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Bathing a puppy for the first time is the sweetest moments any animal lover can experience however there are some factors that should be taken into account before their first bath which directly affect their health it is fundamental to review them all particularly if your puppy is between one and two months old your puppy is dirty has fleas or you want to introduce them to water as part of their socialization process it is important to follow our animal why's that vice puppies are very fragile living beings and susceptible to suffer diseases within their environment this is because their immune system has not fully developed yet until a month and a half or even two months of life a puppy should not be separated from their mother under any circumstances their survival depends on her and during this time we must provide them with tranquillity and comfort in an isolated nest it is very important not to bathe the puppy before we knee if you do so you could cause the mother to reject her puppy as she may not identify their scent as familiar we should only bathe them if they are very dirty or infested with parasites on the other hand it is also necessary to take into account.

take into account the vaccination schedule of the dog

Vaccination schedule of the dog before the first bath occasionally a dog will suffer from great stress during the first back which can lead to a poor immunological response to the vaccine this is why vets recommend waiting for water two weeks after the vaccination once we are clear on when to bathe the puppy for the first time we will proceed.

proceed to accumulate the appropriate tools warm

To accumulate the appropriate tools warm ambient temperature positive and relaxed atmosphere puppy specific shampoo sponge dog comb rubber or soft comb a bucket of water towels and hair dryer it is wise and convenient to prepare everything before running the puppy bath we must provide them with a warm environment which does not cause a thermal shock in the dog if it is winter at the time put.

put the heating on for some time before starting

The heating on for some time before starting the experience we must emphasize that the bath is probably one of the most important moments of a puppy's life since it is directly related to socialization if you do not know this is the process in which represent the puppy with all kinds of stimuli and experiences therefore it is important to make it pleasant and positive for them as they will enjoy the bath as adults.

start by filling the bucket or the tub with warm water

Will start by filling the bucket or the tub with warm water it is important that the height of the water does not cover them too much so they do not suffer stress or feel a sense of suffocation then we will wet the puppy completely avoiding their head never wet their eyes and ears during this time it is advisable to play with water and even add a toy to make the experience that's a more fun once the puppy is soaked in water we can proceed to apply a specific shampoo for puppies have more delicate skin so hydrate and protect them well shampoos. Bradl dogs are not recommended at all during the bath we will use a sponge and rub a comb to reach all nuts and crannies verse applying click correctly when we are finished we should rinse thoroughly and.

remove all traces and shampoo

Remove all traces and shampoo to finish we will use one or two towels to fully wrap the puppy this point is very important the puppy should not be disturbed once the towels absorb the water well.

proceed to use a dryer at a low setting

Proceed to use a dryer at a low setting with a low heat so that the dog does not become scared or feel uncomfortable everything should remain relaxed and comfortable for the puppy after bathing a puppy for the first time we can begin to bathe them regularly whenever they are dirty or smelly however the ideal time for the bath should be between 20 and 60 days that's because dogs have a layer of fat that protects their skin if we have used the bathroom we will be destroying their protective layer to prevent this from happening it will be highly recommended to buy a moisturizing puppy shampoo which protects their skin well from regular contact with water thus preventing it from drying out do not forget that regular brushing helps to eliminate dead hair and dirt and should be one of the main hygiene routines we hope you enjoyed this animal waste video see you soon.

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