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How To Stay Focused

How do you stay focused answering this question is perhaps the most important critical thing you will ever do in your life time period. So i hope it is an absolute priority for you to learn to take back your focus in life for you to get more distinct and more clear about what your focus really is and for you to finally decide you know what if i don't finally get my focus in check if i keep wandering around distracted if i keep looking at every new thing that pops up if i keep trying every single new opportunity if i keep saying yes to everything if i keep listening to everybody's complaints and if i keep doing whatever they asked me to do at.

How do you stay focused

Some point you'l lose your life. And i don't mean that physically as in harm or death i mean that one day you'l wake up and say i don't feel like i've accomplished what's meaningful to me i don't feel like i'm in a job that i care for i don't feel like i have connection with my family or my friends because at some point your focus drives everything it drives your thoughts and your emotions right while you focus on is certainly if you focus on the negative things are gonna be negative if you focus on if you fail to focus on the things are important meaning your priorities and what happens to your relationships what happens the overall quality of your life focus is driving everything in your life you got to get it back it's not just about being productive we'l talk about that it's about experiencing the best quality of life you hear this new movement called the mindfulness movement right about the new popularity of these conversations about presence and meditation and things like myself and my industry have been talking about for decades well you hear about that's really just about raining back in control of our focus in a world that's gone mad and crazy and distracted. So how are you gonna get your focus back well let me give you some counterintuitive ways to do it the first thing that i need you to know in order to get your focus back is to realize that you need to make fewer decisions fewer decisions why well as.

Make fewer decisions

Know and from neuroscience. And we know from productivity studies that the more decisions that we actually make the more our brain fatigue right the more decisions that we make the more we utilize the glucose that's really fueling our willpower that's fueling our frankly our ability to make more decisions and higher quality decisions matter of fact the more decisions that you tend to make the less effective you're going to be over the long term because you're gonna utilize your ability in your resources and your brains power literally your willpower will go out the window so you want to minimize the number of decisions you are making how do you do that.

Stop browsing

Me. Because you were browsing somewhere. And i hope you make me part of your focus on your personal development then i'm a purpose. So part of your life. But i can tell you overall browsing completely wipes out your focus and your willpower even all these little things you're focusing on are utilizing all your brain's resources and over here down when you stop browsing and you go back to focusing on something guess what you tend not to be able to focus on one thing and get things done you start multitasking and doing lots of things but where your work isn't really focused nothing gets accomplished so what happens is your brain is fatigued guess what happens your brain fatigue you find yourself sitting with a bag of potato chips and what do you do when you have the remote control you're just flipping randomly through things do you ever notice that meaning it's easier to become distracted the more distracted you are meaning the more that you aren't focusing on one thing at a time the more problem you're going to have later on to complete one thing at a time. And i know that makes sense but here's this simple solution if you missed it stop browsing so much all those browsing all those tweets that you're reading all those news feeds that you're reading guess what every time you look at them that's what your mind has to do it has to make a decision pay attention or not pay attention and that decision is costing you focal power and resources later on even if you don't know it. And now some people say well brendan i study neuroscience too. And but all those little things i see those are firing off my dopamine and my vasopressin them i'm getting excited because i'm seeing these things my mind feels rewarded by seeing all these things making all these decisions and it is true that's why it's such a frenzy and it becomes so addictive. But it also becomes so fatiguing. And if you're constantly fatiguing your brain by focusing on a million things you'l never get your focus power back that makes sense.

Stop fatiguing

So stop making so many decisions by stop browsing things to decide whether or not you should pay attention to them just stop browsing when you do things do them do them intentional if you're looking for something search for that one thing find it you're out stop clicking on all the blue links stop swiping all the apps and all the pictures do the things that are gonna move you forward.

Define your mission

Mission for what you're doing today you need to have an intention for what your next task is going to be what happens most people just kind of show up and they go. Okay. Well i guess i'l do some stuff. But they have no intention whatsoever. So they end up doing too many things that mean nothing towards their mission you should figure out what is it you desire in life and figure out the steps to get there and start working a plan to get there and minimizing everything else getting very clear on the mission very clear on the mission and working the plan everything else guess what it gets a no until you reach that mission or until you're significantly on your way that you have free resources to be able to focus elsewhere and that's what people do they take on too many projects because they're not clear about their mission because i'm guessing if you're watching this you know you're somebody who wants.

People take on too many projects

To add value and make a difference in the world so anytime someone asks you to do something. Yeah let me help you but that might not have anything to do with the quality of life or the objective or the thing that you're trying to achieve or the service you're really intending to offer right. And i know how hard it is because i'm so pulled myself towards causes and towards volunteerism towards helping so many people but guess what if i help everybody in lots of different areas i might not make my ultimate mission of serving the people i want to serve them of making my dreams come true. So i could support more people of running my business so i can support more people meaning it's easy to take your eye off the ball if you don't know what the ball is and people often have never defined.

Have a mission

Their mission. And if you don't have one right now for this day if you didn't have a drive a mission a written down statement about what you were going to accomplish today a checklist a goal sheet a time management tool that you filled out today and you're just showing up today and going well i guess i'l see what my inbox tells me to do today and you just respond to everybody else's desires and everyone else's emails and usually always in reaction always responding to everybody no proactivity towards the mission that you define yourself you'l be lost you'l find that.

Focus goes out the window

Because you never focused on that one thing or moving towards those several things that were your priority that you're just lost because and here's another thing focus goes out the window when we don't have progress right if we're not progressing towards something our focus goes out the window we just we don't pay attention to anything we don't feel good about ourselves you want to get more focus in your life get more progress as you progress the more you start to get excited you start to pay attention to things that are working that are moving you forward. And you start to find more focus in your life last idea. It's so very simple. And i hope that you will practice it i hope that you will study it i hope that you will work it over and over and over and over again once you have that mission your job is.

Say no first

To try this just for a little while i know it's gonna be uncomfortable and you're gonna hate the idea especially coming from me and that is i just want you to say no to everything immediately from now on always now that goes against the grain a lot of people say well no life is about saying yes. Well. Yeah a lot of people said yes to everything. And that's why they're miserable i want you to saying no just at first just so you can check it against your mission i don't want you to say yes or commit to any projects immediately anymore that's what people do i do want you to commit but just give yourself like a couple hour break or a nights in evenings break make the decision the next day right if something comes up and you can do it. And you're excited about it and someone asked you to something i just say just say no first it will teach you to say no i'm gonna evaluate that first i'm gonna put some thought to this to see should i focus on this right now in my life.

Build criteria for yourself

Yourself you know if you think about the time energy resources and an effort and sanity you're gonna have to put into something. Well you should get something more out of it than you put in right you should be able to draw you know some return on investment or future value out of it or your own personal development or your improvement to your lifestyle from it. But if you're any of yourself if you're gonna focus on something make sure it's gonna leave to some kind of result even if just that result is your true passion your true love and your to spirit in it otherwise it's got to get a no.


Suggests is that we have to have a greater degree of a valued of time and a valued of criteria in our life if we're ever gonna truly have focus right most people because they're just saying yes to everything and they never filter something through criteria to say yes no good for me bad for me right now wrong now because they have no criteria they have no basis for making the decision they've said yes to too many things their plate has become too full and now there's too much to focus on so they're not even moving forward your job is to get back to a very simple level of life two very simple things to focus on to do you know to focus what we call essentialism or simplicity to just make sure that you only focus on one or two things at a time and everything else you're not allowing the distractions to suck you in so you click all the links or do all the things that someone else says or reply to everybody else. But you're moving your life forward day by day little by little engage in things that you care about that you love that you enjoy saying no to those that you do not and move towards every single day moment by moment day by day to those things that truly engage you do those things that truly energize you and bring enthusiasm into your life and if you can keep that type of focal power and intention then you'l start to experience what we call the charged leg. Hey guys it's brendan did you like this episode if you did you can do three things right now to continue your journey first you can subscribe right here to my channel which i hope you will so i can keep sending you videos on a weekly basis to change your life second you can get my brand new book for free by clicking the link right here and third you can also go to my website sign up for my newsletter. So i can send you free offers free products free programs updates on my events new podcasts and everything else that we don't do on this channel here if you like to do that just go ahead and click any of these buttons you see right here look forward to seeing it on the next video until then go out there every single day of your life live fully love openly and make your difference today.

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