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Day 346: Playing chess every day until I reach a 2000 rating

Hey everybody day 346 on my journey to 2000 where i play a game of chess every day i put it on youtube and i track my progress on currently rated 1547 and i just noticed when i was looking at some of the past couple of days of videos the puffiness around the eyes. I went swimming this morning and my goggles were a little bit too tight. So uh. Yeah. 500 a.m. in the pool swimming getting my heart rate up getting the exercise in it's actually a great way to start your day with a 5 a.m. swim highly recommended yeah other than that everything else is good.

Let's see who i'm playing today. Nikus shak kika nikusha kika nusha k f of georgia fun fact i was actually born in georgia ah but not the country the state and so here we have the max lang defense. And i'm feeling i'm gna have an advantage on this one after takes here check queen d1 takes i've got this fork possibility here but after this i can also attack the queen they retreat back i set up for the attack of the and trap the queen so this is one that i have practiced and it doesn't come along very often but when it does i'm usually happy to see it cuz after this knight h3 move the queen can't go anywhere this square has got by the knight pawn queen. Pawn knight and then rook so it's got to move back there. And then this bishops would be hanging so you defend the bishop queen still can't go anywhere so they'd have to move their knight. I mean their bishop to make an escape square and at that point i you know got all these options here so with that said though i don't know take here i think is the best move.

And then if they got this then i take here. But then they take here or do i throw in a check now attack the knight i take. And then i can take let's see this then this then check here this is where little practice probably wouldn't. hurt go here take and they take. Oh wait. No. If they go here and then i check and win the rook check when the rook if queen takes and then if check and they go here if they move anywhere here i got this check. Oh never mind i don't have that check because of the night. So let's go here see if we can draw the night. away yeah let's take that with check and if they take care then i win all the while defending this pawn and queen's probably going to stay on this file because i've got this check so then i attack i've got checks i really hope i'm playing this correctly. I mean i know i'm up significant material. But it is dangerous when they've got their queen and some you know just a hop skip and a jump away from adding another attacker here could be quite dangerous so they're going to prepare for this check. But then i can take so do i attack the queen now attack the queen comes back here. And i prepare for a pen or do i queen here now check i think i'l attack the queen and if they check me attacking queen then takes then i take i don't know if i like that i like the idea of getting my bishop my other bishop into the action.

Oh no. What's happening me check here. I can lock this is where i get nervous got this was that a mistake might have been i think go check ah i think go check i go here. And they check not good. It's not what i want it's not what i want check. And then i come back here we can repeat if i draw i lose a point. So i'm not going to go for that they check i block here then all i have to do is check here and then check maybe i get safe up over there . they've also got this move and then check and then come on over o. I think i trade queens i am going to trade queens for sure let's see this take let still be up material this situation's getting really scary though about check and then here. And then i exchange goods that way i don't lose a bishop check here. Check let's see if i can exchange queens without losing my bishop. . to go back here. Yeah if they go back then i don't really i can check they can come back we're in the same situation. I think i feel more comfortable exchanging my queen and bishop for a queen and a pawn given their king is going to be somewhat here i can then easily. Yeah. Oh okay. So that's not even an option now i can check here. But then after i check here they go here what a predicament about check over here.

draw by repetition. But i don't want to i'm going to lose i do this. And then this wait. . No. what about here this then here. And then i can check and if here then discovered check. And i win the queen we'l see we'l see what we got we'l see this one's a little tricky at least i hav a plan but don't have enough time to really calculate this situation here this. And then this is super dangerous. So if the oh no if this that is super so if this check here this plane doesn't work anymore so if this i retreat my bishop down.

But then they do check and here they check all crazy stuff happening right now nikusha kika georgia rated 1501 playing this opening pretty well from the advantage that i had i think they might have evened the score here a bit i still want to trade queens they've got a minute left they keep the queen on this back rank i'm going to win the uh. Yeah. Oh i can't do it now. check here. And then i pin. here . this. But then i go here 24 seconds left for my opponent i've got 1 minute left. Okay. i take and take and i got this file i'm going to push this p. Oh shoot no 15 seconds left what is happening they win my queen. Oh they win my queen a. Oh shoot i got i got lucky on that one. 5 seconds left check i could have just taken. Oh my heart is kind of beating a little fast right now they take here that's mate. Oh wait. But i can do . This . Oh my. Gosh they won. Oh what an incredible game nice one nika wow i gave it away for sure day 346 patrick gives it away look at this i had a complete advantage not just once twice three times but my opponent hung in there way to go um.

Okay. So had this one pretty locked in been here before so taking the pawn was the best move it take all good moves and taking the knight was the mistake that's when i should have brought my knight to f3 so they push their pawn this was a blunder l for that check. And then my king was on the move best move here so this was a mistake on there and they could have gone here even if i would have taken oops if i would have taken they would have what they have on king g4 bishop g4 threatening this no knight d4 threatening this and this is mate in 21 h so even if i try to get my queen back into the game which probably wouldn't have happened i probably would have. I don't know i wouldn't have done this because that's m uh. I probably i could have it's main three they take here. Yeah that's not good. Wow. Yeah. That sequence i could have avoided altogether if i would have just developed my knight. And then the knight coming in here gave me my advantage back after this best move. And i check which is a good move check best move so the engine probably like the oh kicking out the knight why didn't i kick out the knight did i just not see it i move my king.

I guess i was worried about this check. And then this check. Oh my queen was there man night retreats i give a check which was the best move this pin was a blender taking wait not even taking but just check sacrifice queen wait how does that work all right. And then sacrifice queen if he takes then check in here. Oh diso. Oh my gosh. So i found that discovered check. But i didn't think about sacrificing my queen in order to get the king on that diagonal that would have been genius and then a blender here i just tried to make some space to be able to tuck away a better move here would have been to just take i hesitated from taking because after recaptures and they'd have this diagonal. I mean this open file to get more jeez. But i didn't this would have been amazing just to get out of trouble i would have had both my rooks knight and a bishop pawn structure looking solid king.

Yeah. But that's not the way the cookie crumbled this was forced queen here. I do the great move best move takes good move best move here's a bl a better move would have been. Yeah this is when the time control got me again even with all those quick moves in the beginning i still found myself in time trouble best move here. And i slowly work myself up to respectable game here where i got the advantage back again this was a mistake i could have just taken the pawn i could have taken here so i have a complete advantage right now and that move got away from me with that check. Yeah. And right as i made this move i'm like well if they take me that's checkmate in my head i saw this and that's me but what ended up happening was this take. Brilliant. Yeah. And then i don't. I think they could have just checked there ladies and gentlemen that was a fun game but not one that i necessarily proud of hope it was good entertainment for y'all that was day 3:46 i'l see you tomorrow.

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