need to wait in the cart no need to link to. Zoom. No need directly to platform you will call this is so cool listening sounds like we want it right it all happened there it already happened like this now it’s already like that from the servant made a long time ago, well, that is, like how it helps obviously we want to do something to make something more convenient for us there is this opportunity because it is ours the platform in it you can change everything here the third version has now been released and now the fourth update will be released now mobile application with the fight we have it we'l finish it with a fight because well for android it eliminates iterations of updates passed ios. Hard. Yes improved there is the player itself and something else now loaded, well, everything else is on android in general, it will soon be completely complete and very comfortable.

Well, we didn’t wait, i understand how people usually come to us you know these haters write that completely and then rolled out. Well bro. Well that's not how beer works, there's one like that thing. Yes, firstly you need to roll it out so that you could use at least part of it functions plus collect feedback something better and so on with the store more complicated, but we also discuss this topic will strike again. Look here's what it's for here's the key idea: you sit and constantly thinking about how to improve your life improve the children who take care of you your product you sleep. And you think you wake up at night and go drink water or there i grabbed a slice. Yes, here you take the phone look at what came there and maybe those a you actually had a dream and you're like that maybe you understand and you need for this there is some kind of solution here for what do you need in the it department to improve with big date you work with big date work whether collect of course of course of course, tell me too, come on, come on, come on a lot of questions to go through.

Interesting. That's why we came up with a clause. Yes again there was a question there was a request from children here a reasonable person says i'm leaving for grandma's not there for a week in the village internet. Or i'm on the train and so on maybe this could be possible. Well of course it’s not what can it happen? It happens like me i would i like to work there or am i lying in the hospital also does not have internet. I would like look webinars, how can you download the application? Yes on your phone download. No you can try to download it for you system will ban you on the platform. Well, that is, like this content piracy no not on platform in mobile application type can be downloaded how kinopoisk you can download for yourself movie the way on the plane. But this you need, as you understand, you need your own system how to download where to device type to device cannot be this it's all feasting. And it's all piracy yes piracy content, that is, you need to somehow offline without internet, that is, when he has it internet in the application he owes himself these we will not call the web somehow download and somehow save somewhere the same system as they are given continuously with security system internet platforms disabled also fixed there whether the person has a subscription or not so that he doesn’t leave the downloaded saved web for six months and viewing them without renewing your subscription there and so on and could calmly these web there look for example there a week or two.

Weeks. Yes, that's good thing. Well, here we are, first of all, we rolled out an app with this thing here we are implemented it was the most difficult thing and we implemented it, so it works yes. Yes i see there are some somewhere bugs. But it works, that is, you can really press this button without internet then look webinar is good. Well, we’l finish our drink there something else that's what it's for there is all it if we are talking about it is about development because it is the general concept of marketing is also it design is also it. Yeah there are bots in the cart is also it. Yeah and the bots are in the cart you also have a self-written one on your own servers keep everything connected to yours ecosystem, that is, you are not in sales bot conditionally, you do it in the wrong place, they write them themselves there's no point in you.

E how do you work with analytics. Well, here you go in general you work at this level that you are hardly at the level of sensations only make a decision let's do it differently how do you use neural networks? Well, if so that's what neural networks mean in short: absolutely tracks behavioral factors behavioral factors in students firstly, let’s say this for protection video content times and plus naturally we can see how many people are watching the webinar. Yes how far how often does he uses some rewind options well, that is, we can just watch what they use and what they don’t use this is very important for what else is the latest how far are you from getting there was one ideal math tutor a neural network and not a person. So it won’t be why well, that's what's stopping us, it's just us. Now we see what nera networks are doing but there it was really something that was difficult imagine a few years ago, well chat petit.

Yes when videos are created by your text request or there photos which photos with this in what sense is he going? Well we checked, there are videos of him solves problems and so on oh no won't pull it, won't pull it. Yet. Well, right now if chat petty start us respond to children's questions. Oh no pull it, i understand well, you understand that the curators when the job is answered it's actually well they work like tutors psychologists well, this is personal, this is true personally, that person doesn’t understand well he will give you a formal definition of cha gpt what, do it like this, do it like this, and he will give you what a question, but in this picture here if you rotate the geometry here is an additional construction that can be done: right here don't you think that here if you collect a really big one database there for 3 years i don’t know everyone communications with curators with everyone mathematics for all students cannot it will turn out to be some kind of bot neural network which can communicate everything digitize. Well, it’s clear that the data we really do have the data big. So you have big data in this and the funny thing is that there are a lot of questions. Yes maybe like inaccurate 5%. Yes. But that's already . Up this is profitability like will rise it's very cool you’re not going this way at all look, i see that i’m so puzzled like, i’m not even close, i’m not even close i think you'l go through this, it's easy i'm .

Up why am i asking everything? It all starts with big changes there on the internet most often begin with adult content and with adults topics. Yes 18 p. And are already being created here these chats or the girls you're with communicates and communicates replace you communication there with real women at least the internet. And they are very far in this plan they went abroad there at least if you can digitize the personality there. And you can communicate with a certain person there girl because you're interested and i want it.

And she can support the dialogue why can't you create a pancake? Tutor. Well, a tutor who will be in your it in your project always answer all tasks on time that's it he doesn’t close the whole task will be. Well yes, like i don’t know how it is decide. And you still have support there of five curators who are simply they get what was not decided, this was not decided gpt chat is conditional and then they solved it and send the database to him and again not these requests will come i don’t remember i don’t remember we discussed we are we are something discussed with alexander with the manager department regarding or generating tasks neural network or solution tasks. A. Or are we talking about the russian language by the way? Discussed but there will be big problems. Yes we are doing something with checking essays discussed with me i just think that i'l think about who to ask this question like this is for you in the market. I will think i'l think about it. M you propose to deprive people of work. Well nothing. No this is this too this is all this is a debate. No. Okay i think you know what, well, we'l think about it,. I figured it out well, in fact, yes, it doesn’t bother me if you do this thing, then run it just in parallel.

Yes, you have curators. Do you have there is also this thing that you need answers right away just let him will test like it use it don't like it or not use it and see what does she give out and get her? Yes, you give it here you need to understand just how much this is how uncopyable in general, this is within the framework of your business and we need to think about how much this is really necessary since it seems that maybe necessary yes that is a problem no one removed the scaling here second, you immediately need to understand that yes quite needs to be fixed first write everything related to that how is he like this from regular chats digitize and automatically like bau pull the dog data towards him so that he could learn it will be very intense because it's just thousands of questions or tens or hundreds of thousands of these questions so that nera mesh enslaves us all then so that teachers teach children but hybrid education is good. I’ve said for a long time that without face-to-face teaching at school is not an option now everyone wants to promote what is not necessary this is not an option because there will be guys who will only deal with teacher here you and i are sitting and here is one on well, with class. Yes, so low level. Yes, and low level not by knowledge subject even a in self-organization perceive the material as much as possible there is a full-time teacher in he actually acts as a school manager actually an educational process manager - this is crap. What a complicated thing, well, yes we are after all managers, that is, as in this sense, that is, we know a lot of things, where and we need to put it all together and understand in what format should it be issued to convey to the result of course of course therefore in this sense, use more the amount of content that has already been created and know him like the back of your hand where how to speak and how to say it - this is extremely complex methodological task and. Pedagogical therefore, this is cool hybrid education like this format and we haven’t even gotten to it. Yet we have reached the non-race grids that will replace school teacher. No, i don't want to go to this reality live right here. Right here it's good. It's like a podcast within a podcast turned out to be about a neural network.

Okay. And please tell me this one for you i’l ask a question for you. This project is you create it now as an entrepreneur the question is not how the visionary is there and so on this particular entrepreneur the project and its model are first and foremost dividend or are you going sideways capitalization of potential sale because there is a case in the market when sold school for the unified state exam very much expensive here you go in this direction interesting or dividend history are you in general how long do you want inside this everything to be that is, i don’t see it yet there are too many options for sale are you tied up mean or are you in general you don’t want to. Well first of all yes what means sell exit cashout do even part for example. No i say that there are some conditions that i’ve been staying in the project for some years for example, yes there on some salary and so i sewed up not a minority share maybe stay. Well. Yeah. Well not very interesting not interesting, but not interesting, try another game. Well there is for the first time i have i'l lose motivation right away i've seen examples like this which schools are you talking about? Sold those who had shares remained there to finalize and somehow already without special enthusiasm. Well, that's not the story that's the buzz. Yes, then the project grows multiple now.

Yes. Well okay we can say well, let's go there in 3 years four in five we'l see what happens. Yeah they also ask me to that i am not here at the moment i am i don’t see the point, that is, if i need will i understand that yeah, there’s something new the thing i want again is just study for another 10-20 years, but for others business. And i need a lot of money for it. Well, here i am, i’m ready to change everything here change your profile, that is, here i am brought great benefit now i want go the other way so here i am i need big money. Yes then let's say i'm selling and going to work it’s absolutely another matter now it's not there now it's not there yet is foreseen. Yes and then the question arises why do i need this cache? Yes, that's me too, i understand you, that is from a certain point he just doesn't they need 500 million billion there are several billions why not in restaurants? Go even to michelin-starred restaurants you can't get past the restaurants. Yes. and you don’t buy it, well, i bought a car bought an apartment bought.

Well yes. Da that is the whole point of the meaning is in the high from the fact that you are doing developing something of your own in that you get a kick out of this process. Yes, you really are enjoying yourself and still very much it’s important that it’s a drug. What exactly is it? This is all this is this whole story like this to work and move in the project like this seriously so hooked. Yes, this is both a plus and minus plus because you're working hard dates you can stop working here. Yes you are effective you are productive. Yes minus exactly the same thing you are not you can stop working because if you don't work you become bad and another big emotional the problem is very hard to get really real thrill like that new fresh emotions very strong from anything other than major successes here in this direction that is here when something happens here you are right you understand that this is a project of something very important happened in him, he left straight to a new level or something why have you been looking for so long and here’s the question associated with the project has ended and you are in he won, but only then you experience real pleasure and you understand that yes, just for the sake of that's what i did and everything else in fact, the emotional is dulled vo i understand i understand that is, it’s like actually a serious problem.

Well it seems like now i roughly understand how to this is to fight, so to speak, so that everything will be okay, well, how should you think about it? Drink. No well you can drink but there are different sensations, no, just i need to think about this i need to think about this control, we need to get out of this and remember what it's like to have fun something else makes it good. Well, that is, on you really just need to practice something else that's what i'm interested in, of course there is sport to seem what the heck, why the hell here i am everyone is here and i get a kick out of it, but in fact, then you'l start anyway burn out because in your head it should leave room for something else in any case, for some period it is possible completely immerse yourself.

But if you didn’t leave anything at all the trouble was later it's quite hard to push it back. But it's necessary. Let's talk about the market. Online schools these will be like this final zack final questions for you are you just watching me for 7 years? In the online education market and i did it there we have our own interior design school did a big annual program a lot there are other teachers young with lamborghini with launches with bloggers infobusiness online education he’s versatile, he’s completely different the world you live in but are you watching how online education is developing in russia well, that is, what is happening there and what would you could tell and suggest and advice to young guys who now they go to this market and do their new projects in vno education you understand it too the difference is yes, that is, we educate children directly, that is, there from the fourth class and there for the first year. Yes here and there. Well, we consider education there's a design school. Yeah, you mean here's more about the actual license there or no not exactly like the kind of school itself lip games accordion. I think it's like a massage this is in the education niche 100% that is educational process it’s just that in these niches i don’t have anything i understand for now because i’m not there climbed and the market there is arranged somehow there's probably no other way nope, well, there’s still an audience there different audience different principles the same the principles are the same, the audience is different and everything is from the audience is repulsed by the most important thing find your audience and get there into it you need to constantly feel it how you should be here in it's like a single organism with them. You're right should understand them at all body movements that's what's happening now in what month and how and from year to year and for follow this then you will be successful there marketing your build something else you feel and understand very well my eleventh graders.

Well, i it seems that yes it seems to me that is, the nearest thing i will climb into we will finish this now, there are plans for sports yes, the guys who have their own sports courses so that they we went to maret we will roll out maret now very soon we'l have it. We'l try and see what it's like it works, that is, we will well, as soon as marketplace will appear by summer naturally, we will generally climb into the aircraft whatever is possible here in reception though not negative social load without courses crypto and poker. Yes well let's see something let's see well let's see let's see what happens there in general, but something so environmentally friendly means well, clear advice is needed here you need to understand your audience your audience needs to learn how to play for a long time but the question is how to learn to play v long if you have, for example, now problems no money. Yes. And it’s hard for you now. Well, bear with me bro. Well, it’s clear here are the tips they probably at the initial stage a person. So he tries if he is up to some point he’s reached the level, he probably needs it further advice, by the way, i met with someone yesterday teacher. Yes, he personally took one and made it from he has a channel on youtube feeder e. And so he says i am alone now the wife answers questions there with godchildren there is something else there, everyone works as curators there's no one else here i've reached at such and such level i earn so much from i have so many students, what should i do next?

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