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Лиза Фролова — БЛОГЕР, ЗАПУСКИ курсов, ТРАВМЫ детства. Инфокаст (#69)

I really pissed off all my life, well, really, well, as it is, but i just do it all the time, i earned very much and lost very much, your maximum is a vocational school because, well, you have an audience, you monetize it, in fact you don’t have any then internal expertise with you i’l go work sex sexuality on the blog are you doing this consciously for coverage or do you like the attention of a man, okay, in 30 seconds of work, okay, 3 minutes, too much ass showed hello, i’m glad to see you on the infocast channel my name is rustam, i’ve been studying for 7 years already online education and for several years i have been running a podcast on this topic, it’s called infocasts here i’m calling guests from the online education market, successful producers, experts, bloggers. Today my guest is a blogger with 700 plus thousands of subscribers, liza frolova. I’ve known her since 2018. She’s a person who has been reborn like bloggers several times at the beginning it was a blog about fitness, then it was a blog about blogging earnings from this now. This is a completely different topic about earning money from self-development who managed to earn a lot of money from the information business over many years of blogging in 2021, she has already made her million dollars in 2022 she is successful, he lost him, this entire podcast was dedicated to her story of how she became who she became, how she achieved her results, what she went through to become who we meet, liza frolova, when we started preparing for the podcast with you, that we are an editor, that my wife that i called people who know you and we know them, some guests of my podcast then studied your instagram account inside and out.

Well, that is, we saw right from the first post, we saw right from the first post and there when fitness appeared there and we have the first thing in it’s as if there was an image in your head, yes, this is the image of a very sweet girl, but at the same time you understand such a , and how you manage to combine it. Well, i’l tell you how this manifests itself in reality, now it’s scary to perform on stage, it’s such a big fear and you’re conducting analyzes of some complex ones formats of performances on stage because you don’t have ready-made content, you kind of figure it out in the moment. . it won’t work out and many stop there, well, in fact, why don’t you stop, damn it, i have a goal for 100 thousand people to perform well, as a goal, i’m a dream, but that is, i have some approximate formed branches of what i want to get in life. Why i want to come and despite the fact that, like, my biggest fear really seems to me to be performances. Well, that is, all sorts of such things when a lot of people look at me, but i’m still like, well, not all my life, that is, all the last years i want to see a picture of me performing at 100,000, then how can i achieve this if i don’t go tomorrow, i won’t do analysis there, i won’t perform at a thousand a person or something else here, too, you know, i’m checking this for hardness, i just want to really understand these statements because it turns out what does the person who is the most scourge look like? I’m scared. I’m going, they say that nothing spoils the goal like getting into it’s a saying of artillerymen. Yes, what do you need to get high from the process, what do you need to get high on the way in the moment? For example, there, if for me, filming each such episode there with an interesting guest was a fierce test, i generally don’t like people there, i communicate there, i feel uncomfortable, well, it’s unlikely there would be a 70th issue, well, it’s unlikely why would it be well, there are 100 thousand subscribers ahead there, huge money, results, fame there, but at what price, the price you pay in the form of stress and fear that you live from these actions, it is proportional to the victory that you will have there is i’m getting high in the process.

That is, i’m in front of the stage, yes. Before the performance. I just don’t know how to describe what i’m experiencing because it’s hard to call it’s just excitement that’s what i have. When i performed at the instadium for the first time, i wasn’t there. On the big stage but on the small stage yes, i felt dizzy, i felt sick my legs were just wobbly, now of course it’s not like that every time well, there’s less and less such hard stress, but 5 minutes of performance and then i just get high well, because then i it already seems like 45 minutes is over. Wait. I also want to say that’s why i don’t know. Well, that is, how will it happen, when will it pass, but i hope when i go out there on that huge stage, but it will be just the maximum in general, i agree with you that there are people who although you know me it seems like everything you ’re afraid to do, it ends up bringing you maximum pleasure because that’s what it’s all about. Well, some new stage, some kind of story and then you go out and feel i was able to do it. I’m great. Well, i kind of got high, i saw it and back story have you ever jumped best champing i have those elements of fear it’s really scary to do listen let’s agree on something with you youtube statistics show that on average each episode is watched plus or minus 10 minutes i want to say that the format which we are writing is impossible to fit into 10 minutes, here are a lot of thoughts that the guests share. I would be glad to do this in ten-minute episodes, you watched everything to the end. But unfortunately it doesn’t work out, well, the depth of your viewing has a critical impact on the development of this project and the longer you watch, listen and you're wasting your time thus, you vote for this project to develop, so let's agree with me cool content every 10 minutes cool insights and thoughts from you viewing depth and let's now try to rewind time right back and remember you five years ago you're five years ago 2018 and here you are now, here’s what has changed in these five years in yourself, as you can honestly say, it seems to me that’s all, well, there are some core things that are there, yes, i’ve really been pissed all my life, well, really, well, as i am, i’m just time i do there are some things there that i am there i have a phrase from my childhood i can that is, well, some oh, some such things they exist, they remained or such aspirations, in short, now i will boast a little, well, so what i’m very much afraid of some such processes there, but as a person, probably, well, that is, i’ve changed a lot in myself, but i don’t know there, my growth in terms of my media exposure, in terms of living different things with money. It’s what grows you that changes you. Your attitude towards everything in general is that i earned very much there and lost very much, so it seems to me that the thinking is generally radically different, but to be honest, when i remember how i was there, well, five years ago, this is the version i lived in berdsk. It seems that this is not my life. Well, that is, all these stages that i used to go through. Everything up to the age of 20. It seems to me that this is all a different person, a stranger, i don’t know why this is the question.

Could you imagine that when you started running instagram, that you are growing up? To such a scale were initially there was no such plan i started instagram just for fun i was like. Oh, i’l tell you later, it’s cool. I didn’t even know that there were bloggers, that you could make money there, well, in short, just when no one was already in the metro, i didn’t even know anyone, it was just for fun the idea that you can become someone there were no guys at all very cool news the get-course team created a free mini-course consisting of four lessons and a huge amount of useful materials in this course you can learn how to find cool technical specialists how to connect yourself to a cool payment system how to work with the database and earn a huge amount of money from it and how to build a very cool webinar funnel that works like a swiss watch, all at the link in the description, everything is free, just go register and get access and now studying the content that you are posting now, it is largely about earnings growth internal especially for girls if you go back to childhood and adolescence there and so on from there comes this big focus on earning money, something happened there, what are you now or are you like this now damn, earning money is cool no listen, i’ve been working since i was 13, well, that is 13 years so you understand, i was a laborer in general for 2000 i worked a day no month i also painted borders there at 1400 and i can’t say that i don’t have a poor family that is, my family is super ordinary there i don’t know there they couldn’t buy things for school there all that. But in short you can’t call this wealth the parents had problems they just never we didn’t really show them there all that you didn’t feel poor of course if there are some people in the background who went to dubai to thailand we didn’t travel there well it’s like, well, it’s just normal and i just had a desire to earn money myself, i’l earn it myself, i’l spend it myself, everything’s great and how to work every summer and then not only in the summer, this was probably one of the first things that helped you in becoming now.

Well, the fact that you started working at 13 you took on some responsibility, what could have happened in childhood, what influenced you now that you became what you are in childhood let’s give an age range. Well, let’s then from 10 to 18 adolescence, i looked at how my peers are flying somewhere, their parents are paying for some kind of trips, well, dubai, we had one girl in the city, i think, who had super rich parents, as far as i know, and they flew to dubai and i then watched, i thought, oh my god, this is so possible in general to travel and all that. And well, that is, i had a feeling that i also needed well, this also started to move me because at 18, somewhere closer to 20, the idea already appeared that i needed to do a business, at first i thought that i’l be able to earn money in us there were attempts up to 20 in hiring you worked, well, me and the heirs conditionally, you don’t call it that now. But then it was like that, i trained as a photographer there, my parents bought me a camera then thank them very much there i photographed people i did vkontakte, then i started photographing weddings and all that is, i also worked for myself, but i didn’t understand how to promote it, somehow it’s generally beautiful there. So i’m like, both for us and for myself, and where that’s all that was possible, everything i learned, i immediately monetized like this, studied to be a trainer, everything is like this, i write programs for 500 rubles let’s say, in short, everything that is possible and tried to sell, so i realized that somehow it doesn’t work out, well, just make a lot of money, that’s why i think that we need to open a business, we appeared well before the business, we are still with you we’l get to instagram and here’s a big block.

I’m interested in how your relationship with your parents was built, what with your mother, what with your father. Let’s start with mom and mom. Well, there were different periods. It turns out. If we talk about what in general i went through in therapy there, having already realized after a long time - for many years my sister was born there when i was five years old from that moment i felt fierce competition like, well, and it seemed to me that i was unloved there and all that, as if the focus of attention was in the wrong place for me, something was forbidden to me. My sisters were always given freedom of speech even i could have said get away from me if i had said that, they would have killed me. It seems to me that this was confirmed in childhood. Yes, but in general, as if we always tried to give everything that we could give, on the one hand, thank you. On the other hand, this is not a very good upbringing scheme.

Children forming different models of relationships. But she and i were probably in adolescence i just probably hated it, even so you can say it was a difficult relationship. Yes, my mother pulled my hair around the house there i was screaming i rebelled i just left there i collected things from the house and was 18 years old we just have a relationship well, that is, either i grew up. Or maybe i don’t know the type and just changed radically, we started communicating very well, interacting there, well, like girlfriends, now it’s just mother daughter, well, we had such a good relationship so, well, it’s like since childhood i guess i was just such a princess for my dad. But my dad had a period when he was drinking. And it was hard for me to watch all this and all that. Also, it was in my teens that i could literally leave home if my dad returned home, that is, there were all sorts of things like that. And it seemed to me that. But somehow, well, in short, a lot, probably a lot of all sorts of things, i was traumatized in my relationship with pa because he had a second family there, a family found out about it there, when i was a teenager, and well, i don’t remember how old i was, to be honest, but like there were such moments and i was such a child, i didn’t understand like what was happening, why did i feel sorry for my mother and all that, here i am, about the 70th episode, i’m listening to different guests. I understand that the majority of entrepreneurs who begin to achieve extraordinary results or in general become this way and they get results they get these results from injuries that they received in childhood and well, thank you to our children’s herbs for what they are, it’s true, it’s actually very many people think that i can’t do anything because i’m unhappy interviewed but no talk about psychology, i’m not at all in favor of getting injured, trauma, to sort it all out, you do n’t have to get injured to get results, but it’s not necessary, but well, like, i’m not in favor of these endless studies, mom, dad, when people say i’l become rich when dad works, my cash flow is blocked. What are you talking about? You're kidding, like, but about psychology, if we say so. Yes, it hasn't become super relevant now it's real now. Okay, how did people build businesses there before, they got rich.

They say they have worked out dads mom since childhood well, like, in short, this is some kind of nonsense i think that's why i can say for sure that for me there are a lot of these are just the pillars of childhood pain, then the results because i spent a very long time trying to prove to the whole world. Well, it’s just as important to dad that i’m worthy of love, that i’m the coolest there, everything, that’s it, look, be proud of me. And that’s all that gave me is that a push is very strong, a push to make from above efforts in order to get a result without the top it can be difficult for yourself and here’s the funny thing about actually working out mom dad my position. What is not necessary at the start go work got the result you want to gain a foothold and go to a fierce scale where money is no longer as important as the scale of activity is important, then here life needs a balance, it already needs to be worked out here without the inner happiness of harmony it ’s difficult to do this. At this stage you can, so i say first learn how to earn money and then already, like, you can already look at what is limiting you, what patterns are all these things and already go to work with it, i can tell you about how i had the most severe work with my dad without psychologists, it turns out that for many years we didn’t really communicate with him at all i received pictures on whatsapp with my pictures and for some period of time i denied that i had any grievances at all and all that then it really came to light there in therapy. Well, like, i just realized that it was there, but one day i just decided and i was doing some kind of filling out a form and realized that i don’t know anything at all about my dad, nothing like anywhere. He didn’t study at all, he works at all, nothing at all and i had a sincere interest and a desire to get to know him, i called him and said dad, tell me about childhood what i did, where i served, it turned out that my dad fought there, that i was born and my dad really wanted to see me and there he took a deferment for the war, then how he dealt with me, how he nailed in me just this sense of purpose when well, dad showed this one for me, i had big fears to do something physically there, but like, climb up the horizontal bar and all that stuff, i’m telling you can tell me i can and do it, i can and like i climbed it all, i was telling me all this, i was like, “oh my gosh,” and he was telling me about how he achieved some of his goals there, well, in short, there’s a lot of things and in that moment i realized that my dad gave me so much that i just love him unconditionally, despite the fact that what happened there somewhere, it hurt me, i don’t know why did he act one way or another, what did he experience? Yes, at that moment this realization came to me, the goosebumps started again, and i just felt for the first time in my life, unconditionally love, i really feel god, how i love you simply for what you are and for the fact that you my dad and this sincere desire to know him and how everything worked out in his life in general allowed me to just feel this and now this is the coolest relationship that we have had in our entire life because i can call him and tell him what i have there’s something there i’m very afraid of something for example, when i was going to the analysis of these ones well, i have n’t gone there yet, i’m not about to call him, my dad tells me shel i’m afraid i don’t know what to do at all and the coolest thing is that he always gives me it’s not a pat on the head like everything will work out come on you’re brave or. There oh my god. Well it’s scary there like mom for example. Does it there says maybe you really don’t need to just go back to work and dad he starts telling me about fear how it works like you remember how in childhood. And you know, i was also afraid. And you remember, this then he just starts telling me, you can, well, like, get everything ready, let’s go, you’l do everything.

I believe in you, don’t doubt me. I kiss you all and these are such cool pillars in ours. Relationship, when i can call him to tell him that everything is great with me, he will be sincerely happy for me and when i can tell him that everything is bad for me, he will tell me. And the coolest thing is that i had such periods when, well, some kind of kickbacks of mine and i say, i’m calling i say, i don’t know what to launch, i don’t know how to make a product, my dad is completely clueless about this and he tells me. Send me all the points that you want to tell in your product. I’l give it a spin, maybe i’l also come up with something. From my experience, i’l let you. And i put together a program. Well, that is, and yes, well, how would i send it. And of course they send me so valuable. And that’s why this is support.

This is exactly the kind of support that’s like when i need to give a kick, roughly speaking, i’m not a snotty fist, and when there’s sincere joy for everything that i’m doing now i have a relationship with my dad, just on a different topic, let’s move on to before we move on to instagram work success there and so on there is another part of the teenage life of each of us that is different for each but traumas there can also be collected a hell of a lot is called it school you told on the blog that they set the bar for you there, that you were your maximum, this vocational school was what you want and do you remember the period of this school in general, what is this period for you listen, well, if we talk about school, it was so that i probably formed it myself i had such a personal brand for myself at school, at first i studied quite well then, of course, high school boys started there, that’s all history and the focus of my studies also shifted to some extent. I just didn’t like studying what i was interested in. They still haven’t sold it at all, that is. The fact that it was cool and interesting for me, i could just sit and read something additional myself, but that’s all it’s like or not i think god, why the hell should i do this, i’m better off well, i’l take care of business and work so in the ninth grade, such a story happened that, well, 7 8th grade already there i didn’t study very well in the ninth i somehow got ready so i’l show what i’m capable of i’m a smart girl. And i finish the first quarter with a b there are four five except for one subject my class teacher is in mathematics there algebra geometry what’s there in the ninth grade. And she gives me a c, she says this will motivate you. Well, although it came out as a b, i thought further and so you’l go to work with you and that’s it.

And in short, in the ninth grade i almost didn’t go to school and you actually skipped, well, fortunately they didn’t call my parents then why didn’t my mother go to the meeting at all? She didn’t like me at the meetings, i was always . On. Well, i’m probably not like everyone else yet, that is, well, i did n’t. Dress like everyone else, i had my own style. Ok, i was already somehow, well, in short, that is, i violated the school norm and everything else well, like that, well, i can’t say that it’s not this pink hair. On the contrary, in a black style, it’s a com, like there jeans, oversized t-shirts, everything is such crap. So i just think, well, that’s it, in short, i almost didn’t go to school very rarely, very little, or came and i was leaving i was actually working all this time. Well, to be honest, i was drinking and working well, really, i used to just in general. Well, like, i really could hang out somewhere until 7:0 in the morning and go to school by 8:0 well, like, just like that, oh there were such times at school that they would n’t have crossed paths at all because i was a fierce nerd, yes i got two gold medals after school. Holy , where did two come from, that’s all good? That’s it. I’l tell you later, well, in short, and in the end i finish the ninth grade, they ate a shitload of these as passes for me i pass and there i need to somehow resubmit the documents so that the director and in general the council of teachers tell me that we are really the ceiling of a vocational school like i can’t cope with the program, that there’s nothing in me at all to somehow develop like go to a vocational school and there’s what -you’l get there, your well, people of your rank, let’s say so, and me then it really rebelled inside you, well, that is, it’s also me, but i was just moving on the proof all the time. At first i walked for a long time and said like, take me to school, they didn’t refuse then i then went to work, well, i worked all summer and now by september it’s close to the end of august and i understand that something needs to be decided well, like this i’m saying dad, they don’t take me to school now he came and gave it to everyone, i don’t know, you can swear, you can and that’s all the director says to me, but i’l take you on one condition and the circle with which she as they say, you’l study well, like well you ’l be good at the game in general, no problems at all,. That’s all and i’m on the honor roll, tenth eleventh grade professional. Oh well, although i also missed a lot, but it’s just, like, no one canceled the sense of a dozen .

I don’t even know how i survived, to be honest with all these stories about the clubs what was the name of the city again and how many people there are, less than one hundred thousand people, it’s located geographically near novosibirsk, your injuries were sorted out, that’s where they started, of course yes, it’s an unexpected start, but let’s now move on to your implementation of what we have now. Please tell us about well, let’s take instagram. We’l look at this path with you started to lead it just to lead. You had a blast when it started. I don’t think that it was somehow possible. One day where a decision was made just like that everyone i’m an instagram blogger. I’m all there most likely it was possible i don’t know how it was. Well it turns out that i just started running some kind of useful instagram then i started doing fitness if i’m not mistaken i started like that - they were talking about how to lose weight some things and a response appeared. Well, that is, people actually started asking how to lose weight how to remove all that stuff i found it funny that they were interested i began to direct more and more attention there, let’s say so what? Subscribers went there once or twice, well, little by little, then i discovered mass following for myself. I opened this tool manually when you sit and subscribe to all the people yourself, then unsubscribe from them yourself, it was hell, but no it worked well, yes, and probably 5 thousand from that it came and well, a normal, good audience. Here are your old people who have been with you for a long time. Yes, and then somehow there was a period when i scored because there was a lot of hate.

Well, that is, me. I was a blogger in a small town when this didn’t exist at all. Developed. Well, that is, i didn’t know that the world of instagram existed well, that is, it was just for fun that everything was arrogant. No, there’s just a complaint that i’m just a la stupid well, that is, who is interested in your posts oh for someone you’re recording. Stories. I came to the gym, they just made fun of me every hundred times, like i said there, like it was everywhere in the gym, the coach was teasing me and all the guys, well, that is, they were stepping up, like, you know, well, like a friendly little humor, but it wasn’t so, well, it was just tough, like for that period, then let’s say i’m dating a friend, she tells me that everyone at school is standing there, talking about me, in short, they’re making fun of me, they’re laughing, just looking at my stories, you know, all sorts of things like that, and well, for a certain period there was such a thing that everything was right next to me i cried into my pillow, i really sobbed because i was interested, but i was so scared that everyone in the city practically just shits me, just banter and all that kind of thing, which of these moments should there be more subscribers, so everyone is . Me, i want more. Well, like, yes, approximately that’s how it happened i’m so wet i have a pattern that i need to get very angry and then i ’l do anything like that’s it all my emotional swings i’l go through all the fears all the pains i feel everything i went to do. And then too it was so that i already, well, no one supported me, my loved ones didn’t support well, like, no one was there at all, well, i had a husband then and everyone was there friends and so on, like, everyone said that well, if you want, lay it out like this, like this, here i am in some moment i just realized what i want i’m interested i like that people tell me something there i started studying instagram like i could at that time that something in the recommended goes ass. Let’s go ass put some crosses and checkboxes there like let’s cross the checkboxes and post them. Well all that everything somehow my audience grew very quickly organically and then the first money happened the first 300 rubles 300 rubles let’s somehow raise it so you understand i probably already had 30 thousand maybe subscribers i have a shitty reach were well, like,. 70 percent stories it was a launch, say that it was a launch, they came to the advertisement, it’s just complete game, it’s just my slicing or something like that, like making money there, well, in short, i post two hundred times, they pay me 300 rubles for them, and i work for a thousand rubles for a whole studio shift i was like, okay, in 30 seconds of work and that’s it, i was like, i just opened the box, it seemed like it was because of 300, i didn’t know that i would become a millionaire and all that then i just got to that, my whole life changed.

Was there only negativity? That period was there really only negativity? Weren’t there people who looked at your instagram? Then there was a fitness blog and so on, the subscribers who remained, those who subscribed to you, wrote to you, they supported you felt it, my environment was not there. Well, that is, this is the only period i remember that i don’t remember, my mother tells me that she supported me, but maybe that’s just the audience that came who didn’t know me, well, i didn’t talk about it on the blog, it’s just their involvement, it certainly helped me at one time, that’s what i’m not doing this in emptiness, in fact, people want to know yes, well, sex sexuality on the blog that i want to raise is very interesting to me, your position on this according to reliable sources we know very well that in your direct messages there are a huge number of arabs and turks who write you, well, in general, if we talk about instagram, there are a huge number of girls who are engaged in objectification of themselves, then he appeared on this, he is a lefans in general, this is generally chernukha for me. Well, yes. And what’s even worse already existed but in any case, it’s close. This is objectification for the scope of attracting attention question i have such a more instrumental nature towards you, are you doing this consciously for the sake of coverage or do you like the attention of men that i want to point out for all the time laying out ass only turks no one. . I actually had a girl i know who sent her something like this you think my ass is not enough peaks it was a very long time, okay, well, of course, i didn’t think about it, but there were moments i discovered.

In the sense of a call to action. Everything is fine with the girl, they wrote very often. Well, it’s clear that there are some russian boys, there are really men there, and all that stuff, like meeting there, and so on, well, culturally, like the truth there are roughly three or four people there whom i still don’t block. The fact that sometimes it’s very funny to read what they write are haters who can straight up attack you there. Yes, that’s all, well, there they also write that my fingers are crooked, so i don’t i block there were no hard precedents for all the time, and if we talk about the body on instagram for a girl for a girl, at first i had it. So i was promoting like fitness, you put your ass out objectively, it’s necessary. Well, this is like your result, well, really, that is, the abs and ass are not press you can show it in order to say look i’m actually so pretty. It’s clear that you can do all that in shorts how i wouldn’t give a . In general, although my mother of course pressed me for it, she said what a shame you’re a shame on the family the relatives are watching, my god i didn’t care.

I understand that firstly, during the period there was a year, i don’t remember, but some 18 it was well received in the recommendations and brought, and then it changed to the fact that i just liked the aesthetics of the body, that is, well, somehow it’s just beautiful to conduct some kind of filming or just, well, how could i? What in vain did i go to the hall? Now is a very interesting period in my life because i have a lot of content that previously seemed beautiful from the point of view of the type of women’s bodies, it seems that it’s already like that night. Well then yes, it seems too vulgar to me, he once said yes, such an activation of women’s bodies and women as such, that’s why i have very little such content on instagram, if you take the feed, there’s no one at all, only with a young man. . Well, that’s how-. Then in the feed there is almost none sometimes in stories when well, . This silhouette, take off so many underpants well, like the press, a lot of things are going on, but how is there such direct content, there is no emphasis on it anymore because somehow one thing fell away and the inner feeling became that it’s not for everyone well, i don’t know how to say it to everyone from the point of view of the fact that somehow, if we talk about what she used to post, she was very sexy and could post stories now, i’m thinking, well, who am i trying to say, what am i trying to say with this, why and somehow it has disappeared, that is, i can lay my ass out. But like, sometimes if a man wants to, they limit it, i think, well, that means my subpersonalities are dirty. And so, in general, the view on this has somehow changed and i don’t really want to do well.

And the second question about blogging, how bloggers will address i hate instagram. I told you this behind the scenes before the podcast started i love youtube i love the long format where it reveals a deep thought you confirmed me that you are going to youtube for this in many ways now too. But i love instagram not only because it is very it’s difficult to give depth and because of the huge amount of hypocrisy i’m surrounded by a thousand times, i’ve been in the info business for seven years and most of the stars of the info business market were either on my podcast or i watched them grow up and you’re sitting there with them in a hookah bar in a restaurant, they’re in a disgusting mood there in general, they all hate everyone, they include stories and they are the best, in general, the best side of themselves is such an exhibition, vanity, hypocrisy, and so on, how do you feel about this, and after that, i’l tell you our view on your instagram because we read all the posts, we read all the posts, everything is relevant, we looked at how amazingly, you don’t evoke a feeling of hypocrisy. Well, that is, in your blog, you did it very well and are you a good actress or do you lead very sincerely? No, it’s difficult for me to say that i am there beyond sincerely. Of course, i had periods that i hid that i didn’t in general, personal, not for the entire audience. But i don’t really like this whole instagram picture, too, because i myself fell into my own trap when you look and such a shower, what’s wrong with me, i don’t know there, the launch is not going well, no. And everyone is like that in general productive, everything works out for them. They are rich in heaven and all that, then i meet someone and based on him well, for example, i find out that a person has no money, like 0 on the card a on instagram everything is beautiful until now, well, how does he get by in what well, this is a lot of famous people, let’s just say so and naturally. Well, how would i fall into this trap of you comparing yourself and all that because there’s something wrong with you? At some point, i completely everyone up and i don’t look at anyone but my close friends, but for my part i can say that i don’t hide at all the fact that i have some kind of kickbacks, bad periods.

I lost that year, i lost a lot of money, everything that i earned in the twenty-first year there was my own for that exchange rate million dollars i earned very little money there in the twenty-second year, i . Everything and invested it with a scammer and what just didn’t happen or just time in the information business many do this but these were some moments when i just lost and continued to spend money and not i got to earn money from launches that were in the minus and all that kind of thing, i can talk about it very openly now. And i said then, well, like, it’s not right away at the moment of launching, like guys, it doesn’t work out, you don’t buy , i’l be honest, this is the last time when the show i launched well, just like i sold entrance tickets they bought me very poorly i told you right in the story you don’t buy anything tell me why well, like, i need to understand in order to change it is possible to convey the value to you and so on, and this is also one of the cool life hacks because what worked then people gave me honest feedback i changed a few theses and warmed it up. Well, i got some sales, let’s say that year there was a period when my condition just collapsed. I felt very bad and i honestly vlogged and kept it up like i said what the guys in general i’m stressed for money, everything sucks to me, not like i can’t launch there, i don’t know how to warm you up and all that, my chest is in the palm of my hand, and then in the end i canceled the launch, led it and canceled it because i just realized that it’s not my course that i wanted to launch. So went to bali to become enlightened that’s it, but that is, i don’t blame you for the fact that you need to tell everything, show everything, be like a leaf, because sometimes some things can be like what you think in the moment that it won’t hurt you much if people know there like later someone says something and you are always under stress that it still went to the masses well, in short, that is, but i always stand for the fact that there should be honesty, for honesty in general in everything in relationships with yourself if you see in the world where -then you are clearly dishonest with yourself. This is my position. And if you are dishonest with you cannot make results, that is, you cannot tell yourself the truth. I want to do this or i don’t want to do this.

This is my format, this is not my format too there was probably a lot honestly, i was a . Back there as a child well, like, in my teens, i told stories like that for which i now think why the hell is my father? Moment i will honestly say already at the conscious age there 21 2 i realized that i was confused. But this is that there is truth in fact i began to believe in my own so much that i began well at some point to catch a souza well roughly speaking well not so of course it’s tough, yes, like, but it’s true when you sit and for example, something is wrong in your life and you once told some beautiful love story, i don’t know, and you think like that. Well, that’s how it is with me, as it were it wasn’t, but you really believe that it’s like that, well, in short, it’s tough and at some point i realized that i don’t lie to people anymore because otherwise it’s generally confusing to live there and everything is wrong inside, and so on, the second thing is, i’l honestly tell you now that i lied before well, that is, this is also a moment that was very difficult, he only came at 26 when i can say there our my girlfriend, who knows me, when she also said something in a general get-together, you can say that do you remember such a situation was i at i can tell everyone that i kind of lied to me then well, yes, this is also such a marker that well, you know, go so deep with yourself that you can come to an agreement that you can tell everyone that after that growth began, well, yes, well, that is, i can’t to say that. I wo n’t lie like you know that everyone has become a dollar millionaire because i’m telling the truth no. But a lot has been added and an understanding of where i should go.

Well, that is, like, where is my vector, where is not my vector, there is no such shining hole sucking energy because you not sincerely even in front of yourself very much in fact telling the truth to other people is not so difficult i didn’t like it. This coffee i don’t want to go there this is the protection of personal boundaries for many this is built the most difficult thing is to tell the truth to yourself this is actually straight i recently only for myself i realized this myself and after that i just somehow began to live and begin to grow, so i asked how you came to this conclusion because i recently came to this, they blocked too much ass showed honestly, they deleted the photo in a swimsuit then yes, but he is for sex content like sexual character, it’s just, well, honestly, well, there was much more trenchant that it was unfair to delete and somehow wrote off the claim, but not because of this, well, at least because of this photo, block it at the pool where i’m just sitting from afar. And the photos where it’s just like that i photographed my ass they weren’t demolished like you i’m just how many subscribers do you have then what year was 19 20 honestly 18 towards the end of the eighteenth year i just first of all it’s a . Big asset and i’m sometimes scared to think that youtube is against business all the infocast and so on after 3.5 years, the asset was gathering such a targeted audience. And i’m scared by the thought of my instability of reality, how you lived. This is because, well, it’s probably a knock- down blow. Well, then at that time i was actually working in hiring and i’m very i went there in hiring, i earned 15-20 thousand, i don’t remember they promoted the director. I started earning 20 and, in short, i started earning somewhere around 120 150 blog. And i was very scared to quit, very scared, i ended up quitting with the thought that suddenly i’l lose everything and two months pass, to hell everything is blocking me.

I think you’ve come to an agreement, why is this? Take it back, let’s rewind, i won’t post it, and in short, and it turned out that not only was i blocked. So i had another 200 thousand for a long time because i then i practically invested everything in the block. That is, i’m the same person who figured out that you shouldn’t spend money when you start earning it, and i lived there for 20-30 thousand and just poured everything back in. I took advertising for a month and a half in advance and earned about 100 there. Well, there’s 160, let’s say, and i had to pay 40 thousand for my studies at that time, my mother lent it to me. So it turns out that a debt of 120,000 was formed, what’s with the extra advertiser 40 to my mother and i’ve already invested everything in the block in advertising, it’s either already there or should it did n’t matter, i really freaked out then because there wasn’t much money, the only thing was that at that time i was already opening my own clothing brand at the same time. And i had a little bit of money in my account for clothes, but fundamentally, but there wasn’t everything, i couldn’t be angry in myself anyway close, i decided this is business money, i don’t take it well, that is, it’s like, otherwise, i ’l stay in school . And of course i’m stressed, that is, i was just sitting there, i opened this, like, i was looking for vacancies there, well, i just woke up in anxiety and so further, even when they started threatening me with lawsuits, you know, the began to not understand at all how everything works and everything else, it was just tough for me and i opened the laptop like that, looked at it, counted how many years, well, how many years will i pay off like this loan if i work there, like, salary there are 12 of us 15 thousand may god grant you luck, i was lucky when i worked in the studio for 15 then there they paid 20 that i should be higher, so i understood that i would damn well count for the rest of my life, so to speak, then i would n’t eat or drink, no. In short just everything and well, i threw this idea aside then i thought maybe i could take out a loan. Well, to pay off the same as the loan, i’l pay off the sheet and in the end.

Well, that’s it, at some point a month has probably passed, i’m like, screw it and i’m opening a store that i’ve managed to sew to sell, i’m starting a new instagram and that’s it. I started using all my communication skills there to negotiate with bloggers like you there please post me and all that, well, in short, and the active audience there has increased i reached an income of 50,000 from advertising and before that i was only doing advertising i’m still under stress, i think, but i’l be giving it away for a few four months to someone who needs something beyond money to put more into advertising no, well, in short, and i remembered that a fitness trainer decided to launch a marathon, i’m there with a small number of audience to make 400 thousand, i’m such the first launch there, the creepiest product in the world. I think i was filming my workout at home somewhere. Well, i was standing on the phone on the floor, the tripods weren’t even in the background of the tv, and somewhere i couldn’t even see my head for the exercise, so everyone was happy, people really, i’m serious, people were losing weight, people were losing weight, they liked it, and as if they asked for more, i then launched it, i already rented the hall, money appeared, i liked the tv.

if they blocked me now, it would probably be absolutely calm. It’s already a matter of technology. I have money for advertising i have a name in general and yes, i think i’l come up with something infobusiness there are a huge number of bloggers and not only experts who launch courses that make different products, that is, especially bloggers and attacks come primarily to infogypsy bloggers they call bloggers first of all because, well, you have an audience, you monetize it, but in fact you don’t have any kind of internal expertise. Please tell me about your path in the information business, about the first step, we understand, yes about 400 thousand, about the fitness launch, how it went further, to what extent have you grown to what results and in general your path specifically in the information business or the period of fitness just began. I was already a fitness trainer, i already knew everything works, everything works. And then i launched a marathon, then i started launching these marathons somehow everything went like marathons then like lose weight in 30 days all that stuff it was actually cool because honestly i did it for three days one day i did it myself i wrote it just the second day i designed it myself also forgive me please.

Different bubbles. Yes it’s just that there it was, i downloaded some kind of pink background on google, well, like with some bubbles, in my opinion, i just stuck it in what’s on the laptop, i think i already had a mac then, like in some kind, i don’t know where there people write well, the documents are shorter and i wrote everything in the background in short, it’s normal. Yes. And then one day, the second day, well, i wrote for the designer in stories, i tell you these two days, like how cool it is in general, i’m just like, damn top, in general, i believed it until that moment i didn’t see how people make guides well, in general on the internet. Although to see what it is, i opened it in general, of course. Just great and in short, and on the third day i opened a sale for two days or something, 14 people bought it then it was just almost 14,000 sales it was, well, that is, my reach was fifty thousand. Then probably well, plus or minus 60 stories, well, almost 1 4 or whatever 1/5 was bought, so i earned more than two million then, you know what kind of person was there, a penny in general, well, i’m like, this is what’s even possible in this life. I just became a millionaire. Before that, i earned 500,800 from advertising there, but i invested all the time. Therefore, i always had very little money in my hands, so i monetized, yes, that’s what i’m like and that’s it. Let’s go on next month i’m selling my this marathon, which was beautifully filmed in the hall, i’m like this. And this is in short, you will always have in the record something like this course and do it there too, almost 3 million, then i do something else and even a guide there on page 140, poor guys, they read the whole book, but they already told me everything about anatomy, why here it is like this, if you want an ass here, this is how you need to do it, that’s why i don’t know why the hell it was information, there’s actually a whole book there, and it’s also there made well, several million there, three four so, in this range, and then more conscious activity began when such, well, actually, now there is money to do normal projects and i already decided, well, how to make my own fitness course really big and with there was a tall man there. Three thousand, i don’t remember how many there is a three-month program. Who needs to work out at home on losing weight for the home, a set for the home for the gym for in short, that’s all you can imagine there, lectures from speakers and so on.

That is, i honestly did then in general i didn’t know that such a thing existed, i didn’t look at any competitors at all, this analysis has never done a competitor analysis in my life. In general, it’s always purely a check-cho. As i see, how i feel, and i do it, in short, now it’s the right strategy as a whole. It’s just that i’m not that. Well, like, it just so happened that it gave me the result, i tingled it with some kind of technique and that’s it. And then just like that, everyone sat at home and it was a golden time because i had, and then my fitness was selling for 5 million per month. Yes, well, with the fact that it’s like i didn’t know how to heat at all, and so on what’s the matter, i just told you, i trained, i’m training according to my course, buy well, that is, with some kind of launches every two weeks, like selling start. And just like that everything was going well. And at some point i realized that i no longer, well, like, i don’t want to sell my ass, i don’t want to sell my beauty, well, because i had fitness for me, i’m grateful. I think that thanks to fitness, i made a lot of money and i earned a lot of money because of my fitness. So when i went to the gym, i was killing. I was just a machine and killing every muscle. That’s when i did lifting, started playing sports, and all the time i had a goal like to make some result higher, not even at competitions, but for myself i squatted 100 kg today.

So i have to at least throw 05 there, sorry i already have it. I just how many things did you want to ask ugly girls at competitions. No i couldn’t finish it off in the gym. Yes but 70 at once of course not at 10 here. Well, just like that, this is the core of what the new result is and come on, you can have the discipline that i went to the gym 45 times a week, i didn’t miss it no matter how tired i was there. Well, that’s just the goal: first there was the ass, then the competition then again, the focus on the body went away and thanks to fitness, i realized that my sense of purpose had become tougher. Well, like, just like this. I don’t know what’s there for you to understand; in short, there were moments when i twisted my shoulder, now i have arthrosis, but i also performed in the sgp there, like on bar, you do push-ups on pull-ups and i don’t remember that, i honestly don’t remember 25 kilograms maybe push-ups on bars and at that moment my shoulder flew out, like it hurt terribly. The coach tells me, in fact, after a week of competition, i will continue to train. This is of course not good to do that. No need,. Yes. But then i was just straight, well, the goal is everything in my life and i need to do it, you ended up making money from it, i decided yes, i understood what and when i started putting meaning into fitness, what is it in general, it’s about energy,. Well then there you are, when you play sports, you generate energy, everything else is how to create quality and so on, people stopped buying normally.

Well, that is, they had to show their ass and abs endlessly and i’m tired of this, damn it, i don’t want to, i’m talking about money, i’m talking about well as if about the will, about thinking and so on, like why should i sell my ass well, conditionally, so that i can earn money, i somehow, in short, like this kind of moved away from this and just left vlogging. Well then, in my twenties, i did the design of stories now of course, without tears you won’t look at it. But then it started a trend there, you know, like circles, all there are some arrows, a billion short, and bloggers and subscribers started writing to me. Wow, how to do this. And i decided to somehow launch a course in the end it’s not just stories. And like how to run a block there to unpack yourself la then it wasn’t a mouton. Well, yes i don’t know in the twentieth it already started i somehow honestly e format in general it was different, that is, in fitness you don’t sit and talk you don’t record lessons you somehow it was such a natural habitat for me you train. And you are filmed after the fact eh, that’s the whole course. Well, it’s kind of conventionally clear that there’s still analysis on air and so on well, the air was for analysis by the way, i well, it was as if the girls were asking questions, but in fact it was an analysis because i was still delving into what was in the girls’ heads. Well, only later, at some point, that i understood that weight is not always just a calorie deficit, training, i wanted to convey this, well, in short i realized that everything was all negative.

And i went vlogging and it was the worst smell in my entire life because i almost died. In my twentieth year, it was extremely difficult for me to do warm-ups because for the first time in my life i did, like, you need to warm up. To do warm-up for the first time in my life i recorded lessons stress to drink as a producer i worked as a producer then i had a girl friend. Well, a friend for that period who said that your father is producing but this also played into a minus more than a plus because i did everything they told me i stopped on the blog there you know you can’t swear vlogs you can’t show this training you can’t show it like this is my past expertise people will want you made the decision to trust. Yes, well, as if this is normal and then it turned out that i earned more money from my notes than here and in short and here thus, what i did was not the way i see it, not the way i want it, that it was the first such educational activity, let’s say so, and in short, there was a lot of stress and i remember that i just worked 24/7 in general, this happened to me before. My usual life was that i just always worked there, i didn’t really work there weren’t a lot of places where i went in the twenties, i did a fitness app, then i just closed the whole agency, my business, a production center, when i didn’t know that it existed, like, but in the end i just left, that’s all closed and went into this logging activity to sell a training course and it was the most terrible launch. I just almost died from this. I ended up taking two or three million of my net profits there. I think you’re serious now, i’m the heaviest. Yes, it was very hard.

It’s just me later i thought that never again, but after the twenty-first i decided to close fitness as an official that i no longer run, i don’t sell, like, well, look away from this topic on my blog, like, i’m no longer a fitness expert. So i made these two final streams and that’s it left here to do a course on blogging again and in short, three more two or three streams, the rule in the twenty-first year, i made a million dollars in a year for that and everything tell me about your main file well, minus 10. Yes, i heard or whatever 2 as it is happened in the twenty-second year, in general, everything i worked, i lost everything that i earned, well, so to speak, i had a lot of money on my card and instead of buying, for example, an apartment in dubai or moscow or doing something else there well, in short thinking in this direction didn’t work for now just the money was lying there, i trusted it first, well, i invested it in one person for invested money, there’s no fund, but like a closed fund, not in the stock exchange, where do you put the money every month, all the folders. And then they just scanned you, they just owe me 8 million from there for example, i was like, okay, so be it happens, yes, i’m really saying it’s like, of course, i was angry because we started as a friend, as you said, of course, it was uncomfortable, you know. -8. Then i was like, well, i haven’t been for a long time i earned money because i lived mine at first at the beginning of the year, there were difficult periods, i didn’t launch anything, then i launched it, i decided that i wanted to go into thinking in psychology, but as such i had confirmation that i actually can do it, i can’t speak for it. Myself despite the fact that i studied a lot before this type, i’m not up to scratch. No, yes, for a mass audience of this type, even for myself, for myself, confidence but i decided to do some kind of marathon like online training.

Well, how would i feel after the webinar sales 7 probably 20 total applications and sales 7 us with a check of 30 thousand well, i understand what it’s like after you made a launch there for 20 million oh beauty. . Well, there was a minus for the launch of course. And i just canceled it, i decided that there was no point carry out of course, although now i would do it differently, but what is that is, i canceled it all then and decided that i would organize an offline training i’m afraid to speak i screwed up an online launch in which i’m already online for so many years i don’t know, again from thinking and all that, but i decided that i would do it offline, but i think it’s worse for me why didn’t. I do it. Why did i do it online. Yes, i’m like that why did i decide to do it online because it’s done offline. So i have to do it offline i’m doing this type, well, too alya, a small launch i’m breaking even well, just like that, if you take the premises, the shooting is zero, but fortunately, then i thank sergei romanovich because we had a very bad launch. I just, well, i sold through questionnaires, i also called up in the group, of course, but i made 30 calls, as if in an amicable way, if it were there was some kind of diagnostician and there was a sales department, the conversion generally went fine out of 30-35 there were 17 sales you personally and in fact 400 people filled out the questionnaire that is, you could still call and call.

But i was already like all of me it seemed to me that i was well like, i everything because even then i didn’t understand what such people like that are, well, that is, after the webinar you see millions. And here you don’t see, so i, in short, sat like this seryozha, i was afraid, firstly, i told him that i was supposed to speak in general and that like well, in short, the training turns out to be a minus and he says we had such experience, we are not that kind of . Sales. And like what they recorded well, online, in short, they recorded an event of something i don’t remember or the courses well, in short, he advised me he says write it down and then sell the record. And then i made 500 sales of the record i was like oh well, i made money. But still it’s not measurable because what i did before was that the person was short although all the guys from infobiz said you sold the record of an offline training like 500 people what kind of person is around 7000 or something i’m already like yes, very cool 5-7. Well, i don’t remember from somewhere we raised it either from 6 or from five like to 7 well, the last round there 15 thousand even made a couple of sales for 15 so in short it’s really like that i wish everyone would tell me the sheet are you normal?

Look how much money i have earned on my card. I seem to have fallen into such despair that i really want to engage in thinking and psychology, but something doesn’t suit me. Well, i started to think, who am i, who am i such in this world why is this a very good question? That’s what i have to do in general, like either the world shows me that i’m in fitness or blogging, this should all be drowned because well, as if the feedback in the form of money is good, but here it’s not so good in short, it all knocked me down very harshly in august, my mentor tells me what he says. But then i have a question: imagine some petya sitting in the office and how he wants to somehow change his life so that you can advise how you can help him, i started to go to the fact that there is work with thinking like, well, somehow this is all the stories, i started thinking, i had to understand why he is in the office, what he wants the truth about, and how about this? Or maybe he has general skills, regalia, all assets, some resources in order implement something else, he tells me are you strong in blogging, are you in stories? Have you seen how you lead a hundred times, i think so, but if a person who is a psychologist, who has thoughts there, and so on, tells me that i’m looking in the wrong place, it means well, when you get negative state it seems to you that all people are right except you i’m like that means blogging. Well i’m like that everything. I do then is not for beginners but for experts this course is the best on the market and let’s cut it short in august last year.

And i felt so bad. Well, that is, i was just waking up anxiety has gone away every single day, i don’t know how to describe it when you just wake up in a sweat practically at 6:30 at 7 in the morning and only at 9 in the evening it lets you go. Well, that is, you are in the wildest anxiety all day, but i don’t know, it was really very difficult to write it was hard and the period was such that i was showered with it, i just, it’s just that i was all over me, well, i just gained weight, my body started telling me. Lisa this is anxiety in me, well, in short, it’s just how it’s possible only for me from all sides. I think it’s covered me. And but i did a launch i went out in stories.

Although i went out honestly i at some point came out telling me it’s . Up i don’t know how to warm you up but the product take my word for it like this is the truth i suffered for it. Yes i did. I did i did and when the team tells me about the fact that we have everything, well, we have a pre-sale, well, everything else is there and that we need to put on a webinar there on some date and we’re already like we’re on schedule, but in general i feel terrible about hero and i had a panic attack for the first time in my life in general, yes, i cried with them, it was scary and i was dying welcome. And at that moment i sat there, i remember, i briefly sit down in the bathroom well, in the end, some water and i was like, i want to live like this, like why do i need this for the sake of money? Well, because this is the most the niche with the most money was 20 million plus the launch. I understand that i either now i refuse this money, i understand that i still need to sign up a course like this where i’m going to die.

Either i’m kind of suffering further, i’m writing to the team, i’ve gathered all the very cool guys then i changed it still a team. And i say, guys, excuse me, but there are three days left, i say launches. Well, i’m all from me sorry, breasts there well, from the guys whom we paid in advance there are some specialists there already, i don’t remember there ask if they will return the money. Okay if there is no mountain everything, take everything in the end. No, i’ve never worked with producers except for that case. Yes, well, as it were, and that is, fitness itself is itself well, in short, here it is in the end everything, i just canceled everything and flew away and there was a period just after all when out of all my total capital i have 5 million left on my card. Well, all my friends have been joking for a long time because i came i’m in this anxiety. But i can’t money i’m afraid that i won’t succeed and all that i’m really feeling myself already i wrote down the answer to the homeless with these 5 million because my expenses were two and a half three million a month, i came to my friends and i sobbed, i really sobbed, i sincerely sobbed. And i said, i’m like, in two months, what will i be able to live on ? Measure expenses income just a little turn on your head of financial literacy and stop paying there.

Well, it’s like i’ve always had such a scourge all my life as long as i’ve been alive, i always pay over the top well, like, even here’s alcohol for me in general. So you’re over-flooding for everyone, like, you know, there’s a housekeeper who cleans for 4,000, and i used to be there, well, give her eight off it. Well, that’s it, in short, how does he clean there, i don’t know, of course, in a team, it was cool because i always paid a lot of time and everything like that here i have it was all a shame to pay someone little money or i just know they won’t return my deposit there, 250-300 thousand there i’m like, okay, it’s. Okay. There, well, all sorts of things like that, in short, i always had a lot of lessons with money, i lost a lot of money and so i sat with this millions like that. I still don’t count. It’s just that i started like this, in short, everyone told me like you’re normal, like someone here. Well, also there are some of the guys who lived in the city who show me their watches 60 thousand rubles and all that, from launch to launch it’s very good. We’ve been friends for many years, it’s just a fact that it’s not like anything in particular . In short, it’s just a fact it’s not just friends who said it’s just people who are just also.

Very. Well, i’m not very cool with those who create picture on instagram and does not have the fact that he broadcasts our alya some come they all earn 300 thousand for 180 rent an apartment several podcasts were deleted due to the fact that after the fact after graduation they found out some things well, that’s how i think that like why do people buy your life. Like so you either live really broadcast like that, well, because a lot of people buy these courses because i want also and also this sorry to move from ruble to ruble in the market of such a lot and when there was just a period when i like 5 million i honestly was ashamed then to go to a lower level. Well, that is, i imagined that if i couldn’t earn any more money now. But you never know, maybe my time has passed, then i think so. And i started to think about what this is for me.

Instagram will need to show another apartment, another taxi, others there, well, in short, you understand this is the social status i’m like. Well, everything is . Up. And if i show that everything is bad for me, then naturally no one else will buy anything. It’s a vicious circle and i was scared then. That’s exactly this one. To live and when in the moment i think like this, god sheet are you seriously now thinking about what’s on instagram, what the market will think of you, what subscribers will say like and all that, i think, but i want it so much again, i don’t want it so much and in the end, there was a period when i told everyone in general in the information business. Yes, i have almost no money, well, like this, like, launches aren’t going well. I don’t know what to do yet, and that’s what gave me such inner peace, and that’s just, again, honesty with everyone around so that you don’t there were expectations on instagram surrounded by you and so on. I think if people stop communicating with me because i don’t have money, then we need many from business, let’s say, they stopped being friends with me in the sandbox, playing in the sandbox.

Well, that is, they were, like, once and everything and the person somehow no longer goes to the office to get a drink for me it was very cool training, a great feeling too and inner peace it gave me that i was honest with myself, the main thing is that i canceled the launch and honestly said about it that i was not able to not be ready to teach you. Well, because i can earn money now. But i won’t give myself one hundred percent, so that’s it sorry, goodbye, i was completely honest with those around me that i’m running out of money there conditionally and well, in short, here’s how it was possible to create the most honest environment so that i could calmly like that i created and in the end this calmness but gave me an inner firmness, some kind of rare confidence i think it means that if there is such a period when i live as usual a person means i leave as usual a person then i’l come up with something because i have a head on my shoulder i made money with my brains, so i’l get out of this i flew to bali. I think in bali you can kind of make a lot of money there, you don’t need to do it differently now but then, well, then it was a little bit different i too was because mobilization was approaching just the same and there are already villas there sorry, they cost well, it’s also more than living on the network well, in short, like i just cut down all expenses are 100 rubles and like all day for a hundred in short well like that. It’s clear that i still spent money there, i got normal money there per month because i wrote down my mustache and all that, but more of this promotion was there or my hobbies vocals are not vocals in short and that’s all.

And then i understood everything what i want to do i want to ask you first damn thank you very much i like it so much no everything is fine everything is fine. I know i’m like a person who knew what he wanted to get from the podcast i get everything in abundance from above everything is great the question is what are you doing now what projects are you currently working on how do you identify yourself who you are now you were a fitness blogger you were a person who trains bloggers then a psychologist coach something in this direction, what are you now? Well, i went to study at a university psychologist, retraining, i applied as a sociologist, first education, second marketing tower and now the third retraining to become a psychologist, i study there for two years, so it turns out that i went to study as a psychologist. I have already completed offline training there in psychology. Also, in general, i probably now understand that this is my area of ​​interest. Well, that is, it’s just that i love all these analyzes, too, not from the point of view of how you can get subscribers, so i realized that i’m all going into this area more in-depth and start launching products on this topic without expecting that, like this impostor syndrome that i had before, it didn’t give me that i need to first show the crust to everyone to prove it. I have a lot of knowledge; i already need to either relay it to the world and let other people see it too and get results. Or i’l go crazy later. What course should i take, what should i graduate from? Let’s take an annual course too much, that’s my second strong feature, in any case, it’s marketing from the point of view of info-business, that is, i don’t know the business there, no, i don’t like doing this, but what about point of view of how to create a touch with the audience in different sources and so on, therefore, that is, now i am combining psychology and marketing, so to speak, now i am making a mass product because i have an asset to use, but now i am conducting more consultations, personal work, group master group, that is, on high checks. And then there’s a lot of people you need people, you’re all going in this direction and now you’re learning, and you still have a lot on this tower, i’m learning well, that is, i launched a youtube channel, what’s that you get, this is native integration now, be sure to subscribe to this channel is exactly where i analyze the guys who come there and say i want i have a million i want 10 or not 100,000 i want 300 500 million and so on and so on well, i analyze it but from the point of view of what is stopping him now to do this result is not something that is there, let’s shoot orxes, we’l come up with some kind of ryuris for you, i don’t like it at all, that’s what every person knows everything well, like, i did all the results, i don’t know that there are warm-ups how to properly analyze the target i’ve never done analysis of competitors never does and so on, well, that is, it was all according to availability. I understand that yes, the tools are good, cool, and i give them too, i know, but the person knows everything. He himself knows which ones to lay out, how to make a magnet of any kind, so you need to understand why, well, there more often just some internal processes are lying and so they are sorting out this story.

So i’m just writing down some of my insights thoughts in the flow. Well, that is, some things that come i’m just a person who seems to me to have a brain from the point of view of some thoughts and how this world works 24 to 7 if i have a young man i think he sometimes thinks, lord, turn it off because i can sit and stagnation is the same well, there is no regression, there is no type of stagnation does not exist because there is a type of either regression or progress, evolution is some kind of then the process of change means and that’s how i start to dig into it, thinking about the fact that from the point of view of the type of person, his results are there, like, why is it, why are we the thesis, is it correct or why is it incorrect? In short, it’s just that i realized that damn there is youtube where am i can pour it all out and people will get something, some thoughts and it turns out there plus some other podcast. I wanted to actually summarize our entire conversation we’ve been with you for almost two hours. i knew you very much indirectly, i just knew that there was a blogger lisa frolova, in the past, a fitness blogger who was blocked by the institute, now there are many subscribers and i’m watching something to do, some kind of analysis, but i knew about that existence. And when you wrote, i told you it’s real there was such a plan igor sorry,. Okay the point is what i’m listening to you and it sounds very often in different business societies especially business youth time i was from the business youth myself and there was such a definition for girls called well how girls make money and for 5 seconds he says like butterflies money i don’t understand how not to do it the main thing is that they are in the right condition and so on i never accepted or agreed with such a concept. And so i listened to you, i listen to you i am convinced of my thesis because i listen to you i understand what you have the result did not magically happen and not because you were in the right state, even now you are talking about anger, that’s not the point, i think you are a .

Disciplined person and it started to manifest itself very strongly in fitness because to achieve a cool result in fitness without discipline is unrealistically cool result in creating your personal blog brand and so on without discipline is unrealistic and what you achieved without this as your father told you. Yes, i can and we will catch up without this and constant action is impossible and therefore the first thing i want to say to me is you first turn you are associated with a person who has 9 percent of it’s determination, it’s discipline, and everything else is drawn to it somehow because what is my most important talent? You do n’t have never had any talents you just took to do you can’t run it screams through everything your story that you told today is .

Cool. This is a huge respect. The second thing is that it’s interesting to analyze it after the fact, when you lived it all, probably in the moment, it’s difficult to analyze all these injuries yes, which were committed, i just felt like crap. Well, like teams well, probably now with me this is happening there so that i learn a lesson in the future, i achieve new results, it’s unlikely that we are so conscious, so discipline also will not work if there is no goal and no ambitions, you can go to work at pyaterochka every 7 am in a disciplined manner. So i’m always on time for work, i’m straight to pyaterochka and ambitions at the start, for most, it’s to prove something to someone and that’s normal. You’re not completely broken. Well, it’l be normal, it’l take time to figure it out, but it’s a very good start, it’l help you get great results, so i want the last question.

Give me the main advice on the online education market from damn yourself now this will probably sound a little too pretentious, it’s just that i’m just doing it. No, i would give advice to do what you really want because from my experience when i tried to do launches that didn’t work out for me and so on, they can’t bring money with that money brings no pleasure. And then this money goes somewhere in general, in general, probably our life is for us so that we can enjoy if you do not enjoy what you do from the blog that you maintain, the meaning that you broadcast from your product and the pleasure lies only in the fact that i did the launches well done do what you really want. But it’s always scary and don’t give 8 million trust management in investments guys sign the contracts in general production that there’s still a lot, a lot of money for me thank you very much.

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