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How to Stop Leash Pulling Now! Pro Tips for Success

Hey folks in this video we're going to teach you how you can get your dog regardless of age breed or issue to walk perfectly on a leash in as little as 10 minutes let's get it all right folks we are here with sunny one-year-old golden retriever and in this video we're going to show you how you can solve this horrible pulling in just 5 to 10 or 15 minutes but first let me show you exactly what we're dealing with she's about 65 lb maybe 70 lb but look at this pulling in fact we brought this handy dandy device out so y'all can see used for like catch a big fish in the lake or something we're going to use it to show you how hard she pulls cuz i'm actually interested myself. We'l go ahead and measure it when we can right now we're at 13. Lb. Oh right there 27. That's not even her pulling as hard as she was just then well i've never used this before i thought it'd be interesting to showcase. Oh there we go there we go 38 lb yall get the idea she pulls hard who wants to sit around and get yanked 38 lb that way 38 lb this way it's silly it doesn't need to happen and today we're going to fix it so miss sunny's 1 years old. She's been in our program 48 hours and i'm over it. We're not going to deal with the pulling anymore now how we're going to fix it is a few things simple steps i want you to follow along step number one we're going to use the proper tools we're not going to use this flat collar this martingale collar because it's not going to be effective she's got too much drive. She's a little bit too hard of a dog so number one what are we going to use the prong collar right here herm springer 2.25 m that's what we're going to use and for those of you like them in a country where they don't have prong collars you don't need to do it with the prong collar you just got to do it like five times harder. So prong collar nice high and tight we'l go ahead and do what we call double hook it so that it's not quite as intense as a single hook step one complete prong collar installed yes step number two is going to be we're going to do what's called a corrective u-turn you're going to see that take place and step three. It's what we call the sudden stop pop we combine those two steps all three of them really proper tool with two of the proper techniques done problem solved all right so the first thing i'm going to show you guys is how we prep the dog for the inevitable correction that's going to come on the prong collar you can skip this step if you want to especially have a really hard dog but try not to and so it's a little pre-step and that's going to be right as soon as we get up here what i'm going to do is give her the gentlest little pop on the leash pay attention what i said pop not pull a pop. So let me show you what that looks like starting right now it's going to be pop. I'm going to move backwards and pay her with food let her know i got good stuff if you got a dog that's not food motivated you pretty much want to skip this step. But she to have some food motivation so let me show you that again there's going to be i'l even do it while she's itching pop come get some food the pop is not a death sentence i'm not mad at you it just means you should probably turn around and come get some food once again she's out in front little pop that says hey come on back and get to me we're ready so start rolling here's going to be a u-turn correction the idea behind the u-turn correction is when she's out front not paying attention to me i'm going to turn and go the other way i'm not mad at her. It's nothing personal. I'm not going to whisper anything into her. Ear i'm sure as hell not going to say the word heel i'm simply going to turn and go the other way now it's very important thing see how tight the leash is can't do a corrective u-turn from a tight leash there has to be some slack so before i u-turn i'm going to sneak up on her get some slack and bust a u-turn make note who's she paying attention to not me we're going to fix that now on a scale of 1 through 10 felt like a three or four i have to do a few more of those they're going to happen in rapid succession so get ready for those this corrective maneuver the corrective u-turn look at that lookie already getting better but let me pause for a minute and just explain to you why this is working the dog is learning through a style of training called free shaping what is she learning you went to the end of the line you if it didn't feel good that's your fault that's three don't let the breed fool you now golden retrievers can be kind of soft a little sensitive.

But she's got a lot of drive. So she could care less so now we'l go to single hook there we go it's going to about double the power already better it's not fixed. But it's better and now good girl look at that now you would say why didn't you start out paying her treats right here because she's 6 fet out in front of me how am i going to get her to be here now she's here ying and yang baby we got to fix the problem the thing that we don't want before we can start rewarding for the thing that we do want oh snap crackle pop in it to win it. She's about ready for the sudden stop pops remember i told you're going to start with this corrective u-turns i think we have four or five under our belt and look at the magic it really is that simple if you want to find out more about how you can get your dog train to be the best of they can be you got to check out our online courses at diy. I'm going to pay her a little bit behind me since she keeps cheating out front with you don't get paid out here you get paid here what are we 5 minutes in here comes the corrective stop the what we call sudden stop pop it will come when she's not looking at me she's still doing better look the line is loose corrective u-turns will bring them from 6 ft to around the 1 to 2t foot mark. I'm going to basically stop on a line an invisible line or a mark on the floor there's this black mark coming up i'm going to stop on it she won't and when she doesn't it's nothing personal i'm not mad at you don't cross the line and you can still get paid when you look at me that's all we're teaching her to do. We're going to do it again. I'l find another random mark on the ground or not when i stop if you don't stop you run out of leash that's all it's nothing personal if we weren't talking to the camera there would be no words being said really to her other than maybe if she's looking at us we could tell her she's doing a good job good girl and we can pay her so it is going to be harder and harder to sneak in those sudden stop pops because she look at her paying attention to me more i want to again emphasize look how i'm holding the leash now i'm still wrapping it in preparation for the sudden stop pop that i need. But here we go little mark on the ground. Right so my job is to keep her from falling off the cliff in fact stay there i'l do one right here maybe you can see this line in the middle of the road i'l try to time it there it depends if she's looking at me we don't do a sudden stop pop if she's not looking at me we squeeze it in look who's paying attention no pop needed we'l try that again i'l keep circling around going to happen up here again and she passes the line she gets a little pop. But she still gets paid because look where she ended up on a scale of 1 through 10 she's a harder dog she's getting about a three or four that doesn't mean your dog needs a three or four your dog might need a one your dog might need an eight all depends a lot on the breed a lot on the size a lot on the temperament five bucks she does a better job stopping this time meaning i don't think i'm going to need to use it cuz she should be paying more attention to me.

Remember i told you about walking behind me at some point holy folks solved that's it really is that simple getting your dog to walk properly on a leash does not take 3 months 6 months 80 lbs of the highest most expensive dog treat you can find stak and caviar kibble and a leash and a prong collar and for those of you like live in a country where they don't have prong collars you don't need to do it with the prong collar you can do everything i just showed you without a prong collar you just got to do it like five times harder. And i don't think that's fair to the dog i don't think it's good for their trachea the prong collar goes 360 it distributes the pressure 360 those flat collars right on the trachea no good not a fan now you want to try this on a harness good luck don't do it. It's just a joke don't use a harness folks. Well i can just feel the difference i'm not getting pulled anymore look at this with an auto sit how about that i'm not saying this is 100% perfect.

But this is already night and day difference than when we started and in her mind this is what she's doing she's not paying attention. She's like yo. What's that squirrel doing she feels this she goes ow. What was that. Oh you stopped when you stop. And i don't stop i run out of leash look at this man compared to what we have before on the weight scale thing 30 to 38 plus lbs of just yoking me here and yoking me there this is how much work you can get done with proper balance training what is balance training ying and yang if you do good i pay you if you mess up we will let you know. And you remember when we started the walk which was just up here the last thing this girl was doing i made a note of it how much percentage was she paying attention to me zero. She was 6 ft out in front of me doing anything but paying attention to me now checking in checking in the proofs in the pudding can't recommend it enough imagine we do this now every day going forward every walk going forward you're going to say. Oh but i got to do this to my dog every day. No you do this the next one two or three walks you know what happens on your fourth walk you start your walk like this not like how we started so that's the name of the game baby we're back at the beginning look who stopped on a dime try it at home post in the comments below where you're from how old your dog is the breed and what your results are following this method they're like. Yeah. But will it work for a golden r retriever. Yes it will it work for your great dane. Yes it will work with 9.9999999% of dogs maybe 100% all right thanks a lot thanks for watching post in the comments below see you in the next one come on baby.

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