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Writesonic Review: Should Create Content With It?

New ai tools are coming out every day one that's been around for a little bit longer is right sonic right sonic builds itself as a tool for creating seo optimized and plagiarism free content for blogs ads emails and websites and it's a little bit like jasper but is right sonic any good. And should you use it to create ai content. Well i took out a subscription to write sonic and i tested it extensively my name is brian collins and in this video review i'm going to show you how ride sonic works and explain if i got much value from it now if you enjoyed this review i'l write sonic hit thumbs up and of course if you want to get more reviews of other ai tools then don't forget to subscribe to the channel let's dive in as ai tools go right sonic is pretty affordable so you can take out a monthly or an annual subscription and you can even take out a free trial if you're not ready to pony up with your credit card details so if you take out a free trial you can generate 10 000 words of content now everything you do in right sonic costs words. So you won't be long going through your 10 000 allocation so to be honest you're going to need to pay 49 per month to get 300 000 words that's what i subscribe to or you can get a discount of 3 if you take out an annual subscription now you could go for the 100 000 word option but you won't be long going through 100 000 words if you use it to generate a few articles once you take out the pro subscription you get access to chat gpt4 which is what it's built on top of as well as its other additional tools a couple of things that appeal to me are the ability to generate articles in bulk the ability to export directly to wordpress at a click and also the integration with server which is an seo optimization tool which now also has its own ai tool now in comparison jasper has a somewhat simplified pricing structure. So you can pay 49 per month or you can pay 39 per month if you take out an annual subscription and of course if you just use chat gpt and you want to get access to chat gpt4 that's going to cost you 20 per month at the time of recording this video.

So i took out a monthly subscription to write sonic and when you log in this is what the dashboard looks like it's pretty similar to jasper there are dozens and dozens of different templates that you can pick from you can use it to create ai content for articles and blog posts for ads and marketing copy for general writing e-commerce social media website copy and other which covers a wide range of options including citations and attack summarizer and if you're overwhelmed by the sheer number of templates i know i was you can actually just search for something instead and that's probably an easier way to find what you need there are also options on the left hand side as well so there's butt sonic which enables you to build a type of bot for your website. So i'm not going to focus too much on that for the purposes of this video there's chat sonic which is basically an ai chatbot which enables you to interact with it a little bit like chat gpt4. And there's also photo sonic which you can use to generate ai images using prompts and there's also an option to generate content in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet and if you click on this option here it'l give you a template that you can populate and then upload into right sonic. So i've tested a number of these different features for this video i'm going to cover the key ones for writers and content creators a few moments ago i showed you the right sonic interface well the interface can change depending on what part of the tool you're in. So i'm currently in the citations generator and if i click on the icon you can see that there are options for new articles and blogs add-on marketing tools general writing e-commerce social media website copy and other and if i click on any of these there are dozens and more options that i can pick from seo keyword generator tone changer make your own ai song lyrics real estate listing descriptions pain agitate solutions review responder ada framework product names analogy maker the list goes on and on obviously all of this is quite helpful and it gives you inspiration about what you could use right sonic for but it can also be completely overwhelming it's hard to know where to start and to be honest a lot of the time i just found myself missing this the simple chat box that you get with chachi pt sure sometimes it's difficult to know what prompt to use. But it's can be just too much when you see so many different types of options inside of your ai tool and this was a criticism i also had for jasper as well.

So i would like to see right sonic simplify this at some point so somebody new to using an ai tool can figure out exactly where to start i like a lot of these tools because they can help you paraphrase content and that's helpful if you want to reuse it for perhaps your email or for social media or perhaps you just want to take something that somebody else wrote reword it slightly and then put in your original source or citation. So i took an extract of an article i wrote about cryptocurrency pasted it into the paraphrasing feature within right sonic i selected english as my language and i should point out that ride sonic enables you to pick from multiple different languages. But i'm just going to focus on english and you can also determine your content type. So i'm going to pick superior which is chat gpt4 now suffice to say this will consume more words and you can also dictate the amount of outputs that you want.

So i'm going to increase this to five and i'm going to click regenerate because i had a version i created on screen there are a few moments ago. And it'l just take a few moments to paraphrase this content and give me a couple of different options and obviously this is going to consume some of my credits as well now you'l notice i'm still talking and the screen is blank and unfortunately this is one of the issues i encountered with right sonic compared to some of the other ai tools that i've used i found this quite slow and laggy and on a number of occasions i did have to reload and refresh my browser to get results that i could use right sonic took about a minute to come up with five different outputs now some of the outputs were quite similar so at least three of the outputs started with the phrase typically when i require funds so not too different from what i originally wrote and i actually had to scroll down to find one that was a little bit different although a little bit shorter this version here and if i like it i can copy this to my clipboard i can bin it or i can go in and edit it now when i say it won't be too long going through the amount of ai words you have each month this is what i mean so each one of these would have consumed some of my available words now because i have 300 000 words at approximately 49 per month i do have quite a lot but clearly if you're on a more budget plan then you will quickly consume your available words per month one feature i liked in right sonic is its ability to take content from a live url and re-summerizes this is quite helpful for the research process or basically if you are trying to put together an article using multiple different sources so i've taken an article from the bbc all about the us congress and a financial crisis in the united states pasted it into the url section and i can then dictate what summary type i like select my quality type. And then i'm going to click create summary and now right sonic will just take a few moments to analyze the article in question. And you see here it's come up with a network error so this is an example of the types of issues that i did encounter with the tool. So let's try one more time i could not get that article from the bbc to correctly work with the text summary tool. So i found a different article from the guardian and i pasted it into right sonic and this one worked now for some reason it pulled in the picture which it helps a bit strange it's also summarized the start of the article in a single paragraph and if i want i can copy this to my clipboard and i could bring this across to my writing app now i've come across these types of tools in other software including quail bash and in google birds and my feeling is that they can be useful but you do need to sense check the summary against the original article to make sure it's been summarized correctly. So let's have a look the way we feed ourselves is crucial to our survival in this century so let's go over to the start of the article no issue is more important a non-so shrouded and miss and wishful thinking the way we feed ourselves is key to the determinant of whether we survive in this century so arguably this is a little bit of a clunky introduction.

So i would say it's on a recently good job of summarizing the intent of the article in a single paragraph now i'd still want to have the original source or citation to go back to if i was to refer to this in whatever i'm writing. Right sonic also has a citation generator now the citation generator is a little bit unusual. So it's not going to create a list of references or bibliography for your article based on sources that you've found instead you're going to paste in your live url or your content and right sonic is going to analyze the facts or statements and then come up with some sources to back them up which seems a little bit like putting the card before the horse let me show you what i mean so if i paste in the same article from the guardian and i'm going to make sure i pick superior to get access to chachi pt4 and of course i can pick english. Then i'm going to click generate and give bright sonic a few moments or perhaps a few seconds or. Even perhaps a few minutes to come up with some citations that i can include in the article. So right sonic went ahead and analyzed the article that the guardian columnist wrote and now it's come up with three different sources that the columnist could insert into his or their article to back up their arguments which i thought was a little bit strange so basically these are supposed facts with the url that i could put into the article in question. So i guess if you have an idea of what the article is about and you've already written it. But you just need a couple of additional sources then this could be a useful tool.

So let's use write sonic for perhaps the main reason why i took out an account with it to actually write an article so have my topic how to write a book. So i've written several books so i'd have an understanding of what the process involves and i'm pretty certain that this is the right keyword. But i'm going to go ahead and search for keywords inside of right sonic and see what it comes up with so let's come up with multiple different keywords that i can choose from including of course how to write a book which makes sense. And i have the volume and cost per click now i would recommend that you sense check anything this comes up with another sea tool like ahrefs or sem rush.

So i'm just going to put in this keyword click on next. And now i'm gonna see what options i can choose from so firstly i can determine the tone of voice. So i think creative works i can go from first person to second person to third person. So i'm gonna go with first person i'm going to leave call to action blank. I'm just going to make sure i pick chachi pt4 get the best results and pick english now i'm going to click regenerate ideas so these ideas on screen are from an article that i wrote some time ago and let's see what writes on it comes up with it suggested a couple of different ideas unleash your inner author the ultimate guide on how to write a book i'd prefer if this keyword was at the start of the headline. But i could probably use that from blank page to bestseller mastering the art of how to write a book i'm pretty certain i've seen that on a sales page for another writing website write your way to success export tips and tricks on how to write a book then it's pulled in some information about writer's block which i thought was a bit strange. So let's go ahead and select the first one and now it's got a couple of different outlines that i can choose from so understanding writer's block that's not really relevant. So i'm going to click regenerate outline so perhaps it was referencing an old article that i generated some time ago as you can see right sonic takes some time to come up with the outline now i have tested some other ai tools including koala which will review on the channel i also chat gpt and both are much faster at coming up with outlines and also writing the article. Right sonic comes up with a couple of different outlines that i can choose from the first one begins with introduction to writing a book the second one talks about the journey to becoming an author and so on and i can generate more outlines and i can go in and edit them i can also move them around in the next section which was both helpful and confusing the fact that i can edit them here and also in the next section let me show you what i mean so i'm going to select the first one and then on the left hand side i now have options to move these sections around and to go in and edit or change them and also to change the title for the article in question so i would actually put this at the start of the article if it was an seo optimized article and change it to unleash your inner author and i'l take our conclusion because i don't like having a conclusion in my subhead now i could spend a bit more time refining these based on my keyword strategy. But i'm going to go ahead and generate the article right sonic is in the process of producing my article the first thing i liked is that it pulls in an image now unfortunately i would not use this image because it has the person's social media handle but it does have the source and i have tested this tool for other articles and found that sometimes it will pull in photos which could be a bit of a time saver then it will produce the article in markdown i have another video on the channel where i explain how to use markdown. But basically this makes it much easier to copy and paste the results and put it into your site but i wouldn't actually recommend doing that you'd still want to edit the results and make sure it makes sense to you and the article is actually quite good. So it has my introduction and then it has a personal or creative story in the introduction describing how when i was a child i was always captivated by the magical world of books and how to transport me to new realms maybe it's a little bit cliched.

But i guess i could rework this during the editing process now it doesn't add any links so i need to do this during the editing process as well and it's matched up with the soul paddings that i created in the outline and obviously your h2 subheadings are important for seo so this is why you need to have a good seo strategy for an article like this and then each of the paragraphs are nicely broken up and formatted for the web arguably there's nothing in bold or there's no lists or bullet points uh. But you know i could do that myself during the editing process and the content itself is reasonably good it would certainly be enough for me to work with and i could go and plug this into the citations generator to come up with some external sources if i was unsure about what else i should link out to and if i scroll all the way down you'l see it's quite a landing article so sometimes when you're using chat gpt it will stop at five or six hundred words and you'l need to continue to re-prompt it. So i could potentially use this article on my site with a small bit of editing now there are options to share it as a public link with another editor download it as microsoft word document pdf or html and you can connect this or publish it directly to your wordpress website as well now when i'm testing these ai tools i sometimes like to check them with this is a new tool which will tell you if the article was written by ai or not now suffices they've had mixed results with so take this with a pinch of salt i put in the us constitution into this and it told me it was written by ai which clearly it wasn't but let's put in the right sonic article and click scan now and it'l tell me how much of this article was produced by ai bots unfortunately or perhaps fortunately has said the entire article was written by an ai bot sometimes when i'l put in articles written by chachi pt4 it won't pick up everything as written by ai. So i would actually want to edit a lot of this content putting in my own personal impressions and some context before publishing it on my site now do remember is a new tool. So you do need to take this with a pinch of salt one fun tool rights on a caz is photosynic so you can actually create ai generated images by putting in a prompt create me an image of a stressed out author in 1920s paris writing a book i have a click generate right sonic is going to come up with a couple of different options that i could put into my art if i don't want to use freely available stock or perhaps buy some imagery so there are two good options here stressed out writer drinking a bottle of wine or a bottle of whiskey in the 1920s i wanted to like write sonic because on the face of it seems like a really powerful ai tool so you can use it to create blog posts advertising email copy website copy and it also has tools for creating images and even a bot for your website and it's reasonably affordable i wanted to like write sonic but i found myself trying or moving to competing tools after a few months that's simply because i firstly found write sonic difficult to use the sheer amount of options and features inside of right sonic made it difficult for me to find what i wanted when i wanted it and it took me a lot of clicks and tries to get a finished article and that's despite the ability to create articles in bulk secondly i found that right sonic was boogie and a lot of the time it seemed to crash or slow down or it would just have to start again to write an article and thirdly i found that right sonic seems to be attempting to do everything so while it is powerful on the face of it a lot of the time i found myself just moving back to chat gpt4 so perhaps for a writer it would be better to have a more specific ai tool are you using right sonic have you had success with it let me know in the comment section below this video and if you'd like me to profile other ai videos also let me know and don't forget to subscribe to watch my next one.

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