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Инфоцыгане. Запуски на миллионы у блогеров. Артур Орловский. Подкаст: Я Увольняюсь!

Zhenya i want to be the first i want to be the first to say hello to our listeners and viewers hello and fell asleep hi. I mean almost fell asleep are you sorry. Sorry yes. We have a new episode with you as always zhenya yulyok. Hello everyone, put hi likes subscribe to the channel more than one podcast has not yet had a dislike so please make me such a dear viewer. And today we will have another cool topic we ourselves are already starting to talk about it, but people who have been stewing in this longer cooler from such a rich broth say leave online children are simply sick in any possible way so that we can find out today why we learn about billions, millions of thousands and so on a few more life naturally from our guest we can’t do without this, what else and of course. Zhenya how can you still of course we let's talk about childhood, family and about studies and searches about moving, come on, whatever there won't be at all, we're cool, sit down comfortably, we need to pour some coffee, whatever you want, brew anything, help me, i 'l sit down comfortably, do some things and turn on the phone to listen let's go online let's go in one to meet our guest artur orlovsky hurray i'm so glad we're here today. So man we always have only some girls coming to us podcasts men burst in here finally we're so happy we're very happy for you because you will share secrets. This is also to go through this path to get to your favorite job, but apparently somehow like a man. Apparently yes. arthur tell us right now at the moment what you are doing in brief.

We will later break down your activities into details but now i would like to have this short overall picture, everything is very simple, my partner and i have a production center for bloggers on instagram, this is the launch of an information product for physical products, and so on, now we have about 1/12, probably today you can read projects, these are millionaire bloggers, mostly with large coverage further kozlovskaya 3 million subscribers 500 volumes, let’s say, and so on, descending, in fact, we help bloggers with audiences to earn more money than from advertising this is the kind of work for us, you yourself come up with products for this. Well, we come up with products with products based on there what they want what the audience wants okay, they recorded it, they recorded it even for our viewers, we’l be back, watch it to the end. But in the second half, we’l probably sort this whole thing out, but we want to rewind after all, they give childhood that’s right, to childhood youth, i guess we’re naturally talking about wool or all on instagram, as far as possible, it was possible to collect information from there, but it’s easy for you to achieve a huge thank you wrote yes, we won’t just do anything. Go to arthur’s instagram and read everything, but what’s the point of we stomp with our guests, you can say from childhood until the moment they fall asleep today you have it written there in black and white first money earned 9 years the next line i always dreamed of being a businessman and something is different you can now call you. Yes i am now. Yes i understand no now first of all an entrepreneur a businessman i already understood what is the difference then this i had my dad’s friends, my dad was an athlete, a football player. And he had two main categories. Who he communicated with were entrepreneurs, mostly big non-athletes, so i liked entrepreneurs more; it was fun to kiss them when my parents were guests. So, actually, i wanted to be like this is how it happened then they were so free, happy with money, there were never any problems, they gave all the gifts and so on, i heard a story there about all sorts of travel, a cool incident at work, and so on, now you are now going to tell our viewers that entrepreneurship in russia is like to the raisins everyone there go, in fact, you are very difficult. Yes, it is difficult. Yes,. And so there is such a picture of a nine-year-old child,. Yes i was 9 years younger. So now you can say that entrepreneurship is something innate or is it still developed as a skill. Well, yourself skill well, entrepreneurs i believe that more this is laid down in childhood, not that you were born right away and everything is clear that an entrepreneur is 1 36 years old, this is laid down in the child depending on where he is in what situation,.

But then it seems to me that it changes, maybe there are transformational events in people's lives, when their wife leaves them to clean up, he gets into an accident and so on. So, well, you can't put an end to a person can become an entrepreneur. I would say so, it happens, but you didn't have anyone in your family who was an entrepreneur, or someone was the father of a finvale an athlete needs a football player, but an entrepreneur is someone who knows how to manage his assets, first of all, create value at the expense of them, and so on. That is, whatsapp or assets were not properly managed, he had businesses there, well, when he finished his career, we have a taxi, our own pizzeria, the main restaurant is also enough they worked for a long time until they sold it there, i must have gotten tired of doing this, so i would rather call my father an entrepreneur too, but first of all he is an athlete and now, coach, do you remember how you earned your first money, i remember this was before the 4th grade, it was shorter boy odnoklassnian his dad brought him five, they were like radios through them you could listen to such a short thing, a small radio station with jokes, he had five of them and they were cool. I came home, i asked my dad for money, i wanted to buy this boy the other four and resell him. What did i do? This is more like the first money earned, it’s really the same story, it’s quite standard, of course, i bought all the nose people, i sold it, i didn’t sell anything bottles there, it’s clear even before the newspaper they collected it, so i’m more like it’s more like i just earned some money and that’s how i hacked reality these are the first elements of the business. Yes, , i actually took this from the same guy and sold it to our odnoklassniki, just yes, i probably spent something special. Listen, but we also read in your story that you apparently went that way too following in the footsteps of my father, i decided to take up sports professionally, yes, but received a disappointing diagnosis they turned it down if i'm not mistaken, it was a struggle, yes, i was involved with you, initially i was involved in football, but since my parents are fully realized and there are no such things that affect me like they switched to being a football player or something like that wasn’t always there, you want it, then you stopped liking me. I was offered another sport, but i was very sociable, i played. That is, i climbed well, in short, there were very contact cards and so on, and my father had a friend, we won’t name him. He often from belarus. So he’s been the president of the wrestling federation for a while now. And he said i have a buddy your age he does wrestling he likes you go. I say i’l go. Well it started working out for me right away. That’s why i stayed there because it worked out but fate decreed it so in a completely different way and i received a diagnosis which the doctor said no and obviously it was removed a little for you.

So yes this is adolescence for you if the ninth grade number 1314 is about years old and after that and as far as we understood your stories primates are classic just like that here you go so that's how you go downhill as they say arthur went downhill. Yes down really got not very comforting grades in the ninth grade. Tell me you had a conversation with your dad and he told you something like that. And then things went like this. Yes, well, i must say that they never scolded me, did not drink anything, it’s just that i have such loving, cool parents, i adore them super, so it turns out that in the middle of 9th grade this was a diagnosis.

That is, an athlete can understand this from my parents and in general my environment, the moment of an athlete can be bad there was such permission to study if you show results on the carpet, you can forget about studying. It’s easy, actually, that’s what i did for her because i could. But in the middle of 9th grade, when the diagnosis turned out i had questions with my kidneys, well, it’s like i can’t do it on the carpet show the results of the base no school no, at the end of the 9th grade there were exams where her history became three points on a ten-point scale. Well, this is like a little very kt-102 like yes, i returned home when all the exams were my studies, no one was ever interested in what’s wrong with dad said bring the diary show me this has never happened but he looked at the exams and annual grades and says like, well,. Bad. Well, if you want, well, there are two paths in life, either you study well or play sports, other options say it’s impossible to combine, yes. Well, maybe you’l run out of one and you have, as it were, well, you either want to drive nice cars in a nice big apartment, live in a wife so that it’s beautiful, and so on, you have to choose and he says there is, as if you can hardly do anything, but you will be a janitor, or as he gave the example of one of his friends there an athlete who drank himself, smoked and worked for us at a pizzeria as a security guard. Although at one time he earned more than he said, like you want to be like this guy. Well, please, you don’t have to study nothing, but as soon as your sport disappears, you’l be like him.

Well, i understand everything i literally took it quickly before i got ready and at the beginning of the 10th grade i immediately quickly went to school and tore and metal. Well, in short, i transferred all the forces that were in sports and everything and everything turned out well, your father was such an authority for you, and how absolute is still an absolute authority there has never been such a thing that i would be with him or something else, the most extreme thing is never understood, well, that is, he doesn’t direct you like this so that only this and nothing else still gives you the choice to do it yourself, i understand correctly. Well, whatever the hell you want this is it cool this is correct and what it turned out that you are such an ainidini i want to be a security guard i want cars maldives acceleration i have no motivation from me motivation is more like opinions. Well, i wanted to go to the maldives or something else i didn’t think i never thought that i would not be a security guard i wanted there what i had, that is, they won’t give me away, i won’t be cool at all, there will be two types 2 lord, two types of motivation, two types of motivation, yulia said correctly, he said correctly, two types of motivation correctly, a carrot in the ass or a carrot that is dangling, the transfer is about to be carried out by arthur yes, that’s it not a carrot in front of now everyone in their own way yes, well, this one just got your head spinning, you just wanted to read a ton of books, your life, how is it, very detailed on instagram If you want again, yes, if you want again, but we are up to a certain point we know there’s an interesting story, we’l leave it to arthur. Please tell me a lot of books, a lot of knowledge, you started to show yourself competitions, olympiads, everything is factual. Well, now you can say that like it gave me a simply unrealistic base. I don’t know, it shaped me, so guys, read books because that’s why well, like, now i’m reading a book for me, well, i’m hiding it. I know, like, where did this come from? Well, that is, when you have n’t read it for more than 506 days, you’re like, well, this is some kind of .

Up, you’re talking about modern books, but i’ve read everything in a row i read about how to make simulators for fighting dogs yes, there’s something like daria dontsova well, imagine, i was an athlete, well, that is, athletes are a really stupid athlete. Imagine, but i didn’t fire at anything at all, so i just devoured all the books that were there, i devoured all the classics about weapons about well, i just read everything, you know how much? What is the number of how many books have you read? More than six hundred books now for sure. Well, like, i kept a list somewhere before moving to moscow, it was about 350. Wow. Well, that’s it! Yes. Well, that’s all i did unreal just stupidly lost books real ate just let such a desire i was very hungry. Well when i tried it was just losing jack london’s books.

Oh how interesting this is just well just erase now let’s remind our listeners what you can start little by little we were visiting. And she is a sorceress of the satellite school the vk school was now very similar to the anal of this is the school of great books you can join such a club and read think discuss cool books. Yes, don’t discuss yes, you live like this reviews on books yes. Well, i’m just, well, these are not notes, yes, that is, i somehow had them, my opinion about the book, otherwise, i wrote on the scales, then i think they will start uploading them to vkontakte. It’s just that there’s some kind of reviews of books have appeared and what is this for? To consolidate the knowledge, why did i even teach? Well, so that i can understand better, and my friend is just like this type of lying there to post it’s unclear why even write an essay about the book? This is to consolidate the knowledge of me correctly. Well, yes only just for this it works of course. Yes exactly. Yes exactly. Yes your favorite book question marks is good. This is a very good question antifragility would steel this is the first place probably the second is the karamazov brothers here they are, the first two places change depending on what kind of life i have, rather tapani there are just two months changing here 3 i will recommend an unusual book this is how to travel with salmon this book is called awesome. Well it’s just this brilliant sets that you can read them at any time. But now there are a lot of cool books now i buy so many books i can actually eat. Well these the three that i listed, maybe i read a lot, i have now stopped with the courses and i stopped you more about the lifeguard courses, yes, they wanted to ask you about the courses too. And this is the knowledge that you are now receiving. These are only books, right. No, the main one is the main one. Consultation i buy a lot consultations decorate. I see an expert. Well it doesn’t matter what the topic is finance sports anything it can be. Well there’s also a warm-up on my work in managing teams then i see experts i’l write.

Hello i need your one and a half hour consultation. First i’m trying to treat him to dinner. So you so, if you agree, i pay for a consultation, it usually costs like 15-30 thousand more. I didn’t buy a consultation. So two people, a person on vacation, creates answers to your questions, there are no better ones. Well, there is also mentoring, also top crap. But i haven’t found it yet, like, well i don’t have a complex request. Sorry, please, but you consultation came after the audition for the fursov marathon. Well, just for finances, i can easily allow you to do all this well, that is, it’s quite expensive, fact well, 30,000 rubles. From 15 to 30 per session this kind of mixtures may require more than one over the course of a month, for example. Well, yes, that is, but it has to be calculated there. Well, that is, six consultations together i roughly buy on different topics, well, for work. Well, dad has a lot when there is request you go well, it’s just faster, as far as i understand, much faster than you find a book, read it, write down the conclusions there, apply it, and so on it’s just in terms of time before saving, it’s cheaper after all, but longer in time.

And you need the result, right here, actually well, we galloped away galloped away let's go back graduated from the institute the institute chose but it's a blunder as far as we understand i chose because yes i went but it turned out that the choice well,. Just awesome. Chat i ended up where she went education how do you get a higher economic financial investment red diploma there too there really, i was a complete , so rare, you imagine today that is, i thought that the whole university was created just for me, everything i thought that the teacher was created for me, i had to generally congratulate a decent family from where i don’t know. Well, that is, i understood that these were people. They . How they know a lot for some reason, the others next to me don’t understand this. And i just, well, that is, if i didn’t understand something, i when it stops i went out to the board and while i didn’t understand, it could be here on the stream, it’s right there are more than 90 people sitting there me. I didn’t care at all, that is, i needed this knowledge, i’m just kind of obsessed, i would say just keep it stupid, but obsession within the framework is a good quality, good within the framework.

Then i went over them. Unfortunately, now i understand it, but i wasn’t such a worker wide wider champion here everything is possible so i did so because of this it suffers a little there according to my classmates, that is, well, a classmate could come out with a report and i could start drowning him, but i didn’t drown him unconsciously, i really tried to understand the topic and he did it to . Off well, here you see, so you report to . Off well, that’s what i said well, that is, it was horror, yes, i treated them so realistically who now i understand that it was generally goodbye. But then it was like this horror what a horror after graduating from university, what kind of employer opened his arms to you like this lord. We've been waiting for you all our lives and i didn't go to work right away i only went to work when i arrived in moscow original. Damn she's something please tell me what you lived on that's what our audience always comes up with the question is that after college everyone goes to work one way or another because or on time the institutes go to work must earn money in your case this was not the case you are calm but i haven’t. Yet i studied at the institute on time i worked i tried to conduct i earned money there i gave a lecture for a fee they left paid parties and then at the end of uni i was engaged in tulips. That is, i started as this trader near the metro on march 8th, then i was engaged in large wholesale and then it all ended with the fact that i started well, i became a farmer, they say well, i laid down the money, i built a huge greenhouse, they started growing tulips, but it’s as if this risk factor then happened, as if what the entrepreneur gets money for is that the entire refactor is on him and i went broke badly. Besides that, i lost everything that i earned during this time, i lost some kind of working money there, i also lost - 35,000 dollars i had, that is, the total losses there , they were big, so i realized that while i was in minsk, that is, when i had this was the pressure. Just think about it. I was rarely a dragonfly at the university. I earned money, i studied well, i studied with honors, i graduated from kozyr. I work incorrectly. I kind of have my own business, hired employees, i’m goats and this kind of is happening. I understand that it’s just surrounding me. Well, i mean, i can’t.

Yes, i’m coming to moscow, yes, i dolgov yul came to his house. I screwed up, i must be sorry. I’l call things well, as i hear, i screwed up, i need to get out well, get out doesn’t mean that i sort of lost contacts with everyone there, i understand that where i am there are no such opportunities that i need right now, like that’s probably it. That is, the resources that i used for this those assets of your acquaintance as if i won’t succeed and the second time i need to get ready before, like, roughly speaking, if for example, just like that is, i was an athlete, i had a lot of assets in sports, i screwed up, i’m in a new field, it’s easy, quickly, perry got ready, that’s it. I thought that there was a change and there was a little more the atmosphere, that is, successful, everyone considers themselves successful and then no one craps well, that’s what well, like, evil tongues are only happy when you crap, you can call me that, crap, it’s like that’s how the circumstances developed,. Yes before as we move on, let's talk a little about moscow. My question may be strange. At what point did you realize that you know yourself well and understand these words? I was about to get ready and i need to move; you were probably under 25 years old then, i understand correctly, but i’m 25 now, which was exactly what it was then, and even at that age 0 years at 20:0 probably yes, if there’s something with kopecks.

Well, you already understood yourself very well. And you also understood what to do next where did all this come from? Books, but it seems to me that there is no pop it, what is it? No. It’s upbringing, most likely, that is, in general, i knew that i would get ready because i saw how my dad was going to take it, finished his sports career and not fall to the bottom, this is, well, not the most common case. Yes, so i understood that, like, i saw how i was collecting drinks. Well, that is, this is what it’s like for me, it’s like, before getting ready, this is very similar to me, like i don’t know, like putting on pants, that is, usually this is my usual vocabulary, you had a good example probably yes, that is, i just played in the model, that’s all, that is, there is no such thing, now i’m probably starting to understand you a little bit now, that is, there is no such thing that i understood myself then, that is, i had a working scheme, so to speak, i played it without asking questions well, ok moscow it was cool, it was n’t clear that it was cool why exactly moscow became you wait firstly let’s clarify from minsk correctly. Yes from belarus it’s great and quite big. But why moscow why the other side at all that i need ukraine for example or some another, but probably also influenced by the fact that when i was, well, i was interested in entrepreneurship and so on, there weren’t many sources of knowledge except for the leaked imba courses that i couldn’t afford and the business of youth laika and other sharaga, that’s all, i then took all of them, that is there was a cult program back then, of course, no matter how i treated them. That is, when i went through everyone and. Well, i treated him now or then, as a product there was simply no . Anymore, hyundai not only just raised these thoughts in business about online -training then. Well, it’s clear that there is a meat grinder, only this 5% from there are real results well, like those with whom i talked to someone i went through now, really big entrepreneurs all there from tens of dollars with net exact get at least well, that is, everything is fine. Well, this is belarus if you make ten pure dollars a month you are such a trump card you are representing lukashenko today and then you will come there just in general.

Well yes, that’s how it influenced me in many ways because i went to see everyone alive. So i’m this type of . In things are done in moscow here and that’s it. Well, there was also a case: my dad is not from moscow, from krasnodar, and for some time he too, i have vivid childhood memories if we lived for some time in moscow when he played for torpedoes. So i’m like that, moscow for sure well, i always only heard about moscow being good. That is, i didn’t have a story that like moscow is bad there or something else. I had rose-colored glasses about moscow. Usually that’s what he said, the possibilities are moscow is different. Yes, and so you arrived and here he is your first employer i won’t name the first employer, they were engaged in thermal insulation and i went to the position of business assistant, there were tasks of different kinds.

It was there that suppliers carried money, but they recruited me for the position, i had marketing ones. I have experience, like download the market. And there it was a cool structure that avatar came up with we still communicate with him, he’s a very cool guy, he came up with the idea. So i’m taking two business assistants for 1hr role as a marketer. They strengthen me because he’s kind of very weak in marketing, is there any new stuff, can he handle it at all? There was an idea, but i couldn’t find good business assistants in the evening with a profile and so i did everything and charge primarily marketing there, barely with grief in half they launched it, well, in short, i spent there with him, it was very tough, that is, i came for a salary there it was there some year 2018, i came to a salary of 40,000 rubles up to 40,000 rubles, like for a probationary period, it was a month. My probationary period ended. After 3 days because he’s so . Good at something, you woke up, i’l pay you as much as 60, i’m wow, that’s it. Yes. Well, that’s all, i worked for him for about 7 months, but he was very tough, i was so loaded with work that it was just very intense. That is, i worked a lot, i don’t even know how long it’s winter. Yes, i’m just i’m already on my third i wanted to leave for a month, but he is very strong in negotiations, very well, it’s just stupidly strong, a strong entrepreneur when they say that’s what he is. Let him keep me for another 3 months, i still didn’t understand how to program it, maybe he had a passport, maybe he did n’t have a passport - no, my passport will be shorter, he’s like, i’m so stern, i’m . Roma said okay, roma, i can’t, i want if he says arthur, you’re just tired. Now we’re in the whiskey season, assistants, everything will be ok, like, generally, relax your buns, now everything will be fine like, let’s say there’s 5 or 10,000, go to a restaurant there on the weekend or somewhere else who wants to.

Now i understand that this 10,000 there is one of the best investments to hold me longer. Well, on time, when labor sales in building materials is what i discovered maybe you want to keep the employer, give him a small bonus in an envelope or an employee's employee is much more expensive for the next employer for seven months he kept you after all you broke away let 's go straight to the dismissal let's dismissal announced where from what position arthur quit and when was the last. Or that let's quit and building materials, then i went to another job, from both places, a very unusual word, as it seems to me, the first place of work was with a construction company, i actually left in a month, that is, they kept me in exile, they didn’t want to let me go, that is, they all promised me all this, well, under the end i. Just well rum i just won’t come to work. But i can’t talk to you anymore i’m talking to you i’m like. Well i’m almost stronger just me the negotiators will just stop coming and that’s it. I’l run away. I say i’l run away from you just let’s we’re fine come on we will part. Normally i say, well, it’s not working, well, it’s very hard for me, well, i forgot this there, like 8 times, so he raised your salary naturally. Yes, well, the topic of salary or not, no, well, he said that now this one will be like, more salary, i didn’t happen anymore, but well, like a grandson later, well, it was already.

It was leaving, almost a breakdown. I would say that it was just, well, impossible to be there, but he kept me there, roughly speaking, , he also said he kept me, i was kept there for three months. So i’m leaving and the main one. And even then i have one such tool that you come up with. Sometimes it’s hard for me to explain my motivation to people, that is, for example, when i was at school, this moment, when i was an athlete, we are so on when well, i started to study well, i came up with a reason for people, that is, i say yes. No one will understand what’s the matter, i came up with it. I say, i have my dad, if i study well for the new year, he’l take me to norway for the new year. I want to go to norway. It worked out great for everyone, and for him, too. What will we come up with and said that roma, i really want to immerse myself in the market and be a specialized specialist in march i just, in fact, it wasn’t like that.

I just . Me up already, and this tool is very often well, i’m still using it that is, i’m using it name the real reason that is, i come up with a reason that is clear to people and tells them without unnecessary details so that they don’t open up and that’s all it was like this and then i’l order it to the company that deals with the premiere, she’s the position of a marketer, that’s a cool company, they’re recruiting me there cool dude sasha zakharov he was there is a manager, what is it called, who notes the development director for development. Yes, he was involved in marketing, he wanted to relieve himself of these responsibilities, they hired me from him, it was cool that the vacancy was written pata oleg torbosov, maybe you know such a dude, he’s a little bit you. That such lectures i watched and in short i saw in short that he wrote a vacancy for a position just like i wrote in the previous campaign. So i’m so crazy, so he’s doing the same as i do, we ’l definitely have something to talk about, i’l say at least we met, so i went and met, we had a great conversation, what you even seemed like not an interview friendship yes, we were like that right away, like half right, you found a common language quickly, i immediately realized that this is where i need to go now and still you quit, then give it after a while, i’m the most interesting thing, interesting, yes, i quit, self-employed and very unusual that is, i was really afraid i already liked working with companies it was cool i was so cool. The atmosphere is family-like i feel like i’m confused inside here. They let me work, i immediately use it, that is, i have an advertising budget i learn something, i immediately apply it, you know what a great idea. Well, right here i’m studying and working, i’m having a great time during this time, i can’t have my son as a leader. Whatever you say. We can go to the curling iron to play there.

Well, in short, just like in some kind of kindergarten. Well, it’s just cool entertainment. But i felt like, well, it’s necessary already grow up to eat well, it’s all over tsarsky i’ve already paid off most of the debt i still have a debt left it turns out i’ve been paying off the debt regularly all this time. Yes. Well, i also got into a fight like traveling i always took some kind of part-time work a little somewhere some websites to make it’s all something because they’re messing around in marketing. So i’m like, damn it, well, i have to leave already, there’s definitely something else that happened that we have recovered the marketing system for a certain segment of the audience for interior design for business segments from this company, the director, they are business owners, not super-rich people and the owners of the company where he worked. They wanted to enter the elite market. Well, that is, deputies and so on, and this is very difficult to do in digital marketing. Well, as i thought then, now i already know that it’s possible, too, and only then. Well, in short, i didn’t have such tools to do this i understood that i was no longer procrastinating, that is, i cannot complete the business task that is facing the blanket.

I began to quietly merge, so i realized that leaving in such a cool company was just like, i definitely don’t want to, i liked it there and i suggested that i’m going to work remotely, my salary was probably somewhere in the hundreds then it was already there or 8,000 dollars somewhere, i don’t remember exactly. I suggested that i go to work remotely and i will earn money, i will do the same thing, the functionality will be exactly new to me. Pay for two times less, that’s how it was so they agreed i had to come to the office once a week, i realized that it was necessary first. Well, that is, i can always write a letter of resignation 100% i saw how people leave this company, so i’m definitely i knew that they wouldn’t keep me for 3 months kostroma. That’s why i thought, like, so that i don’t try like the first client right away. Well, immediately leave with the client, they say to be the first to freelance, so, in fact, i did just that and the meat and agreed, then i ’l show you off to the commercial director, i say listen, i want well, like, well, i feel that you are not simple i want to perform the same functionality in half as much i live nearby i can be in the office at any time if necessary, he says give of course life hack life hack life hack worked for a year or a year received this half this money, that is, 40,000 establishment there, well, that is, the company has already been created, there is no need to explain to the marketer that if everything is set up there, the . Work is not sewn on the mare’s tail, you see, so damn, it doesn’t work out for me, i’l go for less money to do the same thing supports well, that is, a new hypothesis to test no, that is, what has been created is just supported in some more or less normal way to send video reports and try something at this time, that is,.

I. Well, that is, i can make landing sites, but i knew the ceiling that is, i knew how much people earn from this, i understood that an agency or a design studio there makes an entrepreneur, it’s really difficult, that is, it’s a really difficult business, and well, it so happened that when i left my friend’s job, he told me, “are you leaving, you know how to create a website?” to do some kind of vacancy here like google forum didn’t post it, i filled it out and then well, my sidekick writes to me and me with whom i talked in the fifth grade, he was in the same school, he’s like arturik, hello, you filled out a form for us, i’m like nikulin nikita you. What i'm . , i say i haven't forgotten anything, you're in minsk, i'm saying whatever you want. Seriously, i'm saying that you've got something mixed up. It can't be that you, that's what the law says, so i moved to moscow and i'm like that, he says, yes, my wife is a blogger. I was like oh, cool bloggers heard. And i was in such a form so that they would understand i was doing contextual advertising in yandex in google. That was my main profile that is, i actually happened there insofar as i knew and he says like we need a landing page we will do the launch i say well, i know how to do it, he says there’s still a need to tie it up, i understand that i just left work, it’s like incoming ice and he wants something from me, but i don’t know that i’m stupid i say of course i know how, in general i already did it easy, well, we’re all starting to work on the launch, this is another first launch on instagram in which i participated. That is, i did the landing page, the technical part, the sending. There they were selling, like, a course on how to do eyebrows. There are two big bloggers and they’re doing the launch.

All i get for this is what is also 45,000 rubles. I took care of the plumbing setup and personal account on tilda, here’s the software by sending access because the products are cheap, that is, there will be several thousand sales there, the optimists warned again, it’s unlikely of course . I thought that i thought that i really know that i so on and we have been selling for 3 days and i open the online cash register, i was still traveling somewhere at the same time, like in the czech republic. I open the online cash register and look and there is a million one hundred or 1000200 i think that this means i threw donat i think and there products but it costs there like 500 rubles 500 rubles in russia i’m like a jester where does this money come from i think i ’l double-check everything and it’s really 1000200.

I’m like that aiba guys are like damn today with 1000200 i’m like this is where i want to work exactly well, you understand that there are such prospects for things no sites no, well, that is, . Up it will be difficult how to do it well, go crazy otherwise, i understand, well, but the most important asset is a blogger, that is, a warm audience this is the very thing on which a blogger and the choice of a product is built 2 two pillars on which we work, here i am i understand that i have, like, this marketing that can provide my life, and there, well, these sites are being made, and so on, there is a super promising project, but i was lucky. I make decisions for myself, and i wrote everything that the guys will need to do right in a notepad. So that they don’t say what needs to be done i’m ready to figure everything out and i’l charge half as much for it as the market and that’s it. I understand this decision i’m actually doing everything that needs to be done for the launch any technical work tarkett questionnaires creative layouts any everything here’s the layout what you want the design of these if you need pdf so that trackers know what trackers are, for example, yes, you need to make an interactive tracker i’m like that, i’l figure it out i can do everything, so i took little money for it, i became absolutely indispensable in 5 months of work, 6 of all launches guys. Well, i’ve become so they nothing, well, that is, they have this resource with an audience, i have all the infrastructure, i figured it out for these six months, but i worked like a slave in the galleys for little money, let’s say i didn’t receive 20,000 rubles a month. Come on again, you have a small salary from your employer. You’re still working you can take some landing sites to make some other money to earn extra money and take on the guys for a little money, do everything that yes, bloggers do anything and everything that they offer and i become absolutely and don’t ask unnecessary questions, i always do better at any time day and night i don’t . At all, i didn’t take the recipe, that is, just well, but i understood that i was doing this with a purpose, my task is to become indispensable and well, when i became indispensable in january, it turns out in 20 i’m raising the price tag for me no, but that the price tag the price tag is not an asset. Well, that is, the price tag is not what i need for i am an entrepreneur i need a percentage so the guys understand that a trend is starting, the first producer appears even before all the courses first producing on instagram three years ago about today. Yes no this is january 20. August well, i wouldn’t say it’s too late, that is, i mean not much time from today. Well, it’s not so long ago that this is needed well, that is, in january 20 the guys begin to look for other bloggers, that is, besides their wives yes, this moment in my world, production, information about this appeared in the summer of 20. And really, when this, that is, even on this train, it’s really possible for a very large number of people to jump on now, it’s really bad. When they. Well, here you have it at the beginning of the year i got information in the summer and when were the first cases in general this was the summer of 19, the first recorded case was when i started working zhenya.

He was producing wikipedia marked until patient zero of the fifteenth year, the first launches of the guides appeared, that’s when the guys, that’s when the very beginning well, it’s clear that there were producers of online schools on cold traffic, namely producing, that is, someone comes to someone’s blogger and says let’s sell it from you. This is the first case, this is the summer of 2019. This is the first recorded case that i know. And in january 20 years old, these are the guys with whom my partner nikita and max worked, for whom i worked, their guys, they had wives, bloggers, 1 million subscribers, 2 half a million, that is, and they have already worked with them, but i don’t want to. Well, there are also bloggers who have there are no husbands who are so enterprising, in fact, and they want to reach out to them. They have the opportunity to reach out because everyone knows them in narrow circles because, well, they are the husbands of top bloggers, big ones. But they don’t have the imarketing infrastructure, they don’t rummage around io kamnegrad arthur. Do you want to be the third with us? Guys, unexpectedly of course, but i want to well, yes, i agree, we are starting to make the first launch and it was a thermofit blogger. Well, there are around 1,000 now he has 800,000 subscribers then there were 1,000 here we are doing the first weight loss course we were selling well, so it started to turn out like this, well, here it is i especially wanted to convey that this is a life hack, a life hack, how i left, this is the first life hack, what you can offer, like when you go freelance.

This is exactly what you can do, it really works, and the second thing is, if you caught your luck in the ass, you can do it like this to do as i will do it exactly. It was a cool thing, it definitely had a very strong influence. By the way, this is exactly the same our guests, internet producer nastya told almost the same story exactly in the context, she just took everything thoroughly, got to the bottom of everything to earn these frail ones feels confident and good. That’s why you just repeated the same thing like take for everything figure it out do it do it perfectly well to be with such a specialist who seems to have a narrow profile at the same time with a very wide toolkit friends i can make a launch from scratch, but this is not necessary. That is, for example, my partner nikita nikulin. That’s who, there were three of us partners left, two of you and maxim broke up. Well, we broke up. Well. Well, we’re just different patents, that is, we very quickly from nikita we got like that and max is very thoughtful and we didn’t inherit energies we thought that we would have the eniyan type, we will form as we do, but it turned out that yin-yang there are two indirect parts mixed up. This is a mercedes sign where there are three parts yes. bmw how partners gather bmw methodology metallurgy mercedes and methodology. This is all business coaches will steal you from you, this is all nikita can’t do from scratch. My partner can’t do 0 tomorrow but he is a genius at negotiations even with narrow skills you can come in have you ever wanted to leave this field.

No never again nerves something straight potapov countless here and there well, that is, we now have about 5 launches now, and well, not all of us are successful launch me all successful ones, that is, 2017 in them of course. And what percentage what percentage in general. I think 17 of them can be called unsuccessful that's an average of 60 to 40 conditionally yes, but of these 17.5 there were a lot of legal ones from the product, probably the most common mistake that is this is the product that comes up with itself, this is the number one mistake, the most common that is, you i came up with this myself for the audience. Yes, no need to . Even if you saw that there is a similar block they are launching something, it doesn’t mean that at all well, it looks like blogs will come in and the very first thing is to come up with it yourself. Error number one error number two this is, well, it’s essentially this. And there is this, don’t analyze anna, the second one doesn’t work with tiktokers now, the second one is broader. Yes, . Well, because one doesn’t pay money, that’s all they run around if possible, but only the top ones, right top types, suckers don’t work, no we worked like with karina arakelyan. I don’t know, she’s a crowd, one of the top tiktokers, she’s a youtuber, she’s also a tiktok, she’s got enough to start for him, they were big. Well, that is, we’ve . Ourselves there in sochi, so we thought that it would be there, well, 1,000 points of sale, definitely there. Sold 100,000 in a few days in general.

Complete . We ate there we recouped the costs just barely v0 that is, well this is the second one so far in a year when they have n’t grown up. Yes they will grow up they will have some first money parents will give more money. And then they will be able to buy something but for now it’s like this. Well, don’t they really make money from advertising to compensate for the costs of your work? We have nothing to do with advertising and how they make money, you’re saying that they don’t have money, they make money on tik tok audience by age of audience yes-. Yes, or the solvency of the site can be there from some region, as if again like this, moscow people here the best audience on instagram is a woman 35-45 from moscow and st. petersburg this is the coolest thing the coolest topic is the audience this woman i know who worries the minds of most people who listen to us come on how many subscribers should there be to be able to sell at least something, how much money is good question damn.

Well, i don’t know, well, it’s clear what needs to be calculated this is the financial model there let’s set the minimum level set me. A thousand. Yes no, yes, wait, if you have 1,000 subscribers there, but what 500,000 well, what are you talking about? I mean, you can do it all. Right. Yes, it’s fine, of course you can, it means a little different, you can ask me the next question, these oval ones there, 5 million there, which i have somewhere i heard that there is such a turnover in online education, sales of courses there, gadgets, and so on. Well, they exist. I’m right, but this is what you just called, this is now not the top results, i can unfortunately disappoint you can multiply by 10 and this there will be top results that i don’t know with us, this is a fact for a month per launch at a time outside the sales window, you have 5 launches, you can now tell by lemon by lemon the maximum how many lemons there were for 10, but we have the specifics that we do not work with birthday people that is, for example, like valerchik nadine serovsky and so on so it’s important for us regularly tomorrow so wait, now that means 55x million by 10 that’s 550, that turns out to be 1,000 to 550 million. Uah gohar is so non-russian, yes, and she was selling something to earn money, in short, it’s a profession massage therapist. Well, this seems to be clear to me, female audience from 35 to 45 moscow and st. petersburg, but she has already promoted herself a lot, she seems to already have such a big significant name, but let’s start from scratch.

And. Well, you definitely had c0. Well, like, you don’t have any hot audience at all, no, well, if it’s right on the cold side, then it needs to be placed in binar to pour traffic. Well, you can sell for 300,400 in general. Well, that is, you need to put it in the traffic, but you can do one webinar if you’re very expert, but this you also have to fool around, that is, cold funnels are also there, just, well, for example. Well, more precisely, we now understand that if suddenly a person there is thinking about selling an online course, he needs to invest 100,000 so that in a good situation he pulls out 300 shared with if you're all lucky. Well, not 300 will help out the revenue well, understand that charging 300 - 40 costs up to 200 net or is the commission divided in half or in some other yes other proportion well, there are already some children and the launch frequency, yes, tell me that's who now should go to the internet and learn to work, there's some kind of portrait of this person, a producer, because well, i think it's no secret to you maria afonina, who simply collects millions from students there, and damn it, i don't know how many of these producers are being produced like a pie but not all top ones become one, i’m more, well, that is, but i say this, be sure to go, if you want capone to find maricheva, there are other courses, be sure to go, because then we have employees.

We need where she writes these, that’s why well, damn, why is this small why is there such a small conversion why do people light up with ideas this is a good heating good warming up good sales tools people are ready to buy. And then such a low conversion this is not only in online producing there is a makeup artist oh in copywriting in short anywhere that’s why there is such a small conversion in as a result, yes,. Yes. Well, not everywhere the small conversion of the result depends on the products well, but in mass products it is less than converse well, it’s clear why because i couldn’t pay attention if there are products online where the effectiveness is 100%, it’s there mentorship from some producers if you want to directly learn how to produce and you are ready. It is advisable that you have at least some entrepreneurial experience, then your chance is greatly increased and you choose a producer, i don’t know which one, and hope that he has such a product as mentoring, this is how you can figure out what it will cost i don’t know there 50 100 150. Well, i know the maximum price tag there now is 300,000 it’s a two-month job there. But it’s like a job there well, it’s real, that is, well, you sit there with a person next to him, he tells you this expert, take this, don’t take this it’s bad, i won’t burst with experience courses.

Well, this won’t happen there, afonya is sitting next to you on her unfortunately, she can’t fit in there with your assets. Yes, she can’t know that your sister has a girlfriend, a blogger can’t know this. And you may not remember this and you ’re sitting next to this producer, i ask you to have friends of the blogger, you’re like that, there are no friends of friends like that, he’s such a slap on the back of your head. And when let’s remember, don’t tell everything and everything at once and everything is remembered at once. Friends of friends are there and everything seems fine then there is now, if you really want to go into producing, you don’t need to. Well, producing, you’re really ready to be a producer, an entrepreneur, you understand all the factors, and so on. Then you need to go to mentoring and make money from it, and if you want, just go to the field of training.

Well, that is, somehow in this, that is, there is a lot of everything there and scriptwriters technical specialists of scientologists now i’l start there is a request for managers project manager now manage online education i’m already starting to slowly, like it’s growing more and more until the market is big there is a peculiarity that the market is complex what is it called consolidation it complexly consolidated, that is, well, let’s say there are five schools according to the target, one of them is very difficult for her to eat all the rest. If there were factories, he attracted investments there, bought the factory there, and everything is clear. But here it doesn’t work yet, until it doesn’t work out, that is, there is there geekbrains skillbox, by the way, i was talking now with the manager who will be they are just now launching the creation of a business process for evaluating online schools. Here. But it’s like while it still appears like this, problems are needed now i’m starting to start the last question before let’s. Negotiate just look, there’s still such a tractor i notice that even when it was on friday, i interviewed the heads of the department, i won’t say what, in one large company that is even listed on the moscow exchange in the area of ​​clothing and so on. That is, there is a moment that managers from big businesses are looking closely at the area online education talked about being in general, she tells me it’s very interesting, but she says i actually came to see who you are. I’m very interested, but you’re on the money, he says i wo n’t be able to handle it. I say listen, well, in general, we ’l leave, but i don’t want to. Well, that is, i can still well, here we go. Take the same money, hire 12 people as managers, well, it will be better than you alone, probably, well, in short, it’s too expensive for now, we can’t call all that.

I wanted to ask about the future, but you’ve already told me, in principle, where this is going the whole online business and before we start in the finale, a little bit of this question, i don’t know whether yulia will be there or not. What do you most like about your profession? If you answer money, we’l understand. Well, firstly, money. So, firstly, money, and secondly. I like that the schedule is super free, probably so. Maybe it’s called i don’t know what it’s called, well, really, i can organize my day any way i want, just any way at all, and probably this is very much due to me, all this is a very high degree of freedom, really very high.

This is very cool when doctors are not tied to a place. Well, in a rare case, we lost some negotiations with large bloggers due to the fact that we were not ready, for example, to fly back to kazakhstan, we didn’t want to, but there are cases. That is, large media outlets are tired of being nearby. And so in general, yes there is no attachment to the place, freedom is also important and well, i feel that i influence the result well, i’m just like this, what to call it i don’t know, but when you feel that you’re not just sitting there and you’re there. Something-. Then i twisted it. Yes, i’m like something happened well, you teach millions fell off 50k fell and here it’s like there are lemons, this is that your results feel like you’re involved in this, in everything, yes, involvement well, in general, this is a direct flow well, those people who in this area it’s also great. Well, that is, you communicate with the guys, well, it’s cool. That is, everyone is developing that’s exactly why july when you asked how arthur was doing he said yes,. Great. Well, then since you asked your question and you arthur answered i understand. Yes. But i know absolutely exactly the other side of this coin, that it’s nerve-wracking, that it’s like, well, i’m just . Nervous, restless, how are you coping? Well, you know, after 40, starting up remains much easier, after 40, that’s how 3 cans of antidepressants are much easier, very good advice too, well, that is after 40, apparently they let you go at this point, you already know what will happen, how it will be normal too, by the way, i know that even in your student days you were fond of tea. Maybe you’re there, like him, you brew a special bull, no, i didn’t write anything like that just now, head, some water, some water let's drink some water some water some water some water give let me pour according to tradition we have a short conclusion yes, understand that you will start a short conclusion there are two or three sentences or some kind of conclusion or wishes for the future by the internet producer well, or by the audience after the listener anyone begins julia continues arthur i finish please, this is something like this right here. A woman's view of history. Well, a real miracle even happened how could you write a statement and run into your classmate like in moscow tell me how it is possible to meet a man whose wife is a blogger on whom you can just do everything touch there well, touch feel and understand what the hell.

But it works. And here we are about what in our podcasts sometimes you can smash your head against the wall but not get results unfortunately these people come to me and tell me their story. But we know for sure there is, as it were wonderful stories here in my world, if that’s the case, i’l repeat myself, i’m just saying if this happens. So you appear somehow correctly. And i think that arthur for a while, that’s when he started going up like this. And apparently this is how this is your way only she will keep there until she rushes apparently me too.

Apparently you are doing something right in your life, it’s very cool but thank you for this wonderful story because how the puzzle of the world is put together, the plexus just surprises me thank you. Yul amen my conclusion to well first of all, like it was necessary, it’s not magic that is, i worked a lot, that is, well, i was unlucky, that is, there is no such thing, something dick venum, the work was a lot of tears of suffering, not a magic story when you got lucky, you have to grab a lighter, good luck, that’s the first thing i want to say, sometimes there are lumbago you just need to understand what it really is, you need to grab hold of it, that’s yours. And in the work of producing, we also do this often, we see that here it’s promising, that is, you need to be able to grab luck by the ass, work hard, and probably my main instruction in general there will be someone watching this go online on additional stages and how in general, in any way you like, start writing if you are 45, 50, start writing posts, we lack good copywriters with an understanding of what life is for us well, that is, start working online, earn money there first money 1 thousand download the cart find four lancers and go ahead, then learn to earn at least how much money you have online. This is my main request to you is that we need people we need arms legs so super you may think that arthur’s story is some very good let’s say either successful or this knows how the white stripe and black were never there at all, most likely it’s not so and not most likely but it’s definitely not so 100% were there and we’l dig in and talk about the fact that he had a huge debt that needed to be dealt with and well, he had to endure it, so you don’t think that arthur lived such a happy life in his many years, we are here to tell me about how difficult it was and then here’s how what tools he used to make his life was the way she is now cool cheerful interesting when yulia asks how are you doing, he answers cool and not only when yulia asks and when everything she says is cool and it’s clear that it’s impossible to always be happy and he probably has bad streaks in life, but he has a wonderful tool, this is reassembly, if in your life you find some kind of tool inside yourself that allows you and helps you survive in difficult situations use your rights online we talked about arthur’s life we ​​talked about all the questions we asked and we drew conclusions i don’t know what else to add probably subscribe to channel 1. Yes, like the nose she finishes everything get professions iluga card work natural all contacts will be in our description on the stream if you saw it, then arthur’s instagram is also something else, there may be some personal consultations from you, there may be more add something or everything is already on instagram people. Yes, not just in the topic you can write in direct i’m even ready to meet people and i’m ready. But i just didn’t fall boyarsky write and everything is normal you write such crap there sometimes. Well, it’s terrible, like nothing i don’t propose like that, you don’t need anything, you don’t offer anything. And you want 30 minutes of my time right away, i’m blocking i don’t even think about anything here share something with me.

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