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How I Created Realistic Indian AI Influencer | AI Instagram Model

wait a second, this girl is fake. By creating this ai influencer . First of all we need a good face, for that we are going to use a wonderful ai tool whose name is tensor art. The tool is absolutely free, but keep in mind that you may also see nsf images on this website. Nsf stands for not safe for work images, so do not make the mistake of opening this website in your office because doing so may result in you getting punished. Log in from the office and then you will ask me why you did not tell me earlier. Now let's see how to use it. You have to go to tensor art's website and click on the posts. Here you will get lakhs of already generated images. Now you will get those you have to select the image as you want to create an influencer here because i am an indian, now you have to click on the remix button here, this will give you all the parameters of the image as it is and you can generate a new image by just changing the prompt. By clicking on i got this image, it is fine but a better image can be generated than this. Let's change the promotion again. One more thing has to be kept in mind. Before generating a new image, you have to enter the seed number. This is the seed. The number works as a unique id. Now if you like the face in this image, then you can keep the seed number the same and just change it in the promotion. In this way, you can maintain consistency in the images of your influencer. Suppose now if you want to generate an image of the influencer shopping, then just add it in the promotion - shopping in a mall and generate it by keeping the seat number the same and look at this, you have got another good image of the same face. Now if you like the top of it. If you want to change the color then simply put a red top instead of black. You can also make your influencer wear glasses and cool goggles. You can also wear traditional indian attire like saree or salwar kameez. Similarly, you can make different changes in the promotion. Music]. And that is face swap.

If you have not seen that video then you can see it by clicking on the i button above. For example, i have taken some free to use images from Now first of all see the face of your influencer. Let's create an id and name it arya. Now whatever face you want to swap in the image, drag and drop it using the slush swap id command. Put arya in the id name and see our influencer's key in a few seconds. A new image has been generated. You can see the difference in the before and after pictures. Similarly, let's do face swap in other images too and see how good the result is after face swapping these images, friends. By following this process you have become daily but what about instant reels, nowadays most of the reels are running, well your arya has the solution for that also, to generate reels we will use colb notebook by using it.

We can deep fake any video. I have already made a video in detail on this, which you can watch by clicking on the i button given above. First of all, after that, the source image which is the image of our influencer and the target video which i have made. I have taken it from, have to upload it in the left side panel, copy its path, put it in the third step and run it, and within a few minutes the video is ready, download it and see, the deep fake reels are ready. In this way, you can swap your influencer in any free-to-use video and you have learned the process of creating both instagram's, now in the next step you can do it with the help of just instagram2 gpt and keep uploading posts and reels regularly. If you keep uploading good content regularly with discipline, then your following will definitely be created and then like famous ai influencers, you can also earn a good amount of money by doing brand deals. Hope friends, you like this video. Must have come and you will be able to earn good money by following this process. To know more such ai based tools and techniques, do not forget to subscribe ai arya.

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