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This B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy Got My Startup $155k in 90 Days!

This might be the most valuable youtube training video that i've done if you're in sas an early stage sas or even a growing sas and you're not focusing on these simple but underrated b2b sas marketing strategies that took me from losing twenty thousand dollars a month to over 155 000 in sales and sixty thousand in profits under 90 days then you're losing out on growth whether you're b2b sas founder sales rep or a marketer or if you're thinking to start a b2b sas then pay attention to this video and if you don't know me yet my name is patrick spielman i'm the founder at upticks which is the best sales automation and enablement software to dominate your sales process now let's dive in and explore how to get real results with these strategies i'm gonna give you three b2b sas strategies that have worked for me in my sas company and i'm going to start with the hardest one and i'm going to work all the way down to the easiest one so make sure you stay until the end so that you get all the easiest strategies as we go along now maybe you think that i'm overselling the value of this training and i can assure you that i'm not i honestly just have a soft spot in my heart for sas founders because i know how hard it is it's taken me a long time to get up to this point but we're really starting to see growth and accelerate it pretty fast and i want to put a video out to help all of you people and sas to help you any sort of way that i possibly can all right now that i'm all strapped into the cockpit here i'm gonna go through this video of course which is all about b2b sas marketing strategy which brought me 155 k in 90 days for my startup. And i say it's way too easy this does take work of course but the really the steps are pretty easy and just so you know this notion document it you can make a copy of it all right there i have a ton of assets a ton of materials a ton of things that you can clone and copy to help you with these strategies. Workbooks videos slide decks google sheets documents the whole nine i've got a lot of assets in here. So when i say that this might be the most valuable video i've ever done i actually think it is it's a ton of value now before we get started i want you to know i've never revealed this kind of information in public.

I actually don't think it's that impressive i think it's just impressive enough because we're getting going i don't think the results are that impressive but that being said we've accomplished a few things up to this point we have a long ways to go. But i think depending on what stage you're at in the business i think a lot of the things that we've built i can add a lot of value by teaching you what we did so that it might make your life a little bit easier. Okay. So before we get started here let me just show you some quick proof all right i don't have my stripe open or whatever i'm not some scam artist where you know i go and edit numbers or doctor them or whatever we did 156 000 actually over the last three months and before that we did you know 61 and a half thousand or something the three months leading up to it so we're accelerating our growth still a long ways to go this isn't all that impressive as i said in december i just finalized my books for tax purposes we did 85 000 in sales and about sixty thousand dollars in profit now some caveats to that because i try to be honest as much possible we had some pretty big annual subscriptions that we signed and we did about twenty thousand dollars in software sale sorry in services. Okay. So it wasn't all just mri all right we're selling some bigger deals now with that being said let's get into the actual content itself so the first thing that we did you know first of all is funnels youtube and cold email that's the big reveal the first thing and this is probably the hardest but they can really bring you really good results and you can scale it pretty fast but you got to have a budget so let me tell you first what a funnel is if you're not sure of what it is it's a linear marketing process where you push traffic through a defined process all right the funnel adds value to your prospects and it teaches them something. All right. And it's obviously around your area of focus. And then of course you have your call to action i'm going to walk you through and show you examples of what i've actually done with this when i said there's workbooks and slide decks all that kind of stuff i'm going to show you everything. All right so here's a couple of the funnels that i did first starting with the content. Right this is a cold to gold email challenge that. Um i this my most recent one that i've done this is a youtube video feel free to watch this.

Okay. And then this is a slide deck. Right so you can just click on this it's a slide deck in google and you can take this make a copy of it do whatever you want plagiarize it. I really don't care honestly the biggest thing with these webinars that i do is you want to start out with you know a big headline you know big promise you know an attention grab a few attention grabbing slides proof case studies you know that kind of stuff introduction and then start teaching people things. Right. And then you start to get to your call to action and your cell. Okay. So i have two examples in here of those there's one. And then here's one called how to cold email like a pro it's similar content but feel free to watch the video here and then again there's the slide deck. All right so once you have the content in there you got to have a landing page to drive traffic to it. Okay now i've embedded the current landing page that i'm using it looks kind of weird because it you know in the notion dock it collapsed it together but feel free to check over you know my landing page use it as an example framework you know you know whatever you want to do feel free to use it feel free to check it out look at everything that i'm doing. I hope it helps all right. So once you have the content and once you have the landing page built you got to have traffic now what i did is i used facebook ad traffic now there's a big warning with this if you're not experienced with ads you got to be very cautious. So i'm not necessarily if like you're low on money or whatever like running ads is probably not the best way to do it you could run traffic different ways i use facebook ads because i'm fairly experienced with them. Right i run a little bit of google ads. But i'm not as familiar with google um. And i don't love it as much i've just figured out facebook. Right. But this can be risky all right. But here's what inside my facebook ads account any of my cold email campaigns here you can see you know 30 leads 300 200 300 500 2200 you know 300 getting anywhere from you know four to eight dollar leads. But it's not that easy to get these kinds of lead costs in b2b. So let me teach you a couple things within your traffic strategy that you want to be cognizant of.

Okay. So the first thing there's is you're targeting now a little growth hack that you can use with your targeting for facebook at least is launch a video in your facebook ads. And i'm not going to teach you how to do all of this stuff exactly of course but in order to train the facebook ai machine learning pixels and all that kind of stuff you would initially get really bad lead costs on facebook until it's sort of trained so one of the ways you can train a little bit faster is launch a video an ad now you maybe you could even use one of your youtube videos which i'l talk about in a little bit and let the ad run and collect data. And so what i did is i took one of my youtube videos i cut it down to like a you know a big opener you know with a big promise and all kind of stuff. And it got attention i cut it down to like a minute and then. And then i cut it off. And then you know it was the call to action was to you know to watch the rest of the video you know opt into the sleep. What i did is i just collected data collected data collected data and facebook collects data. And then you can build look-alike audiences based on how like what percentage of people like how long they're watching the video and all this kind of stuff they're called through plays on facebook so once i launched campaigns once i've collected the data my ad costs dropped in like half or maybe even like down to a third of what it was previously. Okay. Um and you don't need to start out doing like tons of tons of money on ads or anything like that you need to start out with some you know interest-based targeting and whatnot but once you've done this and you've trained it on like who you know engages with your ads and who's good prospects it works really.

Well so isn't facebook ad training. So i won't go into it too much the next thing with in your funnels of course you got to have ad copy i've put in a couple of examples of long form copy you can read through this i'm not going to read through the whole thing you can see kind of what we do we do big bold. You know headlines longer form content you know within of course with a call to action same thing in the long form two. It's just a slightly different angle we use different you know opener here so on and so forth called action you know to opt into you know the training. And then we always do a short form so you know facebook and these ad platforms they want you to move on to the next ad so that they can make more money we always do a short form to it and oftentimes like these perform you know even better than long form the thing i like about long form is it helps like indoctrinate people and stuff as well. All right so that's our ad copy feel free to take that and learn a few things from it and the thing with these long forms like you can use them for email copy you can use them for social media posts and you can repurpose them so it's super helpful. All right the next thing is creative so i created one creative that i did was a short form selfie video i've got i put this over on youtube feel free to click this watch the video. Basically i was out on a walk one day. And i had an idea for a campaign and an ad angle so i recorded it took me you know a number of times to re-record it. And then i cut it up it's like a 40-something second video this one's working. Pretty well it's just a selfie style video literally with my phone you can even hear the wind in the in the video.

All right and then i always do images so with any of these ad platforms their ai algorithms learn things so you can you can launch different images and then just know that like you never know what image is going to work but you know i try to make you know kind of you know bright colors and stuff like that and have things stand out and of course having your the ad you know platform trained on your audiences and stuff like that. So i like to do you know big bold headlines. And i like to have like a problem angle as well. And then of course what i'm actually selling all right. So that's the first thing that we did um. This. I think i goofed up i can pretty much just delete it all right we'l take that out. So that's funnels so the big thing there of course is your content your landing pages your traffic take any of that content and feel free to use it to your advantage. Hey if you're loving the content and getting value. I'd love if you would like this video and comment below with any questions and if you're new to the channel smash that subscribe button to get the best sales content on the internet now back to the video the next thing is youtube and i will say like we're just scratching the surface at the time of this video and just know.

Like i've done like really inconsistent posting but my biggest regret is not doing it sooner and not doing it more consistent. So you know i just got super busy with you know being a founder and all that kind of stuff. And we've been you know growing. And i've just been super inconsistent i'l show you some of the numbers you can see where i was inconsistent but so far we've reached like 5 000 hours of watch time as of today we're at like 1574 subscribers which again barely scratching the surface. But we've gotten somewhere right. You know if you're at zero we've got 1500 more and you can probably learn a few things. Right it's a lot harder to learn from somebody with a million subscribers because they're just in a totally different world. Right than where you're at and it almost seems unachievable so i hope this stuff helps here's a little view of our i guess just our views on youtube over time i took out any youtube ad traffic that we're running with this filter and you can see we've got you know just under 58 000 views lifetimes. So you can see it's trending up and i talked about i got busy being a founder you can see this little dip here i basically stopped doing videos. All right so once you do videos on youtube you know they like you doing more videos and so as you're doing more videos they'l give you more and more views and push your content out essentially. So i've got a goal this year doing 100 videos we'l see if i accomplish it or not. But yeah you can see i got busy and this is actually coincided with our increase in sales i just got super busy with you know servicing customers and helping people and you know executing on services and all that kind of stuff this is a similar view it's our subscribers so you can see our subscriber growth it's pretty similar to our viewer growth so you can see you know this data is as well. So there's some analytics inside of inside of youtube but let's get into some like actionable type stuff so the biggest thing you want to show choose is your niche and in doing that just you want to define clear goals and objectives with your channel i know this sounds kind of kind of boring. But if you don't do this like you're gonna fly all over the place. And you're going to be talking about a million different things so we basically focus on like outreach and sales of course right there's many different facets to it. But the biggest thing we did was we wanted to try to understand our audience and our audience they wanted quick sales and as fast as humanly possible with the least amount of friction so we ultimately decided to focus on cold email and cold outreach that kind of stuff because that's what can give people wins the fastest.

All right but ultimately you want to use data and analytics and i'm going to give you a tool here in just a second to help you with this and with that data and analytics you just want to constantly measure and optimize your results all right once you've defined that niche you always want to do keyword research you don't want to fly blind. I did that in the beginning. And i was just posting videos i did a little bit of keyword research. But i didn't really understand it. But what you want to do is you want to go after low competition keywords. But if you're in the b2b space specifically understand that the these keywords have lower search volume but that's fine you're in b2b you can rank on youtube likely much faster than just doing a blog like typed blog content and you got a 24 7 sales person out there they get to know you and your brand and all that kind of stuff ultimately like you're not trying to go viral you're not going to go viral really in b2b.

Okay. So get that concept out of your head in terms of like going viral with millions and millions of views if you figure it out let me know i'd love to learn from you tool i use is called vid iq vid iq helps with keyword planning so for instance it's a little chrome extension. And they got a web app too that you can do keyword research see the search volume see the competition and you can download these as csvs. And i'l show you what i do with that data after i do the keyword research. But you'l see like in b2b some of these search volumes are super low right not that high. But we can rank for them and we can get attention we can get traffic and this traffic leads into sales all right so vid iq check it out.

I'm not an affiliate or anything like that but here's a link you can click it'l open up event iq. And you know if you want to sign up efforts like 50 bucks a month or something like that what i do once i download that i take the keywords i clean them up a little bit i remove the ones i don't want. And then i found this duplicate word finder tool online where i just put it in. And then i look at what are like kind of the most common words being used within those keywords this is going to help us with keyword planning which we created a spreadsheet for i just called it a keyword analysis tool that you can take this and make it your own so open up this document you can click file as my screen's loading here give me one second all right click file make a copy just like the the google slide stack so take that vid iq document that you export with the keyword research of course clean it up paste it here. And you know that the data is going to come in this is a calculation that i made in the spreadsheet so you probably don't want to override it what it is simply is it's the estimated monthly search divided by the competition. So my theory is that the more searches and the least amount of competition you want to basically prioritize those keywords. So what i do is i filter for like largest the smallest year. But you got to be careful with some of the data like the fit iq data comes back with this like nan. Um so i don't know if it's like just values aren't there or if there's no competition for it at all i'm not 100 positive i might want to reach out to their customer support.

Okay. But we developed this little tab here then where you can take some of those popular keywords you can type them in here. So you can enter here keywords that you're thinking about wanting to rank for and what it's going to do it's going to count how many keywords are in that list it's going to sum up the volume. And then it's going to sum up the that search divided by competition. And then i just divide it i divide this by the total count this is a work in progress but feel free to take it make it your own basically what this helps us sort of determine is like what kind of keywords that we want to use in our headlines and of course send those keywords from our headlines and any other keys we want to try to rank for also go in our descriptions as well to help us rank. All right. So that's the keyword analysis planning tool feel free to take it make it your own now to get into con into the content all right i like to follow the 80 20 rule and i get a lot of compliments on our content and as you can see here. The content's not highly produced right i'm just doing talking head type stuff. Right i edit the videos myself at this point. All right. But i try to add 80 value. And i sell 20 i don't even sell 20 to be honest it's just called the 80 20 rule so let's go with it. Okay just starting out don't overthink it all right check out my videos as an example i'm not the king of this stuff.

But i've gotten to this point so far. And so if you're out of his you know no subscribers on youtube then you know i'm a little bit ahead of you. But it's nothing to really write home about but you can learn a few things right again you know i don't do a ton of editing now i want to give you another resource that helps you with the planning. So and then after that i'm going to show you some examples of some of my videos and how i do the headlines and the keyword research and all that kind of stuff. So if you click here this is how i planned for this video. Um so i create this you know these docs in notion i always put the title i link to this document that we were just on previously i put in the keyword analysis we've got our check boxes i put kind of the bigger keywords here i do a screenshot of that duplicate word finder we identify a main keyword we want to try to rank for we identify supporting keywords from some of this. And then you know my spreadsheet that i created right. And then we write multiple variations of headlines and pick which one we think is going to work the best we map out what we kind of want to do for thumbnail copy i haven't built the thumbnail. Yet. So i don't know if we're going to do this. And then we write the descriptions and with the descriptions you want to put in those keywords that you're also trying to rank for you can only choose so many keywords in the headline of course right. And i'l show you how we write headlines. And then i literally map out like what i'm going to do for intros. And then i map out call to actions right to you know subscribe to the channel and then my call to action at the end um. But outside of this i pretty much ad hoc you know a lot of my content i put it in like a notion dock or i do like a whiteboard and i have it sort of chicken scratched out. But like i don't have the whole thing scripted out. But you can literally see like i scripted about what i wanted to say in the in the beginning of the video you want like a big attention grabbing you know big bold promise or something that's going to grab attention and get people to kind of wake up because a lot of people are just mindlessly scrolling checking out videos and if it's just like this boring like. And you sound like monotone all this kind of stuff you know you're it's going to be harder to get people to continue watching your videos. But i script out the early beginning of the video.

All right so feel free again to take this and make it your own i'm going to go back to the other document here move this back over and we'l get into how we do some of the thumbnails and headlines so headlines we always do our primary keyword we try to have some sort of attention grabber. And then we put we try to put in like a couple small supporting keywords like support strategy or whatever it might be thumbnails we still do our own like we could definitely do better we get decent click-through rates for them but the big things i've learned are these big words attention grabbers and even head scratchers get people to kind of be curiosity peak curiosity make life easier you know again big bold words so let me go through some examples so my most successful video to date is one that's called cold email replies how to get 40 response rates guaranteed step-by-step guide so this is the main keyword i wanted to rank for how to get 40 response rates this is the intention grabber and this is a supporting keyword i've got a italicized there guaranteed is like an attention grabber. And you know step-by-step guide was also a supporting keyword i believe here's how we rank so vid iq when you go into your video inside of youtube and these are called tags they actually show where you're ranking for the tags that you've added so as i said cold email replies are what i wanted to rank for i'm number one number one here number one twelve one seventy five one now again not all of these are real high volume search key terms. Right. But this starts to add up. Okay. So there's one example the next example is another video called the last cold email marketing strategy you'l ever need full training and tutorials.

So this was the term we wanted to rank for and then this i think these were supporting words in there so to give you an example and again these videos are embedded. So. And we're going to get to cold email in just a second so these are videos that you can you can watch and learn and help you grow your sas. Okay last cold email marketing strategy again video here but just take a look at the rankings so this is the keyword i want to rank for it's number one again not high volume keyword. But we're ranking. Right 1 10 1 6 1 2 1 2 83 you know one five six one like that's pretty good we're ranking for a lot of the keywords that we're and we're that we wanted to and we're probably ranking for more that we're not even aware of that there's a limit in how many characters you can have in tags inside of youtube ads all right the next one last one i'l show you is one i did about cold outreach list how to build a cold email and prospecting list that converts so cold outreach list is what i wanted to rank for number one. Okay nine four twenty one eight two. So i'm not ranking for you know a lot of them this is actually one of my older videos that i was just starting to learn some of this stuff with keyword research and all that kind of stuff and not every video you know performs the best but by the time you add up like a video that might be getting might get 100 or 200 views a month like after a year. It. You know it adds up to thousands of thousands of views and while you're doing it like people are getting to know you they're getting to know your brand. Right it's like a 24 7 sales person right. And as i mentioned before like my biggest regret here within the youtube section if i can find the damn thing is that i didn't start sooner and i wasn't consistent with it. I just got busy being a founder right. But had i carved out the time even if you did like one video a week like super low budget of course like it's gonna add up.

And so i really regret it. And that's why i've got a goal of doing 100 this year the third one is cold email and as i mentioned these get easier and easier cold email is way easier to launch and of course you know upticks helps with cold email or more than just a cold email platform or sales enablement crm so you can manage all of your sales and your outreach from upticks nurture your customers you know deal pipeline the whole nine this isn't necessarily meant to be about upticks the biggest thing i want you to understand with cold email is deliverability and uptech superpower is deliverability. So what do you need to know about deliverability first of all i have a bunch of videos you can go watch. So i'm not going to go through all of it. But if you're not focused on deliverability then you're going to fail with email you're probably going to end up in spam you're going to burn your domain out all right. And so if you focus on anything before you even launch cold email and you can get a lot of really fantastic results to cold email this is one of them that has helped us grow to the point to where we're at so far you got to understand deliverability so watch this video and check it out. And you can learn everything about it then you've got your software all right your software is key to getting results with cold email and not every software is treated the same you don't want to be using marketing software or traditional crm software you need a tool that is meant for cold email and one of our superpowers is cold email in addition to those other things that we've built we're a little bit of a freak in nature. Okay. So feel free to watch this video and whether you use upticks or not you're going to learn a bunch from all of these videos for cold email the next thing while within cold emails copywriting. Okay. So if you land in the inbox but you can't get people to take an action then you're going to fail with cold email. And then you're going to complain that cold email doesn't work right. So copywriting is super important again i've got more videos check out these videos watch them implement it all right if you have questions comment below we'l try to help you as much as we possibly can the last piece is. Leadless building. Okay. So you can get the best deliverability you can have the best software you can have the best copy but if your lead list sucks and they're bad prospects and not people you're intending to reach out to then you're going to end up in spam and you're going to fail so this video is meant to help you not fail all right.

So since i've created all this content already just feel free to watch these videos right here in this notion doc the link to the notion doc is in the description. All right. So that's the three things that we've used to get to this point so far we're just barely scratching the surface as i've said and i hope this helps you in some sort of way if it has and you want to pick up a sales enablement crm coal outreach tool best one in my opinion on the market feel free to check up text out i've got a little bit more information about you know who we are all that kind of stuff we launched a cold gold email challenges i talked about earlier feel free to check that out and if you want to connect with us on any of these channels i've got a private university where i help people implement all this kind of stuff into their business we'd certainly appreciate it. Alright. So i hope this was super helpful of course. And again i don't not seen any of this to brag i really just hope it helps you have a soft spot in my heart for sas founders i know how incredibly hard it is. And if this helps you in any sort of way on your journey let me know in the comments if you have any questions with us and i'l be happy to help so that's everything i have for you today now if you want to level up your sales outreach and fill up your calendar then sign up for a trial of upticks book a call with us and we'l help you implement all of these crazy outreach strategies that i talked about and have you winning customers in no time until the next training video we'l see you soon thanks.

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