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How I Make $20k/Month With SMMA Using This Cold Outreach Strategy...


Guys i'm back how's everyone doing guys dan the marketing man here just wanted to give you guys a quick update and like a quick video on cold outreach.

My biggest month ever

Is twenty thousand dollars that's the biggest month i've ever had in my entire agency and i took a whole week off i actually went to texas recently and while i was there i was doing also sales calls. And i was still doing work that i needed to do i actually had to drive in the rain on a golf cart because where i was at had no internet i needed to get to a cafe and do some sales calls. But. Yeah. Literally i hit my biggest month ever. And it's because of cold outreach. So i wanted to make this video talking about some of the new outreach methods that i'm doing obviously on my channel i've talked about cold calling that's still a big one that i do today i was doing linkedin as well i made a video on that now we're doing social media outreach i've did i so much testing i've done a lot of testing with the social media stuff.


That because if you're not tracking each you know lead source that you have whether that's cold calling whether that's you know cold dms linkedin social media whatever you use to get new clients you need to be tracking that. So if you do cold calls how many calls does it take to get one appointment and then when you know that number how many appointments does it take to close a deal then once you know those numbers you basically just unlocked the code right you need to now start scaling if it takes me 10 calls to get one appointment then i need to make a thousand calls to get 10 appointments and then out of 10 appointments how many deals do i close one or two. And then it's up from there once you know those numbers it's up from there and not only that as a salesperson as you know someone who's in smma you're gonna get better. Right. So if you're brand new you've never done cold calling you've never done sales calls that number is going to slowly decrease and your ratios your ratios as we call them in sales are going to get much better so you know for me now usually if i talk to 10 people four of them will schedule an appointment and if i have three appointments one will close so it's about a 3 close rate which is. Good right. That's where you want to be but obviously for my newer people you guys got to get on the phone you guys got to start dming you got to start linkedin cold email doesn't matter what you're doing you need to start and get that number immediately because once you have those numbers it's only up from there it's like you've built a gas pedal for your business you now know how what it takes to get a deal and once you know those numbers the numbers are going to tell you. Okay you want to hit you know ten thousand dollars 5015 whatever that is now you know how to get there's a clear road map. Okay i need to get you know four deals for at three thousand dollars each. And then i can make over ten thousand dollars a month. Right so know those numbers that your metrics number two and this is something that i just implemented is try new things.


This is my social media outreach spreadsheet so i have a virtual assistant he goes through and he just tracks all the leads all the messages that he's sending on facebook so he's just finding people that do mortgage on facebook he's sending them like a little copy and paste script and he's getting appointments he's actually getting real appointments check this out so from the facebook outreach he's done a thousand messages 37 booked appointments closed 10. We closed 10 deals just using facebook and this was just from last month so trying new things it's working out well i recommend doing that and if you guys want i can even make a video on how i'm doing all this outreach so if you guys want that video give this video a like right now let's get to 25 likes in the next four days and if we do that i'l show you guys what we're doing for facebook outreach so try new things i definitely.

Account Management

Recommend it that's something that's gonna get you guys to twenty thousand dollars in no time in full disclosure i just mean in no time i just mean quicker than you think because to be honest i haven't even been doing this for a year it's actually been seven months i think back in october so night like nine i don't know i can't do math. But i haven't really been doing it that long. And i've been seeing pretty good success i'm gonna make another video on account management. But it's like when i was starting i didn't have an account manager i was sales i was setting the appointments i was account manager i was a accountant i was everything. So i had a huge problem with retention even though i wasn't doing fulfillment. I had white labels because i was every single month hitting ten thousand dollars ten thousand dollars ten thousand dollars. And i was getting so many clients i couldn't manage it myself and as an agency you should be ashamed of yourself because if you can't handle the clients that you have that's a huge problem and you're not helping the people that you're actually working with and that's a problem unfortunately that i had to discover on my own but fulfillment and account management is so important for retention because i don't do three to six months contracts. Okay. I don't do that i do month to month with everybody because if they don't like working with me i don't want to keep them as a hostage right and same thing goes for me if i don't like them i don't want to keep working with them. So it's month to month if you have a great account manager then your retention will be much higher and i'm gonna make a video on that too. But i just wanted to check in talk to you guys about cold outreach talk about metrics talk about some new things that i was doing updating the channel.


But yeah. That's the end of the video i just wanted to share that with you guys give you a quick update if you liked the video please like it subscribe it and i'l see you guys when i see you guys.

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