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How to Build a Dangerously Effective Sales Funnel


Hey guys welcome back to another video so last week i shared with you the story of how i'd been able to earn several thousand dollars while i was on vacation not working and i told you that i was thinking about maybe doing a tutorial for you on how to actually build a sales funnel an automated evergreen sales funnel like i was talking about in that video so that you could use the same strategy for your business so you could start making sales and earning income around the clock whether you're working or not and a lot of you seemed to really like that video and got a lot of likes so that is what i'm doing in today's video we are going to draw out a sales funnel and i'm going to walk you through how you can set up each of the different parts of the process so that you can start using this strategy in your own business.


Okay. So let's get right on into it the very first thing that of course you will need is some sort of product so this is something that you are going to sell and when you sell it you earn money for this to work very well you need your product to be something that you can sell whether you're working or not it needs to be something that can be delivered automatically so most of the time this is going to be some sort of digital product like a course or a membership site although it could be a service that maybe your team is providing to your customers so not a service you have to do yourself but a service that someone else in your company can deliver to the customer or it could be a physical product if you have a fulfillment company that can ship it or people on your team who can ship it out to your customer. But that's the very first thing you need is just some sort of product that you can sell now beyond that we've got this whole sales funnel going on now maybe you've seen a graph like this before. But i'm going to walk you through how you can set up each of these pieces of the sales funnel and some ideas also for how you can improve them i'm really going to get into that more in the second part of the video i've got four tips on how you can optimize this sales funnel to produce the biggest results for your business. That it possibly can okay so starting out we talked about that first thing that you need which is the thing that's at the very bottom of the sales funnel the product but now we're gonna come back up to the top and talk about the biggest thing that you need because this is going to be really the first thing that you do as you're trying to send people through the sales channel and that is traffic otherwise known as visibility or exposure if people don't know that your product exists if they don't know you exist if they don't know your business exists then they can never go through this process to eventually buy this thing that you want to sell them you can't like jump them down here they have to hear about you first now there are tons of different ways that you can get visibility for your business a couple of.


My favorite ways to get visibility for your business are youtube and then being a guest now the reason that i love these two is because both of these give you the opportunity to reach a large number of people all at once so with youtube there is this incredible algorithm. I know you guys probably heard me talk about this before but the youtube algorithm is designed to match viewers with videos that they want to watch so basically if you make videos that share your expertise that show what your business does how it helps customers and are helpful interesting videos in the process then youtube is going to push those videos out to the people who are most interested in them and you can actually get paid to advertise your business on youtube so basically youtube is a way that you can spread the message about your business in a viral way so that instead of one person at a time finding out about what you have to offer what you do instead hundreds or thousands of people will find out about it all at once because of how amazing the algorithm is and then being a guest and what i mean by this is being a guest blogger on someone else's blog or being a guest on someone's podcast what's really cool about this is that you get the opportunity to be found by someone else's audience so someone else has already done all the work of building an audience on social media or with ads or however they've done it they've accumulated a group of thousands of people that are all interested in a certain topic and so if that podcast or that blog is a good fit for your business. So if their audience is your target customers then if you get on their show and you share helpful information with them as a guest then you'l get to reach those thousands of people all at once again instead of reaching one person at a time so obviously there are tons of other visibility strategies so many people are using other social media platforms or paid advertising but whatever it is you need some sort of traffic strategy because people have to find out about your business before they can eventually buy that product step number two of this sales funnel is that you need some sort of lead gen strategy so basically this is where you are taking these people who have found out about your business and you are moving them forward towards a sale you're starting to build a relationship with them so you're asking them to opt in opt into your email list opt into following you on social media they've discovered you but they need to start following you or else you're not going to get the opportunity to build that relationship with it with them further give them more information about how your product can help them now there are lots of different ways again to generate leads a lot of people use various like pdf downloads you go to their website and they have something that says you know sign up for this free ebook and when people first started doing that on the internet it worked really well because there just wasn't as much information out there ebooks were still seen as somewhat valuable but nowadays ebooks are really a commodity there's so much information on the internet that if we just want to learn information about something then we can just google it or look it up on wikipedia. So it's not as valuable to your leads which means they're not as likely to actually opt in to your list to get that ebook. So what you want to do instead is give them something that they're going to see is a bit more valuable there are three options that i really love here the first one would be some sort of online workshop the second one is some sort of challenge or very short course and the third one which is easiest of all is just a checklist now the reason why i love each of these options so much is because these options will really help you to get results for your leads so unlike just giving them an ebook which maybe they get around your reading maybe they don't but even if they do they've just gotten a lot of information. And they're not quite sure what to do with it these things can really guide them towards getting a result and results are way more valuable than information is there's tons of information out there but getting results is much more rare and if you can get your new leads some result even if it's just a tiny little result then they're going to trust you so much more and be much more confident that the product that you eventually pitch to them will actually get them a result so a workshop this is sometimes just referred to as a webinar it's just a free online class a challenge is normally a few days long or several days long it's like a course it guides them through both learning something and taking action on it and then checklist i mean you know what that is it can be a one-page pdf it just walks them through the process of what they need to do to get their result none of these need to be that complicated. But they are three fantastic ways to get your traffic to opt into following you somewhere so that you can then guide them towards that sale. Okay. So the final piece of this process.


This leading uara traffic towards the sale is the nurture sequence so what the nurture sequence is some process often emails that warm the customer up and they tell them more information about the product they demonstrate to the customer what their problem is and they present the product as a solution to that problem. So like i said this is most commonly done with emails another way that you can do this is with ads so after someone chooses to say follow you on facebook or follow you on instagram you can then send them a series of ads that are targeted towards them based on when they had chosen to follow you and then these ads can guide them towards the sale but those ads are only going to work to actually produce a sale if the person has gone through this process if they've discovered you somewhere. And then they've chosen to follow you. And you've gotten them some result or at least given them some valuable information and now you're telling them about your product if you just try to tell them about your product and get that sale from a cold audience then you're going to have a really hard time and your conversion rates on that ad the number of people you actually choose to buy after seeing that ad will be really low so your ads will be really expensive. Okay. So this is the basic sales funnel outline so now what i want to tell you is about how to make each of these pieces of the puzzle into an evergreen or automated piece so that you don't have to physically like go out and tell people about your business and then ask them if they want to learn more and then tell them about your product.


Okay. So traffic these two strategies that i talked about right here youtube and being a guest those are both fantastic evergreen strategies in and of themselves that's one of the reasons why i like these strategies so much once you make youtube videos they're on youtube for a long time to come people can keep finding them via search youtube can keep suggesting them to people. So you do the work once. And then you're going to continue to get that traffic continue to get that exposure same thing with being a guest when you write a guest post on someone's blog or when you're a guest on someone's podcast people can continue to find that content on into the future which means they'l continue to find your business. Okay lead gen so all of these strategies are actually evergreen strategies really most any lead gen strategy would be because once you make one of these things and you put it on your website people can continue to go and sign up for it and download it let's just talk though about the workshop and the challenge real quick in order to make your workshop evergreen you would need to use some sort of automated webinar software so that people can sign up for it at any time and then watch it at any time or regularly scheduled times obviously if you're doing live workshops or live webinars that won't really be an evergreen strategy you'l have to keep showing up and then as far as challenges go you can set these up inside of your email marketing system so that people can sign up for them and then they can get a series of automated emails that guides them through the process so those are some ways that you can make those things automated and evergreen and then finally with this nurture sequence email will be a very automated way that you can nurture someone towards the sale if you're running ads it's not like so much automated unless you are outsourcing to an ads manager who is managing this for you if you're managing it yourself then you're gonna have to keep going in there every day or every week to check on things and improve things so that's just something to keep in mind. And then we already talked about what you need to do to make the product automated and evergreen you need to make sure that it's a product that can be shipped automatically to your customer without you having to physically mail or provide the service to that customer.

Lead Generation

Whole process can work so now i'm going to get into these tips to optimize this so that you can make the most money for your efforts because building this system it does require some work and so i really want you to be paid for that work very well. So my first tip for you has to do with the lead generation process. So you have all these people finding out about your business and you aren't completely in control of who finds out about your business or not because you're not deciding to tell one specific person about it you've got this content out there on the internet tons of people are watching it some people who are watching it are your target customers but other people aren't and you also might have videos or other content that is about slightly different topics because maybe you sell a few products in your business so if you really want to have the best result with that exposure that you're getting then you need to make sure that when people are opting into your email list when they're becoming your lead that you really know what to sell them because you might be getting leads for multiple products but you need to make sure that you then nurture them for the correct product so there are a few different ways that you can do this. But basically you're trying to get your leads to sort themselves now this starts with making sure that your content here these different opt-in offers your workshop or your challenge or your checklist really relates very strongly to this specific product so for example if you're selling a course about how to care for house plants then you need to make sure that you have a workshop about something that would directly relate to that like how to decide what house plant to buy or a list a checklist for example of hard to kill house plants that is going to tell you those people are interested in buying house plans which means that they will likely be interested in your course about how to care for house plants so that's the first thing you can do the second thing you can do is to get your leads to sort themselves after they opt into your list and for the best result you really want to use both of these strategies together. But you can get your leads to sort themselves by sending them a survey and asking them to answer questions or by using some sort of survey on your website that they have to fill out before they join your list you can use a software like write message or some other survey softwares where people will actually choose what category they fall into or tell you something about themselves before they opt in and that's going to give you a lot more valuable information that will enable you to know if the product is even right for them and you'l know what to say to them to show them that the product is right for them. Okay my second tip also has to do with lead generation so there are tons of things that you could put out there on the internet that could give people the opportunity to join your email list. But it would be building an email list that's really just a vanity metric so basically a really big number of email subscribers that don't actually mean anything email subscribers that aren't interested in buying what you have to offer now we already talked about making sure that your workshop or your checklist really relates to the product. But if you just give them some sort of content that they consume they learn something but doesn't really guide them towards the product then those people are very likely to just sit on your email list costing you money because most of the time you have to pay more the larger your list is and they're never going to buy anything so you need to make sure that you're using some sort of lead gen tactic that will truly get them to buy now my favorite ones specifically are the workshop and the challenge and the reason is because with both the workshop and the challenge you're going to be interacting with the person who has just opted into your list so you're going to be presenting the workshop to them and then at the end of the workshop you can nurture them right there in the workshop so you can kind of like cut straight through the step and you can guide them to the product right then with the challenge you're going to send them emails every day and they're going to keep opening those emails and then in the last email again you can just slide right into the nurturing you can transition really easily into nurturing and then you can transition really seamlessly and smoothly into selling than that product unlike if someone signs up for a checklist where they sign up for the checklist they get the checklist and then they never have a reason to open another email from you ever again so that is tactic number two to get the best results is use some sort of lead gen strategy that will really convert into a sale.


Third tip for you is going to be kind of inserted right here and it is using a trip wire which is something you may have heard of before or you may have no idea what a tripwire is basically it is a small product sometimes with especially with grocery stores this might be called a loss leader it's a product that is offered for less than the cost of the product or it's something that has a really big value but you're selling it for a really small price the reason is called a tripwire is because imagine if you had some sort of booby trap set up. And then you had a line on the ground and if someone steps on that line or trips that line then it is going to trigger the whole thing to go off so basically it's indicating that someone has walked into the territory now your tripwire product or your loss leader it's a product that when someone buys it's an indicator that they are very strongly interested in this product. And so that tells you that you really need to nurture them because they are a hot lead it's also something that really warms them up and that is the reason why i would recommend using a tripwire now here's how this will work in real life someone signs up for your workshop or your challenge and right after they enter their email address into that forum on your website you've got a forum and it says like enter name and enter email right there then they get taken to a page after that and that page is the thank you page. And this thank you page normally just says you know thanks for signing up here's the thing or the thing has been sent to your email address or the workshop is happening next week but what you can do is you can add a special offer onto this page that's like right now you can get this thing that's normally a hundred dollars for just three dollars. Okay. And it's a really tempting offer. But once someone does that not only have you made a tiny bit of money which if you're running ads can help you out but also you have taken your relationship with that person to another level because now you haven't just given them something for free that they're like this is cool now you've had this transactional relationship with them they've given you money you've given them something in return and they can look at that thing that they've bought from you they can use that thing that they've bought from you and they can say wow your products are really awesome they really get me results they're really high quality and so then when you later are asking them to buy this more expensive product they're going to trust you a lot more and be a lot more likely to actually purchase that product.

Value Ladder

Okay now let me share with you my final tip for how to improve this tip number four. So right now with this current system if someone goes through this whole process they get down here and they have the opportunity to buy this one product for however much that product costs let's say it costs 100. So no matter how many sales you have they'l never spend more than 100. But this fourth tip is to use something called a value ladder basically what this means is that we are going to give them the opportunity to spend more money with your brand if they want to so after they say yes to this product if they do in fact say yes normally they would just be taken to a thank you page. But just like over here where normally they'd be taken to a thank you page. But instead we gave them a special offer we're going to do the same thing right here so instead of taking to them to a thank you page quite yet instead we're going to give them a special offer now of course we do want this to be something that's a good deal and something that they are likely to want but let's say that we give them the opportunity to buy something else that is an extra fifty dollars but will really help them to get an even better bigger result or it will help them solve a problem that maybe they'l have if they have the problem that this first product solves and then if they say no to this fine that's totally fine we'l just take them to a regular old thank you page that thanks them for buying this thing for 100 but if they say yes we can take this a step further and offer them an even more premium offering over here and this premium offering could be one-on-one coaching with you or it could be a done-for-you service where we say okay you wanted to learn how to do this what if our company just does it for you or it could be some sort of event any sort of premium offer so let's say that your premium offer over here is 500 now of course these are just example prices and you don't have to do it in this exact order of a cheaper thing and then a more expensive thing although this is a way that often works pretty well. So if they say no to this offer at this point that's totally fine we'l just take them to this thank you page down here that thanks them for buying this product in this product but if they say yes to this then we'l take them to a different thank you page over here i don't really have any room left but a different thank you page that thanks them for buying all three of these products and gives them access to all three of those products now of course only a small percentage of people will go on to buy this product and even a smaller percentage will actually buy the most expensive product but by increasing the average cart value by making even a few more people spend a little bit more money your funnel is overall going to make a lot more money because now your average cart value instead of being 100 could be 150 or 200 and so that means that for every say 100 leads that come through your funnel instead of making say two sales and earning 100 now because your average cart value is 150 now you're going to earn 300 instead of 200 and that math will just continue to multiply okay. So before we wrap this up let me just recap those tips real quick the first tip is to make your traffic sort itself so after people sign up for your list give them a survey or something like that so that you have more information about these people who you're selling something to the second thing is making sure that you're using some sort of opt-in offer that will really convert into a sale like a workshop or challenge the third tip was to use a tripwire to increase your conversion rate. Okay because these people have already bought something from you so they'l trust you more and then the final tip is to use a value ladder to increase your average cart value so that you make more money on average for every sale that this automated funnel produces. Okay. So now you know a lot about creating an evergreen automated funnel you really know everything that you need to in order to set this process up i hope that you found this video very valuable very helpful if you have any questions after having been inundated by all of this information then feel free to leave a comment down below ask me anything about how this process works how to set it up i will be happy to help you out thanks so much for watching today's video if you haven't already make sure you do subscribe to my channel because i make a new video every single week comes out every tuesday morning at 8 a.m pacific i would love to have you join me for the next one also if you found this video helpful hit that like button to let me know it will really help me out in the youtube algorithm and i would appreciate that little gesture of appreciation if you'd be willing to do that so thanks again so much for watching and i'l see y'all next time.

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