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Хамиль (Каста) – жизнь после остановки сердца / Life after a cardiac arrest

Current material (information) is created and distributed by a foreign agent yury dud khamil passed away in portugal and then resurrected. He's alive but what's going on? My heart decided to stop not to explode. Khamil, keep your head up! This is rap! Thirty years later? Yes. You struggled for thirty years. I had a cup of coffee with 2pac. Didn't you? Andrey, last summer your heart stopped and you nearly died. You managed to survive and recover. We would like to ask you what happened and you managed to recover. Andrey khamil pasechny 4 years old, kasta band member born in rostov-on-don, lives in portugal it took me some time to find out that you were first called chameleon.. Yes.. When you went to moscow to play at rap music somebody couldn't say chameleon correctly.. Bely budda was drunk on our way to moscow.. He hugged me and tried to say chameleon.. He could only say khamil.. And i asked him to call me khamil. This is how i got my nickname. July 2023 do you remember your first minutes of conscience?

They told me that i was jogging at the beach and my heart stopped. Porto december of 2023 this is where it all happened. Yes. I haven't been here for six months. I wasn't ready to come here. I felt depressed during my rehabilitation. I didn't want to think about this beach. So you're here because of us. Yes. Are you okay now? Yes, i feel great. I was little nervous in the morning. I came here before you and stood here for a while. It's all fine now. We used to live here in foz with my family. The locals told me that this is a prestigious area.. It's a luxury coastal district. All big mansions are located here. And there's a lot of runners here, too.

I would bring my daughter to the kindergarten and do some yoga here. I would also work on my knife fighting movements. This is where i would work out for about ninety minutes. And then i would go for a little run along the coast. That day i went running, too.. I don't think i ran too far.. A little trip to france we're in normandia, the city of le havre. We're here for another episode of our harbor cities show. Le havre is located on the shore of the atlantic ocean. This city has always been closely connected to america. France sent their first expedition to america in 1564. By the end of the 16 century le havre became a crucial intercontinental trading city. They would receive american sugar, cotton, coffee, tobacco for the whole europe. Last century le havre became a crucial location for passenger transportation. Ilf and petrov sailed to america from le havre. They mentioned this city in the very first sentence of one-storied america. In 1960s le havre became a twin town of leningrad. Now they have leningrad boulevard and rue de cronstadt here. Nowadays the port of le havre trades up to 60 million tons of goods every year.

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Back to portugal polina, khamil's wife: it was nine in the morning.. I woke up alone. I knew that andrey took our daughter emily to a kindergarten. He always does it when he's at home. He takes her to the kindergarten and then he meets her in the end of the day. I didn't call him. He didn't call me by ten. I called him and asked him where was he. He said he was okay. He would have a group call with the band and then go for a run. I'm trying not to disturb him with my anxiety. At two o'clock i realized that he wasn't reading my texts. I asked him where he was and he didn't reply. I sent him a whole bunch of texts on what's app. For some reason i called his mom. I call her a lot. I asked her what should i do. Should i pick my daughter from the kindergarten? Sometimes your mind plays a trick on you don't want to admit that something bad is going on. I told his mom that he was offline. He was responsible for picking emily and he would definitely reply.. His mom told me to come and pick emily up. I thought: what if he lost his phone? I drove to the kindergarten and picked emily.

I sat on a bench is a similar park.. I had a terrible panic attack. I knew that something was off. I blacked out. I was about to text misha for the first time in five years. Shym? Yes. I felt like i needed to do it. He reacted very quickly. He was surprised that i texted him. He told me he would call the police. He added that later we would laugh about it. I felt like something really bad happened. I thought that he broke his leg and fell into the ocean. I knew it had something to do with his workout.. I went to a cafe where he would sit..

I was looking for him everywhere.. And then i went to the police and they told me they couldn't start looking for him until he was gone for 24 hours. There was some nice portugal woman who asked them to help me. She could tell that something bad happened. I showed the officer my what's app. He asked me how many hours had passed already. I told him it'd been over eight hours. He asked me for id and my husband's name.. Later he came out with a phone in his hands.. From his eyes i saw that my husband was alive but something bad was happening.

I was found by a security guy. I got lucky. He saw me first and there was also a doctor running nearby. She was a pediatrician.. Was she also jogging here? She was. She helped them and took care of me. She tried a cardiac massage. I survived because of these people. My brain wouldn't survive if not for them. The police officer talked to this nice lady in another room. She walked up to me and grabbed my hands. She told me to get ready.. I was about to faint.. You thought about the worst.. I didn't have time to think, actually. She told me that my husband had a trauma.. A heart attack. He was in a hospital. The police officer gave me the patient's number. I drove to the hospital. I took a friend of mine with me. He's my girlfriends' husband. We arrived and the hospital and everyone knew who i was. The police had gone to our home looking for andrey. At the hospital i was told to wait. They took me to the third floor.. To a family room. This nice doctor asked me to tell her about andrey. She asked me what did he do for a living.

I told her that he was a musician and my husband. She told me that he suffered a cardiac arrest. His heart stopped beating. He was alive but he might had been unconscious for too long before paramedics arrived. They knew that he was running but they didn't know when exactly the heart attack happened. She grabbed my hands and said that there was a possibility of brain damage. Due to a lack of oxygen.. there would be brain damage. I asked her what it meant.. And she replied that he could be a vegetable. And then she said 'however, his ct shot looked good' i grabbed her by her hands and said thank you. I looked at her with relief. I didn't know why i knew that he got lucky. She looked really surprised. His brain was undamaged on ct. She said that this was pretty rare.

Did she do a cardiac massage? Yes, she did. She allowed my brain to get some oxygen. Your brain dies in about three minutes after your heart. In three minutes your brain starts to die. Yes. So you either die.. Or you become a vegetable for the rest of your life. Or you will remain in a vegetative state. The doctors told me that it was a miracle. His recovery was a miracle. This was one in a million luck. This was the first such case in this hospital. Such case? Surviving after a cardiac arrest? Andrey had a cardiac arrest because his main artery got blocked with a cloth. It blocked the artery and the heart stopped. He fell and before they re-started his heart a lot of time passed. Doctors call it time before admission. It took them 45 minutes to get him to the hospital. His brain was not receiving enough oxygen.. This was a miracle. This had never happened before in this hospital. As far as i understand, this woman saved him by doing cpr.

She saved him.. And there was a lifeguard at the beach, too. We don't know exactly what happened. I've only heard it from other people. I know that ana vilane saved his life. She's a pediatric resuscitator. One month later we're meeting with ana, a woman who saved andrey's life. It wasn't only me. You'l explain it now. Same place, and we're here with ana. Ana, you saved andrey. Do you remember how it was? Can you tell this story from the very beginning? Well, i was doing my jogging here. There was a lot of people at this point. It was in the summer, and the beach was full of.. swimmers? And with children from the kindergarten. There was some confusion here.. I saw a team of rescuers.. In portugal we call them inem.. In case of an emergency in the street we call inem. Is this an emergency service? Yes. I saw them standing over there. So you joined them.

Andrey was lying on the ground. Lifeguards were trying to do cpr. So together with this rescue team i walked up to him and started assisting him with professional equipment. I stayed with the air vent while the nurse was putting a line to give the medication. The other doctor was putting on ecg equipment to see what was going on with his heart. At that time we also used a machine called lucas for chest compression. You don't have to do it with your hands if you have this machine. We were looking at his heart rate trying to decide whether we should use electrical shock or not. I stayed with his airway and he got intubated. How close to death was he? I think for some time.. He was on the other side. He was almost dead. Yes. He received the shock nine times. His body would lift from the ground.. It was.. Like in some movies? Yes. It was very, you know, scary. It was very scary. I felt like this was a miracle.

And the doctor told me that he was covered in tubes.. She told me that he was in a coma. I asked her if he was unconscious and she said he was. I came into the room and saw andrey covered in tubes. He looked nice and well. And the doctor told me to try to wake him up. It was a hard day for me.. I didn't know what to do. I told him 'andrey, wake up!'. It sounds silly but i was just talking to him as if he was asleep. He didn't open his eyes but he moved his arm.. I didn't know that he was under drugs and he was slowed down. He was reacting very slowly.. He was trying to put on a t-shirt. He wanted to stand up. Usually, when i wake him up he would put on his t-shirt and stand up.

I didn't understand it when i saw it. I was scared. Five minutes prior to that i was told that he would possibly remain a vegetable. I didn't know if he would move this way for the rest of his life. I touched his heel with my finger. He pulled his leg like he would usually do it. He hates it when i touch his feet. I told the doctors that he would be fine. They were like 'okay..'. I said that he would always pull his leg this way. They told me this was a reflex. I knew that he hated it! And then i went home.

When i arrived, my mood changed. My whole body went nuts. I was vomiting.. I felt terrible. I moved to a friend of mine for some time. I would just sit and say 'he'l be fine' over and over again. I didn't want to google anything. I was just calling my friends all the time. My friends would call me a lot. They would ask me how i felt and how andrey felt. Talking to people made me feel better. I realized it on the first night. I wouldn't go to bed and i wouldn't eat.. I wasn't scared while i was talking to people.

In russia we have a law that states that you can't leave a person in danger. Do you have the same law here? Yes. So if you see somebody laying on the ground.. You can't walk past him. You can't. Let's imagine the worst scenario. There are no paramedics. Is it possible to save a person just by doing cpr with your hands? Given that you've finished some first aid classes. Or if you are a real doctor. Can you save a person with your bare hands? Yes, you can do cpr with your hands. But you can only do it for a few minutes. Sometimes you have to use the defibrillator to apply shock. You have to use professional medical equipment. Even if you are an excellent doctor or an excellent intense therapist.. You can't do everything with your bare hands. After a while you will need something else. When you are doing chest compressions you are pressing on the heart.

So that the blood goes to every part of the body. So you are pumping blood instead of the heart. Yes. This is really important because you have to keep the brain full of blood. Brain is the most important part of the body. This is very important. Anyone can do it's easy and you should do it. There is another problem. If you see a person having a heart attack at the moment you can start doing cpr. If you see somebody laying on the ground you can't tell how long they're been there. You should start doing cpr. But you don't know if you would succeed. People saw andrey fall down. The beach was crowded with people. Today is a sunny and warm day. If it is raining nobody comes here. If you fall here on a rainy day you would be here alone.

The timing is crucial. It makes sense to have more people around you, right? Yes. They don't have to know how to do cpr, right? You can show them how to do it. And they would be able to repeat? Yes. It's not hard. Misha arrived on the next day. I told him to walk up to andrey. Talk to him! He walked up to andrey.. And he said 'hey, andrey. I'm here with polina, we're alright.'. 'you will be fine. Come on, khamil, keep your head up!'. 'you've got to come back.'. And andrey slowly opened his eyes. He turned his head and looked at misha and me. This is so cinematic. It is. I didn't know what to say. I thought that the doctors would all gather around us. Later i found out that sometimes they would give him less medication. He didn't wake up. He just opened his eyes and looked at misha and me. And he smiled with a tube in his mouth. Misha got scared. He said 'andrey, calm down.'. Andrey tried to stand up. We got scared. We didn't know if it would hurt him. The doctors ran to him and told us that this was a very good sign.

It was a miracle. This is where they saved your life. Yes, this is santo antonio hospital. I stayed here for five months. Including rehabilitation. This is my second home. I woke up at sao joao hospital. I had a surgery there. They got rid of the cloth and installed a coronary stent. This is a small tube that gets put into an artery. And then they put me into drug-induced coma. It would help me recover faster. For long did you stay in coma? I guess, i stayed in a coma for about seven days. One day i would be just sleeping.. Polina told me that they would alternate between putting me in deep sleep and shallow sleep. I wasn't awake but i would hear what people would tell me. She would turn on some music.. And on the following deep i would be in a deep sleep. I spent about seven days in such condition. The main question: did they tell you why it all happened?

One of my biggest vessels turned out to be smaller than it should have been. And this vessel got blocked with a cloth. My cholesterol levels were fine. For some reason my body created these cloths. I can't say that i was eating a lot of fat. However, there was enough fat in my body to produce the cloth. And then the cloth got into a narrow vessel. So blocking one of the three vessels is enough to stop the heart. Yes, my heart went crazy fast and then it stopped beating to save itself from exploding. My heart decided to slow down. I didn't feel any pain. I just fell down.

They're driving to the hospital. They are. These are called bombeiros. I'm now paying attention to them. You would never pay attention to these before. Yeah, defibrillators and bombeiros. You're thinking that they are saving somebody's life now. Yes. I was in this car, too. Kasta helped me a lot. The guys supported me. Shym came to the hospital and the rest of the band would call me every day. They knew that i was out for a while. They would call me every day and ask me a ton of questions. Khamil, do you remember what we did at the construction site? How was this dude called? And i would try to recall this.. It was really hard. I would get mad. I was annoyed by not being able to recall these memories. I was hoping that my memory would recover. And their questions really helped me recover. I would open new areas in my head like it was a gta map. They would all call me. Zmey, vlad, shym.. They would ask me all sorts of questions about the past. It was great. I was mad but it helped me recover. I was really worried about my future.

I didn't know if i could ever perform again. I am making money by performing on the stage can't be compared to anything. Will i be able to perform again? Until i recovered i wasn't sure i would ever perform again. This is what my doctors told me. They told me not to hurry too much. The recovery would take at least four months. It would possibly take about a year or more. They didn't want to keep me too positive. I was scared of never performing again. My bandmates told me not to worry.

I would still receive my share of income even though i missed the shows. They helped me a lot because i had no other source of income during my recovery. I was worried about a lot of stuff when i woke up. I was thinking about my future. I talked to my bandmates and they reassured me that i would be fine. This is how kasta splits income: if you miss a show for no reason you don't get paid. It's true. If you miss a show due to an illness you get 50% of your income. Yes. And the band.. They paid me 100% of my income. As if you were playing these shows.

Yes. I didn't expect that. It was such a relief for me. When did you realize that he was fine? Was there such a point.. I was going mad when he woke up. I would visit him every day. They're allowing patients to have up to eight guests, even in the intensive care. I would listen to music with him and talk to him.. I got used to this situation. I knew how the recovery would go. It became a routine for you. Yes. I was fine. One day i came to the hospital and they told me to wait. I saw andrey being awake with no tubes. He looked so happy after these seven days of suffering.. He was laying there smiling..i asked him if he remembered anything. He looked at me and asked me what i was wearing. I was wearing a green dress. He looked at me and said:'not bad, not bad' 'we can make them leave and have a good time here' i was so confused.

I was glad that he woke up. The doctor walked up to me and said that andrey was doing well. He told her that he would sing her some rap songs when they turn off the lights. And four nurses behind her back said 'he told us the same' they all got lucky that day! I went home and everyone asked me about andrey. I said he was fine even though he was saying silly stuff. I called his friend from rostov. He told me 'polina, i don't get it. What's wrong?'. 'he resurrected and he's excited.'. 'he needs to make sure that his dick is fine'.

I was confused. He didn't even feel sorry for me. They moved him from intensive care to a standard room. He was sitting there on an armchair.. This room was so quiet, there were no doctors in the room. I said 'hello, andrey. Let's talk. How are you?'. He was scared. After waking up he was in delirium. He temporarily lost his memories and his personality changed. I wasn't really talking to andrey. He looked like andrey but his mind was different. He knew who i was. I asked him if he remembered how he proposed to me. And he replied 'did i write a letter?'. He didn't remember. I started panicking. You wasn't sure he would recover. I wasn't sure he would recover. Nobody explained me what was going on. Doctors told me they weren't sure how he would recover. How his memories would recover. They weren't sure about his mental recovery. Physically he was okay. But they couldn't make any predictions about his mental state. It was a very hard period for me. I was really scared. It was hard for me to love this different person.. I loved him. But i was confused. And this is when the band helped us. They would ask me if he remembered his songs. I said that he did remember the songs. And they told me to leave him alone! Well, it wasn't enough for me. I was thinking about my future. Did he forget about me and our family? I was scared.

You went back to playing shows in december. I did. Six months after the incident. Five months. Do you remember the lyrics to your songs? When i woke up and people told me about my brief death i made sure that i was still functioning. I was fine. And then i tried to recall anything from my memory. I didn't remember much at that time. I tried to recall the lyrics. I recalled closed space. I still had it. I was fine. There was nothing to worry about. How did these shows go? Great! My recovery went extremely well. I would come here twice a week and i would exercise for ninety minutes. We would warm up and then run on a treadmill.. Our shows are a little over ninety minutes. So i was well prepared. After the first show i felt ready to play four more shows.

The band introduced me as khamil the immortal. Khamil died in portugal and resurrected! I'm not really scared of death. However, i wasn't quite ready for such introduction. They asked me if i had a cup of coffee with 2pac. Or if i met the notorious b.i.g. i said i was fine. Let there be life! And so we played the show. Didn't you drink coffee with 2pac? I don't remember anything. Unfortunately..or luckily. You met khamil when you were 2. Yes. He was 39. Yes. I started dating and later you got married. We did. How does it feel to be 17 years younger than your husband? First of all, this is a very interesting experience. I've never thought about having a family before. This flew very naturally. I knew that he was much older than me.. However, andrey looked well. Men of my age looked quite the same as him. It comes to the way you feel. Andrey has changed his lifestyle a lot. He stopped being childish and became healthy. Yes. He didn't just switch to sports.. He became more responsible. Initially i treated him as khamil from kasta. And then i switched to andrey. So i didn't really treat him as a celebrity for a long time. I liked him as a person.

I knew some of their songs. I hadn't heard his solo record for a long time. Do you like his biggest hit song? The closed space? Yes. *closed space playing*. I'm not gonna lie.. I didn't like this song for some time. I would go to most of their shows when we started dating. This was the only way to keep in touch with andrey. He was playing shows all the time. I liked the song. But i knew that it was dedicated to another woman. The music video is great. The song is great. It's quite hard to write a love song for men and not look like a crybaby. Andrey did it. I'm no longer jealous about this song as i was back then. Some people who would watch this interview would hear your biggest song, closed space, for the first time. Can you tell these people who this song is about? I went through a divorce in 2009. I was feeling down after getting divorced. I felt like i failed. I didn't write any songs about it.

I would think about it a lot. A friend of mine told me that a son of one of the wealthiest people in rostov became a rapper. This guy was driving a lamborghini. My friend told me that this guy would pay for a good song. They asked me if i could write a song for the guy. I didn't want to do it. I felt like it was a wrong thing to do. I sent them to a friend of mine who would do it. There supposed to be a female vocalist in the song, too. It would be a love song. I was sitting in my home studio and i asked myself what would i do had i agreed to the offer. I started writing lyrics.. They turned out to be my feelings. I spent six hours making the song. I wanted to finish it on the same day. It took me six hours to write the lyrics.

I showed it to the band..i'd never written such songs before. You asked them if the song was any good. I'd never written love songs before so i couldn't tell. I wrote the song and didn't know what to do with it. They told me it was a good song. The music was different. I was listening to a lot of french rappers like booba. He mumbles a lot. But i like him. So i used a harsh beat for this song. Vlad told me that the beat didn't match the song. He said that this was a love song and it had to sound softer. I know this great beatmaker called prometheus. I reached out to him because i found a backing track for the song. Have you ever thought about selling this song to the guy? I haven't. What surprises me is that such big songs are so easy to write. I tried to write a song in one day and i wrote this hit. I would like to understand how this works.

You're making music by this wall. Yes, i would sit there and work. I love this place so much. It look like a shower at some swimming pool. That appeared out of nowhere. Yes. I like to sit there and enjoy the sun. I always record demos when i'm making music. With your audio recorder? Yes, with my headset. This place is not as crowded as the beach. I would sit here and yell at the phone as a true portuguese. Have you released any of the songs that you recorded here? I haven't. These are all new songs.

Are you making a solo record? We're not working on a new kasta record yet. We'd like to make a new album soon. I started working on a solo record before the incident and i finished it recently. I haven't decided how to release it.. But it's finished already. I didn't waste my time here. You have already made one solo album called phoenix.. I released it twenty years ago in 2004. And you made an album with zmey. In 2010 we released an album together. Are you making a solo record again? Yes, it is a solo record. I have enough songs for an album.

I can't keep these songs anymore.. How do you write your songs? Is it true that kasta is a well-structured band? You would meet on skype and talk about your ideas. Can you tell us a little more about this process? It took us a while to master this process. Covid pandemic helped us a lot. Before covid we wouldn't work on the lyrics together. Lyrics were considered too private. We would never tell each other to change the lyrics. This was considered inappropriate. Eventually we learnt to work together. We've learnt to make music together. Now we're doing it on video calls.. We would for a couple of hours every day. We would say 'what song are we writing today? Anyone has any ideas?'. We would throw in some topics and start making the song. And then we would share the ideas about the music. We would take an hour break to write some lyrics and then come back and show what we did. In an hour? It sounds like working in the office. It does. Sometimes we would write a song in forty minutes. We would share what we wrote. Some of us would write one line, and others would write a verse. I would bring many ideas and one of these ideas would be good. We would then work on the song to finish it. Three-day sessions worked very well. We would work together for two-three hours a day to create a foundation for a good song. This is a job. If we have an opportunity to meet before the show we would work on new songs. We would sit in a hotel room and make music. It sounds more like a job, not like art. Yes, it does. Some people think that you only write when you're inspired. This is how we started. We still do it. We would even have therapy session with each other.

'describe your dream office' i would like to work in a wooden gazebo and look at a field and a forrest.. Birds chirping.. The wind would turn the page and i would write another line.. Was this you dream office? I don't remember. I think it was vladi's dream office. He wanted to have a wooden room.. We would talk about it to encourage each other. And then realized that art was inside of us, not outside. We get emotional and we get inspired.. But it's just a good background for the job. We don't want to procrastinate so our method works pretty well.

Can you tell us how you got to portugal? I moved here in 2021 thanks to my wife. Polina was born in moscow and at some point she said that she could no longer recognize her home city. She said that moscow turned red. There are too many red signs and red banners. She told me that there would be a war. I know that her intuition is great. I agreed and we moved. Everyone told us that we were crazy. I've always been the weird one in the band. People still called us crazy. Our daughter was born in 20 and we started thinking about her education. We realized that russian education system was really poor. Aside from the general environment the quality of education was bad. This was another reason why we moved. At some point i felt like moscow became fake. I told andrey that i felt like an alien in my home city. Everything changed and no one was talking about it. I realized that our standards of living would drop here but it was still worth it. I was motivated to move here. It was clear that there was no freedom left in russia.

People called me crazy. I would like to be wrong.. You didn't like how the protesters got beaten up in 2021. Not really. I feel like the protests in belarus were the last straw for me. Kasta made a music video go. For a walk. And it drew my attention. I felt like people would try to do something about it. But nothing changed.. I had no idea what would make people finally speak out. This is when i got scared. Vpiska made a big episode about kasta in 2021. I feel like it's a great research. If you want to learn how big kasta is for russian rap music in two hours, please watch this video. It's true. They treated you with love and respect. An excellent video. You told them that you moved to portugal and then vladi said:'i have no idea why khamil moved to portugal'. They thought i was crazy. It's both funny and sad today. You turned out to be the prophet. They didn't know what was going on with me. What polina did to me.

How she convinced me to move here? It was quite challenging for me to fly back and forth. I told the guys that i would fly to every show. I would take the responsibility to do it. I had to travel a lot. I would fly all the time. I visited a lot of new countries. You moved here in search for a better life but portugal is considered to be a province in europe. I'd never been here before. We didn't know where we were going. You had never visited the country before? Never. We're crazy. This country accepted us. We considered a few different countries to move to. Italy, spain, and portugal. From these three countries portugal welcomed us the most. Maybe the province is willing to welcome anyone.. I like this attitude.

We moved here because polina is a student. They accepted her in a university. They accepted our girl in a kindergarten. In a portuguese kindergarten? Right. Portugal is the easiest country to move to. In italy the kid can't reunite with her mom. There's a lot of paper work. If the mother is a student.. Yes. In spain becoming a citizen takes a lot of time. We were choosing from three options.. With pros and cons.. And we picked portugal. It was a perfect match. Are you a student in university of porto? I am. I'm studying in yesad college. What are you studying? I'm studying communication design. Back then this was the only program they had that was taught in english. It was hard for me to find this program. I postponed my graduation because of recent events.. I hope that i will finish the university soon. Do you like living in portugal?

I have three answers to this question. Nobody beats me up here. And i have enough food here. The sky is blue here. After staying here for a while i started whining that the climate is very humid here and our roof was leaking.. But then i realized that i was safe here. I chose this country because they adopted green policies here. They are using solar panels and green energy here. Portugal is eighth in the list of safest countries. It is a very peaceful country. I like living here. Portuguese is a tough language to learn. We've started learning it recently.

It's a little hard for us to assimilate here. My friends went to a kasta show in the us. You weren't playing this show.. They went on a us tour recently.. People in miami like the song 'criminal's plate' *nomerok blatnoy tri semerochki playing*. Yeah.. I was surprised because this song is not even on my top-10 kasta songs list. Is this a fans favorite song all across the world? This is a very popular song. People would chant it from the crowd. This song is so popular because it's really relevant. We all know about these license plates.. I feel like this is a song about all of us. The vocal melody is easy to memorize. People really like these prison songs..

American fans miss this kind of vibe. They haven't seen russian criminals for a while. They miss it. They're nostalgic. They are. It is considered that russian raps is now blending with russian chanson. This is why gio pika is so popular. Do you feel this trend? I know that gio pika is going viral now. I guess, chanson has a huge influence on russian rap now. I thought that gio pika was special. It turns out that this is a trend. People are in the mood for chanson now. Slovo patsana series, chanson.. This is a big trend. Are you interested in such kind of music? In writing or listening to it? I'm not interested. I used to listen to it when i was sixteen. I used to like it.

Ivan kuchin and others.. He was popular in rostov. You've told about the dangers of living in rostov many times. It seemed like this was all in the past. However, in late 2010's somebody tried to steal a laptop from you. Is that true? It is. Like, 2017? Yes. Some guys from dagestan.. Three guys from dagestan. Rostov was my hometown and i felt too comfortable there. I felt like at home. They admitted trying to rob you. They rented a flat to make some money and leave.

Is this a seasonal job? I'd never about it. And you asked them to talk to their leader. I wanted to talk to their boss.. Did they call anyone? They called him.. He started throwing names at me.. I told him i didn't need any names. I asked him what would we do with such situations in rostov. It would end very poorly for all of us. They took their knives away.. Did they have their knives out? They did. They tried to threaten me. I told their boss to tell them to hide their knives. They did hide their knives. They were trying to threaten me. We went for a little walk. He told them to leave me alone but they were still trying to rob me. They said that they would help me some day.. They were trying to convince me that they would protect me later. If you give them what they wanted. Yes. They asked me to give them some money. I was willing to sacrifice my laptop and hit them with it. I didn't want to lose it. You said that their boss helped you settle this conflict. Do you know anyone that would help you talk to their boss? I told them i had a friend that i could call. Their boss didn't want to talk to him. They were bargaining. Dagestanis never give up. They would never stop. At some point they would just leave me alone. I was ready to spend the whole night talking to them. How would your friend help you? I told them that i would have to disturb my friend.. They didn't want to talk to me anymore.

This is what i saw from their reaction. This friend of yours is a criminal. He is. He's one of them. Would you owe him anything had you called him? Of course, i would. I'd have to pay him some money. For his service? It's pretty common in rostov. You've got to pay back. You wouldn't owe him a favor like in godfather? I wouldn't. It's much simpler. You've just got to pay for this favor. We're not as close to each other. I don't know him too well. I would just pay him to settle this conflict for me.

After facing death and recovering, are you now scared of dying? It's a good question. I've thought about it. I'm not scared of dying at all. I used to be a little scared. Now i'm no longer scared. I want to live. I am worried about my family. However, i am not scared of dying. After this incident i forgave myself for a lot of stuff. I used to feel a lot of guilt in the past. When i woke up i realized that i no longer felt it. I stopped blaming myself. For what? I wasn't confident enough when i was a teenager.

And i would rob people. I would like to apologize to everyone who suffered from me. I only did it a couple of times and i blamed myself for doing it. I didn't want to get the reward. I was surrounded with such people.. I wasn't confident enough to reject them. I couldn't forgive myself for committing these crimes. I didn't know what i would tell these people that i robbed. How old were you back then? I was about fourteen. Did you do that alone or in a gang? Alone. Who would you rob? Your fellows? Yes. A fellow guy. He was coming from a wealthy family.

He was too daring and i decided to.. Would you attack him regularly? No, i attacked him once. You took his money away. I did. His money and his watch. They were looking for me after this.. You took his watch? I did. This is a criminal violation. It is. I was hiding because i was scared of being caught. And then i wanted to punish one guy. I didn't have a right to do so. I thought about this a lot. How did you punish him? I robbed him, too. What exactly did he do wrong? He framed some people and they got beaten up. He framed them and i decided to take revenge.

We all had our reasons to do this.. I realized i didn't want to do it again.. I could no longer think about my guilt.. I stopped robbing people. I would still feel the blame, though. After that? Yes. And after your heart stopped you forgave yourself. Yes. I no longer feel this guilt. Thirty years later? Yes. You felt sorry for thirty years? I did. I always felt this way.. I couldn't forgive myself for all my life and recently i realized that this feeling was gone. I don't have nightmares anymore. There would always be some anxiety in my dreams. I didn't know where it came from. And now my dreams are different. I realized that i no longer feel this guilt. This is a gift for me. Why did you say that you were robbing people because you weren't confident enough? Is there any connection? Yes. I felt insecure. And i wanted to prove that i'm a bad guy. You became violent because you were insecure. Yes. This is how it worked in my head. However, it didn't help me much. Did you think that you got paid back when these guys from dagestan attacked you? I didn't think about it. I should have thought about it. At some point kasta wasn't working out well and vladi reached out to his friend who was an expert in team building. This latvian guy is also a rapper known as gustavo. Yes. He spent a few sessions working with you, didn't he? Yes, back then we hadn't released a new album for a long time.

We were playing shows to pretend that we were fine. However, we had troubles making a new record. We realized that we had to release it as soon as possible. Otherwise we would no longer be playing shows. We were all too independent and we weren't writing any songs. So we decided to hire a team builder who would do some therapy. What did he do? He did therapy. Before writing songs we would about our feelings. We would talk about our problems with each other. We felt offended, we felt guilty.. All sorts of stuff. We never talked about it when we were playing shows. We got used to each other. When we started writing songs we would face some personal issues. So we did this therapy to solve our problems. After a week of sessions we made four-headed eagle. We had therapy for a couple of days and then we started making music. This guy had a program that helped us write new songs. This was called the six thinking hats technique. There are six hats of different colors and each hat has a certain a meaning. One hat for managing. If you put on this hat you are going to manage the process. So everyone would be responsible for some part of the process. And then we would switch hats.

This technique help us quit the writer's block. We found trust in each other, both personally and professionally. The environment in the band improved. We started working on the songs. Gustavo was looking after us. He did a great job. He used to work with brainstorm before us. Wow! We liked working with him. We were all satisfied with the results. So this guy is a therapist. He is. It turned out that this is what he did for a living. At some point you were following gestalt therapy. What is that? I am a certified therapist. After graduating from the university of rostov i found out about the gestalt institute in moscow. I applied to this institute and got accepted. I had a couple of months left before finishing studies in rostov. I asked them to accept me to the class. They accepted me. I promised them to finish my studies in rostov. I liked studying gestalt therapy. This would be my job if i didn't become a rapper.

What is gestalt therapy about? This is an advanced method of therapy. It's much more advanced. It doesn't work for anyone but it's quite effective for those who need it. I'm sure that it's not for everyone. Just like anything else. In therapy there is a doctor and a patient. In gestalt therapy there is a doctor and a customer. The customer is not considered ill. He is just a customer with his request. In gestalt therapy a person consists of many pieces. When you are re-assembling these pieces you are becoming a new person. In gestalt therapy you need to analyze all of your weaknesses. You need to admit all these weaknesses as a customer. Does the doctor do it, too? When you are working with a doctor.. The doctor would lead the customer to admitting all his weaknesses. Isn't this the same in regular therapy? In regular therapy they are trying to find a reason of the weaknesses. In gestalt therapy the customer is more responsible for the therapy. The customer would not just wait for the doctor to fix their problem. The customer is also responsible for the therapy. The customer should work on his request. The therapist treats the customer as equal. These are two people trying to solve a problem. Did gustavo apply gestalt therapy to you? He did. You had a certain request.. You didn't just tell him that you felt sick. You gave him a goal. A regular therapist would usually write down what the patient says and then look for a solution. In gestalt therapy both of them should look for a solution. The doctor helps you find a solution to your problem. This works if you create right conditions.

Where were you when the war began? On february 24 we were supposed to play a show in kharkiv. We put our banners all over the city. They told us to come. Some general was yelling at the venue but said that he would let us come and play the show. We decided to play the show. We would always try our best. Polina said that she would hide my passport. She didn't want to let me go. We were supposed to come to belgorod and then drive to kharkiv. This was a crazy idea. I don't know what we were thinking. We were supposed to arrive in kharkiv on february 23. Eventually, common sense won and i texted my bandmates that i wouldn't go. I told them that we shouldn't go there. I decided to stay at home. Guys realized that they shouldn't take this risk. Kasta made an anti-war statement right away. We did you all agree on making this statement? We did. We all agreed on it. There was no other opinion in the band. Did you play any shows in russia after making this statement? I guess, we played one show in moscow. They threatened to turn off power supply. We were hoping for the best. Luckily, we played the show. The power didn't go off. Okay, we got lucky. We decided to cancel the rest of the tour.

It was clear that they wouldn't let us play. Kasta hasn't played any shows in russia since spring of 2022. We haven't. Kasta posted a text saying that you would agree to play an underground show. 'just don't tell anyone' has anyone tried to invite you to an underground show? We played such a show in saint petersburg. We played in a club that was officially closed. We invited all the fans directly. Our manager reached out to our fans. He told them there would be no lights at the entrance.. So we played this secret show. A private show. How did it feel like? Was this a special show? It felt like the last show. It felt like we would never play there again. We had to play a great show and see our fans for one last time. We had to thank them for the support. This was our farewell. We knew that we wouldn't play any more shows in russia. What would you do for a living if kasta stops touring?

I would be a therapist. I'm a professional therapist. I would like to do this for a living. I quit this job because it was taking too much time. I would have to quit music have i stayed in therapy a bit more. This is why decided to leave therapy for the future. If kasta stops touring i would love to become a therapist. You studied therapy in the university for five years. I need to finish studying gestalt therapy. I'l have to study for a couple of years to get the certificate. I'd also need to get a certificate in portugal. Would you study here? Yes. I would need a local certificate. In portuguese? Of course. You would need to become fluent in portuguese. I hope that i would study in english and work with russians. Work in russian for some time. Eventually i would work in portuguese and english, too. Nice to see you! I'm fine, thank you very much. You are here together once again.

Yes. You had your first meeting in january, six months after the incident. Yes. How did this meeting go? It was about eight in the evening.. I was told that some man came to see me. At this time? I thought this was a father of one our patients. I told them to let him in. And then andrey came in with the roses. I thought that somebody was joking with me. Pranking you? I thought that someone was filming me. He tried to talk to me but he was also a little nervous. I recognized his eyes and his face.. I said andrey!

You look more slim now! We started crying.. I was crying, too. It was such a happy moment. We couldn't talk. We just stood there. Wow. Everyone was taking pictures of us. She showed me to everyone. This is him! Everyone came to see him. They would ask her who i was. He's the guy i told you about! I rescued him! Is this him? Yes, it is! He's alive and doing very well. It was a great moment. A lot of surprises. When i went to the hospital on the next day after the incident the nurse gave me his name.

She said he was a russian musician. A russian musician? You thought he played classical music. I did. I invited andrey and polina to have lunch together. I wanted to talk to them about it. I asked him if he played piano. He told me that he was a rapper. What? I didn't know about your band, i'm sorry. I looked it up and thought that it was a great band! I just yell at the mic. What kind of music do you prefer? Can you name your three favorite bands? Of any genre: rap, pop, rock.. Three favorite bands. Depeche mode. The national. I like californian bands.. I don't know if they're still around. The growlers. Sometimes we're having tough days. Not only because of someone dying.

Sometimes things don't go the way we expected. Situations like this one bring me back to life. They remind me that my job matters. I don't care if i spend too much time working instead of hanging out with my friends. I'm doing good things for him and his family. I can't describe this. I hope this situation would give you some extra power for your hard job. I hope you'l feel better. This is why i respect this profession so much. You can't imagine how much i appreciate your job. Not only on this occasion but in many others, too. Thank you.

Thank you very much. And the final question: what is power? There is no power. Absolutely no power. There is no meaning in life is just a process. A person is a process. We give names to things to describe them. If you lack some power then this concept emerges for you. I don't lack any power. I am determined. I have some tools. I have hope and faith. I know what these mean to me. I know what kindness means to me. I am not interested in power. I don't know what is power.

Thank you so much, ana! It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you! I was crying for the whole interview. It was so emotional. It was hard for me to come here.. I was scared of this place. I hope that many doctors would watch this interview and feel inspired by you. They have the most important job in the world. You save lives. I think that other doctors would be inspired by you. Your job really matters. I was crying a lot. Today is the most beautiful day. If you decide to learn first aid treatments, there would be links to the courses in the description below.

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