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I'm Playing A Tournament With Magnus Carlsen

I'm competing in chess again today starts my first tournament after two years and i will be in the same playing hall as magnus carson i have a train to catch so let's go i got to b banov in perfect time and guess what doan was not striking that day. So i got on my train and did some secret prep the train was a bit delayed but as an italian i'm used to it i got to my room and this will be my home for the next 5 days immediately after i went to confirm my registration guys the playing goal is sick there is where magnus is playing and i will be playing here i made some pictures for the thumbnails and then back to my room got some rest and the final prep wish me good luck see you later i'm back it's very late so guys this will be a one take recup if there are mistake i'm sorry i didn't play magnus carson but my opponent played the same opening that magnus played against me which is the king's gambit now i have a very secret.

Very i think a smart idea against the king's gambit because i play d5 after pawn takes i shut down all the action usually king's gambit player love to attack to sacrifice pieces instead here after the development i'm going to take this pawn and then white is soon going to take back this other. Pawn the bishop is taking my knight the queen takes now d4 no sorry. Knight is attacking my queen now actually i was at a moment where i couldn't remember anymore i thought that queen d8 was my move. But i was trying to see okay can the queen go somewhere else and actually even if queen d8 is the theory move queen f5 seems to be the best according to the engine. So maybe you know you want to play st to investigate might be a new opening so i went back with the queen not to have problems d4 the bishop is about to take back this pawn and now to go to protect this pawn with move like bishop d6 doesn't make much sense because the queen is going to give a check and this pawn will eventually fall so i just went with the bishop on e7 the bishop is taking. And now i wasn't sure. But i thought like okay if i develop this bishop out i have to stop d5 because 5 is coming white will have so much space i don't like this so i played c. Oh no sorry castle. And then c6 never mind there was a castle missing anyway remember in the opening develop your pieces control the center and castle and the castle is done.

I forgot that is 1: p.m. 1:30 p.m. So i don't have to shout i'm sorry neighbors so queen d3 very logical move bringing out the queen connecting the rooks bringing the rook to the party i developed my final piece and actually here during the game i wasn't sure let me see i think i have track of the timer how much time did i have here. Um i had okay 1 minute 23 it means that it's starting from 1 minute 30 i already used some time instead this is all theur i could just split it out b3 this is a new move i was a bit surprised during the game but my opponent as an idea to move this knight away and then to play c4 i want to say one thing do you remember that i wanted to have a boring position after this i want to tell you that i couldn't be more wrong than that because this game is going to be hot. Very hot. Okay i went out with my knight and here things started to go wrong the knight is here i played the move h6 why you might say because in this position the c thing that i have is the bishop here i have two nice bishops that are compensating the fact that my opponent has a pawn a strong pawn in the center. But if i lose my bishop or one of my bishop i will be worse so i don't want to give away my bishop i play the move h6 but this is playing with fire because look at my pieces they are all back and said white is coming to the attack the rook is joining the final piece now i'm trying to trade a piece i'm very happy to trade the night because i still will keep my bishop here my opponent said nope. And i really likeed that my opponent didn't play for a draw i was stronger um. I had 200 points more than 200 points extra points elo. But my opponent didn't play for a draw and this is how you have to play in chess don't be scared because like this you can beat stronger opponents i also didn't want to go for trade i improved my knight and after bishop here i started to mess up queen b6 you see the engine thinks that queen g3 is basically doing really well which i thought like the queen shouldn't be able to move because the pawn on d4 is hanging but apparently after king ge white is still better so this is a very good pawn sacrifice but my opponent likely didn't go for it that was very risky and he played the move c3 apparently also to move c4 seems very good for white i thought i could go here i'm attacking the queen i'm attacking this. Pawn uh. But again there is just queen g3 who cares about pawn guys my computer is exploding i don't know if you can hear the noise let's make a quick recup. Okay. So c3 wait let me switch off the engine. Oh my. Gosh. Okay. I mean i don't know if this if this if this will go on okay. Um. Rook here i brought my rook to the party and wait i. I'l just switch off the i just skip the evaluation bar um. Okay. So i brought the rook to the party and why do i do i bring the rook here because i want to be able to go back with my queen it looks it's weird.

But maybe one day i want to push f5 g5 and start to counterattack because i was considering move like c5. But i don't really think is a possibility because if my opponent would take then would be really funny. But after the move c5 my opponent would play first c4 and then d5 by the way short notes about my short note about my opponent is called dealer and deal i hate deal is the worst herbs i can't eat deal anyway it was a very wholesome guy. Okay. Rook thereare the knight was moved and here i was so i was a bit scared about moves like queen here i'm not sure if now can be played. But. Yeah. Knight g3 was kind of a surprise it seems a slow move the knight wants to go forward on f5 and now guys when i was sitting at a chess boort i was like the engine will scream at me. But actually this is the best move. And i was like what i'm bringing the bishop to the side but the real purpose of this move is that i'm paining this. Uh knight so the knight cannot go there at least for now my opponent in fact moved the rook immediately attacking my bishop and now my plan the queen is back so now you understand the move rook e8 why i placed the rook on e8 and not on d8 which looks a bit more natural in my opinion but i needed the queen to come back at some point c4 now this was a very critical moment i thought quite a lot i was nearly we are at move. 20. Yeah. I thought my time was down to 20 minutes which is not good and i were thinking about the move f5 why you might say because yeah i. If i go now with my knight here the bishop is hanging so i wanted to kick the rook away my dream was like okay let's kick the don't look at the bar. Okay let's kick the rook away then i'l take here the pawn takes. And then i go with the knight there. And then i play a night there. And i will be better but this is a big dream because nothing more works not even one move and here my opponent can actually sacrifice the rook and then take here and here the problem is that after rook f4 the queen has to move again this pawn is falling and i'm actually getting completely crushed this is nearly winning according to the engine now it wasn't easy to sacrifice the rook but even rookie to is just guys i have to remove the evil my computer is screaming. I also here it's completely it's still better for white. Okay. So luckily i went for knight c7 which is a solid move. But i always have to be careful to this type of moves my rook is getting dropped for now there is not a problem because i can always go back with my bishop knight f5 and now guys when you see a knight like this you have to remove it immediately i did it i was getting long time at this point i had 90 19 minutes 1 nine and my opponent had 35 minutes that was not good i brought my knight here. I'm now attacking this pawn. But i was starting to feel more comfortable you know looking at this pawn. Maybe c5 maybe this fork it looks it looked. Like. Oh my gosh i'm threatening this fork. But actually the queen is protected backwards moves okay bishop there my rook is nearly trapped luckily the bishop is coming back.

And now i thought my opponent was going to repeat. But no i told you it's a gek chat. And i like when players play like this because they play for a win no matter who your opponent is queen g3 he wants to give me mate but here i went with the knight. I was very happy of this move because finally my the rooks i want to kick back those pieces and the rook went back and now i play g6. I'm sending also this other rick and now some tactics guys we are going to an end game rook take f6 because after queen takes there is a fork my opponent is a very tactical player but. Now my gm st there told me that knight plus queen is better than queen plus bishop keep this in mind because i said i trade queen f5 knight takes this and i went to this end game here i had to check tactically one more one thing that after bishop b4 giving a check i'm not getting mated but i can simply play king g8 and if the queen comes here to give a check i can go there simply this pawn is well protected twice so i should be all right. So this was the tactic to check. And i think my opponent shouldn't go for the bishop here and queen there because then my knight will come here and will be very hard to protect this checkmate.

So h3 i'm not so happy about this move. Well i was very happy about this move actually. But i think like it's starting to weaken the king it's all right that the weak squares are on the are the dark squares so that the queen and the bishop can try to cover them but in general is not good queen f4 by the way i was running out of time i had six minutes in this position but now my queen is sneaking in the knight is saking in and let's try to put the bbar again this is an equal position but my opponent even asked me for a draw. But i said let's play a bit more because it's very hard to defend this with the black with the white piece he played bishop check i moved my king away and now again after this there is nothing and he went for a queen trade of course i said no i'm not going to trade the queens here and now my idea is to play queen d3 and then knight here my opponent went back and now queen d3 now it's a very critical moment because i think like he had to play bishop back. But instead he went for queen d2. And i thought i was already completely winning i made like really quick queen g3 now i'm threatening to take here i'm threatening this and if the queen moves this is hanging. So i thought i was winning and i saw of course that the king can move away. But then i will play knight e4 the best move is actually king h1 i can't tell you why. But for some reason this doesn't win let me know in the comments and please subscribe to follow my adventure i promise the end the final part of the game is going to be epic so king here and i'm completely winning you see the bar and i knew it.

I knew it. I knew it because after this the bishop and the queen are under attack there is still one more move that is defending for white and this queen year because now well if i take with the knight my queen is lost and if i take with the queen my knight is lost but guys the check that's a lovely check because lovely for me of course because once the king moves i can take with the knight and now there's a problem though my king. But here if i go on h7 it's a draw. But if i go on g7 after check i saw that the king can hide here and now there are no longer checks but my opponent kept on wanted to play more said i want to take here and give you perpetual check. But it's here that i sacrificed. Okay it's not such an epic sacrifice. But still i sacrificed my queen because after queen takes night chck wins the game and he resigned guys it's very late hope you enjoyed this make sure to subscribe and see you tomorrow for day two i will play two games tomorrow round number two and number round number three thank you so much for watching cia.

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