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4 Marketing Strategies That Grew My SaaS To 7 Figures

In this video i'm going to be sharing with you the secrets to marketing your sas business so that way you can actually go and start getting your own customer base and growing a real business i've already put out videos about how you can come up with sas ideas how you can validate them and even how to choose what no code builder you should build your mvp on now we need to teach you how to actually get customers for your software company so in this video i'm going to show you the exact strategies that i've actually used to grow my personal sas companies over the last two years exactly how i was able to get customers predictably and earn predictable revenue again no one else is really sharing game like this on youtube in the sas space so if you appreciate my content i'm going to put the link to subscribe to my newsletter in the description so that way you can get more marketing insights from me around how to grow your software company so make sure you like subscribe and let me break this down for you guys if you want to truly grow and scale your sas companies there's a few different marketing routes that you can take i'l break them down so number one is cold.

Marketing strategy 1

Email this is my favorite strategy for b2b software companies because it is so efficient it is so affordable and is so scalable. So what you're going to do is you have to first buy and warm up domains so you're gonna go to google domains and you're going to buy domains that are going to be secondary domains so my main website was And so i would buy domains like start and it would forward to my main domain and so once you buy these domains and set them up to forge your main domain then you have to warm them up inside of a software like instantly dot ai while warming up your domains does is basically the software will send emails back and forth to tell google that you are not spamming people and that people and that your emails need to land in the inbox it takes about two weeks for your domains to get warmed up and free to be ready to start sending emails so in the meantime what you need to do is you need to buy a lead list or you need to buy emails of people that you're going to be reaching out to so there's a couple different places that you can buy leads from there's there's there's and people always ask me like alex which one is the best and honestly there's not really a right answer you kind of just need to be a scientist and you need to test them for yourself so go buy a couple different lead lists from a couple of those different sites and test them against each other you know be a scientist so once you have the lead list then you're actually ready to start emailing assuming they're warmed up so i start by setting five emails per domain per day so if i have five domains then i will start off sending a total of 25 emails a debt and i will increase by five emails per domain every single week. So week one. I'm sending five emails per domain per day week two i'l send 10 emails per domain per day and so on and so forth. And so i have used the same subject line the whole time i'l use the subject line quick question it works everyone uses it. But it's because it just works and for the script i keep it very simple and i use fast to mass personalize my code email campaigns so an example script would be something like hey name. And then it would be a personalized first line it could be something like i see your base in miami i can't wait to watch the heat this season or whatever sports team is in season and then i'l say some like quick question. And then i will say a conversation starting question it could be like are you actively hiring on your sales team so something that's a conversational question that they can easily answer with a yes or no and then based off their response i can then you know transition them into you know moving them to a demo.

HubSpot's Marketing Template I Use

Hubspot's full marketing plan for all of my companies so for example some of you want to you're going to want to do is a full swot analysis of the industry that you're trying to get into which is strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats you're going to want to define your target audience and as well as your three business objectives next you want to identify your in-depth marketing plan including six psa marketing as well as allocating the marketing budget and as well as for which specific channels you'l be marketing on the link to download this free marketing template is in the description i highly recommend you download and check it out now back to the next strategy so the second way that you can grow your sas company is.

Marketing Strategy 2

Paid ads and this is something i would recommend once you're over ten thousand dollars in monthly recurring revenue but once you crack these they're extremely scalable and so a really common theme of what people are doing now is they'l actually run the ads to some sort of information product so it might be fifty dollars to a hundred dollars and the reason that you're running the ads to the info product is so that way you can either break even or be barely profitable on the acquisition of the customer for the info product and then in the info product you upsell them to your software company and then that monthly recurring revenue on your sas is all straight profit so you're actually profitable acquiring customers for your sas company and so this is what you've seen emon doing is what you've seen jordan welch doing and all these other big players that are getting into the sas game is they're running their ads to info and then up selling them to their software on the back end so this is something that's a little bit higher level and like i said i wouldn't recommend doing this until you're at least over ten thousand dollars in monthly recurring revenue but once you do get there this can very quickly take you from ten thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars the third channel that you can do is linkedin outbound.

LinkedIn Outbound

Was really big on building a sales team on linkedin when i was running closify. And so what i would do is i would hire a group of five to ten sales reps at a time and i would get all of them in account with which is a linkedin automation software and i would tell them you know who we're targeting and i'l basically send them a sales navigator list to target and for them to upload into expandy. And so then they would start their own expanding campaigns and they'l be running both a connector and also a messenger campaign so the connector campaign is going to be sending connection requests to the target list that i gave them and then the messenger campaign is going to dm every single person that accepts their connection requests. And so we were doing this with you know 10 sales reps at a time. And so you know i think they're all setting 30 connection requests per day times 10 so 300 connection requests a day this skilled very quickly and it was a very effective channel for us it closes it's very cost effective you know expanding is only 100 bucks a month. And it's very predictable once you kind of find out like what type of connection request acceptance rate you get and as well as you know the response rate from the ounce is a very predictable and stable way to scale your outbound strategies and so the fourth channel.

Marketing Strategy 4

That i really recommend is getting into content marketing so kind of like what i do on this page. Right we've all seen you know the power of short form content and long form content like this. So basically whatever it is that you're or whoever it is that you're targeting create content for that ideal client profile so what i like to do is i like to put out valuable information where they need your software to implement the value that you're giving them so a good example is i created a linkedin post generator using ai or open ai and basically i would go into facebook groups and i would make posts of like how to get clients on linkedin using ai and in order to implement the information that i was teaching them a step inside of my post would be signed up to the linkedin post generator that i created so that's a really effective way that you can get clients because they need to use your software to implement your information. And so you can do this you know as well in your short form content you can make a reel and say you know here's how to do x y and z break down the steps and then plug your software in the middle of it. And you know then say like oh the links in my bio too and send them to that and so content marketing is a very powerful way to get customers to your software company the other thing to keep in mind with content marketing is this compounds with your outbound efforts so it's like you know when you cold email someone or when you know cold dm them on linkedin. It's like a very common thing to do is to search up the person that just reached out to you so if all of a sudden you know you could email them and you're also putting out a ton of content online. I'm like oh who's this guy that's cool to emailing me they're gonna look you up. And then if they go see. Oh this guy's got a lot of content out on the internet and here's like all of his free value that he's put out here's like podcasts he's done you know. Here's some case studies that he's put on youtube they're like. Oh this is a guy that i want to respond to this is a guy that i actually might want to consider doing business with and so by putting out content it compounds with the efforts of your outbound strategies as well which makes it even more powerful so guys these four strategies to market software companies is what took closify from zero to being able to bootstrap it all the way to six figure months in 16 months if you follow everything that i just outlined for you in this video you will be able to bootstrap your software company to a six or even seven figure run rate and obviously it doesn't happen quickly but those are the channels that i did to do that myself if you want more in-depth breakdowns of strategies that i'm actively using in my own software companies again the link to join my newsletters in the description where i send those updates and as well the link to download that completely free full marketing template is as well in the description and i really recommend you download that because i use it for all of my companies other than that i hope you got some value from this video let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it and besides that make sure you like this video subscribe follow my other socials and i'l catch you in the next video.

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