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How To Create Your Own AI Clone for Videos (No More Shooting)

This is my ai avatar that looks like me talks like me and gestures like me and i made this in only 10 minutes using this tool called haen and in this video i'm going to teach you how to do the same as well this completely automates your content workflow you no longer have to shoot without further ado let's get started all right. So this is the real me. And i'm going to walk you through the process of creating your own ai avatar let's go so first of all i'm going to app. and i'm going to create an account now i already have account. So i'm just going to sign in now once i'm signed in i can see a bunch of options like instant avatar photo avatar template ai script. Etc you can do a bunch of things with this tool but in this video i'm only going to teach you how to create your own ai avatar that can do videos for you the whole point of this is to automate your videos in some way or you not having to record a message a thousand times and just having to type in a script or just do a simple voice over so the first thing you need to do is click on instant avatar and once you do that you can actually see this option called free instant avatar now whenever you sign up for haen you get one free instant avatar and you get one free credit out of which you can basically make a 60-second video after that free version you have to basically buy credits i'l quickly walk you over through the pricing plan but let's first create our avatar and then get into it. So i'm going to click on free instant avatar and this video is going to play hey guys i'm joshua co-founder and ceo of h let me show you these two videos by the way this is not the actual ceo this is a haen version of the ceo.

Pretty cool right let's get started so you can either take text instructions or video instructions i prefer text because this is like an instruction manual. So i'm just going to click on that so let's quickly go through the rules and regulations or the dos and the do nots so the way this tool works is that it takes a 2 to 5 minute video footage of yourself and then it kind of processes it understands your gestures it understands your voice it kind of stabilizes your backgrounds it understands your hand movements your facial expressions it understands all of that's what the model does. And then it tries to create an ai replica of you so that whenever you enter a script or you do a voice over it can actually emulate you in some way or the other so there are some rules to ensure that you get the best quality output i'l just walk you through that use a high resolution camera so the quality has to be topnotch 1080p will actually do the job record in a well lit quiet environment try to minimize background noise as much as possible and have good lighting look directly into the camera look directly into the camera talk directly into the camera and try to maintain eye contact pause between each sentence with your mouth closed it will only be able to correctly humanize you in some way if you were to actually close your mouth when you pause.

So i know this rule can be a little tricky but just try to keep this in mind use generic gestures and keep hands below your chest try to emote your hands in this region things to avoid stitches or cuts of your footage. Yes very important i did this mistake the first time i was trying to create my avatar don't have a lot of cuts the best input that you can actually give is a video that is continuously 2 minutes or 5 minutes or anywhere between that long no cuts at all talking without pauses like i said earlier changing positions while recording don't do this stay loud background noises d shadows and overexposure on your face get your lighting correct basically diverting your gaze or looking around not too much head movement hand gestures above the chest don't do that use of pointing gesture. Ah so you're not supposed to do this i've seen a lot of these text to video text to image tools screw up hands a lot. So i think it can't really get the details of the hands or the fingers correct which is why it's asking you to do this.

All right let's move on to the next step so you can either upload an existing footage or you can actually record it with your webcam now obviously like i mentioned you need high quality footage and most webcams usually suck so i wouldn't really recommend the webcam unless you're just trying to fiddle around with this tool and see what it's like. So i already have a footage of myself i'm going to go here. And i'm going to upload that file so this is the file that i have of myself open ai had their first ever de conference and sam alman came on stage to announce some massive updates to chat gpt and the gpt infrastructure there were majorly three announcements and we will be going into a deep dive of all three of them individually so that's basically the video but again guys i made a little bit of a mistake over here i wasn't supposed to really keep my hands over my chest so just keep that in mind put it a little down and you'l get much better outputs but even when i did this i still got like pretty decent outputs. But if you really want the best output keep it below your chest so this is the only video i have. So i'm just going to put it in here and they ask you a bunch of questions your face is visible at all times yes you're looking directly into the camera.

Yes there are pos es between sentences absolutely the environment is well lit and quiet. Yes my footage looks good. All right let's go now in the age of ai and deep fakes it is very common for someone to actually use someone else's face there was this whole rashmi mandana thing that happened on twitter when somebody did a deep fake video and amitab batan retweeted it saying that they can take legal action in order to prevent this you are required to provide a legal consent that you are consenting h in order to create an avatar of yourself so that you can actually go ahead to record the videos so i'm just going to quickly record my consent turn on mik and cam it basically has a script i have to just read the script that's going to come on the screen hereby declare that i authorize haen to use the footage of me to build a haen avatar and use it in my haen account all right it has my consent so the tool actually validates the consent while we're actually uploading it so that's going to take about 20 seconds and i'm going to hit submit so it's going to take a little while for my video to get uploaded now while our video is getting ready it's going to take about 2 to 3 minutes i'm going to quickly take you through the pricing if i go in the monthly prices so in the free tier you can basically get one free credit which is a 60-second video and also one instant avatar but there are different scale as you go plans over here. So you can just decrease it or increase it i've opted for the lowest plan which cost me $30 a month with $30 a month i get 15 credits a month which means i can make 15 1 minute videos which is more than enough for me and the video can actually be 5 minutes long you also get three instant avatars which means you can either film yourself wearing three different outfits or you can film three different creators as well or three different backgrounds whatever that works for you and you get access to a bunch of other premium features that i'm not going to talk about in this video. So this is a pretty decent plan and if you want more you can basically just click on the slider and basically the only thing that changes is the number of credits everything else is the same.

All right let's see if our video is ready. Yeah. I'l actually have to wait for this the most annoying part about ai is that it makes you wait for so long one eternity. Later all right it's done let's see our model congrats your ai avatar is ready. All right hey shev raish your instant avatar is ready feel free to create videos with it also click the feedback button to share what you think hope you enjoyed. Wow it actually caught all my gestures right my voice is right but my accent is really weird. So one problem that i've actually encountered with this tool is that it doesn't really get indian accents. Really well. So what i essentially would recommend is that if you don't have like an american or british or you know like a western accent what you should do is just record a voiceover and turn that into a video rather than write a script and turn that into a video you can write a script but you'l sound fake so it's better to just record it in your normal voice so that you don't have to shoot in front of a camera all the time and set up a studio and things like that you basically can just record a voice over and convert that into a video. So i'm going to show you what that's actually like let's hit on create video so here you see the haen editor so this is the model that has been selected and here i can basically write whatever script i want now you guys actually saw how bad the audio quality in the script was so let's actually try going for an audio script you can upload a local audio file you can probably record it on your audio software or on your iphone or something or you can directly just record it from here. I'm just going to directly record it from here hey guys this is an official tutorial of haen i'm going to teach you how to make your own ai avatar and this is available on 100x if you like this video subscribe to 100ex right now. All right let's see how that sounds like hey guys this is an official tutorial of hen i'm going to teach you how to make your own ai avatar and this is available on 100x if you like this video subscribe to 100x right now.

Right. I'm going to hit submit so essentially it's going to cost me 0.5 credits so anything below 30 seconds is 0.5 credits anything between 30 seconds to 60 seconds is one credit that's the math. Hey guys this is an official tutorial of haen i'm going to teach you how to make your own ai avatar and this is available on 100x if you like this video subscribe 100x right now right now what i've created here is a pretty basic avatar which does a pretty decent job of emulating your gestures etc but one important thing that i want to cover over here is fine-tuning if you're really serious about putting out videos with haen what i would recommend is to fine-tune your models it understands the small nuances it is a much better output than the normal version and it definitely costs a little more in order to generate a fine tune model but if you're serious about this it's actually worth it all right now in order to fine tune it you can just click the video and you can see this button called finetune i'm going to click on fine tune and like i said you have to pay a little bit extra in order to finetune your model now you can only choose to f tune your video or you can choose to fine tune your video plus your audio but since this tool is not that great at capturing indian accents i wouldn't want to actually fine tune my voice. So i'm going to click no on the voice which means it's basically going to cost me $40 in order to f tune my actual video fine tuning what it basically does is your video basically gets a higher resolution which means you can get your videos in 4k you also get a better lip syncing in the fine tune model and it gets all the finer details of your gestures the thing about fine tuning is that it actually takes 8 to 12 hours which means there is actual training from your 2 to 5 minute footage video that is being done so one suggestion is if you want to fine tune your video model i would suggest put in a 5 minute clip instead of just a 2minute clip because that's bigger data so you can keep it overnight you can leave it overnight next morning you come your finetune model will be ready now i've already finetuned my model. So i'm just going to close this. And i'm going to show you what my finetune model looks like the audio still sucks the accent still sucks. And that's just the normal problem that's there with haen but let's actually create a video with this and see so here's what i'm going to do i'm going to get my ai avatar in order to record the ending of this video and that is how you create your own personalized ai avatar you no longer have to shoot i've actually used my ai avatar and my instagram reels and those reels have pulled over a million views it actually works if people have seen you for long enough they'l understand that it's not you but in about a few months this is only going to get better and better thank you for watching and if you want more ai stuff subscribe to 100x.

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