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The Loom Personalized Cold Email Strategy for 2024

I've tested thousands of cold email strategies over the past 3 years and i can say without a doubt that the best cold email strategy moving into 2024 is a personalized loom video cold outreach approach it stands out from your competition it gets much higher positive reply rate because alls you're asking the prospect to do is say yes to a video and this strategy alone has generated myself and my clients well over a million dollars over the past 3 years and it will probably make me another $500,000 to a million in 2024 that's why in this video i'm going to be revealing to you my stepbystep personalized loom video cold outreach strategy fully up to date that you can steal to start booking dozens of sales calls every single month with highly qualified prospects keep in mind any sales call that comes from a loom video approach is going to be much more high intent because they've seen your face they know you they like you they trust you're going to print cash you can go use the money to buy a wagon as a tax right off to end the year first and foremost why does a loom video outreach approach work better than a traditional cold email outreach because you're asking the prospect for less you're not asking them for a call you're not asking them for any commitment and you're just asking if they want to see a video pertaining to their business and as a result you're going to get a much higher positive response rate you're going to get permission to send over a video and you're going to give yourself the chance to prove yourself on a 5minute video as opposed to a 3second cold email you have to record a on toone personalized loom video with their website pulled up with their social media pulled up critiquing them and giving them feedback and auditing their social media their website their email marketing whatever the case may be i wrote cold emails for one of my students dawson he was doing outreach for a real estate offer and he was getting almost no results and as soon as i gave him feedback on his scripts yesterday he implemented them and he got three positive responses in a single day he didn't get any responses leading up to that he implemented the loom video approach saying mind if i send a video going over a real estate syndication strategy i've also done cold email outreach with the loom video approach for email marketing offers specifically one of my students samy he closed 250,000 in retainers for his email marketing business all with the template i opted into your email list and noticed a few things that are hurting your conversions i recorded a quick video explaining further mind if i send it over to you one more example for you guys my good friend lisis a student in my program as well creates newsletters for tech companies and he said it's the most high-on converting campaign he's ever ran with eight interested replies in 3 days. And then he booked a meeting on the next day in two days you got eight positive replies and he booked a meeting on an offer creating a newsletter that's otherwise extremely saturated so once again why does this work because a loom video gives you the chance to prove your expertise show somebody why they should care about you convince them that you're a good person you're a likable person you have some charisma and some personality and then book them on a meeting after the fact there are really only two ways in my opinion to pitch a loom video over email the first being a trojan horse approach and what does. A trojan horse mean well all it means is you're going to someone's business leading with the fact that you've seen something from their website from their emails from their social media that could use some work and then pitching them a video on how to fix it for example. Hi christian i opted into client ascensions email list and notice a few things that are hurting your conversions why is this a trojan horse because i haven't opted in. Yet i put together a quick video breaking down the causes and how to fix them mind if i send it over why does this work because somebody that reads this goes okay this person already made a video for me critiquing my email marketing all i have to do. Is say. Yes you go and record it they get a highly educational valuable video you get a phone call booked it's a win for both sides trojan horse here's another example of the trojan horse maybe you're reaching out to real estate and you're reaching out to tom you can say hi. Tom i was checking out tom's real estate list things in tampa and noticed a few things with your listing that might be pushing buyers away just a random example guys don't take this to hard don't copy this make up your own.

I put together quick video explaining further mind if i send it over now once you get a yes from the person that's when you go and make the video you don't make the video up front you're not going to waste your time doing that you want to make the video once they say yes once they agree to it that saves you a ton of time it makes sure you're only recording videos for highly qualified prospects the other way to go about this is a regular email pitch so anywhere that you have a cold email cta like mind if i share some more info or you open to a call pitch a video instead for example. Hi christian we can add two new high ticket clients to your funnel each month with our youtube growth system we did this for x like a random case study and they got y mind if i share a quick video explaining how you can do the same instead of pitching a call or further information just pitch a video here another example. Hi christian we can boost your sales by 15% each month with our sales psychology approach mind if i send over a quick video explaining how it works once again all you're doing is pitching a video in place of a cta nothing's really changing these are the two main frameworks for pitching a video over cold email now you're probably saying what the hell do i do once i get someone to say yes and that is what i want to show you next. So this is how you would record a loom video for them i'm going to go into acting as if i'm recording a video right now 3 2 1 what's going on christian really appreciate you responding to my cold email wanted to put together a video sharing three things i noticed with client ascension's website that you can optimize to book more calls first i noticed that your vssl is on the right side and your hero copy is on the left side we've noticed that if you put your hero copy on top vssl on the bottom cta button below you're going to get way more conversions i would test that out as an ab test i can show you how i want to call number two i know noti that right here it's cool that it popped up but it took a little long for the popup to show up on my screen if this popup shows up in the first 5 seconds we've found at our agency that your conversions and your optins are going to triple i would highly recommend change the setting for it to pop up in the first couple seconds number three i noticed that the apply to work with us button is way up in the top right i would highly recommend making the apply to work with us button the main cta button on your website with that being said i'm happy to show you how to implement these three things on your site i'm also happy to walk you through some of our website services that can basically completely revamp your website and guarantee you 15% more conversions in 60 days or you do not pay tomorrow and wednesday are wide open for me pict sure it's monday tomorrow and wednesday at 2 p.m. eastern are wide open for me if those times work for you please let me know in the email thread below i'm happy to book you in if those don't work feel free to send over your calendar and i will book in on your calendar directly i want to make this as easy as possible for you i look forward to speaking with you and cut you see what i did there i did not waste time beating around the bush going over my website my case studies i went right to the i gave three critiques or three things pointers that you have for them go right into the three things and start the video with an agenda i'm going to go over three things you can improve on your website and then let's hop on a call to discuss how i can implement these for you tomorrow and wednesday at 2: p.m. eastern or wide open suggest a specific time make it as easy as possible for this person to respond to your video the video is recorded your job's done you're going to book a call right wrong.

You have to make sure that you set the stage for the video properly here's how you do it once you record the loom video do not i repeat do not just send over a link and call it a day you want to grab the thumbnail from loom to send over email you go to the purple share button at the top of your screen you click embed you copy the gift thumbnail. And then you paste it into the email like. So that the person can clearly see that it's a video on their website and it's not some fishing scam or some sketchy thing they don't want to click on the give thumbnail makes or creates trust with the prospect that's number one number two when do you send the email say your custom email marketing strategy video is attached below click the thumbnail to view it. You' be shocked to how many people do not know to click the thumbnail next call out two specific timestamps in the video that they can reference you'l notice at the 120 mark i explain how you can collect more emails and at the 350 mark i talk about how you can make your site load faster you want to reference two things in the video that are going to stick out to them so they're like. Oh i want to stick around to the 350 mark and see what he says about my sight speed if you basically strategically space these timestamps out they're going to watch the whole thing they're going to retain on the video.

And they're going to book a call with you and then don't just throw them the video and call today say what is your availability like tomorrow or wednesday specific dates at 1:0 p.m. eastern specific time to do a more in-depth audit on a call if these don't work you can select the time on my calendar here with your calendar hyperlink now you're probably going to be like what if i get ghosted you're probably going to get ghosted sometimes here's what you can do to follow up were you able to implement the tip i reference at the 230 mark how' it work if you have any more questions let me know how tomorrow at 1: p.m. Eastern works for a call you can see on loom if someone views a video hey notice you had a chance to watch the video you likely found something you can apply to your website right away to boost conversions how's friday work for at 1:0 p.m. eastern for a quick call hey just got an email notification that you view the video are you open to a call to learn how we can implement these changes for you on your website or if they haven't viewed the video notice you haven't seen the video yet once you get the chance to watch let me know if my website strategy was valuable to you happy to hop on a call to show you how to implement this or excited to hear your feedback on the video let me know what you think about the 3 minute mark where i go over a simple tweak you can make to your cta button to boost your conversions you just want to follow up with value resend the video if you have to do whatever it takes to get the call booked if you book a call from a loom video it's a lot higher chance that it's going to close because they trust you they know you they see your face there you have it the winning cold email loom strategy for 2024 i have no doubt in my mind that if you copy this strategy and use it in your cold email campaigns you'l probably never have to worry about where your next call is coming from ever again or better yet your next client is coming from ever again but the truth is it's a lot easier said than done you have to get on camera make a good video send it follow up with it keep track of all of it there's a lot more that goes into getting clients from cold email than this you have to make sure your lead list is triple verified using kit your deliverability on point your domains are set up properly you have the right target market you have a good offer and guess what if you do not even want to worry about your cold email campaigns and you want to book meetings on autopilot we can help you we can place a commission only cold email specialist into your business to run campaigns record loom videos book meetings and help you close more deals from cold email and you only pay them on commission they are an in-house employee of your team if you want to learn more about our placement offer and how we can help you source a cold email specialist to run this entire system for you click the l in my bio. We're happy to speak with you and walk you through the whole process also click on this video if you want to learn how to use cold email to get clients i'm not going to charge you 500 bucks for it like i charge inside my program for the same information it's completely free if you've made it this far you deserve to watch it check it out now thank you for watching drop a subscribe drop.

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