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Big WIN! Alexander Bortnyk vs Hikaru Nakamura

Resigns keep going game. Nice resign. Yeah. I've got a 21 point lead with 40 48 minutes i get a tough paing i play more standard solid shots i don't really want to play something exciting um.

Yeah. I was going to play this one believe a5 is the correct move. here i was only 0.9 better okay trying to remember what the move is i actually sly forgot i think this is what provin played against me wait i'm thinking to i just got to move i'm too slow too slow toow the speed here n is strong.

i'm too slow again though i'm going to go f6 here i already had the again same position same game go her that was a mistake too of course.

But i don't remember actually how i play there that's problem maybe not maybe not a huge mistake definitely not right but not terrible take go here.

I guess i guess i pr this in case. He t i do have knight c6. But i can also just take now i rook d8 i rook f4. here queen h5 is maybe a little bit better i don't know still that's bad move i should play c3 first.

Oh my gosh c3 logical move go here i don't really want to trade the queens i mean rook d2 is probably the move that i want to play so let's just go for it cuz bishop c2 i can always just take rookie one i can take and take this a big game big game if i win this one it's pretty clear that i'm going to win the event without much stress either cuz jose's on a bit of a streak right now so 5 is a strange move maybe strange is the wrong way of putting it.

But it's not the mo i expected. Okay logical. I me. I'm just7. Yeah. I should play c34 instead of that what is this move g1 sh n queen d2 that was bad move if i can win this pawn on b2 there's no chance to win the game basically is what i'm bing on probably only a draw.

But i can't ever lose which is great was very slightly wrong somehow got queen2 or something that's bad go here. Yeah it's probably going to be a draw now liveg got to move quicker we allons now i should win now she can't stop the white peos that can't stop the white big.

Just no words. I mean k 4 king g4 king g4 can i play king g4. I can play king4. Yeah. Okay nice. That's ridiculous typical for all my games today.

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