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Cold Email Replies: How to Get 40% Response Rates, Guaranteed (Step-by-Step Guide)


If you follow everything that i reveal to you in this video i guarantee you can get reply rates with cold email and now you re probably thinking what the who is this guy is he lost his mind he s making this big bold promise now i m going to tell you something there s a couple caveats if you follow everything that i tell you in this video word for word and you don t get a reply rate then i l personally meet with you one on one i l do an audit of your process and i l coach you and guide you so that you can get there and achieve the reply rates and on top of it i l throw in six months free of upticks so that you can use it to help you manage the process so that s completely free if you don t know about upticks you can go check it out this video isn t about upticks it s about getting you reply rates now before i get into the video i have a quick little public service announcement for you it s just a forewarning i have handwriting it s terrible you re not going to be able to read it but for some reason i m still going to write on the whiteboard just in case you want to remember it and it helps me kind of organize my thoughts so bear with me through my terrible handwriting and let s get started.


In order to get reply rates there s some really important things that you need to make sure you re aware of before you even get started so first of all this process that i m going to show you here in just a second is really meant for higher ticket offers so maybe you re an agency. And you have recurring revenue you re selling retainers maybe you re a consultant you have to charge higher price points. Or maybe you just have some business where it s recurring revenue this is not meant for people selling you know products and you know one time tech products that are lower ticket if you have a higher ticket offer that s a one time product then you can probably get away with this process depending on your price point. So that s the first caveat the second caveat is that you need to do everything. Right. Okay. So every little thing that i revealed to you in this video here is gonna matter every single little thing it s no joke to get reply rates and if you get it if you hit the reply rates then you can transform your business but if you don t do these steps that i show you and you try to short change one of them you re not going to be able to hit those results.

Your List

That can do to your business so soak up every little thing that i show you all. Right so the very first thing that you need to be aware of course it s going to start with your list really. Okay. So first of all in terms of your list some of the biggest pieces to it is you need to isolate one persona. Okay. So you got what s that mean a persona is isolating one person one variable. So maybe it s a location might be a job title it might be an industry it might be a company size all right you need to isolate the problem that you re trying to solve for one person and you can t scatter it too much. All right. So i can t stress enough that your persona really matters the second thing in terms of your list is you want to do batches small batch lists you can t go and grab a lead list and have thousands of thousands of people in it and just blast as many emails as you want. Okay we l get into some of the specifics on how to do that in a little bit the next thing you need to do with your list i m not sure where you re getting your lead list from wherever you re getting them you need to make sure that you re validate all of your email addresses so you can t just trust whatever system that you re using and that they validated the emails because emails they go they go stagnant right people leave the company stuff like that. So whatever lead list system you re using you need to revalidate those now system like upticks when you upload leads into the system it l revalidate them for you but whether using upticks or not make sure you re using some sort of third party software zero bounce never bounce use a top tier validation service. Okay so revalidate them. And you usually only want to send to ballads and if you want to get a little bit more risky you can send to catch alls that s a topic for a different day. So. But that s super important all right the next piece. All right i m running out of room pardon my pardon my handwriting here you need to research every single prospect that means you can t blindly send a bunch of emails to people so again if you re a higher ticket offer you can afford to do this the roi of the activity will make sense to do this you re probably concerned about that right now. Right. But if you really want to get reply rates you need to start thinking about sending less volume versus sending more volume so researching your prospects what that s going to do is it s going to allow you to get rid of leads that don t matter that you know you shouldn t even email now it s not a rule that you need to email every single person in your list you re going to need to research and scrub your list down as far as you possibly can all right you can t just send a bunch of emails let s just say you go and get a list of prospects leads right there might be percent of them that it doesn t make sense to email. Okay there might be more than that you can t send emails to people that your offers are relevant to and get a reply rate. Okay. So these are some of the basics in terms of your list there s a lot more of course that goes into it but these are the main points so you need to isolate one persona job title company size industry stuff like that you need to send in small batches. Okay. So you can t send you know thousands of emails at one time especially because we re researching all of the leads and you need to make sure that you re validating every single email make sure all your emails are valid so that s really before we even get into the rest of it that s step one in terms of your list management all right now the second aspect of this is getting an awesome open rate. All right so you need open. Right you need an to open rate in order to get reply rates. Okay. So maybe you re used to sending cold email and getting open rates sending less volume is of course going to be a big part in doing this. All right. But if you can t get to open rates there s no way you re going to get a reply rate just think to get a reply rate with an open rate half of the people that you email need to reply now i m gonna show you how to get the reply in the next steps here all right and how to structure and what to say and stuff like that s coming up but in order to get that reply rate you ve got to be able to hit an open rate so what does this mean all right this means you need a healthy domain you can t have a domain that s been blacklisted that you ve been using for other cold email and sending out lots of lots of on if your domain s healthy and you ve sent a lot of volume in the past you could probably still use that domain but you need to make sure it s a healthy domain. Okay the next aspect to getting a really good open rate is your subject line. Okay. So your subject line should be custom now you re probably used to sending some sort of repeatable formula framework for your for your intro or your subject line. But you really need to do a custom subject line and i m going to get into this a little bit more in just a second because your subject line is going to be based on your actual intro line and how we customize the email and how we approach your prospect all right. So this is the next step to getting reply rates you have to get an open rate so you need to follow these steps to do it. So and some of this will help too right so sending small batches sending in personas validating all your emails researching your leads all of this stuff snowballs into getting these results. Okay. But in terms of open rates you got to hit that your domain needs to be healthy and you ve got to have a custom subject line all right real quick. So if you re.

Custom Intro Line

Enjoying the video so far aside from my handwriting which is freaking terrible. I d love for you to like the video subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell so you get alerts every time i upload a new video to youtube it d really help us out. So i really appreciate it so the next step in getting reply rates is writing a custom intro line. All right so we have a framework called cold to gold and our cold the gold framework what it involves is writing a custom intro line basically what this is it s one to three sentences to open your email that s completely custom to your prospect now you might be thinking this is going to take a lot of work and that s the point of all of this stuff to get reply rates and the reason why i m telling you this is for higher ticket offers because the roi needs to justify the activity. All right but in order to get a reply rate which you know if you get that kind of result what that can do for your business you have to customize your emails and the way we do it is it s actually half customized now in the best case scenario you might customize the entire email but with our cold to gold framework we use a custom intro line it s one to three sentences. All right. So how do we do those custom interlines so the first thing that we do is we complement. And we boost we boost ego now i m not saying that people are egotistical i m saying everybody has an ego and in order to basically sound different than anyone else first of all what we re doing with this custom intro line is we re showing them we actually did some research on them and that we didn t just blast you know this big email will blast to hundreds and thousands of people at one time. Right so we re showing them we ve actually done some legwork then getting into it we want to complement them on their past successes we want to write this intro line based essentially on who they are as a person or what they ve accomplished in their life or their business. And we do that by complementing their attributes their successes and stuff like that and ultimately what that does is help them boost ego so essentially what this is doing is it s implementing a level of human psychology into the process making your prospect feel good. So we re showing them we ve done research and we re also then now complementing them it s almost impossible not quite to not get a reply if you do this. Right no not everyone s going to reply that s why you know i m saying reply rate and not reply right because some people just aren t going to reply to you. Right. But if we do it right it s almost irresistible not to reply okay the rest of the email matters but this intro line is super important now in terms of the central line and i m gonna show you an example i m gonna do a screen share in just a minute the next piece to this is that you need to go one level deeper on your research so a lot of people if they do customize cold emails they re doing a little bit of lead research or maybe they re using an ai tool to go out. And it s basically just looking at like the linkedin about me page or the company page maybe the website and usually what people do is they just scan. And they look at the stuff that s just right on the surface. Right. And they regurgitate things like hey i noticed that you know you re in the construction business or something like that. Right. And you ve been a founder for five years they ve heard that same thing over again so what we re trying to do with this one level deeper is find one thing that you can use you might need to get creative with it. Right we don t just want to regurgitate what s already out there on the internet we want to find one thing one angle that you can find to approach them that s gonna stand out. Okay. I l show you a couple things but some examples of this might be if you re gonna prospect me for instance i have a lot of content. Right. So i ve got content on youtube we ve got a university we ve got a facebook group we have things all over the place there s a lot of information about me. So what you d want to do with someone like me is you d probably want to go and actually watch some of my content and you don t want to just say i watched this video years you actually want to pull something out of that video and actually reference it. Okay because anybody can go out and you know grab a title one of my youtube videos and say they watch the video but if you actually go and watch the content and find one little nugget from that piece of content that s gonna stand out now you re probably thinking well not everyone has content. Right. And i understand that not everyone has that kind of content. So when you re prospecting somebody that doesn t have a lot of information on them you might need to take that same approach even with something you might find on their website maybe it s you know about their company how they got started you know people have a lot of information usually on their website about how the company started you know how they got their start the history there might be little nuggets in there. So i m not gonna go in detail on that right this second. I m gonna show you when i get into the screen share some of those little nuggets. All right. Okay. So the next the next step is writing more than one line all right one plus line it s really easy to just write one sentence right and most people are thinking i need to keep this cold email really short. Right. And you still want to keep it concise. And i ve seen cold email tear downs of my process with cold email and people sort of criticize the length of the emails sometimes but if you re doing this intro line right and you re complementing them and you re boosting ego and you re going one level deep on your research and the angle that you re going to take to approach them doing more than one line is really just going to strengthen that first line. All right and when we re doing this we re actually formulating our subject line. Okay that s how we re going to write our subject lines based on whatever you come up with in this intro line is actually going to help us write our subject lines. Okay that s how we get this i always write the subject lines. Last all right so complement boost ego go one level deeper and write more than one line so with all of that what i want to do is. I want to hop onto my computer quick. I want to do a screen share. And i want to actually show you the process that i would go through to do lead research in finding a couple little nuggets and ultimately picking one of them to approach our prospects so that you get a sense of exactly what to do and then from there i m actually going to show you how to write that intro line okay or at least from those profiles you don t want it s important to understand that when we get to that step you don t just want to copy exactly what i say you just want to take the concepts and you want to use the creativity and how we approach somebody so that you kind of understand what we re trying to do and how we re trying to separate ourselves from all the other cold emailers so let s hop onto the computer do the screen share. And then we l come back to the whiteboard after that and finish up in this last topic all right. So now i m gonna go through the process of going about.

Lead Research

Doing the lead research and then ultimately writing that intro line so i ve got my lead here i picked one out of our database first of all we always schedule a task inside of upticks to do this gets scheduled for somebody and all of our leads essentially have a.

Lead Profile

A linkedin profile so the first thing that i do is go look at jg s profile. And i mentioned a lot of people you know essentially just look at the surface level stuff like you know what their title is what company they are they might look at their about me section look at some activity and then essentially try to formulate an intro line from there just using this information maybe they go over to the company page right and read some information. And you can definitely get results and write really good intro lines now one of the steps that i want to show you and you can do all that stuff. And you can find you could find one thing by doing that. But i like to go one step deeper and this is the example i m going to show you and this happens actually quite a bit now you are going to run into leads where you don t get this the kind of information a lot of them. And you can always skip leads as i mentioned but in doing the research and going one level deeper i explored the ruben rink website. Okay. And if jg ever happens to go through my training i hope you kind of appreciate the angle and stuff. Here. But i would actually go to so what i discovered essentially in the website so of course you know i scan the website looking at some you know headlines and all that kind of stuff and sometimes people just go to the home page and look at that and then try to write in an enter line i like to go to like the about me or in this case they had a tab called story but a lot of times there is an about me section on a website and stuff like that but what i found and this is the one level deeper concept that i was talking about because the story gave me the little nugget so essentially what happened is i read the story about how jg s like great grandfather had actually started and was doing marketing for bolder boldurum tobacco and there s this funny story that would go paint this mural and it was an anatomically correct as they say both so basically what they did is they painted the bowl without the fence. So i l leave the rest to your advanta imagination. Right. So essentially his great grandfather was a really good guerrilla marketer and the reuben rink actually changed its name it was previously named something else and then to pay homage to his great grandfather he changed the name of his company to ruben rank. Okay. So this is the one little nugget that i found in looking at the linkedin profile the company page and the website so as i said you want to go one level deeper this is that one level deeper finding like the one little angle that you could use to approach somebody to really get an irresistible reply. All right so let s head back over to upticks and the way we do this is we put a little intro line just custom field i m not going to show you the training on upticks here but here s how i would write this interlining knowing all of that information. Okay. So we want to avoid using the word i in that intro line. So i d probably say something like super cool to read about your great grandfather and his genius gorilla marketing strategies. Okay so now some people from there would actually stop and that s all. They d say and in our framework in the cold the gold i mentioned that we want to do more than one line. And you know of course some people are concerned about the length but we want to build on that. Okay we want to build on that first sentence then i would say something like you know very inspiring that you change the name of your company to the ruben rank to pay tribute to his great work much respect all right of course i ve got some spelling and stuff like that. Right. Okay. So let s break this down real quick before we get into to the the intro line so super cruel to read about your great grandfather and his genius gorilla marketing strategies so we re complimenting we re boosting ego i found the one thing with this one lead that i would use to approach them which i think is pretty good and then to build on that we said also very inspiring that you changed the name of your company the ruben rink paid tribute to his great work much respect so we re complimenting and we re boosting ego and again i m not saying jg is egotistical just saying everyone has a an ego. And we just want to elevate a little bit and compliment we did some research and this is truly like i m what i m saying here is authentic i mean this it s really cool to uncover this all right now for the subject line the way i would do this is we want to sort of basically use this angle is kind of our starting point. So how i would actually do it is there was a story about the anatomically correct bowl right and comically was genius that s what i would write for a subject line something along those lines because it s personal to him he knows the story right. And then it actually our intro line actually sort of kind of substantiates that and then builds on that subject line so those two things really tie together. Okay. So i really hope this example was helpful of course as i mentioned before not every single lead is going to be like this example and as i mentioned you might need to skip leads. Okay if you can t find enough information about somebody it might be better off not approaching them all right. Or you might want to approach them in terms of the company angle all right so from here let s get back to the whiteboard all right.

Call to Action

So i hope that screen recording really helped you kind of understand the process that we go through in terms of doing the lead research and then how to actually write the interline all right. And it s important to understand that intro line. You don t just want to copy the example that i just gave you all right one thing that i ve noticed with the coaching in the training especially in the cold the gold course where i ve coached hundreds of people is people like to just grab a template and then just copy it and then swap out words. Right i ve been guilty of this in the past it s obviously a lot easier and it just takes you a lot less time. But it s important that you just take the concept in the framework in the creativity side and then implement that into your process and not just try to repeat you know have some sort of repeatable formula getting open rates there s no magic pill other than just basically list following all of this stuff basically to a tee. All right so the last step in terms of getting open rates is having a strong call to action now this video is not meant to show you an entire email template i m showing you kind of the main important things i ve got templates of the wazoo to help you with this. But one of the big pieces aside from this intro line doing the research boosting ego and everything is your cta now some people you like to put links in there they like to put calendly links you know just book a meeting with me you don t want to do that you just want to get a reply out of people. All right and how do we do that it s not enough usually. And you want to a b test this i ve a b tested it. And i use different variations you might just want to ask people if they re interested in a meeting but a strong hook might be something like this let s say your marketing agency right and let s just say you do google business listing management so your call to action could be something like this. Hey mr mrs prospect i recorded a quick video for you on how you can increase your rankings in your google business listing and increase your traffic would you mind if i sent that over to you now i just made that up off the cuff but the point of the call to action is that you re actually adding another layer and showing them that you are actually doing something more valuable for them and you re actually peaking some curiosity. Okay. So in addition to customizing and doing a really good intro line you ve now put in a really good call to action that shows them that you ve done some work now you re probably thinking well shoot i need to create all these videos right you basically just create the video after you get a reply so make sure that process is repeatable and you can do something that makes sense now that s just one idea. Okay. But that s worked really well for some marketing agencies that i ve worked with all right if you re in a different type of business you may need to adjust that idea and that strategy to your business. Okay. So anyway the point here with your call to actions is it needs to be a really strong call to action with a hook. Okay. So i hope you got a lot of value out of this video. And i want you to know if you ve watched at this point this is a really short compact condensed version of some of the stuff that i teach in my cold to gold email method inside of uptix university. Okay. And in that course and in that coaching program i go a lot deeper on each one of those and i make sure that every person who actually wants to implement this into their process if you re a higher ticket type business then this is a framework and a methodology that i percent know you can use to grow your business but ultimately there s a lot more that goes into it than what i was able to show you on this video there s more psychological triggers the whole. Nine. So if you want to get reply rates implement this first if you re struggling i told you at the beginning of the video that if you follow what i tell you word for word in this video that you can get reply rates if you implement this and you don t get that reach out to me. Okay. I m all over the internet you can find me or you can just email me or email our support at upticks io and we l help you out and on the topic of my cold to gold course because you might have some questions you can get the cold to gold email method absolutely free by signing up for a one year subscription to uptix the growth or the scale plan all right the course alone has a one time price to it. But if you want to get access to it for free and you re a user of upticks then i can get you access to the course absolutely free where i l actually help you implement this whole thing and you don t even have to worry about it so by doing that you can really kill two birds with one stone and not have to worry about what system that you re gonna use to manage this process because there s a little bit more that goes into it than i was able to show in this video and then also you re gonna get the best strategy and the best help to implement this to get you traction with your cold email and ultimately start getting you that reply rate. Okay. So if you want some more information on that i l put some more valuable videos on the sides here so you can check out more content or if you just want to go ahead and book a call with us or check out upticks there s links down in the description for that as well and if you want to join our community we have a facebook group i l link to that as well if you re not watching this in the facebook group so i hope you got a lot of value out of this video for now implement these strategies if you struggle get a hold of me we l see on the next one.

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