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How To Literally Fall In Love With Cold Outreach


Hey everyone it's charlie morgan here and welcome to today's youtube video. So in today's youtube video i want to talk to you about how to fall in love with outreach sales calls and cold calls and these are things these are activities that most people hate by distinction by the outset when they start doing outreach or sales calls or cold calls there's such a negative association tied to these activities that people just don't want to do them now the problem with this is that in order to grow an agency you need to do sales calls you need to do outreach. And you need to make lots of cold calls right these are the asymmetric activities that will move the needle basically this is the thing that's really going to help you scale and grow and so if you don't enjoy doing these activities then you're not going to do them right because the brain has a very clever way of avoiding pain and moving away from doing things that it doesn't enjoy doing right. And so if you've got these negative associations without reach or whatever it might be then you're not going to do it's not going to be consistent it's going to be very painful and difficult to actually do these things. And so today i want to talk to you about something that can help you love these activities and i'm just going to put my camera down here so that we're not a very questionable angle which we currently are okay.

How do we fall in love

Activities that we hate it's a very difficult question to answer. But it's one that i've been able to answer for myself and what i want to do now is sort of explain how i fall in love with these activities because you know what i really love sales calls. And i really love outreach. I'm very enthusiastic about both of those activities and i actively enjoy them in the business now. The biggest problem that most people have when it comes to doing sales is they don't enjoy the calls they get anxious they get nervous they get stressed they get worried and likewise with outreach they get this fear of rejection and all of these emotions start bubbling up and they prevent them from doing what they want and we know that these are the activities that will ultimately help you grow. So how do we how do we fix this so when you love doing something you're more likely to do it. Okay. And so i'm at the point now where i love sales calls. And i love outreach just as much as i love doing things that don't revolve around work right something for example like watching netflix or listening to music or going to the gym or playing xbox all these bad habits that people try to steer away from and have this discipline i enjoy them just as much as outreach. Right. So how okay it's a really important thing because what you have to realize is that the key to loving these activities and the single most important thing that you have to realize you have to have in your business to actually grow and succeed and do these activities is to basically believe in what you're selling now that's a bit of a cliche answer and what i want to do is frame it and give you a lens that you've probably never been given before because you've probably heard before like. Oh yeah. In order to make sales you have to have conviction or you have to really believe in what you're selling and that's the core central thesis of most sales training arguments it's like if you're not sold on what you're selling then you won't be able to tell other people which is the truth. But i want to go a little bit deeper than that and explain why this is important and how you leverage it. And i'm going to do that through anecdote. Okay. So right now my primary business is one called imperium agency an imperium agency is a consulting business and we have a training program that helps marketing agencies get more clients and we help freelancers become agency owners and we help agency owners become seven-figure entrepreneurs and we're very good at it very good at it and when i'm reaching out to people and when i'm on sales calls the idea that we're very good at it comes across quite well and so when i'm selling or when i'm making a cold call or when i'm reaching out to someone on facebook or linkedin whatever it might be all of those activities are inherently underpinned by my the nature of understanding i have about what i do in respect to me being super good at it and when i'm talking to people about what i do and introducing them to it i have this almost grandiose belief that i am their savior and have the ability and opportunity to completely transform their life and make huge leaps and bounds of progress in their business and give them more money more freedom and ultimately talking to them and reaching out to them enables me to take responsibility for their painful situation and eliminate that pain now i don't think there's any stronger meaning of life than taking responsibility for another person's pain and alleviating that pain and helping them live a more comfortable and happy existence i don't think it gets much more meaningful than that and if you observe charities right what you'l find is that a lot of people who run charities will go knocking door to door it's a very painful thing to do or making cold calls or going door-to-door but the reason that they're happy and comfortable doing that is because they believe so strongly in the cause that they're representing that not knocking on that door would be an injustice to the universe or the way in which they see the world and so i sort of followed a similar philosophy and i realized this and this isn't something that you can learn from a course this is something that has to come from personal experience and i'm hoping.


It might not click with you like that because in order for it to click it has to be your idea and you have to put it into your terms and see it through your scope. But i realized this about three years ago. And it's ever since i realized this that things got really easy for me with regards to sales and stuff. And it was when i was walking down the street the city. I used to live in and on the street was a a guy he was a short guy in his 30s or something really cool black guy and he had a bible. And he was just shouting at the top of his lungs reading from this bible sort of preaching to the street. Right i've never really seen that before in the uk because it's not that common. And so i was quite intrigued by this guy. And you know he was just preaching away. And i thought it was wonderful to see some people were getting annoyed. But i don't know why you get annoyed if someone's just so confident in their belief system that they have to share it with everyone that walks by. And so i went up to the guy and and i sort of sort of waved to say can i interrupt your pattern of discourse basically i just said to him. Hey can i ask you a question he's like of course my friend of course you can god bless you. I think he said. And i said i said what gets you up in the morning to you know go and do this like did you not get like anxious or. Like worried about it and. And he looked to me and he said he said my friend how could i possibly be anxious with god on my side. And now i'm not advocating for a religion here but that really struck a chord with me because it sort of clicked i was like. Okay. So he believes so strongly in his belief system that he wants to he wasn't like pushing his belief on someone else he wasn't stopping people and trying to convince them to give the church money or anything like that he was just shouting about what he believed in because he believed it was the best thing for humanity not only for himself but for every other person and he told me that he loves his religion so much that he wants to share that love with other people and as soon as i walked away from that i was thinking about my agency at the time and. It. And it just sort of clicked and i was like this is this is the key this is the secret to being very good at communicating with people and not having that fear that comes with actually doing so.

The Secret

And there was something about my tone that was just inherently different because what i started to realize is that every time i dialed a business and talked to a business owner there was a slim chance that i was about to completely change someone's life and set someone on a completely different trajectory that would result in a huge amount of abundance prosperity and additional meaning to their existence and so now when i hop on salesforce with people i don't have any fear i don't have any anxiety i don't have any negative emotions at all of those have been replaced with excitement enthusiasm and just unfiltered confidence that i can help someone and so this is the same thing applies to outreach if i'm doing facebook or linkedin outreach all of my outreach is now done through video message or voicemail and so the key to actually instilling this philosophy into your outreach is to get your damn voice through right voice notes and video messages they go a long way personalized ones as well don't just record a selfie video for one time and then send it to loads of people because it doesn't work as well and so like when i'm talking to people through outreach i'l be like listen. I'm charlie i saw you've got an agency i wanted to connect with you i've got something that i think could completely change your life and i don't want to sit here and try and pitch you something through the dm without knowing who the hell you are or what you do. But i've got an opportunity that could help you get more clients like i said i'm not here to pitch you but if you're open to my ideas and potentially getting to know me and what we do then let me know if not no problem so notice how different that is from just sending a voice note from a from a virtual assistant that says i can help you get 30 to 90 new customers like you need to transcend your ins your motives from making money and getting appointments to introducing people to opportunities that can completely change their life so now when i'm booking appointments with people i'm not looking at it through the lens of trying to get them on board for our program although i will if i think they're a good fit. But like when i'm closing people when i'm handling objections when i'm doing anything that people would think is thorny or difficult to do in the sales environment i'm doing it with this with the person's best interest at heart and that's like we have a lot of clients with imperium agency and they've been through our sales training module and like they know that our sales conversion rates for our agency are very high we do lots of really good one-call closes without having to apply loads of pressure. And i'm responsible for those calls and people say well charlie what's the what's the secret everyone wants the secret or this one sort of like thing that they can do this one question they can ask or think they can say and like it really does just come down.

Money Gain

To having the person's best interests at heart and so when you're starting an agency or growing an agency it helps to recognize that monetary gain is a byproduct of adding value to people's existence and so when all of your efforts are underpinned by the latter trying to add value to people and solve painful problems for them the money will come and so if all your outreach and sales calls are focused intently on money and gain and gain and gain and not giving then you're going to struggle to get clients because people don't want to give they want to gain and if we can focus on giving them the gain then we they give us they gain us the give i don't know how that's going to work. But you see what i'm trying to say. So yeah it all comes down to love and what you do now how do you love what you do this is another greeting this is another good point there's two things to this because you might feel that right now. Like oh. But i'm just offering facebook ads to e-commerce businesses now if you've just listened to what i've said and you're looking at your business. And you don't feel this hint of enthusiasm this spark of confidence in what you do then either you're not good enough at what you do. Or you're in the wrong niche and so when it comes to picking a niche people ask all the time what niche should i select the niche you should select is the one that you're interested or passionate about and so this is why i was able to sign so many gyms up for our business with northwest consulting because when i was talking to gyms like i knew the jomona language i knew they were their situation the problems that they had and stuff like that. And i knew how damn hard they worked and how difficult it was to be a gym owner and not have enough clients or money to grow because most gym owners start businesses because they want to improve the lives of their community and so being able to communicate with them and help them achieve that mission really resonated with me and so on sales calls it was so much easier to close and so much easier to retain clients and keep them because we were we were sort of on this common mission together not just to make money but to actually improve the lives of thousands of people in their communities basically. And it felt good and so like if you're in a niche and it doesn't feel like the niche resonates with you don't need to switch niche or hop niche you just need to sort of dive a bit deeper into your why because if your why if the reason you're running your agency is purely just to make money then that's really going to suck because what's going to happen is you'l get to 10k a month or 20k a month. And then your work won't feel fulfilling because as soon as you fill that little void you've got in your life of money or whatever that meaning might be as soon as you fill that with a few clients your work will just seem pointless and so like now with imperium we've signed over 100 clients in the last 10 months which is pretty unprecedented for a high ticket coaching business with no previous case studies and so now when we assign a client we're not celebrating the acquisition of that client from a monetary perspective by thinking. Oh yeah. We made we made more money or we've signed another client we can we can pay for this or we can buy this. Like well no we're looking at it like. That's another potential life that we've changed and it feels really good to sort of position yourself in that manner and the reason that we're so good with agencies and so good at helping them is because we've been agency owners and the reason i'm so passionate about helping them is because i understand how painful it is to want to manifest your potential in the form of an entrepreneurial pursuit like a business and to meet all of the problems and the difficulties that come with that and all you're trying to do is create a better life for yourself and your clients and all these painful problems sit in the way being able to remove those roadblocks for people is nothing brings me more joy it's kind of feels like i'm that guy in the street like when i'm reaching out to people like i don't care if someone judges me or if i get rejected because my message and my belief in what i'm doing is so much stronger than the fear of rejection that it just straight over my head it doesn't even bother me so i wanted to record this video because this is a message that a lot of people need to hear.


Because when you think about nine times out of ten when someone gets into an agency it purely is with the intention of just making money and that's okay. It's. Okay. You still want to make money i love making money it feels amazing. But you need to realize that money is a it's a measuring stick it's a yardstick that indicates how much value you've added to a market it's a byproduct if you chase the byproduct then you won't produce the byproduct you have to produce the thing that produces the byproduct in order to actually make it work. Okay. So that's it all you have to do is love what you do and if you love what you do you can make as many cold calls as you want you can make as much do as much average as you want you can do as many sales as you want and it won't feel like work because at the end of the day it boils down to the fact that you are introducing people to an opportunity that could change their life and if you don't believe in what you do you won't want to do those things because you've basically got the opposite problem of now subconsciously knowing that you're introducing people to an opportunity that will actually make their life worse and so most agency problems can be solved just by having good service delivery and by having a connection with the people you're talking to so that's everything for this video i hope this one's useful go ahead and subscribe do not for the love of god click that bell notification icon thing because if you do that you'l get notified of my uploads and i don't want to distract you from your work i'd rather you come back here every now and then and just check to see what i've uploaded because i think your work is probably a little bit more important than watching a video nine times out of ten like the video if you liked it by doing that youtube's algorithm will show you more videos like this and if you feel like this one's added value then by liking the video or you're likely to receive more value videos that are driven by value than videos that just are like tick-tock compilations or shiny objects. And. Yeah. I'd also like you to comment if you have any ideas for future videos we've got quite a few coming up but if you want to see something specific then drop it in the comments and i'l take a look at it. So. Yeah also in the description will be a funnel right now i know that you hate funnels and case studies and free trainings just as much as i do. But if you are interested i've talked a lot about imperium agency in our program and how we help agency owners there's no real obligation for you to click on the link and go ahead and have a look and see if you want to book a call with us but if that does take your fancy then by all means it's available in the description it'l take you through you can see some testimonials some case studies there's a quick video of me explaining the program and if you want to book a call you can if you if you don't want to that's. Okay. Honestly i haven't really got anything to sell you on this video it's just. So i've been getting like i haven't really included information about our program in the last videos i've recorded and i've got people adding me on facebook and like messaging me like how can i learn more about what you do. And so i figured it's probably easier for everyone if i just did that so that's everything for this video i hope it's useful go ahead and do a bit of soul searching and figure out what you love and eventually cold calling and sales calls and outreach they'l feel amazing because they're vehicles of activity that allow you to change lives and it will feel good so is everything from me thanks for watching i'l.

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